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New Life Worship - Jesus reigns lyrics

the oceans to city gates From the depths to ... the highest place There's a truth ... that will never fail We declare We declare In the battle or times of peace

Planetshakers - Jesus reigns lyrics

my life, speak Your words May my ... heart, beat with Yours Let Your light shine ... Lord my soul, longs for You I will live for You God, For ... all my days Jesus Christ, the name above all names

Planetshakers - Our god reigns lyrics

for the joy before Him, our Saviour Went to the ... to purchase our freedom Trading its shame for glory, Jesus reigns Death could not hold Him ... down, my Saviour Sin and the grave forever

Israel & New Breed - Jesus the same lyrics

.. Jesus the same yesterday, today and ... other name that can save, deliver and restore Oh-oh-oh! Jesus the same yesterday, today and ... forevermore There is no other name that is

Byron Cage - He reigns lyrics

in here came to praise the Lord? Anybody in here ... came to praise the Lord? Anybody in here ... came to praise the Lord? Verse 1: My God reigns in majesty, He reigns with

Jesus Culture - Forevermore lyrics

hope is alive in me For all the world to see ... Love, love changes everything Your love has rescued me ... Now I am Yours You took hold of ... my life Now all of my love is Yours All that I have is

Archuleta David - Forevermore lyrics

are times when I just want to look at your ... face With the stars in the night There are times when I ... want to feel your embrace In the cold night I just can't believe that you are mine now You

David Archuleta - Forevermore lyrics

are times when I just want to look at your ... face With the stars in the night There are times when I ... want to feel your embrace In the cold night I just can't

Dean Martin - Forevermore lyrics

are times when I just want to look at your ... face With the stars in the night There are times when I ... want to feel your embrace In the cold night I just can't believe that you are mine now. You

Side A - Forevermore lyrics

are times When I just want to look at your ... faceWith the stars in the nightThere are times When I just ... want to feel your embraceIn the cold of the nightI just

Chris  Tomlin lyricsChris Tomlin - Jesus lyrics

older than the ages There is a promise of things yet to ... come There is one born for our salvation ... Jesus There is a light that overwhelms the ... darkness There is a kingdom that forever reigns

Isole - Forevermore lyrics

have always been in my world A tragedy I sigh I ... have always been in yours All I did I deny You were searching for tomorrow Oh, your ... presence I despise I was searching for eternity

Rachel Potter - Jesus and jezebel lyrics

says we should love our neighbors But I don't even know ... my neighbors names And every Sunday ... it's the same Trying to find the answers in the stained ... glass window All the sins I carry on my shoulders Well it's a wonder that I made it

Jeremy Camp - Believe lyrics

I sit here looking at this world I see no hope, no ... of care We're to caught up in the things of This day, not ... thinking about the end It's right around the way I know it

Genesis lyricsGenesis - Jesus he knows me lyrics

the face on the tv screen Coming at you every Sunday See ... that face on the billboard That man is me On ... the cover of the magazine Theres no question why Im

George Jones - Jesus saves today lyrics

saves today Jesus saves today When you feel ... the end And you can't find a friend Jesus saves today ... Now some people think that Jesus was just a ... prophet And if I ended on the cross that's

Charlie Daniels - Jesus died for you lyrics

down, you may be out Fm E D With nothing to be glad about A ... E But you can stand right up and shout D E 'Cause Jesus died for you A E You may think that you can't cope Fm E D

Icarus Witch - Forevermore lyrics

young lovers unite in the land of the rising sun ... daughter of a tyrant, he's a mighty shogun She knows they will never part, he knows they ... both must die He has disgraced his family name, there

Dream Evil - Forevermore lyrics

useless, now you are gone I've never felt this way before ... Trapped in this darkness forevermore You left me lonely like ... on the ground All brown and withered, I was lost but never

Green Day lyricsGreen Day - Jesus of suburbia lyrics

the son of rage and love The Jesus of Suburbia From the bible ... of the above On a steady diet of soda pop and Ritalin ... No one ever died for my sins in hell As far as I can tell

Percival - Jesus‘ needs lyrics

been beat by all the king’s men Now he sobs at the ... throne The powers that be still only want more We cannot ... and hell forever at war Soldiers ask why should they bother

Chastain - Forevermore lyrics

are the wind and the rain from above We cast no ... shadows as we face the sun In the morning I'll be there with you We have conquered, the ... world is at our feet We have the

Derdian - Forevermore lyrics

I stay behind the window of the world. All the times you are inside my fantasy ... Run away far from your life or rise again so strong? I ... see you turn around my destiny Now I want a chance to

Picture Me Broken - Forevermore lyrics

I feel is everything I can’t invent the words to tell you I ... never cared for anything But if you left I’d never let you I’d hold your heart inside a

Kurt Carr - Jesus can work it out lyrics

back to the old school for a minute Hand clappin' and toe ... tappin' We wanna visit our friends over in Chicago ... Sister Albatina Walker Inez Andrews, The Baron Sisters

Hyde - Jesus christ lyrics

Christ, I believe you The deepest trust, I ... you They call me crazy - but it won’t matter And death ... won’t change me - not ever Jesus Christ, I believe you The

Littrell,brian - Jesus loves you lyrics

my life I've heard him say Jesus loves you Dropped down on ... my knees to pray Jesus loves you Asked him to come ... into me Jesus loves you Through him he gives eternity Jesus loves you

The Kids - Jesus christ didnt exist lyrics

is no God There is no heaven And there's certainly no hell They can fool you ... But they won't fool me The Bible is a great big lie Jesus Christ didn't excist Jesus

Municipal Waste - Jesus freaks lyrics

greeting Me at my front door, but ... something seems freaky I glance on with intrigue Curiosity building in what they believe They pass on their info I

Anointed - Jesus is lord lyrics

many people who have walked this earth Thinking that they ... the truth So they often criticize the way I believe And they ... say, "Tell me, where is your proof?" I tell

Iron Savior - Forevermore lyrics

is anybody out there People ... hear Can't you hear my cry Listen it's time to leave the nightmare I'm calling out for ... From beyond our space and time Rise and be free From

Last Bastion - Forevermore lyrics

in the night, with your hopes and your dreams ... Nothing is ever quite as it seems Light shining through ... anguish and fear The path to glory ... is nearly here Find a meaning for the pain, ride on

Brian Littrell - Jesus loves you lyrics

my life I've heard Him say Jesus loves you! I dropped down on ... my knees to pray Jesus loves you! I asked Him to ... come into me Jesus loves you! From Him He gives

Richard Smallwood - Jesus is lyrics

wonderful it is to know that Jesus is All that I need to make my ... life complete And He's so much ... t leave, through the tough Times He stayed He's stood by me

Black Label Society - Believe lyrics

to end The sadness and pain A barer of light To the ... darkness that reigns Destroyer of fear and the ... War of man To live forever just take my hand

Martin Smith - Jesus of nazareth lyrics

earth Angels sang at your birth Glory, Glory, Glory in ... the highest The child of a carpenter
 The very ... Son of God you are Jesus, Jesus, Jesus of Nazareth I was

Richard Smallwood - Jesus is lord lyrics

re gonna know that it's true There were so many ... people who have walked this earth Thinkin that they know ... the truth So they often crititize the way I believe And they

Cocorosie - Jesus loves me lyrics

loves me But not my wife Not my nigger friends Or ... their nigger lives But jesus loves me Dat for sure ... ´Cause the bible tell me so Read your bible good and well Don´t

Broken Iris - Forevermore lyrics

collide, synchronized As I gaze into your eyes Feel our ... When your body softly glides Over mine; picture fight But our hearts feel it's ... the time Won't hold back, at least I'll try Till you end with me

Rosetta Stone - Forevermore lyrics

a carrion mass That grace this charnel house Scatter to ... the winds Lost in the clouds Forshadow this ... The wish father to the thought To ... whether the storm The sisters of lies Sisters of lies

Clay Walker - Jesus was a country boy lyrics

on a preacher Sunday mornin' All decked out and made ... up for t.v. Askin’ for some money from God's ... people Talkin' all that high theology Well I might

Edge Of Sanity - Jesus cries lyrics

the beginning there was light. The world could feel his holy might. Born into a ... leave. People would not listen, people would deceive. ... He tried to bless, he tried to heal, he told the mighty powers to conceal. The

Mason Jennings - Jesus are you real lyrics

are you real? Did we make you up? Is salvation what you want Or is faith ... enough? Do you know where I'm bound? Do you know who I ... am? Are you just a word I use When I don't understand?

Orange Goblin - Jesus beater lyrics

finally found myself a little paradise Deep in the ... depths of hell Nobody knows I'm down here, but I like it like that I do what I want and I lose my mind I always knew

Ayreon - Forevermore lyrics

a dusty room on a stormy night away from all the crowds ... I rise above the clouds Into a world once so bright ... fall and a thousand voices call Dream on forevermore our future's in your hands

Brand New - Jesus christ lyrics

Christ, that's a pretty face The ... kind you'd find on someone I could save If they don't put ... me away Well, it'll be a miracle Do you believe you're ... missin' out That everything good is happening somewhere

Butcher Babies - Jesus needs more babies for his war machine lyrics

tunnel Just beneath the skin White men in black suits ... They say that its a sin Your god inside me makes me ... your flesh as a weapon Split at the seam Make me your

John Grant - Jesus hates faggots lyrics

ve felt uncomfortable since the day that I was born, ... Since the day I glimpsed the black abyss in your ... way you could make all of this shit up on your own. It

Jello Biafra - Jesus was a terrorist lyrics

was a terrorist Enemy of the state That's ... what the Romans labeled him So he was put to death ... He died for his beliefs What's changed today? ... Today bible-thumping cannibals Reap money from his name

Jason Castro - I believe lyrics

believe. In 6 days and a rest. God is ... good. I do confess. Yeah! I believe. In Adam and Eve. In a ... tree and a garden. In a snake and a thief. I believe, I believe. I believe in the

B. B. King - Jesus gave me water lyrics

Jesus gave me water (Gave me water ... gave me water) Well, Jesus gave me water (Gave me water ... gave me water) Jesus gave me water (Gave me water ... gave me water) And I wanna let His praises swell

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - Jesus what a wonderful child lyrics

Jesus. Oh what a wonderful child. ... Jesus, Jesus. So lowly meek and mild. ... New life, new hope, new joy He brings. Won't you listen to the ... angels sing. Glory, glory, glory. To

Kirk Franklin - Jesus lyrics

Franklin, Kirk; Ooh, superstar Never ... drove around in a fancy car Kids looked at me funny, momma ... quot;Baby, know who you are? I say ooh, don't you know It

Nina Hagen - Jesus ist ein freund von mir lyrics

ui - brrr Jesus ist ein Freund von mir ( verbesserte ... version ) von Nina Hagen Ich hab ein Freund in Jesus Jesus ist ein Freund von mir Ich ... hab ein Freund in Jesus Jesus ist ein Freund von mir Jesus

Jesus Culture - Still believe lyrics

blood makes the deaf to hear right now Your blood takes away ... the curse right now Your blood heals ... every disease right now Your blood sets the ... addict free right now And I still believe you’re the same

Le'andria Johnson - Jesus lyrics

him when you want him Look at myself in the mirror Religion lookin back at ... me I threw my hands in the air And the law arrested me Girl interrupted I needed to

Lecrae - Jesus muzik lyrics

Lecrae] Yeah back on the grind again I know it's been a lil while but it's time again ... Folks askin Crae when ya gonna rhyme again? I'm like hold up give me time my man See a lot of thangs

Primal Scream - Jesus can't save me lyrics

can't shake these feelings They are rooted deep ... They claw they ache I can't escape the fears inside ... of me I don't need religion Jesus can't save me I don

Ricardo Arjona - Jesus verbo no sustantivo lyrics

Jesus afino mi guitarra y agudizo mis sentidos, ... meinspiro Papel y lapiz en mano apunto la cancion y ... me negue a escribir Porque hablar y escribir ... sobre Jesus es redundar, seria mejoractuar Luego, algo me

The Byrds - Jesus is just alright lyrics

is just all right with me Jesus is just all right, Oh yeah Jesus is just all right with me Jesus is just all right I don't ... care what they may know I don't care where they may go

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