I Can Feel The Blood Rush Into My Veins lyrics

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Michael Bolton - Can't hold on, can't let go lyrics

time I think of you My heart starts movin' like a ... freight train And having you is tearing me apart I don't ... really need the pain, no Sometimes I feel like

The Calling - Stigmatized lyrics

I give up on you I give up on me If we fight what ... s true, will we ever be Even God himself and the faith I knew ... Chorus: Tease me, by holding out your hand Then leave

Foreigner - Can't slow down lyrics

the blood rushing through my veins Baby don't stop Because I'm ... ready to blow Standing still doesn't work for me Taking ... my shot I've got places to go Once

Cassandra Complex - Blood vessel lyrics

can feel the blood pumping inside my head My own life, killing me I harbour another life inside A secret life, ... placed there by my friend It grows inside, steals my

The Pharcyde - Rush lyrics

rush, rush, rush [Bootie Brown/Frank Fiction] What ... gets your adrenaline pumping? Overtaking Mental thought ... process move quickly to attain And acquire that state of

Alien Vampires - Her blood into my veins lyrics

I saw her the first time in there My bleeding path was drawn ... and clear in my head Desire of blood is what is driving ... me mad I'm falling down and hell is f***ing

I The Mighty - Ivy lyrics

infiltrate like growing roots The seed you planted ... with just a look Into my veins and my body shook You read ... my heart like an open book And the more I hide, the more you seek With

Luca Hänni - Dirty bass lyrics

feel my heart stop, the bass drops Tell'em turn the ... music up This feeling's insane I get a headrush, ... handsup Close my eyes, I'm alive So if you feel it

Hit The Lights - Invincible lyrics

the lights Catch your breath Feel it burning in your chest Hold ... on tight Closed eyes Let it rattle your insides We'll ... never listen to a word they say It doesn't matter anyway

Annihilator - In the blood lyrics

lamb and the lion I destroyed you I tore your ... world apart I left the pieces bleeding in the dark The light and the darkness Come ... between us I built a wall of tears I built it

Destinity - The inside lyrics

/ Madness... Always have they restrained. A dark psychic ... paradox. The suffering running into my veins and impairing ... by my unknown grief. Irrational grief of soul / Emotions

Kimbra - Come into my head lyrics

s no use We're gonna have a fight You've thrown your words ... 'Round a thousand times Like a child who can't empathize ... You don't speak the language You don't read my signs You wanna know what I

Mekong Delta - The cure lyrics

you'll come back home again Weary from the fight I will nurse your wounds and I'll ... release you from your weights You must be hungry and There's blood upon your hands So

Madball lyricsMadball - Can't stop, won't stop lyrics

are the blood running through my veins. You are the streets ... that made me this way. In you I've lost and regained ... faith But in my silence I'll never betray. These are the streets where men are made.

Age Of Artemis - Under the sun lyrics

day looking for food that I could not find There's nothing to hold on but desperate ... cry, promises from hypocrites Thirsty again, starving I ... see something you can't hide Waiting for answers I cannot control while politicians

Disturbed - Meaning of life lyrics

psycho, I wanna get psycho Wanna get ... psycho Run you little bitch I want your power glowing, juicy flowing, red hot Meaning ... of life It's not enough to have a little taste I want the whole

Hell Is For Heroes - Into the blood lyrics

town, watch it all come back to life With ... a vengeful smile Into the blood, drowning into the blood Midnight, I heard them whispering Soft ground, be careful

Northland - The awakening lyrics

was forgotten long time ago cursed by the human ... race From the shadows I will arise It's time for my ... revenge (My revenge...) The prophecy just has begun!

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - The loving game lyrics

wanna give you pleasure, don't wanna give you pain I can feel this ... pressure running through my veins And I'm ready, oh I'm ... ready to play the loving game Ooh I start to shiver and my knees go weak When

A-ha lyricsA-ha - The blood that moves the body lyrics

s the way we feel Tonight As if it's all unreal ... All right My love, won't you come back to ... Our love, you know I'll react to the blood that ... moves my body Now covers the ground The blood that moves the body The blood that moves the body There's nowhere to go

Neonfly - The enemy lyrics

sit upon a throne but built so high You gaze at all of ... us with spite You pass your sins for everyone to bear With ... hearts so rueful and contrite We call upon grace and might but all you do is crush

Hoodie Allen - Feel the love lyrics

know I said it's true I can feel the love, can you feel it too ... I can feel it, I can feel it You know I said it's true I can feel the love, can you feel it too? I can feel it, I can

James Morrison - The letter lyrics

s got my name on it, and it's just waiting there for me, ... i feel the cold run through my veins. and it's got her ... shame on it, she couldnt say it to my face, but i wont

Deine Lakaien - Into my arms lyrics

steps, within Three feet, elsewhere They ... Don't leave that square My will, their will Can move, ... stand still My part, no heart I must fulfil ... Like a rising monster All veiled in grey

Disturbed - The animal lyrics

I can feel the animal inside My resolve is weakening ... Pounding on the doors of my mind It's nearly overpowering I cannot begin to describe The

Agalloch - The watcher's monolith lyrics

textures cascade downward to the base of the monolith Like brush strokes on a canvas of souls ... arms reach out a cloak of silent nihil Revenants ... untouched by the scythe They are lost in the dark woods

Lark Puden - My king lyrics

the mountains go we never surrender we ... fight for love my king is good with us the battle is ... right here all the questions we don't doubt in this

Benighted - Let the blood spill between my broken teeth lyrics

the blood spill, between my broken teeth The desert ... landscapes stretch on the infinite horizon Monotonous and wild Unchain the wrath, naked ... skin tries to stay closed Under the

Live - Feel the quiet river rage lyrics

fighting the storm afraid to suffer the wound all praise to that conscious one who ... always suffers the wound, child suffers the wound, child ... hey! suffers the wound! never turns from love

Darude - Feel the beat lyrics

can feel the beat, feel the beat, feel the beat, feel ... the beat, i can feel the beat, feel the beat, feel ... the beat, feel the

Darude - Feel the beat (js16 remix) lyrics

can feel the beat, feel the beat, feel the beat, feel ... the beat, i can feel the beat, feel the beat, feel ... the beat, feel the

John Newman - Feel the love (feat. rudimental) lyrics

know I said it's true I can feel the love Can you feel it too ... I can feel it ah-ah I can feel it ah-ah You know I said it's true I can feel the love

Rudimental lyricsRudimental - Feel the love (feat. john newman) lyrics

know I said it´s true I can feel the love Can you feel it too ... I can feel it ah ah I can feel it ah ah You know I said it´s true I can feel the love

Santa Cruz - Can you feel the rain lyrics

take my hand, watch me bleeding I will sacrifice to keep ... this flame alive I would die for you Friction creates ... loneliness Forever I'll be motionless One

Boy George - Feel the vibration lyrics

in my coffee cup Too much war Not ... enough love Dictators never went away Feels ... like faith took a holiday Feel the vibration Feel the vibration Freedom is in the air You might die But you just

Dj S3rl - Feel the melody - s3rl feat sara lyrics

need some music I got the music I need a melody So here's ... a melody Can you feel the music and the melody? I can feel it moving Through my whole

Dry Kill Logic - Feel the break lyrics

remember, I will always See you for the liar you are And if I were gone ... tomorrow Then finally you would see all my ... scars This won't get the best of me Won't try to even

Saves The Day - The last lie i told lyrics

m in a parking lot by myself It's quarter to nine and I've ... been here since 5:45 Oh, there's no one but I can see some ... flickering lights I can hear some dogs barking in the

Nine Lashes - Heartbeats lyrics

who can love Everyone who can hide Is beating inside of me ... Every breath is a gift Every pulse is alive And it’s burning inside of you I ... feel your blood rush through my veins All the hope and all the shame You feel my pain touch

Ferras - Rush lyrics

kissed your sweet lips I floated so high Your eyes ... looked at mine The world froze in time What is ... this feeling? I am on cloud nine Guess I'm still reeling

Jessie J lyricsJessie J - Unite (deluxe edition) lyrics

1 Come here now, sit by me tonight let´s light a ... fire Keep me warm with your sweet loving two ... hearts beating Pre-chorus 1 I feel the blood rush through my head

Satyrian (danse Macabre) - Feel the rush lyrics

the scarlet sea Towards the world within, Here in paradise , the rain tastes like blood. Look into my eyes, eyes ... that still behold. Raining tears from weeping clouds,

Adam Lambert - The original high lyrics

got the need for speedin' on a hot night Pushing a ... hundred and fifty just to get a rise There ... s no comfort in comfort, I need the edge But the edge ... keeps driftin', it's all in my head Ooh, remember back in

Funeral For A Friend - The great wide open lyrics

from the bridges, Like a bird perched on a branch, I'm wilting like a tree, That will ... let me breath, Soul soldier with your gun held high, ... Where does the crow fly, Soul soldier with

Majestic - Blood of the tail lyrics

ll take your command, right out in the feilds I'm ... leaving my spirit when the oceans turns to sea I'm ... crossing the darkness when you want me to ... kiss you goodnight I pray for your soul in my holy

Smile Empty Soul - Saturday lyrics

Saturday night Don't remind me that there nothing to do ... What do we expect from life So f***ing play or teach ... for two So what if I'm scare, I don't wanna come

Defeater - Blood in my veins lyrics

you hear those birds sing? Means we're closer to ... we're closer to home Further from love and war Further ... we were born to do What kept the blood in our veins Keep my veins thin with booze Kept my

Alice Cooper - Stolen prayer lyrics

walk the streets alone On feeble ... bones I ride My sins are etched in stone I got ... no place to hide Well, I was unshakable In what I did ... believe I feel so breakable But have I been

Cruadalach - Rhythm of our blood lyrics

fire in our hearts is leading us through earthy time ... Eyes staring at distant stars Legs are ... earthbound to Earth’s soil Take the torch and light the night From solstice to equinox From our birth to the

Ludo - The horror of our love lyrics

m a killer Cold and wrathful Silent sleeper I've been inside ... your bedroom I've murdered half the town ... Left you love notes on their headstones I'll fill the

Joe Mcelderry - Feel the fire lyrics

in the basement There's a light that shines Escape to the ... city Where we know we can be saved When we feel like ... this it is deep inside With the joy it brings then we feel alive And it's all or nothing

Sigma ( Ita ) - Win or lose lyrics

t speak and listen to what I say, sit down and look into my eyes. In a low voice I know ... that you will pray, lost in the storm looking for bay. ... Enemies died all long time ago, Now I'm the last one in this place. Like in a circle, there's no begin and there's no end, laugh or tears

Exilia - In my veins lyrics

don’t know where I belong Where are the angels ... when everything ‘s wrong My eyes are looking above ... Wonder if the sky has a door I don’t know ... you have gone You know that I need a reason for all Don’t

Capture The Crown - Bloodsuckers lyrics

re no friend to me, you're a thirsty ... leech. Sucking the blood dry from within me. Now, get the f*** out of my face. The ... only reason I talk to myself is cause you're the only one

Faith No More lyricsFaith No More - The real thing lyrics

know the feeling It is the real thing The essence of the truth The perfect moment ... That golden moment I know you feel it too I know ... the feeling It is the real thing You can't refuse

Iron Maiden lyricsIron Maiden - Isle of avalon lyrics

can hear them floating on the wind, immortal souls, their ... weeping saddens me. Mother Earth, you know your time is ... near. Awaken lust, the seed is sown and reaped. Through

Liberty X - Feel the rush lyrics

eyes have let me know, telling me that I move you so And ... you can't hide what your feeling So drop your thin disguise ... baby, you gotta realize It's time that you start believing So don't pretend there's

Illnath - The blood is the almighty sin lyrics

sun is setting And night comes crawling back Out ... of the shadows deep Comes a ... creature of the night And now the stars are shining bright Hunting the innocent He draws their burning blood Taking images of lives Being ended The mask he

Full Blown Rose - Burden of sacrifice crash lyrics

feel the darkness blanket over me ... Seems like forever I've been paralyzed What is the reason you have come to ... beckon me I feel the energy rush through my veins. Take my

Legion Of The Damned - Feel the blade lyrics

my hungry blade This will be your end I slit your ... f***ing throat Blood will stain my hands I just want you to ... die To feel my f***ing hate You'll have no chance

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