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Jimmy Needham - The gospel lyrics

Gospel, The Gospel Fragrancing words. The sea of my soul ... Is calmed when it's hurt. Peace to the broken ... The captive set free May the gospel of jesus wash over me

Nightmare (fra) - The gospel of judas lyrics

am the tyrant maybe a preacher or a ... spy? breaking the rules in religion's lines I am the ... regent in a gospel of a new kind I'm calling out, I scream

Meredith Andrews - The gospel changes everything lyrics

gospel changes everything The turning point in history ... Even now it's changing me From who I was The ... story of my Savior calls Me to the wonder of the cross The gospel changes

Delilah - The gospel lyrics

Why you never felt this way before, You're trying ... hard to wait When you know its so long, So much more ... Because you're looking for something everyone finds and all that keeps going

Alabama 3 - The gospel train lyrics

warnings on the radiogram SOS, distress signals ... from the apogeal goin' to the mainland mountains tumblin into the sea phone lines open ... d up so deep you can hear the devil breathe you better

Omd - The gospel of st jude lyrics

have walked down this road you call love It is ... hard and it’s shallow stony ground I ... have built with these hands some great fortune ... But my heart still beats a hollow sound Oh

The Dandy Warhols - The gospel lyrics

sweet love, I'll take you there comin for to carry you ... home I'll take you down to water ... comin for to carry you home no ... more weary, no more tired comin for to carry you home my

Magnet - The gospel song lyrics

a broken record plays I'll say it again just in case ... You should lose the plot & swear that you ... t want to be that cruel So I'll go right ahead now &

Alt-j (∆) - The gospel of john hurt lyrics

space L-shaped Tetris Tile seeking Somewhere Oh ... somewhere To fit in Alien Oh, coming out of the ... woodwork Chest bursts like John Hurt Coming out of the woods AK Twenty 47 Civilian Oh, coming out of the

Alicia Keys lyricsAlicia Keys - The gospel lyrics

uh, uh Sing So we all got children, ... products of the ghetto Momma cooked the soup ... daddy did the yelling Uncle was a drunk, cousin ... was a felon When he got pitched, he told them he wasn't

The Bravery - Believe lyrics

faces all around me they don't smile they just crack ... Waiting for our ship to come but our ships not ... coming back We do have time like pennies in a jar What are

Greeley Estates - Believe the lies lyrics

this is it, then whats the point of living without any hope ... we know that there is more than what we see a ... reason for being here will we give in and let it

Deicide - Believe the lie lyrics

you died for your religion Hypnotized by his infliction Go to him, he is your savior Leave this place, do us a ... favor Believe the lie of a god you'll never know

Abiotic - Believe the unseen lyrics

upon those oblivious vermin Suffocating in the illusion ... of materialistic decomposition For those who will claim ... to have entrance through the gates of heaven Are descending into a realm of nonexistence. Mindless fools, who will believe what cannot be seen

Snap - Believe the hype lyrics

and searched Where is the justice Couldn't find it So ... in God I trust this mind to So it's strong and fruitful Am what I am Black and it's beautiful Not political

Hezekiah Walker - This is the gospel of jesus christ lyrics

This is the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the gospel of Jesus Christ, yeah, and I believe every word of the gospel of ... Jesus Christ. Verse: People gathered

Ben Harper - Power of the gospel lyrics

will make a weak man mighty. It will make a mighty man fall. ... It will fill your heart and hands or ... leave you with nothing at all. It's the eyes for the blind and legs for the lame.

Eric Burdon - Gospel singer lyrics

the town of Tifton, Georgia On a hot and dusty day You ... could see the heat coming off the ground Up the street a man ... came a-running Stumbling on his way And he shouted that the

Grave Forsaken - The road to damascus lyrics

was breathing murder And violence upon the early disciples He journeyed to damascus ... to arrest and persecute them Along the way a flash of light blinded him, He heard the

Ion At An - Me or the gospel lyrics

Jesus´s still telling: Go to all people ... everywhere Make them my disciples and baptize them (In ... nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti) In the name of the father the Son the Spirit I´ve been given authority in

Screaming Trees - Gospel plow lyrics

you how Keep your hand on the gospel plow Hold on(3x) ... Mary had a golden chain Every link spelled Jesus' ... on(3x) Mary had a golden chain Hold on If you wanna get

Cold War Kids - Sermon vs the gospel lyrics

closer everyday, getting closer everyday Lord have ... mercy on me, we're talking about two different things ... Television and Life magazine Lord have mercy on my

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Gospel train lyrics

Got to get on board Train is leavin' And there's room ... for one more God, don't listen to the devil He got ways ... to move you This train don't carry no smokers This

Marduk - Gospel of the worm lyrics

used up life-force and used up skin ... Through strings of failure and stiff limbs of shame ... Crapulous orgies - Consuming sin In ceaseless hunger ... Hellish black thirst Livid with the hue of mould and

Biotoxic Warfare - Proclaim the gospel lies lyrics

Terror! Chaos! Reigning for the sake of God ... Shepherds! Holy water mixed with blood Persecute ... heathens for glory and might Pay for forgiveness and

Impending Doom - The mark of the faithful lyrics

mark only seen upon the faithful, from the never ending ... truth with everlasting youth, we fall to our ... knees as the unveiling draws near. Surrounded by

Naglfar - The murder manifesto lyrics

by the blazing aurora Reborn under the ... fullmoon light Hate boils in my veins tonight I have ... wrapped myself with anger and pursued you, killing without pity... I do

Immortal Technique - The 4th branch lyrics

Talking] The new age is upon us And yet the past ... refuses to rest in its shallow grave For those who ... hide behind the false image of the son of man shall ... stand before God!!! It has begun The beginning of the end Yeah.. Yeah... yeah, yeah

The Chemical Brothers lyricsThe Chemical Brothers - Believe lyrics

I needed to believe in something I need you to believe in ... something I needed to believe something I need you to believe in something I needed to believe I needed to believe oh

Sargeist - The shunned angel lyrics

of your creator Made you blind to the world To think the ... only purpose to exist Is to wither in his spiritless light ... All the days accounted for Seeking the love of thy father Ensured

Big Data - The stroke of return lyrics

s nothing out there or up above Just some ... cables mistook for love They built a service called ... Complete It's found its way to the one There's a ... Here's some answers: do instant search It's sending

Myriads - The day of wrath lyrics

shadows we fall into the great beyond Lost in the veil of time, souls to become ... darkness in light Floating in a whirl of tears, dark ... wounds of evil betrayal Dolo malo Sinking rapidly into eternity

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - The one (ft. big sean, 2 chainz, marsha ambro.. lyrics

Refrén: Marsha Ambrosius] The storm is on the horizon I'm ... standing here alone Got a pistol on my hip And it's gonna ... be some shit If you want it then bring it on See I'm a motherf***in' soldier And I'mma be

Journey - Believe lyrics

on, hold on To opportunities you thought long gone Hold ... on, hold on To the could-have-beens and should ... You can lose yourself along the way Find there's something

Nick  Jonas lyricsNick Jonas - Believe lyrics

scene all around us In every single colour In ... every dimension Crowns of reinvention And if it's black then it's white And when it is ... dark, then it's light So filling all the spaces With imaginary places It's so

Beck - Don't believe the junk they put on you lyrics

Joad come a-walkin' down the road With a bottle and a pistol in his coat Said, "I learned a thing or two About ... the things I never knew" Don't believe the junk they put on you

Delta Goodrem - Believe again lyrics

you ever stared into the rain Thought the clouds would ... never disappear Have you ever ... screamed out into the dark Thinking no one else could hear ... I was leaving footprints tainted by my past On this winding road to you I'd lost my

Hillsong Worship - This i believe (the creed) lyrics

Father everlasting The all creating One God Almighty Through Your Holy Spirit ... Conceiving Christ the Son Jesus our Savior I believe in God our Father I believe in Christ the Son I believe in

The Letter Black - Believe lyrics

I feel like I'm alone Hoping, praying You hear me ... Screaming inside to ease the pain Save me, keep me alive ... I'm not afraid anymore Of what I don't

Mullmuzzler - Believe lyrics

way you look at me Is not the same I tried so hard to ... tell you I'm to blame So hold on tight ... I'll make things right You'll see Just Believe in me Perfect in every

Twenty One Pilots lyricsTwenty One Pilots - The hype lyrics

feel cold, even paralyzed My interior world needs to sanitize I've got to step through ... or I’ll dissipate I'll record my step through for ... my basement tapes Nice to know my kind will be on

Dala - Don't believe the actress lyrics

you know that I compare you to someone I want ... more And I can't make you promises I've ... before So take my presence lightly and listen with your ... eyes And don't believe the actress when she cries I

King Crimson - The power to believe i: a cappella lyrics

carries me through days of apathy ... washes over me She saved my life in a manner of speaking ... When she gave me back the power to

King Crimson - The power to believe ii lyrics

carries me through days of apathy ... washes over me She saved my life in a manner of speaking ... When she gave me back the power to

King Crimson - The power to believe iv: coda lyrics

carries me through days of apathy ... washes over me She saved my life in a manner of speaking ... When she gave me back the power to

Bastille - The currents lyrics

up another cigarette Using a minute that it takes To ... think about the power of your words We're living in the currents you ... create We're sinking in the pool of your mistakes So

Karliene Reynolds - The dragonborn comes - skyrim (2016 version) lyrics

hero, our hero claims a warrior's heart I tell you, I tell ... you the Dragonborn comes With a Voice wielding power of the ancient Nord art Believe, believe the Dragonborn comes It's

Pagan's Mind - The seven sacred promises lyrics

colours Lights appearing in the sky Sights that are messing ... With my sanity In my mind I'm slowly waiting Waiting to ... be free [Bridge:] Rise Are they guardians... ...

Example lyricsExample - Won't believe the fools lyrics

told me lies, 'bout all the birds, the bees, and butterflies ... 'bout some dude watching us beyond the sky. I said ... he don't mean nothing, no he's crap to me, they

Flowing Tears - Believe lyrics

end of light, a snow white blame a broken girl in ... neon rain the next in line, drink acid rain tickle spiders when they crawl so ... testify a murder's game the devil's mark on sister's name

Jamie's Elsewhere - The end of innocence lyrics

the lies you're leading. Your eyes start to bleed ... and you can't keep telling yourself it's all alright ... when you know that its not. It's all you know, for all you

The Moody Blues - The land of make-believe lyrics

re living in a land of make-believe And trying no to let it show ... Maybe in that land of make-believe Heartaches can turn into joy ... We're breathing in the smoke of high and low We're

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - The diary of me lyrics

pum-pum, pum-pum Look behind myself As I reflect on all ... the memories The times they come and go Lost everything ... from friends to Family If I could turn back the hands There would be some things I'd

Dragonhammer - Believe lyrics

live in the past They must change, they must die ... Golden years of human life Other side in the time Ancient ... lies, like the rain Orphanage of the hate

Elton John lyricsElton John - The end will come lyrics

we need, we feel We read the movement of our eyes But in ... our hearts we still believe The end will come, ... before we know The silent rule of love applies We

Etta James - The same rope lyrics

because you are riddin high and doing good for ... yourself you want to smile and wave goodbye and give ... else uhun one day just wait and see you’re gonna be

Karliene Reynolds - The dragonborn comes - skyrim cover lyrics

hero, our hero claims a warrior's heart I tell you, I tell ... you the Dragonborn comes Dovahkiin ... Dovahkiin Our hero, our hero claims a warrior's heart I tell

Sam Cooke - The gipsy lyrics

a quaint caravan there's a lady they call the ... gypsy She can look in the future and drive away all ... of your fears Everyting will come right if you'll omly believe the gypsy She could tell at

Default - The memory will never die lyrics

whisper in your ear The words you want to hear You ... feel the wind and it reminds you It happens everytime ... eyes You can't deny what lives inside you Well I know it

Hugh Laurie - The whale has swallowed me lyrics

say the Whale swallowed Jonah Out in the deep blue sea Sometimes I get that feeling That ... Whale has swallowed me The sun rise in the East Goes

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