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I Came To Tell You What Jesus Said Stepped In The Water And The Water Was Cold Lyrics lyrics

Browse for I Came To Tell You What Jesus Said Stepped In The Water And The Water Was Cold Lyrics song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed I Came To Tell You What Jesus Said Stepped In The Water And The Water Was Cold Lyrics lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to I Came To Tell You What Jesus Said Stepped In The Water And The Water Was Cold Lyrics.

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Rammalah - The horror and the gag lyrics

Horror And The Gag Time is the fire in which we burn. The bitter ash and dust of hate ... choke what remains. So don't breathe a mote ... about fate or faith, 'cause those words and their toll leave so many so cold.

Blowsight - The girl and the rifle lyrics

down, sit down baby you’re gonna fall This bloody ... floor complete the crawl Put down that rifle girl You broke the code You killed it all Against the wall

Casting Crowns - The altar and the door lyrics

I am reckless I'm a wrong-way-travelin' ... -slowly-unraveling shell of a man Burnt out, I'm so numb now That the fire ... s just an ember way down in the corner of my cold, cold

Donovan - The walrus and the carpenter lyrics

spoken] Presenta the grand circo! The prima del mondo! La ... grand successo! Giulia Nova Vittorio! Fantastico! Magnifico! Spectaculario! [spoken

Sea Wolf - The cold, the dark and the silence lyrics

don't lie, don't lie to me that you're not afraid, ... my love. I know you well enough to know you can ... t be alone. If you were to roll, to roll down your window you'd find the wind, the

Nightwish - The poet and the pendulum lyrics

Poet And The Pendulum "WHITE LANDS ... OF EMPATHICA" The end. The songwriter's dead ... The blade fell upon him Taking him to the white lands Of

Suzanne Vega lyricsSuzanne Vega - The queen and the soldier lyrics

soldier came knocking upon the queen's door He said, "I am not fighting for you any ... more" The queen knew she'd seen his ... face someplace before And slowly she let him inside.

Go Fish - The cow and the peanut lyrics

got a cow down on the farm Moo, moo, moo, moo She ... gives milk without alarm Moo, moo, moo, ... moo One time she drank from a frozen ... stream Moo, moo, moo, moo And ever since then she’s been givin’ ice cream Moo, moo, moo,

Mewithoutyou - The sun and the moon lyrics

broke the king's decree, Peter stepped ... from the ship to the sea there was hope for Job like a cut ... down tree, I hope that there's such hope for me dust be

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - The spider and the fly lyrics

thinkin' sinkin' drinkin Wondering what I'd do when ... I'm through tonight Smoking moping, maybe just hopin ... Some little girl will pass on by Don't wanna be

John Denver - The cowboy and the lady lyrics

the airport lounge she sat in a fancy feathered hat The ... grandest lady I had ever seen Outside the ... heavy rains had grounded all the planes So I asked her if

I The Mighty - The hound and the fox (album version) lyrics

sleep for the sick! Been stayin' up too late... Draining ... out the chemicals, trying not to make mistakes. Little do they know that any given day, I ... ll expose all their hypocrisies... Express my inner rage.

Kate Rusby - The holly and the ivy lyrics

holly and the ivy, When they are both full grown, Of all ... the trees that are in the wood, The holly bears the ... crown. CHORUS: O the rusing of the sun, And the running of the deer, The laying of

Annuals - The bull, and the goat lyrics

drunk, and hungry bear losing his hair, living on a boat ... right off the coast he said, "Ain't you got nothing ... else to do? Just look at my head son.

Arcade Fire lyricsArcade Fire - The well and the lighthouse lyrics

m serving time All for a crime I did commit You want the ... truth? You know I'd do it all again Left for dead ... Heaven is only in my head! I heard a voice

Isis - The beginning and the end lyrics

you both laid in the sun's yellow stare On the ... edge with eyes rolled back the waves we calling him As he ... teetered on the edge The waves were calling him He

Jag Panzer - Cold is the blade (and the heart that wields .. lyrics

the battlefield we fight with all our might Valor and ... honor is our right The bloody battlefield where men and sons have tried To stand for ... what is good and what is right Only the steel will win

Moby lyricsMoby - The tired and the hurt lyrics

was light and clear skies There was hope and endless dreams ... There was love and no dying There were forests as far as I ... could see So make me feel like this The tired and the

The Dogma - The nature and the icelander lyrics

many miles, I came from the North So many years without ... an answer Can’t find a place to live on my own A shelter ... from the bale of living The fire is melting the frozen

Annie Lennox - The holly and the ivy lyrics

holly and the ivy When they are both full grown Of all the trees that are in the wood The holly bears the crown Oh, the rising of the sun And the

Matt Maher - The spirit and the bride lyrics

all the thirsty in need of the river For all the sleeping ... hearts waking from their slumber For everyone still ... standing at the shoreline, come For all the hurting souls running from their

Brenda Lee - The cowgirl and the dandy lyrics

the airport lounge he sat, with his cane and derby hat The ... grandest man that I've have ever seen, Outside the heavy rains had grounded all the planes, So I asked him if he

Merrigan - The troll and the flower lyrics

snow had fallen on the land, And little troll's tears they froze upon his cheeks, For ... overnight, Frost had killed his only friend, The ... flower pale now dead beneath the white. So he sought,

Modest Mouse - The tortoise and the tourist lyrics

ready Wake up, get ready What a wonderful trip's ahead ... get ready Such a wonderful trip's ahead We get dressed as ... ghosts With sheets taken from the bed Inside our socks we hide

Jon Anderson - The holly and the ivy lyrics

holly and the ivy When they are both full grown Of all the trees that are in the wood The holly bares the crown ... CHORUS Oh the rising of the sun The running of the deer

Chuck Berry - The man and the donkey lyrics

the road came a tired little donkey, Much he was ... loaded till his head hung down. Upon this ... back so heavy set a big man, Singin' such a sad ... song As he rode into town. And the man, the man sing to the donkey, But he sing

Crash Test Dummies - The wicked and the evil lyrics

are those who kneel to worship And beg for clemency There ... are those who know the hardship Of a conscience that'is not ... Some are weary, some are cold Some barely half-alive But the wicked and the evil Eat, and

Joe Nichols - To tell you the truth, i lied lyrics

caught me at home without the lights on Ten minutes more and I'd of been gone Out ... somewhere painting the town Since your here face to face You've got a few things you want to set straight On all of the

Opeth - The night and the silent water lyrics

so you left us Jaded and gaunt, some September Wilted with the seasons But hidden inside the delusion I ... saw you eyes, somewhere Devoid of ... death The aura poises amidst (the storm) In solid

The Decemberists - The bachelor and the bride lyrics

s a wrinkle in the water where we laid our first ... daughter And I think the wind blows so sweetly there ... Over there And the windows and the cinders And the willows

Lenny Kravitz lyricsLenny Kravitz - The pleasure and the pain lyrics

s been a while since you came around I missed you so. You ... know you broke me down I was ready to give it one more try ... Play on While you were gone I tried to mend my

Lynyrd Skynyrd - The needle and the spoon lyrics

days, lord and thirty nights I'm comin' home on an airplane ... flight Mama waitin' at the ticket line Tell me son why do you stand there cryin' (chorus

Nightwish - The crow, the owl and the dove lyrics

t give me love Don't give me faith Wisdom nor pride ... Give innocence instead Don't give me love I've had my share Beauty nor ... rest Give me truth instead A crow flew to me,

Omd - The sun and the moon lyrics

autumn leaves were falling As we raced against the ... sun And all but friends stop calling They assumed the ... race was run And no one here can understand or

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - The good, the bad and the ugly lyrics

Consequence ] Good morning America, good morning to Erica Who gave me good head while watching good morning America And good day New York, ... have a good day in court My niggaz drive

Chiodos - The lover and the liar lyrics

does it feel to know that you've taken someone's smile ... We're on a search to find the feeling for which we all die ... It appeared the answer to the problem And a reason to smile Two lost hearts and one

Dreams Of Sanity - The maiden and the river lyrics

as I'm settled so old and outired And no one's here to tell ... about my live I'll sing this lonely tune again and again ... To bear the echos in my mind. The things I did - the

Andre Nickatina - The god and the stripper lyrics

get married? I never met a girl like you before As I closed ... the Cadillac door I said hi She said hello, you're a handsome fellow I said you're a ... pretty brown yellow She start to laugh She said im trying to

Ommega - The hope, the bread and the wine lyrics

the sun is going down Eyes reflect it´s light They we´re waiting all ... around On the plain of the night. Here comes the Savyor ... Holding up the bread He makes a healthy lie

Queen Adreena - The butcher and the butterfly lyrics

is a finger missing on my right hand a butchers hand in a ... butterfly wing span the sky hangs on a thread as I paint the white picket fence red said am I alive or am I dead I

Jackson Browne - The road and the sky lyrics

we come to place where the road and the sky collide ... Throw me over the edge and let my spirit glide They told me I was going to have to ... work for a living But all I want to do is ride I don't

Caliban - The beloved and the hatred lyrics

is your... Where is your... Where is your love The Smaller the keys - bigger the ... locks closure of dorms - for the hatred pick a key and watch! ... sesame open - just meaningless words Tell me, where

Enigma - The voice and the snake lyrics

first bowl on the earth the second bowl on the sea the ... third bowl on the rivers the fourth bowl on the sun the fifth bowl on the beast the sixth bowl on the stars the

Gaelic Storm - The bear and the butcher boy lyrics

Wrapped up in brown paper, tied up with white string He ... would whistle as he went When he was ... happy, he would sing Well- Billy Batty was a ... boy, he rode a butcher's bike, Down Dublin's dirty back

Hillsong Worship - The first and the last lyrics

are the First and the Last Beginning and the End The promise of One whos to come The future is in Your hands Calling the light with all the ... Earth we will sing You are the Author of love Our freedom is in Your name Embracing the

Irish Rovers - The orange and the green lyrics

------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- -------------...

Iron Mask - The wolf and the beast lyrics

now will tell you a story, the tell of a man and his fear It was in the heart of a forest ... in a land ruled by spells and crimes, he said: Ooh, Lord give me strenght to survive.

Karliene Reynolds - The wolf and the moon lyrics

a cold winter's night In the polar white snow A wolf lay ... wounded and cold A fight with a bear That left him ... exposed And death was growing near He lifted his gaze

Omega - The hope, the bread and the wine lyrics

the sun is going down Eyes reflect it´s light They we´re waiting all ... around On the plain of the night. Here comes the Savyor ... Holding up the bread He makes a healthy lie

Saviour Machine - The plague and the darkness lyrics

the fourth angel poured his bowl Upon the sun and the ... flames came And men were scorched with fire, in blasphemy... The cursed the ... God of plagues... Then the fifth angel poured his bowl

Sick Of It All - The blood and the sweat lyrics

through the hardships everyday I do what I can to fade away {the bullet has ... passed it's got our state} it helps our pride {all the ... merry, it hasn't last, for disillusions} Scratch in the dirt, trying to find, a glorious time when there was

Aesop Rock - The yes and the y'all lyrics

Aesop Rock] *acapella* Jiggy-jabberjaw vitamin idol and ... primal rages When bible page verse tidal waves ... begun (Water won) I wrote the book that shook America to

Birdpen - The birds and the antennas lyrics

the birds interfere with the antennas. Keep checking your screens as messages will be ... shown. Into your home

Dezperadoz - The legend and the truth lyrics

instrumental instrumental instrumental ... instrumental instrumental instrumental ... instrumental instrumental instrumental ... instrumental

Donovan - The tinker and the crab lyrics

the windy beach the sun is shining through with weather fair ... White horses riding on the seas pasture onto the sand ... Over the Dunes came a travelling man Sack on back Wild

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