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I Don\'t Need Any Helping Hand lyrics

Browse for I Don\'t Need Any Helping Hand song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed I Don\'t Need Any Helping Hand lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to I Don\'t Need Any Helping Hand.

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Raven - Don't need your money lyrics

t want no one night stand I don't need no helping hand ... You ain't comin' round to drink my booze You won't get the ... that pays my rent Just stick around cos' you're gonna

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - Children need a helping hand (bsb, dj bobo, '.. lyrics

need a helping hand Children need a promised land Let the children feel again That love is ... alive Children need a helping hand Children are so innocent Make this world a

Foghat - Helping hand lyrics

ignored and I been abused, Been mistreated ... and I've been misused, Been discouraged and turned aside, ... Overloaded when my hand's are tied. That's the time,

John Schlitt - Helping hand lyrics

know looking at life You don't understand it I ... know looking at life It can be demanding But whoa, ... help is on the way I know it can be tough Choices and

Amy Grant - Helping hand lyrics

needs a helping hand Take a look at your fellow ... man And tell me what can I do today 'Cause everybody needs a helping out If that ain't ... what it's all about Tell me what

Do Not Dream - Helping hand lyrics

is no use to drown in your tears No matter how ... sad life seems to be tonight A new sun will rise ... tomorrow´s morning To sweep away all the pain ... so deep inside I will always offer my hand to you

John Farnham - Don't you know it's magic lyrics

her at the carnival Where she comes from ... knows Now that you ask me I guess I like the way she ... her clothes The way she smiles at me My heart just ... swells it grows and grows You think I

Geri Halliwell lyricsGeri Halliwell - Don't get any better lyrics

a road where imperfection's Never where you feel the ... pinch around the middle Makes you lose the beat ... And then you're stepping out of time Underneath

M People - Don´t look any further lyrics

[H] Someone to count on in a world ever changin'. [H] ... Here I am, stop where you're standin ... . [H] What you need is a lover, someone to take ... [H] Oh baby, don't look any further. [B] Strange when

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - Don´t sell me short lyrics

don't need any more mountains because the trail builders ... failed to give us passage there so we can ... t reach the sky we don't need any more failure there is

Dennis Edwards - Don´t look any further lyrics

to count on in a world ever changin here I ... am stop where your standin. What you need is a lover ... someone to take over oh girl don´t look any further...

Katharine Mcphee - Don't need love lyrics

me all in black Wanna act like I ain't my own age Maybe I ... ll disgrace my own name Like a rebel on the run A ... make out in the back Cadillac swerving down the fast

Pink Dollaz - Don't need no lyrics

Dollaaaaaz I don't need no nigga no, no cash, cash me out ... cash, cash me out don't need no nigga no, no cash, cash me ... out cause I'm a gold digger... I don't need no niggaaaaa, I don't need no niggaaaaa [Ce Ce]: So tired uv

Amy Diamond - Don't lose any sleep over you lyrics

won't cry a river I won't set out to fail No ... doubt I can do without Your wind beneath my ... sails Yes Sir, I bet you were Quick to count ... me out But I'm not losing Any sleep over you now I said I'm not losing Any

Ellie Goulding lyricsEllie Goulding - Don't need nobody lyrics

been too numb to understand I'm just a victim of the weapon ... in my hand So many casualties of love But I've been ... bulletproof, I'm staring at the sun I was the one

Bebe Rexha lyricsBebe Rexha - Don't get any closer lyrics

if I let you in and you don't like what you ... see Cause it's not what it seems, let me tell you why ... You have no idea, yeah you've only seen a piece But now it's underneath,

Catatonia - Don't need the sunshine lyrics

it's a most peculiar feeling, like sunburn in the evening With dark clouds on their ... way And you think it's most unlikely life could ... ever shine as brightly Once the sun has gone

The Game - Don't need your love lyrics

The Game] Yo Havoc, I'm too close to the edge on this one nigga I ain't gon' jump ... though, I'ma keep it raw gutter Yo Prodigy, you ... know I need you on this one nigga [The Game] I got shit

Gary Barlow - Don't need a reason lyrics

know you're still hurting and you'll never forget, ... But don't wear your pain dear, don't wear your regret ... You've escaped from the lies that he told you, you've

Bikini Kill - Don't need you lyrics

t need you to say we're cute Don't need you to say we're alright Don ... t need your atti-f***in-tude boy Don't need no kiss ... goodnight We Don't need you, We don't need you Us girls, We don't need you Don

Bullet For My Valentine - Don't need you lyrics

now this ship is sinking I dont know what to do It’s ... got me thinking that I Dont need Dont need you Too many ... wrong decisions You didn’t think this through So what I’m

Gwar - Don't need a man lyrics

my baby, Don't cry tonight My ears are sick of that ... sound I've been searching For someone to love Looks ... like your all that that I've found. I've been up I've

Melanie C lyricsMelanie C - Don't need this lyrics

limits never change Whispers keep me hunted Though I ... challenge everything I remain captivated Trying to leave ... this life behind I have become the hunter Now I

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - (don't need) religion lyrics

t need no blind belief Don't need no comic relief Don't need ... to see the scars Don't need Jesus Christ Superstar Don't ... need no Sunday Television Bet your life you don't need religion Don't need no time for prayer Don't save no

Smile Empty Soul - Don't need you lyrics

my world to the ground Now im cutting myself off Am I ... really done with you? Yeah, Yeah, get out ... I don't need you anymore Yeah, Yeah, get out I ... don't need you anymore We breathe as one to

Pink Cream 69 - Don't need your touch lyrics

was raised with the Bible Living up to their demands Such a ... flawless deciple Living under their command Now he ... s breaking all the rules Like a hurricane gone wild And

Astronomyy - Don't need u lyrics

wanna get something out of my head I wanna get ... it out, I don't want an eerie thread Let's make it five, ... said I'd get with you Before I realized I ... was in a sloop I never really thought about it

Billy Talent - Don't need to pretend lyrics

t Need To Pretend Swimming in the dark, we're bound to drift apart And I just can't go ... on, pretending we're in love. We play with matches in the rain but never learn

Metropolis - Don't need you lyrics

call it every day Your war is everywhere Toxic glass and ... flying bombs You drop into the air You want to kill ... them all You're breaking down them wall You have

The Moody Blues - Don´t need a reindeer lyrics

how we loved when we were children Let's be like children ... This Christmas time And if you say that you'll be mine ... Then all the stars will shine around us Love will

Gabrielle lyricsGabrielle - Don't need the sun to shine (to make me smile.. lyrics

s been a while But your smile always Brightens up my day ... I guess you know Because it show You can see it On my ... face Feels like You've put a spell on me

And One - Don't need the drugs lyrics

a minute Take a look in the mirror by your side Send a sign ... proceed a crime It doesn't have to be No intentions to terminate your ... soul Pray the answer quietly Fortunately easily

Iggy Azalea lyricsIggy Azalea - Don't need y'all lyrics

Verse 1] I remember when it used to be simple But all ... this cash it just complicates things And all this ... money we into It will drive you crazy but it only makes

Bad Brains - Don't need it lyrics

t need no ivory liquid. Don't want no afro sheen. ... Don't need the latest fashions. Don't want my hair to ... smell clean. I've got my automotion, I've ... got that superpotion. And if you think I'm going crazy,

N-dubz - No one knows lyrics

Eeeeeyeeaaahhh Nana niiiii One day it's gonna be over ... I can see the end of the tunnel ... it's gettin' closer I remember I was seven and feeling like I was older Seeing things I shouldn't have and quickly became a grown up All we

Quiet Riot - Helping hands lyrics

gotta believe we can change the world ... Don't turn a blind eye to tomorrow's world ... But on the good side looking out Don't take for granted ... the silent shout The hands of time are rolling past To

Helloween lyricsHelloween - Far from the stars lyrics

time I try to take control I‘m getting mad Things are ... always different than you want them all ... to be I have learned a million times you can just make it

Dead Silence Hides My Cries - The helping hand lyrics

feel the pain How can I heal this broken heart? The ... ruthless flame is what you feel You fall ... apart! I can save you Please reach ... out your hand You must leave your Fears right where you stand You got

Freakangel - Freakangel:the last white dance lyrics

ll burn in hell My life is a sin I'll burn in hell ... Dont ask me to dream I’ll burn in hell Dont need a ... helping hand I'll burn in hell I will burn in hell

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Sure the one you need lyrics

may not be the one you're thinking of But she is still the ... only one you really love Yes I see you every day Trying to ... an easy lay Sure the one you need, she's sure the one you need

N-dubz - So alive lyrics

Boy Better Know N-Dubz I never have a dream when I go ... to sleep at night my dream begins when I ... walk outside now I'm on stage and I feel like I ... m looking through Michael Jacksons eyes stories

Skepta - So alive ft ndubz lyrics

Boy Better Know, N-Dubz I never have a dream when I go ... to sleep at night my dream begins when I ... walk outside now I’m on stage and I feel like I’m looking through Michael

Bel Canto - Dreaming girl lyrics

am such a peculiar girl Have my dreams and ... thoughts in another world But I live ... my life So lost in time, so lost in space I ... an unknown human race But I live my life Perhaps, I will come back again But I, I

Crystal Aikin - Dreaming girl lyrics

am such a peculiar girl Have my dreams and ... thoughts in another world But I live ... my life So lost in time, so lost in space I ... an unknown human race But I live my life Perhaps, I will come back again But I, I

Sugababes lyricsSugababes - Just don't need this lyrics

across the room I see some guy Steaming over ... me He's smirking sleazy Probably be older ... than daddy Since you smiled My expression has changed ... Come any closer Things will be constrained I walk pass

Jackson Wanda - I'm the queen of my lonely little world lyrics

t have to be loved to sleep I can't just lie here and weep ... Cause I'm the queen of my lonely little world No one can tell me ... what to do I know it all I learned from you Yes I'm the

Mad Hatter's Den - Sinister monologue lyrics

the world these crazies jump around Shooting with ... their rifles, showing off with guns Trying to show us ... really bad What are you thinking? What's going in your

Scissor Sisters - Any which way lyrics

quot;Any Which Way" Dancing on the ... speakers, are you peaking with tweakers Bigger, tanner ... breeders on the scene The night don't last forever, so get

John Cougar Mellencamp - Hand to hold onto lyrics

joke and make fun of your friends Spin in the middle when ... the troubles begin Take it nice and easy and always pretend ... cool, so cool, so cool Say I'm alone and I'm wild and I will not be tamed Talk like a

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - Don't let it get you down lyrics

m crying through the night A cry of loneliness ... Strangers side by side Looking for a kiss You feel your ... heart is dead Oh, like a broken toy Oh, blue eyes

The Guess Who - Hand me down world lyrics

here see the noise see the fear and commotion? ... I think we missed it Anybody here see the love see the ... hate, the emotion? (chorus) Don't give me no ... hand me down shoes Don't give me no hand me down love Don

Jesta - Hand to hold lyrics

from the coast Left behind all things she loved and ... the things she treasured the most ... She could never feel special here, there was "just

Swollen Members lyricsSwollen Members - Don't know why lyrics

Why" [Chorus] I dont know when the time will ... be Which side of me whom you might see ... what you ask for That’s no lie sometimes we Just dont know

Loft - Don't stop me now (radio edit) lyrics

t stop me, don't stop me now I won't stay another day Don't ... stop me, don't stop me now I will make it anyway There ... were times I needed you and trusted you like no

Kelly Groucutt - You don't need to hold me tight lyrics

forgive me 'Cause I've never felt this way before ... I can't stay unless I'm really sure Was it holding ... you tight Or was it just the way The moonlight was shining? Turning my

The Quakes - Don't follow me lyrics

follow me, do you know where I'm going But I ain't going any place at all Don't follow me ... down that road Let's travel It doesn't lead to any place at

Hana Pestle - Need lyrics

m not quite sure how to breathe without ... you here I'm not quite sure if I'm ready to say goodbye to ... all we were Be with me Stay with me Just for ... now Let the time decide When I won't need you

Rage - Hand of glory lyrics

the peace of the night for a raid Stealing goods ... powers had made This is the thing that you need Hand of glory Stopping all the ... sleepers from awakening this night Hand of glory Witchcraft

American Hifi - Don't wait for the sun lyrics

don't need to know why Cause tomorrow I'll be fine I should learn ... to be still If I close my eye I'll realize ... what you meant Don't wait for the sun It could turn

Pestle Hana - Need lyrics

m not quite sure how to breathe without ... you here I'm not quite sure if I'm ready to say goodbye to ... all we were Be with me Stay with me Just for ... now Let the time decide When I won't need you

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