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Sammie - Cant let go lyrics

that girl just got you wrapped around her finger man You bout sweatin' ... her, can't let go (I aint trippin' man, she just pretty man ... that's not what you was talking bout (You know what I mean

Kingdom Come - Cant let go lyrics

at heart you're all confused, I know That's the reason why ... you've let me go Can't forget you, even ... though I tried Cannot stop the love I ... feel inside Time alone to find out where to go That is

Allister - Cant let go lyrics

needle spinning on this broken record feels just like a sentimental heartbeat ... Keeping time with all the memories from the ... past Going over now it's choking all the thoughts

Air Supply - I can't let go lyrics

have the ring that needs your finger I ... want you always to remember I want you to be a part of my ... dreams I was so lonely here without ... you I was so cold just like a statue Being with you

Air Supply - When the time is right lyrics

the time is right I will come back for you To hold ... you through the night Just like I always do Oh Jane, ... take me to your room again Why can't we learn how to

Archie Star - Let go lyrics

she] Step outside my feet meet the pavement ... and im alright ladadada [he] i drive ... up and i see her outside honey please come back to ... me just one time [she] so what are you

Carlos Santana lyricsCarlos Santana - She cant let go lyrics

has the innocence and vision of a child How can I ever ... really know her? We're riding on a carousel That's running wild Around in circles 'til it's over And every time

Latif - Cant let love lyrics

do do do do I keep tellin myself it's all a lie Until ... something made me realize You're the best thing that ... happened to me You're my pride and joy and destiny Girl

Kurupt - Cant let that slide lyrics

feat. Roscoe) [Intro: Roscoe & Kurupt] ... [Chorus] This goes out to all y'all tellin' my ... bitch what you saw Hell naw I can't let that sliiiide! Thinkin' I won't check shit

Britney Spears lyricsBritney Spears - Let go lyrics

s written everywhere I've even read it in my script ... But when I thought it wasn't fair I felt it on my ... lips, let go I don't wanna be the one I think you already know, oh The

Feed Her To The Sharks - Let go lyrics

I will never walk in your footsteps of deception ... I'll never hang my head in shame I see the beauty in ... your eyes forever fading with these lies Your words

Air Traffic Controller - Can't let go lyrics

saw a car that looked just like yours; a silver hatchback ... with a dent in the door, and I followed it around the block. It ... started taking a familiar route and I was thinking

Cheap Trick - Let go lyrics

took your photographs, I threw them all away I put ... your calls on hold 'cause I got nothin' to say Hangin' on ... to you, that was my first mistake Yeah, yeah But some

Redrama - Let go lyrics

let go-o-oou Sitting in my cubicle in down slow ... What I got to do I do what I'm told I'm smiling at the ... customer with my balls It really could suck my world

Foxes - Let go for tonight lyrics

from the sky And started walking Leaving our footprints on ... the ground It might be a prayer Or maybe a piece of conversation Wherever ... we go we make a sound So I call your name The only thing I know Is I need you here

Foxes - Let go for tonight (demo) lyrics

from the sky And started walking Leaving our footprints on ... the ground It might be a prayer Or maybe a piece of conversation Wherever ... we go we make a sound So I call your name The only thing I know Is I need you here

Ghost Town - Let go lyrics

i've seen it all I've seen the strongest fall ... Thought it was all my fault I was a know it all You said ... just keep my head up high Knew it was all a lie I

Safetysuit - Let go lyrics

don't know what happened I guess you finally got me Now ... you're off to somewhere I don't know, kn-know, kn-know, ... know, kn-know And I don't wanna make up Cause I

Anew Revolution - Let go lyrics

use saying Word I want to say. No use saying ... at all. There’s no use faking. The way we used to be. ... There’s no use faking at all. And if I let go,

Christina Milian - Let go lyrics

girl I hear your havin' trouble with your boyfriend ... again And why do you keep letting him get away with everything By now you should know ... that he's not treatin' you the way you deserve

Faith Hill - Let me let go lyrics

thought it was over, baby We said our goodbyes But I can't go a day without your face Goin' through ... my mind In fact, not a single minute Passes without

Vanessa Hudgens - Let go lyrics

day's been long, I just got home And work is driving me ... crazy I could do up, I could go out But I'm feelin too lazy ... I wanna run, I wanna have fun But I don't

Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - Let go lyrics

four... Oh, everyplace I go I see your face in the crowd, ... In the parking lot or in the lounge. Standing on the ... corner with the rest of the kids, I say what is it baby,

Avril Lavigne lyricsAvril Lavigne - Let go lyrics

oh oh Hey, yeah, oh oh I've only got three dollars ... left in my hands I walk down the sidewalk as I ... pass a dirty man Walk up the staircase ... that leads to my hotel I'm living in at a fancy hotel, yeah

Joanna Pacitti - Let go lyrics

who I would be If you were sleeping next to me ... Would this room feel alive? Empty walls are closing in Feel your breath dance on ... my skin Shut the doors in my mind You never know what

Paul Van Dyk lyricsPaul Van Dyk - Let go lyrics

can't get it out of me it's breathing inside me it's ... reaching inside of you you're feeling infected you're being infected ... it's just like the cold a kiss on your lips now you're

Q5 - Let go lyrics

the darkest hour, tangled with despair I looked around and ... I was dreaming I walk the border of the other ... side And all the time a heard a screaming Let go

David Lichens - Let go lyrics

up i have been waiting for you to open your eyes ... so that i can tell you that i think i'm ready i'm ready to ... freefall into into the unknown if you wanna

A Static Lullaby - Let go lyrics

up baby down Are you in or are you out? Leave your ... things behind Because it's all going off without you ... me Too busy You're writing your tragedy These mishaps

Adema - Let go lyrics

m sitting on the edge of the water ... Contemplating my strange life The sun starts to fall into the ground A breeze picks ... up off the waves And everything is fine Let go of all of

Glen Campbell - Let go lyrics

and roses are the goin' thing Champagne, a little love, ... and a weddin' ring But everytime she leaves it's gonna break your heart It ... before, don't come to me, I don't want no part Let go, it ain't worth it if it hurts

Dave Lichens - Let go lyrics

up i have been waiting for you to open your eyes ... so that i can tell you that i think ... i'm ready i'm ready to freefall into into the unknown if you wanna

Firehouse - Let go lyrics

it's cold outside And you're all alone Nothing feels right For you ... When the stress weighs you down You can't take ... anymore The world is trying to tell you What to do

Hdk - Let go lyrics

go No Let go No Let go No Let go No Let go No ... Denial frustration I've got it all under control. Exhaustion,inflation Still I can take ... it. Things shifting and moving. I'm forced to take a

Hezekiah Walker - Let go let god lyrics

still and know that He is God Know that He will never ... leave your side Stand still and know that He is God ... Know that He will never leave your side He'll ... fight your battles if you let Him He'll be your refuge; He

Janet Leon - Let go lyrics

flicker on the TV Dinner on my own Got your last ... words on my mind If only you could feel me Pick up your phone And tell me ... I’ll be fine Cause every choice is a

Jason Malachi - Let me let go lyrics

yea yea! Oooh girl Check it out I remember you callin ... , sayin' That things were through with us I ... have a hard time feelin within' Just started moving on Got back my feeling chilling

Jason Malachi - Let me let go (reggae remix feat. la lewis) lyrics

yeah yeah! Oooh girl. Check it out. I ... remember you callin, sayin That things were through with us. I had a hard time ... dealin with it. Just started moving on.

Nick Lachey - Let go lyrics

I met this girl Friday night she said why don't you ... come with me Anywhere let's take a flight she said, ... "Who knows what we might see?" I was ready to

Lawson - Let go lyrics

time that I picked up my phone Hear your voice on the end of my 9 0 1 You ... you needed to talk But you didn't care, before 4 weeks since you broken me down See

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - Let go let god lyrics

you can't find your direction And your heart won't guide ... you home Let Go Let God When your dreams are broken ... dust And you've lost the will to trust Let Go Let God

Red - Let go lyrics

do to me You bend and you bruise me Why you try to control ... you just want to push me? I can't ignore you anymore ... Cause everywhere I turn you You burn me, you

Smile Empty Soul - Let go lyrics

orders are coming from up high Controllers are taking to ... the sky These captivating, heart is racing Reaching ... Get closer to what you had in mind I just need you to let go! I just need you to let go! Holding on to the past

Bts lyricsBts - Let go lyrics

no Mae ni let go De mo kokoro no meiro No ... Sutereo kara Mono e Wakaremichi wa sou Kore ga chiriyuku sadame naraba my last letter Tsuzuru kotoba, kaite wa

Blue Öyster Cult - Let go lyrics

bent for leather on a moonlit night There's a hot wind ... blowing better hold on tight To your soul Blue fire ... rising up from the deep Burning the world just when it's

David Cook - Let go lyrics

got a happy trigger finger And I know not to let it ... linger This moment is potent 'cause I'm feeling a ... transition From the city of tradition One action,

Elevation Worship - Let go lyrics

me, oh God Know every part Let nothing I have Keep me from ... Your heart Surrendered I come With open hands I give ... You my life And all that I am 'Cause Your love is

Koven - Let go lyrics

is the chance to have to do it all What if a changed made ... us forget it all Give me a reason and I'll let ... you know [?] and I've seen it all We're gonna let go

Manafest - Let go (featuring dave stovall) lyrics

oh, Oh, oh, My faith tells me if I jump I’ll fly ... Then why am I frozen with the thought I’ll die Gravity’s not fantasy, realities in ... front of me Will I be the one who falls or soars

Mia Rose - Let go lyrics

shred of hope collides in your heart with the fear of ... loosing what you've just given up As the moments pass ... you pray to survive All these lonely minutes

12 Stones - Let go lyrics

feel so alone again I know that I need you To ... help me make it through the night And I pray that you believe in me You gave me my ... another day alone And I need you now my friend More

Dan Black - Let go lyrics

all that love Got me off drugs Got me swigging you like whisky slugs When ... you sigh, so do I When I'm not back home She's alone ... Can't seem to see why I have to roam If you die, so

Caliban - Let go lyrics

the past sad grey days, when I surrender - I will never smile again. Look in my eyes - a ... killing lance. Love can hurt and ... that is no secret, but how much pain

Coasts - Let go lyrics

of the sun And into the sea What a glorious life Was waiting for me Hiding away doesn't seem so ... when All that you want is in the loneliest place That in

Flame - Let go (feat. decemberadio) lyrics

where we'll cry But He'll wipe the tears from our eyes ... All our fears will be alright Because all in Him are alive Oh and I I know a place ... road You can't carry the weight on your own Jesus will lift the weight from your soul Let go Look at His accomplishments and

Maria Haukaas - Let go lyrics

the bus - hoo, hold it - I need to get off My life is ... set on cruise control and I can't make it stop I utrn ... another corner and everything's the same My life is like

Hollywood Undead lyricsHollywood Undead - Let go lyrics

J-Dog] Waking up I don't feel alive How f***ed ... up are we inside Breaking up in your empty eyes Where's the ... truth in all your lies? Watched you cry, you felt

Toby Lightman - Let go lyrics

you leavin in the dark Unless you wanna ... break my heart Might be better in the day So I ... can watch you walk away A little bit of love goes a long ... way And you can’t leave til I get a little bit of love then

Medina - Let go lyrics

go, time to release all this pain so I can't love again Let go, discover the truth that's ... inside, no more tears, Left to ... cry; sweetest lullaby, I want to sing from my heart

Ne-yo - Let go lyrics

amp;quot;Let Go" I know it´s past tense It´s ... been a minute since We were a couple And, ... walking and holding hands Kisses and I love yous Doing

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