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I Can Hear The Silence Coming lyrics

Browse for I Can Hear The Silence Coming song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed I Can Hear The Silence Coming lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to I Can Hear The Silence Coming.

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Porter Robinson - Hear the bells lyrics

in a cruel world Drudging with my feet in the snow On a ... day out And it turned night now Doctor, I've been ... walking on the side of the road, for a long time And I

Amorphis - The night is over lyrics

craved the light from the darkness It's a morning of ... misfortune The dawn of a mankind a Listen ... to me instead of a blind folk's speak Forget the ... are but humans you'll see I can hear the silence See invisible emptiness Tarnish th

Hairspray - I can hear the bells lyrics

I can hear the bells Well, don't ya hear them chime? Can't you feel my heartbeat keeping perfect time? ... yes he Bumped me My heart was unprepared when he

Neil Sedaka - You can hear the love lyrics

the summer wind that whispers in the dark Let the song ignite the spark and you can hear the love Hush of evening and the ... rustling of the leaves The murmur as a baby breathes and

Dead End - I can hear the rain lyrics

is fading away Angel’s screaming again The body’s twisting ... around In the heavy grey sky, oh Breaking the glass of reason Sets us free ... from the pain When I have to go What can I hear?

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - I can hear the grass grow lyrics

the people all in line, what's making them look at ... me? I can't imagine that their minds are thinking the same ... like me I can hear the grass grow, I can hear the

Joe Cocker lyricsJoe Cocker - I can hear the river lyrics

s so cold on this balancing beam I lose my breath each ... time I scream All the time that it takes on this cliff ... I simply wish that you were here I must

Naomi Scott lyricsNaomi Scott - Hear the bells lyrics

is of the essence, my heart drum to your presence Every ... thought, fear and temptation'll make up my confession ... And I'm searching for a way To temper while it's burning inside Never

Clay Walker - The silence speaks for itself lyrics

an oil well down on Johnson´s Road ... Where we´d go to be alone I never thought I´d go there by ... myself I stood there calling out your name No one

Gamma Ray - The silence lyrics

you're drowning, when you're freezin', ... when you're feeling cold There's a light in the darkness ... as the elder always told. When the ... winter's coming closer and the autumn's passing by, Then the world will sink in slience

Gamma Ray - The silence ('95 version) lyrics

you're drowning, when you're freezin', ... when you're feeling cold There's a light in the darkness ... as the elder always told. When the ... winter's coming closer and the autumn's passing by, Then the world will sink in slience

Knights Of Round - In silence lyrics

when the battle is over at last I can hear the ... silence calling Everything is so calm like a breath of wind The curtains of darkness ... are opened slowly I'm getting overtired and collapsing

Axis Of Awesome - Can you hear the f***ing music coming out of .. lyrics

s Friday night Gonna feel alright It's ... party night alright alright, alright, alright alright ... yeah alright Gonna see the sights, Hold that booty tight

Bring Me The Horizon lyricsBring Me The Horizon - Can you feel my heart lyrics

you hear the silence? Can you see the dark? Can you fix the broken? Can you feel, can you feel my heart? Can you ... help the hopeless? Well, I'm begging on my knees, Can

Alan Parsons Project - Silence and i lyrics

i cried out loud Over sorrows i've ... known And the secrets i've heard It would ease my mind ... Someone sharing the load But i won't breathe a ... word We're two of a kind Silence and i We need a chance

Gutter Sirens - The trees lyrics

silence they must passively keep still Although their branches are pulled about by ... wind The sun is a nouirshment, cold rain the only drink The birds` evening song brings the only fun The birds`

Nightcore - Can you feel my heart (bmth) lyrics

you hear the silence? Can you see the dark? Can you fix the broken? Can you feel... ... can you feel my heart? Can you help the hopeless? Well, ... I'm begging on my knees, Can you save my bastard soul? Will you wait for me? I'm

Inmoria - The silence within me lyrics

lonely So far away So silent I can t hear no breathing So many empty promises ... So many fading dreams Why do I feel so ... alone Oh god why can't you see The silence within me Is slowly breaking me

Deine Lakaien - Silence in your eyes lyrics

by step the greyness creeps along the ... roads that lead to me I am sipping cups of bitter tea cold ... are the winds that come to me from a ... land without no tree As we watch

Abyssaria - Ghosts of silence lyrics

days begin to breathe shorter and the unbending ... frost creeps through the woods When primitive ... strength seems to be perfect then you can hear the silence

Alkemyst - The grand illusion lyrics

a curse It took me by surprise It seemed the veil had ... torn Burnt aflame Reality appeared as it actually is ... me... What a torture... I need some silence I need to

Sacrilege (swe) - Silence in a beloved scream lyrics

ripping through the silence tearing the soil off my ... soul Silent you are, yet so loud ... Beautiful still so violent and harsh As you ... bleed so beautifully I wach in silence and harmony Fascinated and stunned of the pain

Current 93 - The descent of long satan and babylon lyrics

Satan and Babylon are walking They're talking of fire ... and of ice Of the silence that stalks in the ... forest And a Christ spun out of the worlds ... Long Satan and Babylon are moving Through a world ripped

Klone - Behold the silence lyrics

memories. Close the eyes to see... to see beyond the light Is life worth anything ... when the cries aren't felt? And leave these fears behind The wage

Dark Tranquillity - The silence in between lyrics

what the words wont say Build and arguement against ... yourself Sit this one out As the silent ... treatment speaks The walls are coming down All we ... need is One to fail, one to break One to take it all away What if we crumble

Nokturnal Mortum - The hands of chaos lyrics

be the God - to be the Man, to be the power - ... not to be a slave. To be the Fire - to be the Hell, to ... be the Ice - not to be the wave. To be the Chaos - to

Richard Hawley - Can you hear the rain, love? lyrics

my eyes And stay for a while We can close our eyes, ... love And let the dreams come softly Can you ... hear the rain, love? Fall on your window ... Can you hear the rain, love? Gently fall Here

Timo Kotipelto - Can you hear the sound lyrics

I walk down the streets of this town Completely new to me, ... what will I see The darkness it settling down, ... warm wisper of the wind I follow the crowd but don't

The Saints - Angel lyrics

t send me roses send me fire fill me up I'm falling ... more than I fell before Save your scars ... don't leave them burning take your time don't wait ... for the rest to come And come on

Sea Wolf - The cold, the dark and the silence lyrics

don't lie, don't lie to me that you're not afraid, my love. I know you well ... enough to know you can't be alone. If you were to ... roll, to roll down your window you'd find the wind, the

Ayreon - The sixth extinction lyrics

1. Echoes On The Wind] [Tom Englund:] It's the calm before the storm It's the quiet before the war It's the time when all will be decided ... [Steve Lee:] All will be decided [Tom Englund:] If nobody hears the echoes on the wind

Bastille - The silence lyrics

me a piece of your history that you're proud to ... call your own Speak in words you picked up as you ... walked through life alone We used to swim in ... your stories and be pulled down by their

Alexandra Burke - The silence lyrics

lift me up and knock me down ... I'm never sure just what to ... feel when you're around I speak my heart but don't ... really say what's on you mind It's like I'm walking

Alan Jackson - The sounds lyrics

can hear her heart beat It seams a little strong I can ... hear the things I did wrong I can hear her thoughts By ... looking in her eyes I can hear her all the times she cried I can hear the memories As they echo off the wall Falling

Landscapes - Coming of age lyrics

cradle my father as he falls to his knees, ... always hangs over me. Even I know forever's so long when life won't wait. Subdued to the years for all our last of

Anita Lane - The fullness of his coming lyrics

boots are snapping twigs He's got big boots on I can ... hear the earth he's crushing He's got big boots on It's the fullness of his coming Splitting up the concrete The earth

Normandie - The deep cold lyrics

is a storm coming down But there’s nothing to be afraid of I can hear the cries from a ... lonely prayer I can't see the light but i know it’s there

Arrows To Athens - The silence lyrics

is this What is this that made us wonder who we ... done, and so we covered up the scars. And now we hope, but ... our hope is buried underneath at night. Can't

Crimson Glory - The chant lyrics

the daytime and in the night I hear The Chant coming from ... all around me Like a blind man who never had his sight ... Wishing he could see the light Desperate ways, desperate

Embrace The Darkness - Embrace the darkness - the nameless one lyrics

spoke about me In their stories About the one Who have ... sacraficed for them They laid me to a grave Without the sign To try to forget To all they've done It's the time Time to arise Out of sight To

Iskald - The silence lyrics

from the places where I came from Ravished by the things about to come Replenished ... as I rest and await to rise Humbled when I wake to pay ... my price I am the fallen I am the perpetual I am the

Molly Hatchet - The price you pay lyrics

s a small jail in Georgia you all know, Where the sun ... s so hot and the daylight don't show. Where the ... moccasin she rests on a soft bed of ... sand, You can hear the hound dog howling out the

Ricky Nelson - The silence is broken lyrics

painted promise - A smokescreen dream It ... wasn't all we thought it'd be A fortune made - when ... we betrayed The faith we'd placed in our blind ... belief We were once close as

Insania ( Ger ) - The silence lyrics

Silence Don't you fear the silence, (it) ain't gonna hurt ... at all A chance to think about you - who you are? ... Take care of every minute, be aware of every day,

Mayday Parade - The silence lyrics

in two, she lies awake The moon lights up the room like ... day Another night she spends alone Without ... his touch, her skin's so cold The blood that ... s running through her veins With every beat, there's no

Cloudscape - The silence within lyrics

of a thousand faces Skin deep personalities Don't ... know which one to be One step closer ... to insanity Solitude in a padded room Straightjacket memories Suffering

Gates Of Ishtar - The silence lyrics

skies, burning with embrace Fourth of the ... flames, lost with the winds Storms from the north like a calling blaze Whispering your name Condemning your

Signum Regis - The secret of the sea lyrics

I gaze upon the blue sea All those pleasant ... visions haunt me All the old romantic legends, all my ... dreams They keep coming back to me Like the ... waves on a shore Where the sand as silver shines Flow its unrhymed lyric lines Unveiling the ocean's secret Till

Lapis Lazuli - The silence lyrics

of the memories They have begun to fade, blurred ... by the anguish All of the memories They have begun to ... die, drowned by the sadness I can't see, I can

Rough Silk - The fiddler on the skeleton horse lyrics

did my very best to get nowhere ... fast - lived a life of sin without a chance to win - commited suicide by ridin´ side by ... side with the fiddler on the skeleton horse. I drank my

Scarpoint - The silence we deserve lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Take That lyricsTake That - The garden lyrics

the fishermen came back across the ... water And the people started running in the ... park And the city stopped as I held you in my arms We ... could hear the sounds of sirens all around us And the

Adiastasia - The winner lyrics

the war, i`m feeling so tired Can hear the the voice, in the silence calling Inside ... of me, my soul weep`s the crime the sins of the mankind, ... this Life War The war inside Many tears i cryed, but

Last Kingdom - The world is dying lyrics

am looking down upon the world There is nothing left ... to see I see the burning of the horizon There is nothing ... here left for me The fall of the Earth has begun

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - The line lyrics

at night In the cold and windy city When the candle ... fades away Another morning And the Sun's shining ... pretty You can watch the children play (But) there's a

Explosions In The Sky - Can't we just listen to the silence lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available (instrumental

Here I Come Falling - The beast from the east lyrics

s set our sights on victory and hear the screaming ... choir the enemy's approaching ready, aim, fire! bite the bullet we'll fight until we ... die bite the bullet we'll fight until we die hate

Rawhead Rexx - Six feet from the edge lyrics

waiting in my cell for what will happen to me The chiming ... of the bell reminds me of the land of the free The years in the darkness has marred my ... eyes But in my mind I still can see the beautiful sky I

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