I Believe I Believe I Believe Ho I Believe When The Mountain Gose So Hight lyrics

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Sammy Hagar - The yogi's so hight lyrics

felt the earth move, saw the sun rise Knew who the stars shine for Understood Ouspenski, witnessed Velokowski's Sunset rising at my door Tracing my footsteps right down that slow drain I felt so relaxed, so cool What killed another fool Just kept me sustained So I'll just wa

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - When the wind blows lyrics

long child, I'm on my way And after all is done, after all is done Don't be down, it's all in the past Though you may be afraid So long child, it's awful dark And I've never felt the sun I dread to think of when When the wind blows When the wind blo

Chroming Rose - When the world cries lyrics

gave my life for you To save your own resources You killed your former tribes That kept you on the way It's been a toy of talk Of people far besides me I just can't believe You're exterminating me WHEN THE WORLD CRIES Now you 've get to die In a world of mi

Kansas - When the world was young lyrics

s been a long and amazing time, how it's wasted is such a crime And the stories we heard still echo in the distance Filled with promises and pain, we had everything to gain But the pride that comes before a fall is with us Lights are on and nobody's home, we've gone from color to

Celine Dion - When the wrong one loves you right lyrics

don't care, what they think how they feel, or what they say your're everything, i ever knew i always wanted, baby i've been warned, so many times they tell me i've ignored the signs but nobody knows you like i do the only one for me is you getting tierd, of hea

Jay Sean - So hight lyrics

I'm So High Right Now (whoaa) I'm So High Rightt Now (ohhwhoaa) Somebody Shot Me, Eh... Now I'm Never Gonna Feel The Same It's Really Got Me, Eh... And It's Running Off Through My Veins And I Can Feel My Heart Start Beating Out Of Time And The Room Keeps Spinning In My Min

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - So hight lyrics

He's so high (so high you can't get over Him) So wide (so wide you can't get around Him) So low (so low you can't get under him) Great God Almighty (you must come in at the door) Oh well, He's high (so high you can't get over Him) He's wide (so wide you can'

Jon Foreman - The mountain lyrics

the feeling comes to me again The feeling to give up and to give in The feeling that I’ve already lost the war But a pure heart is worth waiting for Get behind me all you little fears Get behind me all you wasted years Get behind me everything I’ve done wrong Pure eyes

Air - The dream of yi lyrics

told me what I could not be They said the stars are to far and the sky would stop me They said I'm dreamin and just tryna wake me But my will is to strong they just tryna break me I say yes I can, yes I will What I imagine, I make it real Yes I can do it, yes I will

John Denver - The mountain song lyrics

came here from the city A thousand miles away I came just for a little while You know I never meant to stay I meant to take my pleasure Have a good time and be gone But I fell in love with a lady Now I sing a mountain song I listened to the music Of the ni

Helm Levon - The mountain lyrics

was born on this mountain a long long time ago Before they knocked down the timber and stripped mined all the coal When you rose up in the morning before it was light To go down in that dark hole and come back up at night I was born on this mountain, this mountain's my ho

Savatage - Hall of the mountain king lyrics

away In a land caught between Time and space Where the books of life lay We fear This castle of stone The mountain king roams All alone in here But he's not the only one Lost inside Forever hidden from the sun Madness reigns In the Hall of the Mountain King Oh

Black Crown Initiate - The mountain top lyrics

at the world from this mountaintop Locked together; held together, mass disaster Circle is closed as our net is dragged in Illusion of freedom dulls your weakened senses Gazing at the world from this mountaintop Locked together; end together, drawing nearer

Chastain - The mountain whispers lyrics

one told me it was easy But the wall I built was too high Another nature falls around us ...helpless I've been living just for myself, not aware There was another Please stop and look around The Mountain Whispers Said I don't know The Mountain Whispers But I don't liste

Devildriver - The mountain lyrics

coming in me Bad weather just makes me breathe Watch as the sky turns grey Life ebbs and flows away Wait, before I go I'll make them all eat crow Play the hand life deals Everything my way, now kneel I'm a tree, roots firm in dirt I've had my share of hurt Move fa

Pj Harvey - The mountain lyrics

the mountain The mountain An eagle Is flying High above the mountain An eagle calling down To the soldier who falters The soldier on the ground By the mountain I feel nothing For in my own heart Every tree is broken The first tree wi

Benea Reach - The mountain lyrics

up, without looking down Nothing can make us turn around We're gonna pull up and we won't stop Until we reach the top Climbing up the mountain On the steepest mountain wall One false grip. One false step Becomes a merciless fall Tiring ascent, so tiring

Boyzone - When the going gets tough lyrics

the going gets tough The tough get going I got something to tell you I got something to say I'm gonna put this dream in motion Never let nothing stand in my way When the going gets tough The tough gets going I'm gonna get myself 'cross the river That's the price

Billy Ocean - When the going gets tough lyrics

the going gets tough The tough get going Tough, tough When the going gets tough The tough get ready Tough, tough I got something to tell you I got something to say I'm gonna put this dream in motion Never let nothing stand in my way When the going gets tou

Billy Ocean - When the going gets tough, the tough get goin.. lyrics

the going gets tough The tough get going, tough, tough, huh, huh, huh When the going gets tough, the tough get ready Yeah, ooooh, du da do da I got something to tell you I got something to say I'm gonna put this dream in motion Never let nothing stand in my way When the going g

Borknagar - The rhymes of the mountain lyrics

mountains chime Avast the relentless rhyme The majesty, the regency Revails the everlasting rivalry Crowned by the haze of history A ferocious tore A regaining core Ordained by the weight of gravity Echoes through the halls of lore Echoes through the halls

Ivan & Alyosha - The fold lyrics

the years that you have wasted Now you want 'em all back Long ago you stopped counting Because you couldn't keep track You were faced with a future That was bright as the Sun But the pressure, it was melting, You decided to run, run away Which direction d

Mason Jennings - The mountain lyrics

was waken late the other night There was a bird trapped in my heart I tried to open up and let it out Before it tore my chest apart I tossed and turned I prayed for it to stop I scratched my face and tore my sheets But I was way too late, my heart

Indigo Girls - The mountain top lyrics

i've been sleepin on the mountain top with a billion stars for my witness in the morning i go down as the sun comes up i take a drink from the bitter root river have you been lonely yes i've been lonely yes i've been lonely too said now have you been lonely yes i'

Donovan - The mountain lyrics

was up some laughing river where I'd gone to spend the day. I had such fantastic visions I could hardly stand to stay. And I stood within myself and suddenly felt free, And I stood above the burdens that puzzle you and me. I became awareness that was s

Gaelic Storm - The rocky road to dublin/kid on the mountain lyrics

in the merry month of June, From my home I started, Left the girls of Tuam, Nearly broken hearted, Saluted father dear, Kissed me darlin' mother, Drank a pint of beer, My grief and tears to smother, Then off to reap the corn, And leave where I was born, I

Brian Mcknight - When the chariot comes lyrics

ho, hey ho[repeat throughout song] Oh, oh, gidyup All of these flowers For this friend of ours, it's such a shame All of these people All of them equally feel the same There's silence and weeping Looks like he's sleeping, the children say They say he

Municipal Waste - The mountain wizard lyrics

in the forest In the lonely hills Stalking his kill He looks over mankind Waiting to strike at the perfect time Mankind's gonna fail The world is in his grasp Heed the f***ing wizard This day may be your last Waiting all this time Planning his chance to rule Heed the mountain

Artrosis - The mountain of destiny lyrics

końcu dotarłeś tutaj Po wielu latach dowiesz się prawdy Króra spoczywa daleko gdzieś przed tobą Na samym dnie przeznaczenia góry Niewidomy przemierzasz zakamarki istnienia Patrząc tylko na umarłe gwiazdy Jutro znowu wstaną twoje oczy Takie same lecz tak bardzo inne

Cemetery Of Scream - The chess at the foot of the mountain lyrics

it be for you a great and high mystery in the light of nature that a thing can completely lose its form and shape, only to arise subsequently out of nothing whose potency and virtue is far nobler than what it was in the beginning.

Black Stone Cherry - When the weight comes down lyrics

out on 42nd street in New York City The Ohio's runnin' backwards down in Louisville, Kentucky There's a fire on the plains of Kansas City, Kansas Somebody dropped the bomb The Louisiana swamps are turnin' red The Memphis train ain't ever gonna run again There's

Hilary Duff lyricsHilary Duff - When the snow comes down in tinseltown lyrics

Santa I live in Hollywood But it's not like in the movies where Christmas is always snowy white On my list is just one wish that it would snow tonight When the snow comes down in Tinseltown You'll be dancing in Hollywood Slippin and sliding

Led Zeppelin lyricsLed Zeppelin - When the levee breaks lyrics

it keeps on rainin' Levee's goin' to break If it keeps on rainin' Levee's goin' to break When the levee breaks I'll have no place to stay Mean old levee Taught me to weep and moan Mean old levee Taught me to weep and moan It's got what it takes To make a

Patty Loveless - When the last curtain falls lyrics

though it still hurts from the words that you threw at me There's no pleasure at all from watching you fall to your knees 'Cause the tables have turned and I'm finally learnin' To live, forgive and let go There's no sweet revenge At love's angry end And we all need to know

Plus One - When your spirit gets weak lyrics

beg to borrow We beg to steal We beg forgiveness We beg to feel We beg for love I guess we beg for hate We beg for everything And pray it's not too late What everybody's tryna' feel I guess we're tryna' heal Everybody's got to kneel No way to reinvent the wheel Everybody's got t

Dave Matthews Band - When the world ends lyrics

the world ends Collect your things You’re coming with me When the world ends You tuckle up yourself with me Watch it as the stars disappear to nothing The day the world is over We’ll be lying in bed I’m gonna rock you like a baby when the cities fall We

Septembryo - When the night feels my song lyrics

m on the rocky road, Heading down off the mountain slope, And as my steps echo (echo) louder than before Another day is done, Say good-bye to the setting sun, See what I found, turn back to the ground just like before And hey hey hey, hey hey hey (hey!) Hey B

A Great Big World - When the morning comes lyrics

oh oh Oh oh oh Oh oh oh Oh oh oh What happened before Was a waste of time I don't care anymore I wanna move on There is so much more Than who's right or who's wrong Oh oh oh We can shake it Oh oh oh Let the pieces fall Oh oh oh We can take it I believe

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - When the eagle screams lyrics

the heart of battle we were tested, All of us were in the front line too, We were in the thick of it, Soon we were sick of it, But we had much more soldering to do, I'll tell you what it was that drove us on, The certainty that we were right, And the enemy was wrong. [1s

Raging Slab - When the cock crows lyrics

s a woman and she lay me low She's a woman she can shake my soul All the good girls Get paid in Pearls But she's a woman in a bad mans' world Don't know where she goes... When the cock crows She's the 3 car with a wide ass tire

Rosetta Stone - When the levee breaks lyrics

it keeps on rainin', levee's goin' to break If it keeps on rainin', levee's goin' to break When The Levee Breaks I'll have no place to stay Mean old levee taught me to weep and moan Mean old levee taught me to weep and moan Got what it takes to make a

Guano Apes - The long way home lyrics

m gonna drive us to the ocean side Wait and wait here for too long yes And when the mountain sing a sobg for us I am right here where I belong I hear the song I'm gotta take the long way home Do you hear the song? I'm gotta take the long way home I'mma travel and I'

The Kelly Family - When the last tree... lyrics

wanna know is anybody out there Who's gonna help me fight the danger in the air I wanna know who is out there Who's gonna help me fight the danger in the air Uh oh oh oh When the last tree has been taken The last river has been poisened Caught the last fish from the Ocean E

Nomans Land - The call of ancestors lyrics

ice chains will be broken by the first coming rill And sleeply mighty hands will feel free again Refreshing vital juices will run thru young veins Drive out the drunkeness and waking the life up You hear the voices ofthe ancestors around When the mountain top is red-staine

Phora - When the sun goes down (feat. chris gee) lyrics

the sun goes down I bow my head and pray, for my family and sins and those who've passed away. It truly amazes me the things that I've seen, and it seems so surreal cause it ain't make-believe. And best believe when you lose a loved one six feet deep, it'll tear you into two as you lay wi

Sacred Oath - When the war is over lyrics

once knew A dream of you When the night Was ours to remember We'd both seen What might have been Before the night Was taken away forever When the war is over Will you be there? When the war is over Will anyone really care? When the war is over Will you reme

Edie Brickell - When the lights go down lyrics

lost his faith in a gambling spree, had to leave this place get away from me. ohhh ohh we'll meet again, maybe introduced as friends, he'll come around in a while. But it's so hard to see when the lights go down, and it's hard to believe when the lights go down. And

Iron Maiden lyricsIron Maiden - When the wild wind blows lyrics

The Wild Wind Blows Have you heard what they said on the news today Have you heard what is coming to us all? That the world as we know it will be coming to an end Have you heard, have you heard? He sees them in the distance when the darkened clouds roll He could feel tension in t

Lard - The power of lard lyrics

Lard Lard You can see it In the clouds up in the sky Lard Floats by in clusters In our water supply Lard It's all of us, man In our pores and in our hair Lard's What we conceal With these corny clothes we wear Lard is all Lard

Gary Numan - When the sky bleeds, he will come lyrics

thought I heard someone crying, Thought I heard someone crying And I thought it was me I thought I heard someone screaming, Thought I heard someone screaming I bleed for you I bleed for... I bleed for... I, I, I need something to live for

Savatage - When the crowds are gone lyrics

don't know where the years have gone Memories can only last so long Like faded photographs, forgotten songs And the things I never knew When the skin is thin, the heart shows through Please believe me, what I tell you is true Where's the light, turn then on ag

Midnight Scream - When the blind man cries lyrics

into your hair You don't wait It Your mind Disappears with you She is easy and dependent Full of blood and pain She can explain Life is only right I: Whe the blind man cries And I ask him why? It can be only nice dream Oh it's terride

Redman - When the lites go off lyrics

Intro: Redman] Uhh I'm ready, I'm ready.. (yeah!) I'm ready (what's up?) I'm ready (what's good?) I'm ready (you know I'm feelin real high) I'm ready.. I'm ready (I'm ready) I'm ready (I'm good) I'm ready (let's go!) [Poo Bear] When the lights (lights) go off (go off)

Hope For The Dying - The awakening lyrics

am wasting away The desires of my mind left A shameful path walked by a man Surely unworthy of grace And I have no one to blame And no one to take the pain away I‘ve had my life Hit the bottom multiple times before my eyes So I’m left wasting away, wasting away But I’m suppose

Hope For The Dying - The awakening: dissimulation lyrics

am wasting away The desires of my mind left A shameful path walked by a man Surely unworthy of grace And I have no one to blame And no one to take the pain away I‘ve had my life Hit the bottom multiple times before my eyes So I’m left wasting awa

The Agonist - When the bough breaks lyrics

.. she was... and we face this journey alone... Helpless and weak, dependent on others' decisions And needs. But who's to say what is right? To protect a soul or to save a life? Is it a plague or a gift the ability to create in the way of the Gods? We are instinc

Bardot - When the cats away lyrics

can't deny Things have been good But I don't know why They don't quite seem what they should My only evidence is my sixth sense Telling me You're doing all the things you used to do Do again I know your history But don't think You can do tho

Colbie Caillat - When the darkness comes lyrics

the echoes Buried in the shadows There you were. Drawn into your mystery I was just beginning To see your ghost, But you must know I will be here waiting Hoping Praying That this light will guide you home. When you’re feeling lost Don’t leave, my love Hid

Ebony Ark - When the city is quiet lyrics

the night covers us City's quiet I can. can hear a voice from the dark I can't even keep out Is this a moan from me...? No please! No more suffering! Destiny is calling me now Pulse gets faster at each moment Shall I die? I'll decide I'm afraid of the unknown O

Heavenly - When the rain begins to fall lyrics

the sand that sips Right through your fingers So can all your days As those days go by You'll have me there to help you find The way I feel with you I know it's gotta last forever And when the rain begins to fall You ride my rainbow in the

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