I Came To Tell You What Jesus Said Give Up Your Sins And Be Baptized lyrics

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Scum Of The Earth - Give up your ghost lyrics

up your ghost don't be afraid Little pain will go away ... Give up your ghost don't be ashamed Bite the barrel, ... pull the trigger Goodbye to this cruel world, of mine

The Classic Crime - What i'd give up lyrics

up in a hotel Three hours of ... sleep last night Only thing real to me is a thirteen ... hour drive I lost my convictions I have risked my life I’ve seen the face of God

Joe Nichols - To tell you the truth, i lied lyrics

caught me at home without the lights on Ten minutes more and I'd of been ... gone Out somewhere painting the town Since your here ... face to face You've got a few things you want to set straight On all of the

The Beatles lyricsThe Beatles - I want to tell you lyrics

want to tell you My head is filled with things to say When you're here All those words, ... they seem to slip away When I get near you ... The games begin to drag me down It's alright I

Ted Nugent - I want to tell you lyrics

to tell you My head is filled with things to say When you're here All those words they ... seem to slip away When I get near you The games begin ... to drag me down It's all right I'll make you maybe next

Kelly, Paddy (michael Patrick Kelly) - Jesus said woman lyrics

the third day there was a wedding in Cana of Galilee. Mother ... of Jesus was there with Jesus a nd his disciples had also been invited to the wedding.

Kendrick Lamar - Wanna be heard lyrics

Kendrick Lamar] It's like I don't think you fully understand who I am, y'know? I'm just a ... good kid from Compton that wanna rap I don't ... represent no colors, I represent my lil' sisters and

Nivea - Tell me what you want lyrics

I first met you, I really didn't think that much Would ... ever be between us two I wasnt trying to fall in love, ... but Somehow you knew that I had been hurt before So you did all the right things, you

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Came to do lyrics

ain't nothing to make you want it Get you tipsy, you little blondey I pulled up in ... the S-500 F***ed up, feeling all up on it You know what I came to do, you You know what I came to do You know what I

Mystic Prophecy - Sins and sorrows lyrics

time has come The last sign falls My prophecy will bring The infernal firestorm My ... home is – the black in you A angel with black wings will be reborn For one second

Lil' B - Tell you this lyrics

Intro:] Hey Bitch! Come here. Have a great ... time! Welcome to BasedWorld Airlines Based Jam heyyyyy Hey ... Bitch have a great day Ayy I'm a tell you what it is man, it's Lil B Hey Bitch [Verse

Kevin Fowler - What i wouldn't give for your love lyrics

d give the sun and moon just to hold you, girl, I'd give ... anything Your the only one in this whole wide world who ... makes me feel this way You came to me just like you were an

Anointed - You'll never thirst lyrics

ll never find her story in a fairy tale 'Cause she wasn ... t like, the other women at the ... well Her life was full of pain, hurt, rejection And loneliness she didn't want to show

Slade - Lock up your daughters lyrics

up your daughters! Yeah, yeah, yeah ... In sometimes you're acting the fool Sometimes you're ... breaking the rules Sometimes you wanna run away Sometimes you

Tiffany Alvord lyricsTiffany Alvord - Hate to tell you lyrics

oh Yay yeah You’re walking into dangerous territory I see ... it now, but you don’t see the warning I tell ... you what it’s best, you do the opposite Don’t say I

The Automatic - That's what she said lyrics

up your accents Pack up your batteries Now go marching ... Back to the factory A bunch of dresses Down to the mattress Car park ... good, actually (x 2) Is anyone thinking anything at

Alanis Morissette lyricsAlanis Morissette - Give what you got lyrics

ve got to give it all to baby You know I want it all ... for me I wanna get to know you baby Is that a possibility ... Hey, you're my man, I'm your woman And I'm not too proud

Peter Jam - I have to tell you lyrics

have to tell you all about me, whole my life ... what I've been through. My sole companion ... the weight I carry is the cross I did not choose. ... I have to tell you all about me whole my life what I've been through. Circumstances just killed my way

Robyn - Tell you (today) lyrics

you Tell you Tell you Tell you Tell you Tell you Tell you Tell you Tell you Tell you ... Tell you Tell you Walking down the street I knew it

Alexander Rybak - I came to love you lyrics

you're away I try to focus on things I need to do ... but my hands are shakin', cause I'm just mad about you. When by myself I think ... of all that may or may not be true. And I'm scared of falling falling hard without you.

It Lives, It Breathes - I'll tell you what you wanna hear lyrics

be honest You can't handle What's been stalking our hearts ... Well it isn't enough No this isn't love No it isn't love ... Watch the ice princess melt There she is

Idina Menzel - What is this feeling lyrics


King Diamond - Give me your soul lyrics

me your soul, give me your soul for the dead I think I know that little girl, I ... wonder where I've seen her before In a cellar down below, ... I see the little girl playing with a boy They're having

Le Tigre - Tell you now lyrics

just tell you now Cuz I dont think you know The things you tried to kill I found ... a way to grow I’ll just tell you now You may have made your ... mark But I’m still here today Knowing who you are I’ll

Marvin Gaye - You can leave, but it's going to cost you lyrics

remember like it was yesterday We were over ... Gwen's And we was trying one more time to make ... Oh yes we was Suddenly it occured to me it did not ... matter Whether I was mad at her Or she was

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Give me your hand lyrics

while I was away, you said you missed me And now I'm back to stay, come on and kiss me I ... need you bad, it makes you glad So give me your hand, I ... ll hold it tight Well all you have to do, is try and please

Black Eyed Peas lyricsBlack Eyed Peas - Tell your momma come lyrics

gather 'round, this is a test Dancin', dancin', ... dancin', dancin' Dancin', dancin', dancin', dancin' ... Dancin', dancin', dancin', dancin' Dancin', dancin',

The Fray - Be the one lyrics

re two lovers in the night Waiting on the sun to rise Passing ships into the night Under ... different skies But you just whisper what you said ... One last time I could have sworn I heard you

Sandra lyricsSandra - Tell me more lyrics

me more, tell me more, Whatever I hear, it will be alright, Tell me more, tell me ... more, I wanna believe in you for all time... Baby you try ... to find solutions, When there is nothing you can do, Baby I´m hiding my

Carpenters - Remind me to tell you lyrics

can be distant like an echo in a canyon I get resistant and I need your understanding I ... don't know what happens, I get removed I don't mean to ... fade out but when I do Remind me to tell you All the

Dr. Dog - I've just got to tell you lyrics

m gonna love you till the day I was born and I'm gonna call ... you so keep your ear to the horn what's the news ... are you sad? ain't the groom or the dad but

Nina Persson - Forgot to tell you lyrics

to tell you about something Forgot to tell you about ... something Don't know what, don't know what Then I was ... I'm supposed to tell you about something I'm always

Burn Halo - Too late to tell you now lyrics

should've loved you better I should've held you tight I ... should've been there on those long and ... lonely nights I should've read your letters I should've picked up the phone

Elvis Costello - What lewis did last lyrics

smoke from the battlefield drifted away As Corporal J. Lewis deserted the fray He ran ... bullets, evaded arrest He told his companions I must get ... my rest He told his companions I dream every night The

Embody - Give me your love (ft. a.m.e) lyrics

fell the heat rise in me see the light falling ... softly I feel the love your all can ... I can feel cripy ... Everytime you ... it ... drives me in say I see may this phrases ... what you say in

Simple Plan - What if lyrics

if I lead, the way? What if I make, mistakes? (Will you be ... there?) What if I change, the world? What if I ... take, the blame? (Will you be there?) I remember going

Black Oak Arkansas - To make us what we are lyrics

all day, party all night tryin our best just to make things ... right the stars are turnin and the world is burnin this fire's just a justice flight

Destruction - To dust you will decay lyrics

are blessed cause we all go in the end It's makes no sense ... to betray and pretend We are blessed cause ... we all go in the end It’s makes no sense to betray and pretend In a world that

Small Faces - Something i want to tell you lyrics

ve got something I want to tell you I've got something I ... want to say All the things that you say and do girl ... Don't you know that they're not my way

Louis Armstrong lyricsLouis Armstrong - Give me your kisses lyrics

me your kisses, I'll give you my heart Give me your promise that we'll never part I'll ... give you love and devotion High as the sky above, deeper ... than the deepest ocean Give me the right to call you

Patty Loveless - To have you back again lyrics

s a chameleon. Makes one-in-a-million feel like to much ... the same. But leave, leave it behind you. And love will ... remind you. It was only you that changed. Oh I'd give

Plain White T's - Your fault lyrics

had your chance there's no reason to cry about it now You ... changed your plans hope that's still ... more important to you now No, I don't wanna talk

Billy Joel - If i only had the words (to tell you) lyrics

I only had the words to tell you If you only had the time to ... understand Though I know it wouldn't change your feelings And I know you'll carry ... on the best you can. If I only had the urge to tell you

Otis Redding - Your one and only man lyrics

I can only, make you see That you were only, ... meant for me, now Our love will be free And I'll be your ... destiny destiny, destiny, right, now, now, now, babe If

Roy Orbison - You better stop lyrics

i want you to understand me I don't want you to be confused ... I see through that line you're tryin' to hand me And i ... don't like being used So i think you better stop And

Agent Orange - Make up your mind and do what you want to do lyrics

know you don't have time to sit around waiting for the ... perfect chance to come your way and you'll never find ... the answers to the questions you ask by listening to what

Duncan Sheik - We're here to tell you lyrics

there's such a thing as ghosts And more to ... cause you fear You never know where or when But ... surely they'll appear Quiet men turn into wolves During certain moons And sirens sing their siren songs Sweet and deadly tunes We are here to tell you All of this is real

Mike Schmid - To show you me love lyrics

wanted to write you a song A song you could sing ... forever And I wanted to rhyme And to bend phrase and ... time Into something clever But you deserve ... something better If I could make all the mountains

Jethro Tull - When jesus came to play lyrics

was in my wateringhole with some ugly friends of mine ... when he door came off its hinges like a cork from fizzy wine. He said, "My name is ... Jesus: I'm the leader of the band. Got to set up my equipment,

Hezekiah Walker - Do you know jesus lyrics

the song is over When the music stops Do you know Jesus? ... Does He live in your heart? When your life is ... troubled Jesus still wants to be a part Do you know Jesus?

Cassandra Complex - What turns you on? lyrics

name is Ted Bundy I was a really nice guy Till I ... discovered girls Discovered they should die I ... used to capture girls I liked to see them dead But now

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - You don't want these problems lyrics

Pre-Hook: DJ Khaled] You haters can't stop me, I'm a ... franchise You're now rockin' with the best, put your hands high [Hook: Big Sean] Do ... it, do it, I'mma f***in' do it These niggas try to hold me

Hillsong Kids - Never give up lyrics

rain may be falling and lightning fills the sky But the sun is rising God is on my side ... The wind may blow around me and thunder may go boom The ... clouds are disappearing Your light is shining through

Lecrae - Got paper lyrics

brothas passin me and they all rollin fly coups ... throw some D's on but they still ain't got the truth They ... blow they cheese on it then they die and what's the

T.i. lyricsT.i. - Tell 'em i said that lyrics

Ay Ay Ay Ay for as long as I remember, I've been telling you all man to pull these nigga ... resumes. you better check up on these nigga. these niggas be lying man. these niggas ain

George Strait - I found jesus on the jailhouse floor lyrics

once was a time when I was dead inside I cussed ... the Lord for the day I was born And prayed to the ... Devil to die Just when I thought the Devil had won

Overkill - Up to zero lyrics

conversation, words upon a page. No communication, ... a world of words, a war a simple rage. Not worth the time to look in or dissect. He ... said... Wait!!! I'm not ready. I wasn't

Phora - What it's like lyrics

know what it's like to feel so hopeless But you ... gotta keep going man Just stay focused, ... focused Focus on the good shit, forget about the past ... Focus on what you got, not the things you never

Blake Shelton lyricsBlake Shelton - You can't make this up lyrics

would say I'm lying If I tried to tell 'em how we met tonight They'd ask how many drinks I'd had Cause ain't no ... way it all went down that right You waiting on somebody and they never did show You were

Chumbawamba - Jesus in vegas lyrics

i'll give you a free ride to this underground stadium. ... they'll pick up the fair and they'll even tip you, don't ... even worry about it, man. you'll love this joint. we'll stop off, we'll buy so Oze, and,

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