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Dido lyricsDido - Don't believe in love lyrics

wanna go to bed with arms around me But wake up ... on my own Pretend that I’m still sleeping Til’ you go home ... Oh I can’t look at you this morning I should probably

Seduce The Heaven - Leave me alone lyrics

in your pain. Throw the dice tonight! Chained onto my ... altar – a suffocating embrace. Fading alive for ... all around you – easy for me to scar your face. Half dying

Shaggy - Leave me alone lyrics

Voice Opens I know he's home I just seen him go in He's ... really trying to play me What he think It's just ... over like that? It just ain't that easy (sucks teeth)

Corroded - Leave me alone lyrics

a life breaks it is silent It just withers like a leaf in ... the fall When a faith is sealed without you What ... remains is hope that has gone You ... have to leave me alone It doesn't matter what you might do 'Cause if you scream,

Missy Higgins - Don't ever lyrics

s take the train to anywhere I wanna feel the wind in ... my hair with you. Let's tell them all ... that soon they'll know How very wrong they were to think we'd never go,

Orgy - Leave me out lyrics

know you don't mind Invading my space, just leave me ... alone (get you're a** off the phone) Just because you think I'm wasting your time I'm ... losing my mind again, let's get it started I

Green Day lyricsGreen Day - Don't leave me lyrics

ll go for miles Till I find you You say you want to leave me But you can't choose I ... ve gone through pain Every day and night I feel ... my mind is going insane Something I can't fight Don't leave me Don't leave me A blank

The Hollies - Leave me lyrics

me If it gives you satisfaction Slander my name all over the place Don't you have an inclination You're gonna ruin a ... reputation Leave me Tell me Now I've got you in the

Gabrielle lyricsGabrielle - Don't need the sun to shine (to make me smile.. lyrics

s been a while But your smile always Brightens up my day ... I guess you know Because it show You can see it On my ... face Feels like You've put a spell on me

Hem - Leave me here lyrics

should wake up this town my heart's on fire main road and ... no one's around as the flames climb higher i have been here before and i know the way

Isley Brothers - If you leave me now lyrics

go, yeah Don't go, you can't leave me now Oh, oh, whoa don't go ... If you leave me now You take away the biggest ... part of me, oh baby Ooooh no, woman ... please don't go Ooooh no, I gotta have your lovin' And if you leave me now You'll take

Simone Battle - He likes boys lyrics

hair, gorgeous smile He's the most perfect guy I've come ... across In a while Sensitive, real sweet He even watches Desperate Housewives With me My heart's beating like a

Lumidee - He told me lyrics

Verse 1:] When I met you at first I was frontin' Time ... passed damn I'm in somethin' We got caught up and I ... fell real hard To tell you the truth I ain't never go this far Now we chilling and we laughing and we? We playing house in the crib who'd imagine A

Moby lyricsMoby - Don't leave me lyrics

for me... [5x] You wanted more ... than me (Oh you did now, love) You wanted so ... much more than me Your life could be so clean (Oh you ... would now, love) All the ways you want the light brought down You wanted this from me (Me) You wanted nothing more

Ronnie Drew - The young man who used to be me lyrics

i was a young man the skies were so clear The sun ... always shone and we walked without fear All of the houses ... were new and we were the chosen few. Youth was the

R.tripper - Far away lyrics

gogaesugin neoreul bomyeo, amu maldo ... Neul sarangeul manhadeon, geu ibsullo sseun ibyeoreul nan ... malhal tenikka Eonjebuteoinji mollado, asaeghaejin neoreul

Alice In Chains lyricsAlice In Chains - Leave me alone lyrics

for those who haunt you There now I don't mind if you still love me Don't come overhear what I say Don't come overhear what I say Don't come overhear what I say Just leave me

Beck - Don't believe the junk they put on you lyrics

Joad come a-walkin' down the road With a bottle and a pistol in his coat Said, "I ... learned a thing or two About the things I ... never knew" Don't believe the junk they put on you

Eyes Of Shiva - Leave me alone lyrics

..I have to leave behind I´m not ok to try Desires on ... my mind (At)Every each night My insonia still alright ... Takes my brain to another side Here, outside and everywhere This insanity is taking my

Tyler Hilton - Don't forget all your clothes lyrics

t forget all your clothes, They'll be in my way after you go ... And I'm not mad; I don't mind, But if you really want to ... go, Leave nothing behind. I don't know why You're acting

Alexander Rybak - Leave me alone lyrics

started with a call I stupidly answered You said you got ... my number from one of the dancers You waited right ... outside, you had something of mine But then I saw

Lil' O - He ain't got to know lyrics

talking] Dedicated to all the playas, all over the world ... Everybody that knows, how to keep things On the down low, ... you feel me [Hook: Big T] He ain't gotta know,

The Pandoras - He's not far lyrics

s Not Far ...................... ....

John Barrowman - If you leave me now lyrics

you leave me now, you'll take away the biggest part of me Ooh, no ... baby please don't go And if you leave me now, you'll ... take away the very heart of me Ooh, no baby please don't

Cascada - Why you had to leave lyrics

been any better Each day I seemed to love you more ... Nothing was going to break us apart (break us ... apart) The truth couldn't have been any ... further From what I thought was reality Now I

Chicago - If you leave me now lyrics

you leave me now You'll take away the biggest part of me Ooo oh, no, ... baby please don't go And if you leave me now You'll ... take away the very heart of me Ooo oh, no, baby please don

Metro Station - Don't speak lyrics

you still want to see me, if you knew how I feel? You ... claim you still love him, I can't see how it's real. We ... went out for just a drive, it turned into the story of

Ra - Far enough lyrics

s on my face It's in my feelings The scars that carry on ... your name You fold your arms You don ... t believe me You don't like to think you cause me pain

Tina Turner lyricsTina Turner - Don't leave me this way lyrics

my life all of my life I've been searching for a love ... like ours Somewhere to stay somewhere safe in your ... arms I was so sure Are you really ... saying your heart's changing Do you really mean goodbye

The Boomtown Rats - Don't believe what you read lyrics

soon as I wake up every day, I look at the papers to see ... what they say, I know most what I read will be ... a lot of lies, But then you learn really fast to

Grave Digger - Don't leave me lonely lyrics

and Jenny lived together from January '84 till ... December '85 he was a rock and roll ladies' ... man she was only 19 when she died I played in bands with Jimmy he used to get heavy from time to time I didn

Moriah Peters - To leave it all behind lyrics

is life, This is love This is how I learn to trust I was ... numb, I was blind Then You opened up my eyes ... Caught a glimpse of Your grace And I'm ... sure I heard You say Pack your bags,

Gloria Gaynor - Don't leave me this way lyrics

mh... Oh oh oh... 1. Strophe Don't leave me this way. I ... can't survive, I can't stay alive, without your love, oh baby ... Don't leave me this way, no. I can't exist, I

Kaiser Chiefs - Don't sweat lyrics

brought it round to the table, Nobody quite thought he was able, able, People ... poured out into the garden, Music pumping out of ... the car doors, car doors We

Seether - Don't believe lyrics

heart is carved in stone And apathy flows in your ... veins When flesh falls from the bone You've taken all you ... take, you can take) Don't believe in anyone 'Cause they'll

Narita - Don't leave me this way lyrics

and on you told me pain would never come Just the ... two of us together But now it seems that I’ve lost your ... precious heart In a raging sea of failure I know the truth, I see the writing on the wall I thought you loved me

Patti Page - This close to the dawn lyrics

cabbie I´m calling you cabbie I´m coming be right there He won´t know their names He ... won´t know where they come from Or where they go He ... only knows They´ll be in love This close to the dawn

Seraphim - To leave lyrics

of scary spindrift, leave me to the unbeknownst Shining pass ... through window infinitely Spatial finish end line, far away from madness I ... just feel my wings melt in darkness To leave, gathering sore reality Crying

David Guetta lyricsDavid Guetta - Don't leave me alone ft. anne-marie lyrics

#1] I don't wanna lie, can we be honest? Right ... now while you're sitting on my chest I don't know ... what I'd do without your comfort If you ... really go first, if you really left I don't

Abbie Lynn - He always does me right lyrics


Angelic Upstarts - Leave me alone lyrics

ask me why I shout and scream Dont ask me why I drink too much Dont ... ask me why I’m late tonight Dont ask me why I’m looking outside Just go away and

Artillery - Don't believe lyrics

I can read your mind Stranger, from the edge of ... time Watcher, water's running deep Seer, when your eyes ... your thoughts Ease your mind Don't believe a word

Hall And Oates - Don't leave me alone with her lyrics

It’s just a case of choosing my priorities Stages It’s just the art of changing ... our perception But when I see that girl it messes my ... security So please dont leave me alone with her She

L.b.p. - Don't leave me lyrics

leave me How can we want live without our love Everytime I ... feel your body next to mine Babe tell me why am i crying every night? I can´t sleep

Liveonrelease - Don't leave me alone lyrics

I first saw you I was young could not control ... my dreamin' I looked into your eyes and found it too ... hard not to fall in Tried to ignore that I wanted you then

59 Times The Pain - Leave me alone lyrics

the f*** up get out of my way ... can't you see i'm getting sick and tired of you leave me ... alone stop bothering me why don't you just leave me ... alone this been going on for long now won't you

Axxis - Don't leave me lyrics

s so innocent Eyes don't understand ... I must leave you for a while I must say good bye Take ... my hand don't cry Now we're victims of this war (And we cry

Chris Isaak - Don´t leave me on my own lyrics

ve been thinking alot about you. I'm so ... lonely here without you please. Don't leave ... me on my own. I was hoping that you would write me. ... Or come and see me or just invite me please. Don't leave me on my own. If you come

Madness - Believe me lyrics

that I tell you, girl, every word that you hear ... Every little whisper, let me make myself clear There ain ... t no lies to deceive you, I love you too much for that

Bette Midler - He was too good to me since you stayed here lyrics

was too good to me. How will I get along now? So close he stood to me. Everything seems all ... wrong now. He would have brought me the sun. Making me smile,

Sham 69 - Leave me alone lyrics

me alone I need no-one Leave me alone I can get by on my ... own I don't need you to tell me what I've gotta do today I get up every morning ... to the sound of my alarm And if

Bts lyricsBts - Don't leave me lyrics

no kotoba ni wa ikutsu mono imi ga Aru youni kikoeru kara ... what's what? Nazo no ashiato mitsuketara follow Nomi ... komareru my shadow hikai no uragawa ni hisometa

Bryan Adams lyricsBryan Adams - Don't leave me lonely lyrics

won't stand bein' broken hearted I won't be pushed ... around The rules were set when we got started But lately I ... have found We've spent too little time and too much heartache I feel we're losin'

Niceland - Leave me out lyrics

know you’re sleeping The gas is leaking Tender is the night ... There’s the killing flu There’s the evening blue There’s ... the pile of leaves Of your dying trees There’s the gender

Paisley Brad - Just here to the left of you lyrics

back, it won't hurt you Lean in, no inertia Bold is the ... love that I fight to save Head on, no collision Confusion ... indecision I don't believe I'm too far to be saved Twist and turn me, bait and burn me Smile and send me to oblivion Breathe and bathe me, just

Patsy Cline - Don't ever leave me again lyrics

up ever’ mornin’ Heart’s full of pain Looked out ... the window And it’s pourin’ down with rain And I cried ... baby, oh baby Dont ever leave me again I miss your lovin’ Your kisses, too Ain’t

Pink lyricsPink - Leave me alone (i'm lonely) lyrics

away Give me a chance to miss you Say goodbye It'll ... make me want to kiss you I love you so Much more when ... you're not here Watchin all the bad shows Drinking all of my

In Dying Arms - This is retaliation lyrics

am the son of grief, When I've come to far to leave, ... those tears were proud of me. This is too much for me, ... When i have come too far to leave, Everybody will see. I

Kris Kristofferson - To beat the devil lyrics

] A couple of years back, I come across a great and ... wasted friend of mine in the hallway of a recording studio ... and while he was reciting some poetry to me that he'd written, I saw that he was about

Gary Moore - Don't believe a word lyrics

two, three Don't believe me if I tell you. Not a word of ... this is true. Don't believe me if I tell you, Especially if ... I tell you that I'm in love with you. Don't believe me if

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