I Don’t Know Where I M Going But I’m Not Going Down lyrics

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Busy Signal - Not going down lyrics

Intro:] Mek dem know this, Jamaica! [Chorus] We not going down,and dem huff an dem ... a puff and dem a frown. Can't tek di getto ... youth dem fi clown; cause what goes around

Nas lyricsNas - Not going back lyrics

Kelis) [Nas:] What nigga! What bitch-ass niggas! ... babe, start the car! [Kelis:] Nasir, come on let's go! ... Get in the car now, let's go! Throw

Babyface - Not going nowhere lyrics

heard from your mom that you cried out last night ... For a certain someone to turn on the lights you ... found That someone was not by your side and mom had to wipe Away your tears you asked

Keren Ann - Not going anywhere lyrics

is why I always wonder, I'm a pond full of regrets I ... always try to not remember rather than forget This is why I always whisper when ... vagabonds are passing by I tend to keep myself away from

Dvbbs - Not going home ft. gia koka & cmc$ lyrics

#1] Ain't I lost to your eye? Ever to ... your fire Tell me where you're going Tell me where ... you're out tonight I go all laserlights when you ... re by my side Everything I do now Tell me if you're out

Charlie Simpson - Down, down, down lyrics

are too many people in this world Trying to shove their ... names How am I supposed to know where to run? But I don't know who's to blame And I give ... people something along the way Is it OK to

Band Of Skulls - You aren't pretty but you got it going on lyrics

re tone deaf but you're singing a song, You feel lost but ... you know where you're from You're not pretty but you ... got it going on Your head swims in electric blues If all fails, you can't lose You lie

Chris Shiflett & The Dead Peasants - Not going down alone lyrics

to let go We are only everything that we know And i'm not going down alone We can't break this mold Do as we are not as we ... have been told Yeah, i'm not going down alone I swear To

Ozzy Osbourne lyricsOzzy Osbourne - Not going away lyrics

t tell me I'm wrong. Don't tell me that ... you knew all along. I won't run over death. Only I ... know what goes on in my head. I've got nothing to ... hide, I'm not guilty inside. I won't give up, After

Faithless lyricsFaithless - Not going home lyrics

not over I'm not going home til I can take you with me I'm not going home Its not over I'm ... not going home til I can take you with me I'm not ... going home Come with me Come with me A simple tension

Peter Criss - Where will they run? lyrics

fever's running wild It's 102 in the shade People ... running round Thinkin' that they've got it made ... [Chorus] But where will they run From here Maybe

Damnwells - Not me instead lyrics

m going out tonight Get your shoes on Get it right If you wanna meet ... out there it's all right It's all right if you've got something better to do Let me know I won't hang around you but

Algiers - But she was not flying lyrics

m going home to see the king He's gonna take my pain ... away I'm gonna see my friends again If only I can make ... it in But there's a lizard with a human face He

Con Bro Chill - Not going home lyrics

dont care what we do, Dont have to work til two We’re ... not going home We’re dancing off the beat, We can’t ... stay on our feet We’re not going home (We’re not going)

Eminem lyricsEminem - Down for me lyrics

wanna know will u be down for me, this is something that we ... just can't fight and it just feels so right, tonight ... I wanna know will u be down for me, this is something

Jamie Mcdell - Know my heart lyrics

took a fall again today Smiled but I still had to run ... away I’ll always take the hardest ... road I’ve learnt enough to hold my ... own But I’ve gone a little crazy Cuz you’re so amazing The way you are And Im not in a rush now I know I’ll

Pink lyricsPink - Where we go lyrics

a hole in my head and my heart tonight Well you shot ... me down, you just ain't right Comes a time when you know you must let go I know, I know We fixed it, but it's broken

Finger Eleven - Not going to be afraid lyrics

watched the bridges burn I see the pages turn my story's ... ready to unfold Even though it's so dark I see one last ... spark maybe holds not far away Heaven can help me,

Blanca - Not backing down (feat. tedashii) lyrics

walk the line I stay out the way, yeah Never ... speak my mind Living in a shade of grey But the more I get to know me The more ... you start to show me This isn’t how it’s meant to be So I’ll just keep on walkin’ And

Midnight Red - Where did u go lyrics

Joey:] I'm a boy and you're a girl And my dream's about to end You're ... in the dark, I know where you are But you're ... underneath my skin [Thomas:] The way you dance real

Marilyn Manson lyricsMarilyn Manson - We know where you f***ing live lyrics

s make something clear We're all recording ... this as it happens No diamond bullets, storefront blood ... bank Splinters and stained glass We don't need to move a single prayer bone

George Jones - Where could i go but to her lyrics

will a man go out and cheat? What makes temptation so sweet? It ... s a shame that neon lights Will make a man stay out all night With a broad in a bar down the street. I never meant

Rattle Bucket - I'm not falling down lyrics

inside of me is wrong I've lost my dreams and hope I'm lost inside, I know I tried to lie myself about truth ... Now I'm so sure that it I don't want to be like somone

The Chemical Brothers lyricsThe Chemical Brothers - Not another drugstore (planet nine mix) lyrics

another drugstore, not another town Tired of the old job ... I had to put it down You know I was the man but I put the ... crown down So I roll around with Chemicals to pave the new

Relient K. - Forget and not slow down lyrics

many times Can I push it aside Is it time I befriended ... all the ghosts of all the things that haunt me most So ... they leave me alone Move on with my life Be certain the

Emmylou Harris - Where could i go but to the lord lyrics

below in this old sinful world Hardly a comfort ... can afford Striving alone to face temptations ... call Where could I go to the lord Where could ... I go where could I go Seeking a refuge for my soul Needing a friend to help me in the

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - Where could i go but to the lord lyrics

below in this old sinful world Hardly a comfort ... can afford Striving alone to face temptation so ... Now won't you tell me Where could I go but to the Lord Where could I go oh where could I

Lifehouse - Where i come from lyrics

stars light the road That’s bringing me back home With beat-up dreams Open eyes and broken wings ... No matter how far You’re always ... on my mind I dont know where you are But somehow you

Betsie Larkin - Not coming down (feat. ferry corsten) lyrics

Corsten & Betsie Larkin - Not Coming Down Floating ... through the sky again Will I ever find my way? Maybe ... that’s the point of it Learning that the road dont end To

Ferry Corsten - Not coming down (dash berlin 4am remix) lyrics

through the sky again Will I ever find my way? Maybe that ... s the point of it Learning that the road don't end To ... sound And take the beauty in On this flight On this high I don't care what the

Cocteau Twins - But i'm not lyrics

stories I hear all that's shown His ... posturish shiver on his things And she's always known ... Things from the forest die here But I don't Dead ... forest things are offered here But I'm not Vassels live lies Their faith never cries Giving in,

George Watsky - Going down lyrics

going down Im going down Im going down On you Im ... breathing deep then I leap in Im going under Like eating that V’s the key to how we

Eminem lyricsEminem - You can't back down lyrics

Chorus]: Keep on going you just gotta fight it, ... keep on going cause it’s not too late, you can’t back down ... you can’t back down. Keep on going you just gotta fight it, keep

Jamiroquai lyricsJamiroquai - Do you know where youre coming from lyrics

do you know where you're coming from? Hey, nothing is as ... clear! Imagine in your mind, oasis. Far awide beyond ... our living. Sure enough I'm tired out trying Hang on when

Okkervil River - Down down the deep river lyrics

into the center of your home town There is leaves in the ... street and there are friends around you now All the ... days of your life in a line All the way that it seemed

Fifth Harmony lyricsFifth Harmony - Going nowhere lyrics

off, give a girl some credit I'ma keep on loving you, 'cause ... the realest All day and all night and that's why you stay ... by my side I don't always do the right thing It doesn't matter,

Kottonmouth Kings - Where i'm going? lyrics

is dream It's funny thing too sometimes On the road ... of life it's full of surprises Twist and turns we look ... toward the sky for some guidance The sun goes down and it rises Withstood the sands

Juelz Santana - Down lyrics

Santana, let's do it Yeah, DipSet [Verse 1 - Juelz ... Santana] Man where ever I go, I hold it down I blow it ... down, you see me, believe me it's (Going down) These hoes

Pillar - Not without a fight lyrics

s a hole in my heart that's bleeding But its given me strength I needed ... To carry on I'm moving on I'm not giving up that easily ... I can see the black cloud breaking But it doesn't stop the

Boney M - Going back west lyrics

was born and raised in the ghetto Talk with me and ... you'll know I wasn't satisfied, with living on the side I ... started looking around, for a possibility

Dave Matthews Band - Where are you going lyrics

are you going, with your long face pulling down ... Dont hide away, like an ocean But you can’t see ... but you can smell And the sound waves crash ... down I am no superman I have no answers for you I am

Jimmy Cliff - Going back west lyrics

was born and raised in the ghetto Talk with me and ... you'll know I wasn't satisfied with living on the side I ... started looking around for a possibility But listen to my story, of what

Meg&dia - Going away lyrics

don't forget me, I'm going away. I'm taking a taxi ... to Kentucky, where they don't even know all ... about me; I just need to feel safe. I ... sweaters, and shoes, and paintings to hide; the skeletons in my way, (don't ask where) I'm going I'm going away, I'm

Kid Rock - Where you at rock lyrics

Where you at Rock, where you at [Answering Machine: ... ] Beep You f***ing ass f***ing hole (Where you at Rock, where you at) Where the f*** are ... you You f***ing love me? Yeah mother f***ing right

Hootie & The Blowfish - Not even the trees lyrics

as I sit and watch the trees Won't ... you tell me if I scream will they bend down and listen ... to me And it makes me wonder if I know the words will you come Or will you laugh at me Or will I run Little boy says to me

Howie D - Going going gone lyrics

going gone I'll be I'll be I'll be Going, going gone I thought you ... always be The one here by my side But this is your ... chance to show me I'm not wasting my time I waited so

Lecrae - Going in (feat. swoope) lyrics

from tryin' to get over to flyin' ... overseas I don't understand it all, but I know who oversees ... I'm in the sky lookin' down at the Pacific Ocean Hopin'

Shaggy - Not fair lyrics

what have you done for me I've been going down on you ... You not going down on me Girl that's how a rude boy play ... s I don't have to take you there ... I can please you in other ways Across the hall

Tina Arena - Do you know where you're going to lyrics

you know where you're going to Do you like the things ... that life is showing you Where are you going to Do you know ... Do you get What you're hoping for When you look behind

Hoodie Allen - Where do we go now lyrics

Hook] Where do we go now (x4) When we ... can't go home now Probably get thrown out ... Where do we go now Where do we go now, oh [Verse 1] ... And I'm a product of my environment That's why these

Kehlani lyricsKehlani - Down for you lyrics

Verse 1: Kehlani] Best friends and lovers Can't seem to ... draw the line between each other What is ... defined means nothing to a brother You just don ... t give a damn, that's why I think I love ya It's not fair,

Ray J - Where do we go from here lyrics

Girl...Gettin Used To You...What?....Thinkin Bout Leavin?... What You, ... You Going Away....Naw Naw Naw Naw Naw ... ...I, I Need To Know Somethin....Right Now Where Do We Go

Raego - Down lyrics

always been different than light came to my dark road and ... for a once in my life I was happy Do you know How it feels when all your love ... just disappears.. Standing with empty hands, breathing the

Tom Rosenthal - Going to be wonderful lyrics

heard you say, meet you in the long grass, Something ... and we're away. Next to me, found you by the old tree, ... something we can both see, And we're ... Oh let's run away and not know where we're going to.

Mary J Blige - Not lookin' lyrics

feat. K-Ci Hailey) [K-Ci (Mary)] Well (Ooh) I'm not looking (Oh my my love) I'm not ... looking No, no, no, no No, no, no, ... no baby (I'm not looking either, oh) Yeah, yeah, yeah

Hanson - Where's the love lyrics

has been going on and I don't know what it is You don't mind ... the taking girl, but you don't know how to give ... You drove me crazy but I don't know baby You're thinking that it's me you're fooling Where's the right in, all

Psanders - Where i belong lyrics

H-Hello World This is me And you can't take this from me 'Cause this is where I ... Hello world Bout' to make a change P.Sanders H-H ... Hello World This is me My real world, no MTV Still

Rooney - Not in my house lyrics

know what you're after I know why you came here You got ... the devil in you seeping out your pores You can't ... bring me down low You can't pull me under

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - Do you know where you´re going to lyrics

you know where you're going to? Do you like the things ... that life is showing you? Where are you going to? Do you know? Do you get what you're hoping for? When you look behind

Dire Straits - Where do you think youre going lyrics

do you think you're going? Don't you know it's dark ... outside? Where do you think you're going? Don't you ... care about my pride? Where do you think you're going? I

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