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Madi Diaz - To be alone lyrics

go find a place to hide Get your suitcase I’ll ... crawl inside To see oh what could happen ... What might happen when we get close ... We’ll take the highway till it dead ends Spend all our

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - To be alone with you lyrics

be alone with you Just you and me Now ... won't you tell me the true Ain't that the way it oughta be? ... To hold each other tight The whole night through

Ben Howard - To be alone lyrics

don’t need nobody, no, I, I don’t need nobody Oh, I ... don’t need nobody to be alone, To be alone. And in the ... darkness a shallow voice And it hears all. I bite my tongue

Hozier lyricsHozier - To be alone lyrics

feel too good in crowds, With folks around, when they're ... playing The anthems of rape ... Crude and proud creatures baying All I've ever done is hide ... From our times when you're near me Honey

Dj Tiesto - Who wants to be alone lyrics

was waiting for you to notice me I've been hanging ... around for a minute Baby don't give me you it won't hurt me I don't even ... know if you deserve me But with that moon in

Nelly Furtado - Who wants to be alone lyrics

Verse 1:] I was waiting for you to notice me I've been hanging around for a minute ... Baby don't give me you it won't hurt me I don't even ... know if you deserve me But with that moon in

Dr. Hook - I don't want to be alone tonight lyrics

phone's gonna ring in the darkness of night And ... you'll rise from the bed when you leave And you'll ... and from out of the past A voice you once loved is gonna say

Green Day lyricsGreen Day - I want to be alone lyrics

lock myself inside my room I WANNA BE ALONE With you ... you'll only an add on I WANNA BE ALONE Its been disturbed by my thoughts I ... WANNA BE ALONE With you around, you'll only an

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - I don't want to be alone tonight lyrics

phone's gonna ring in the darkness of night And ... you'll rise from the bed where you lay And you'll ... and from out of the past A voice you once loved is gonna say

Ariana Grande lyricsAriana Grande - I don't want to be alone for christmas lyrics

don't wanna be (Wanna be) alone babe. Unless I'm alone ... (unless I'm alone) Unless I'm alone babe. 'Cause it won't be ... (won't be) cause it won't be. Hold you close babe, hold

Brandon Heath - Its no good to be alone lyrics

re leaving you a message on your ... telephone Everybody's wondering what you're doing home ... Yeah, we're starting and you're missing the ... party Can you hear it playing your favorite song?

Bad Suns lyricsBad Suns - Maybe we're meant to be alone lyrics

ve got a picture perfect plan But I can ... t go it alone Are we whole or just two ... halves Reaching out to the unknown? No, I can't ... help my ways It don't make such sense to me

Accept lyricsAccept - Glad to be alone lyrics

don't like your f***ed up bunch Of ... gentle fellows, my dear I don't like such stupid people ... With their well brushed hair I don't like your well ... dressed friends With the talk about their

Billy Joel - I don't want to be alone lyrics

said she'd meet me in the bar At the Plaza Hotel ... amp;quot;Wear a jacket and a tie" "What's ... the occasion?" She just smiled

Bob Marley - It hurts to be alone lyrics

your heart Then you'll be sad And your teardrops ... Then you'll know how It hurts to be alone ... Just because you think that you're so smart Going around breaking lover's

Reba Mcentire - I don't want to be alone lyrics

shot, the coffee's cold. Wish that I could be so bold as to walk right up to you and say ... what I think. I don't now what you think of ... me. And I know everyone can see I'm

A Heartwell Ending - How it feels to be alone lyrics

m alone I am tired And I'm breathing too hard to make it on my own I am lonely I am ... weightless I am breathin' and I can't keep gasping ... for this air My lungs are burstin'

Icon ( Usa ) - Left to be alone lyrics

pictures, photographs Are all I have to keep ... you in my mind Trying hard I'm Looking back The memories ... that we had yet to find This feeling thats come over me

One Less Reason - A day to be alone lyrics

said I wonder when it'll be my day 'Cause I'm not too ... far from breaking down All I've got are screams inside ... But somehow they come out in a smile And I'm wondering if I'll always feel this way,

Real Friends - Scared to be alone lyrics

care too much While you don't even care at all ... It's just sad that you don't ... even care I walk up the stairs to your apartment and I ... feel small The lowest feelings and even lower standards

Anna Grace - To be loved lyrics

bring me back home And can you ... stay with me I'd like to be alone, with you Please bring me ... back home Where I can be myself Feel like I don't belong, in here Don't wanna be alone tonight So hold your

Brian Setzer - To be loved lyrics

be loved And not to be alone This is our chance for love ... dear And so come here to me To be loved And to be ... forever Let's make a vow to never ever part You'll be

Daley Gareth - Alone together lyrics

Ahh yeah I don’t wanna be alone A definite silence You’re ... almost exactly what I need A definite maybe Is ... sure to entice my curiosity I can't help but think that this doesn't add up I'm trying to separate the facts from all

As It Is - Turn back to me lyrics

memories are still so bright but I keep the curtains ... drawn I've never been like this Or am I just, romanticizing ... a person that's gone I can only take so much before I spill my guts But I'm terrified of letting you see what I'm

Eve - Be me (mashonda tifrere) lyrics

m just trying to be me. . . to be me [Chorus: 2X's] One. ... . .Cause I really wanna see the world ... Two. . . Always knew I was a super girl Three. . .

R5 - Let's not be alone lyrics

of the party where is getting too loud It feels like we're ... the only ones alone in the crowd Check call and ... the politics and time we spend You look back and

Paramore - Be alone lyrics

what if I don't have, A lot to talk about? I shut my mouth ... and keep it, Locked until it counts. And what if I don't ... ever want, To leave my house? Stay on the

R5 - Let's not be alone tonight lyrics

of the party where it’s gettin too loud It feels like ... we’re the only ones alone in the crowd Chat college and ... politics in time that we spend You look

Modest Mouse - Alone down there lyrics

do, how do you do? My name is You Flies, they all gather ... around me and you too You can't see anything well ... You ask me what size it is, not what I sell The flies,

Chris Norman - Alone lyrics

am not afraid to tell you what I’m feeling ... deep inside Let’s be open let’s be honest let’s ... let passion rule our life So intensive so amusing you’re a

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - Alone lyrics

was a midnight rider on a cloud of smoke I ... make a woman hang on every single stroke I was an iron manI had a master plan But I was alone I could hear you breathing with a sigh of the wind I remember how your body started trembling Oh what a night it's been

Jason Reeves - Alone lyrics

only made to fade It gets faster every single day ... Our brightest red is turning into gray And it's gonna leave ... a stain Just to remind us How good it once was Before the flame What if We

Jacob Latimore - Alone lyrics

a few decisions in my life That I got to deal with ... Picture perfect angel I know that she was heaven sent ... Me being the fool I am, Do it like it was my

Aaron Shust - To god alone lyrics

the hand? Can You use me as I am? Break me into who You ... want me to be When the time is finally right Will You ... my eyes And show me everything You want me to see? This life is not my own To God alone be the glory To God alone be

Charlotte Church - Let's be alone lyrics

and me were meant to be Like the summer sun And midnight moon we shine Day and night our time is tight So Don ... t waste this moment Make it last all night Do you know

Sleeping With Sirens - Alone (feat. mgk) lyrics

you check my pulse for me To see if I'm alive Cuz every time that I am near you Is the ... only time I feel alright If there were any way I could ... think to turn back time I'd stay here with you Sometimes I sit and wonder Sometimes I feel like letting go

Betty Who - Alone again lyrics

away anywhere but here I'm gonna give you a break Driving til you disappear and maybe then you'll say Don't ever ... leave me alone again You say those three little

Joan Osborne - Alone with you lyrics

day I thank the Lord above For giving me such a way with love ... Oohh baby, what I wouldn't do Just to be alone ... with you You'd be crazy to resist (You'd be crazy to

Before The Dawn - Alone lyrics

sense of failure haunting still Lack of confidence feeding ... my fear Descending sun invites the darkness in The child ... inside, with silent cry I don't want to be alone...again... Starfire above when

Wilson Phillips - Alone lyrics

don't you wanna cry? 'Cause I really need to And I really miss you Oh baby, I'm a lady, a ... Well you haven't got much to say, uh-uh Just take me to ... the garden I know there's a way See that

Black Bomb Ä - Be alive lyrics

alive Forever Within my mind I'm free I'm alive Don ... t want sects Don't want lies Just break the wall between you and me Color my life Enjoy my mind I know mom

Tony Carey - To dance alone lyrics

on and meet your man Tell him that you could not get away ... has got you by the spoonful I've got you by the hand Cause ... I've known you so long And I've heard that running song I

Johansson - Alone lyrics

morning, and I look into your eyes, see in the wonder ... you're an angel in disguise windy evening, and you ... tell me all your lies, tears are falling, and the

Carly Simon - Alone to lyrics

goin' has nothing to do with you I'm planning a trip ... all alone And all I want is a room with a view Where ... the sight of the sunset full blown ... Makes me ache with feeling alone. [Chorus] And I'll think

The Gathering - Alone lyrics

you see me getting better I'm right here on display And I'll make it a bit heavier By ... going all the way Did you find it much easier To stoop to ... where I was With your power and your

Jay Park - Be with me 2night lyrics

Park ChaCha TAOM Feel good This goes out to to all the fine ... ladies out there I be like check Ooh girl Just one ... glance you captured my attention And ooh girl You're different from these girls That

Palmer Matt - Alone lyrics

You walk on by I get out of your way You just ... don't have time For your heart to get stolen Heart to be broken By ... some man Who just isn't worth it It's just too

Dustin Smith - To you alone lyrics

Christ, risen Lord All You are we adore ... Mighty Savior, Matchless One Who was and ... is and is to come Worthy is the Lamb Who sits upon the ... throne Praise and adoration To You alone, to You alone

Conflict - To be continued... lyrics

I stand alone again In my endless search for ... freedom? Challenging their might, defeated? Falling ... helplessly away Crawling from the wreckage Their

Kylesa - To walk alone lyrics

not to walk alone here Where all things die Witness the sameness of will ... Farther and farther away Into long ago Soft yellow halo inside Keeps me alive My own

Destiny's End - To be immortal lyrics

or a myth, I've been shaped by the hands of the ... master Fiction or fraud, my path has been ... laid in this manner Pride of creation, a god in the ... eyes that would view me Forever - alone with

Portless - To be together lyrics

you to know I'm feeling so alone The same old show Change is got to come In hating me ... I'm feeling better Save me once We'll be together The sky is falling

Kyte - Love to be lost lyrics

the doctor is wrong, With the twisting of the skin, ... It's been running for too long, To let someone else in. And she'd love to be ... lost, She'd love to be alone, She'd love to be alone.

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - Just to be close to you lyrics

is for the lovers Strictly for the lovers, yeah You ... someone you wanna get close to? Then get close to this ... Ooh ooh ooh ooh Just to be close to you Yo, drop the

Morna - To think alone lyrics

land beside their god And set the light on ... darkness, To rid my lifelong masters And became ... the faith itself. To be the cloud of fire And fall

Joel Poe - I tried to be the one lyrics

so tired to be alone... You made me feel like I´m ... a waste of space I´m buried in this place And I feel like I can never go away... Can´t ... remember how it was But still I know you loved me more

Anvil - You dont want to be like me lyrics

happy unless I'm miserable, sadness is my friend ... A disaster waiting to happen that I can't ... comprehend Born under a bad sign, the dark side of the moon

Bethany Mota - Be who you want to be lyrics

keep haunting They cloud a point of view Making us feel ... There's nothing we can do Fate departed, ... Lost and all alone Brokenhearted And looking

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - I just want to be your man lyrics

baby, it's only me I know you're tired, it's been ... a long hard week I was thinking maybe if you ain't got no ... plans I just wanna be your man Tonight, I wanna be

Chris Mann - Be good to me lyrics

and bone Plain as paper I'm not made of stone Simple ... heart True believer Not meant to be alone ... So be soft as rain And be calm as the breath you take

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