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Cami Bradley - Believe (by cher) lyrics

matter how hard I try You keep pushing me aside And I can't break through ... ThereĀ“s no talking to you It's so sad that you're leaving ... It takes time to believe it But after all is said and

Vonda Shepard - By 7:30 lyrics

have been lost in this verbal rain I went to bed ... feeling no pain I was drowning baby, you're my wine You ... re my thoughts, you're my silence You're my sense of time By 7:30 you'll fall in

Disneymania - It's not just make believe by kari kimmel lyrics

thought that I was too old to believe in fairytales, but there's a ... letter for me waitin' when I check my mail. I start a ... shakin' like a seven on the Richter scale When you say you

Alkaline Trio - Dorothy lyrics

the flutter of your fingertips, like the flickering of lights They've got their bright ... ideas but we've got bigger fish to fry I found you out ... doorstep, undressed to the nines From your Sunday best,

Diana Ross - Believe in yourself (dorothy) lyrics

you believe Within your heart you'll know That ... The path that you must go Believe what you feel And know you ... re right, because The time will come around When you say it's yours Believe there's a

Papooz - Dorothy says lyrics

far too old for love but you might like my sister Dorothy ... says: Save it for the one who stay the ... morning after That's all she wanna ... to do Getting over, Getting over you I don't care what

Bel Canto - Dorothy`s victory lyrics

seconds before her victory Dotty fell and hurt ... her knee But she`d never noticed it would bleed Cause as it did se turned the key and ... she was free Discussing Dotty Galemore discussing

Emilie Autumn - By the sword lyrics

quot;Days of old" I tell my restless mind Searching mountains Fields And ... meadows green What is it My heart can hope to find ... All that I long for I have never seen Tales of

7th Reign - By way of deception lyrics

than ever before Just like quicksand you take...still you ... need more Burning bridges that cross to the path ... You set the fire...and never look back So

Adrenaline Mob - Believe me lyrics

come on You can't undo what is done Can't live your life ... on the run There is no turning back You can't rescind it ... lost control of your raft This time you can't take back the

Paul Cattermole - By my side lyrics

out for something unknown There's a hole in ... my love I want to feel but only the right stuff I'll unlock my ... love (oh) Show me Everything don't need no secrets Give

Mikolas Josef - Believe (hey hey) lyrics

hey I think we got lost along the way, ... Love the rules we used to disobey But, hey, I will always ... believe Now I said 'hey' Hey, I will always believe Now, hey, hey maybe in time

S. J. Tucker - Believe in lullabies lyrics

feel this magic come and wrap around me like ... a vine. Lover, can you trust ... yourself to believe in lullabies? I don't know who's wilder. I don't really have to

James Cottrial - By your side lyrics

up it's time to shine Don't worry you'll be just ... fine Believe me, believe me. Keepp your head up ... toes No one knows How this world goes It's easy It's

My Morning Jacket - Believe (nobody knows) lyrics

The farthest shore Of the mind Roll the dice That sail ... the ship And all the doors will open On down the line ... And then forgotten over In our time In that moment I awoke among the Smoke and mirrors I was blind Believe,

Snap - Believe in it lyrics

this just a mental thing going through my mind? I want ... you all the time Can't you see I'm in love ... with it girl? Are you blind to the fact? My biggest

Jeremy Greene - Believe lyrics

This song is dedicated to everyone out there in ... a struggle, I've been there) Growing up in ... Not alot of food to eat All I wanted was a warm home At night I'm afraid to sleep Never

Lana Lane - Believe lyrics

you dream the biggest dream Do you see the ... things unseen Are you fighting the big machine Do you build a soul serene Believe ... cafe We'll have some drinks and plan our getaway

Phenomena - Believe lyrics

God's name Divine believers I cast you out O false deceiver The Lord Messiah Of all ... creation Will jugde you now Until damnation Submit to me O son of light I am the pentagram Oh life Arch angel Luzifer In

Skillet - Believe lyrics

m still trying to figure out how to tell you I was ... wrong I can't fill the emptiness inside since you've been ... gone So is it you or is it me? I know I said things

Jackie Evancho - Believe lyrics

sleeping. Snow is softly falling. Dreams are ... calling, Like bells in the distance. We were dreamers, ... Not so long ago. But one by one, we All had to grow up.

Jennifer Hudson - Believe lyrics

man Wrigley lived in that white house Down the street ... where I grew up Momma used to send ... me over with things We struck a freindship up ... I spent a few long summers out

Delta Goodrem - Believe again lyrics

you ever stared into the rain Thought the clouds would ... never disappear Have you ever ... screamed out into the dark Thinking no one else could hear ... I was leaving footprints tainted by my past On this winding road to you I'd lost my

Flowing Tears - Believe lyrics

end of light, a snow white blame a broken girl in ... neon rain the next in line, drink acid rain tickle spiders when they crawl so ... testify a murder's game the devil

Jaime Lyn Beatty - Believe lyrics

believe in Santa Claus and shooting ... stars even beggars can be kings We believe in fairy ... tales Holy Grails and a million fabled things We believe

Kilmara - By far too old lyrics

feel how her voice drifts away from here Like a ... cold wind is taking it from me All of our sweet ... passion has died Nothing left no remains of the past ... Long lost memories keep holding on me Metal

Brooks And Dunn - Believe lyrics

man Wrigley lived in that white house Down the street ... where i grew up Momma used to send ... me over with things We struck a friendship up ... I spent a few long summers out

Cardiant - Believe lyrics

upon us On the verge of despair An evil breath takes over ... my spine A dark figure on the alley has her eyes ... on my heart It's the face of death Wearing

Elephantis - Believe in me lyrics

these walls an impatient being Engrossed too much by ... self-destructive intentions Hoping and wishing for a ... way out This man needs to realise he

Josh Groban - Believe lyrics

sleeping, snow is softly falling Dreams are calling like ... bells in the distance We were dreamers not ... so long ago But one by one we all had to grow up

Iglu And Hartley - Believe lyrics

it comes to what we believe, To be true in every way, ... true in every way, It's you, it's you. When it ... comes to what we believe, To be true in every way,

The Letter Black - Believe lyrics

I feel like I'm alone Hoping, praying You hear me ... Screaming inside to ease the pain Save me, ... keep me alive I'm not afraid anymore Of what I don't

Meek Mill lyricsMeek Mill - Believe me (ft. dave patten) lyrics

oh man I wish I knew I wish I knew it then But that won't ... let it stop me You know I'll be back again All the mistakes I made Troubles that I ... live in It shaped me into the person you see standing here I wish you knew me

Negative - Believe lyrics

it's been so long since we tried to get along so many things we're left unsaid That's ... why I found myself today I'm wondering how you feel do ... you ever think of me when you're touching

Parish - Believe in me lyrics

we are lonely stranger0s once in love Torn apart by jealousy ... meant to be And all the memories remind me of how I made you ... cry If only you could find the words to say that you

Sebastian Bach - By your side lyrics

long my dear departed where did you go I can't believe you ... re gone and the lights go out so slow I'm missing you each morning Days gone ... by Again I feel the longing to look you in the eye

Boyzone - Believe in me lyrics

m been asking all the time Could I be blind Hey, I'm ... kinda feeling That there's just one ... reason why Love won't die Hey, I'm kinda pleading ... Stay by my side Cos I can't eat, can't sleep You

Riot ( Usa ) - Believe lyrics

hard from defeat to disaster I fear no god and I serve no ... master now. Pale as skywriting under the moon, you shine ... so bright, but the time would not allow... We

Eminem lyricsEminem - Believe lyrics

Verze 1] And I started from the bottom Like ... a snowman, ground up Like round chuck, and still put ... hands on you Stayin' wound up is how I spend time Sucker free, confidence high Such a breeze when I pin

Deicide - Believe the lie lyrics

you died for your religion Hypnotized by his infliction Go to him, he is your savior Leave this place, do us a ... favor Believe the lie of a god you'll never know

The Killers - Believe me natalie lyrics

me, Natalie Listen Natalie This is your last chance to ... find A go-go dance to disco now Please believe me, ... Natalie Listen Natalie This is your last chance to find

Demi Lovato lyricsDemi Lovato - Believe in me lyrics

m losing myself Trying to compete With everyone ... else Instead of just being me Don't know where to ... turn I've been stuck in this routine I need to change my

M People - Believe it lyrics

Sunday morning in the air liquid lizards, laissez faire. ... The Holy Cow on a gravy train a little stain, so much pain. Hey little angels drive on ... through the Chicken killer smiles at you. All steamed up on

Markize - ...believe lyrics

my dark room just inside, Wet of pain I close my ... eyes, Feeling everyday so tired, By the world around so ... sad, When I'm falling, I wake up, When I'm falling, I

Sing It Loud - Believe in me lyrics

can tell how you love by the look in your eyes I can ... feel the warmth in every song that night We ... spent all alone with nothing to do Baby I just want to

3 Doors Down - Believe it lyrics

town boy with a big town dream Wants to fly, ... but he can't find wings And they said he's only ... wasting his time You taste that dream too ... far, it's time for you to change If it's

Grits - Believe feat jennifer knapp lyrics

do you believe? Everybody needs something to see Something to feel ... And something to be Everybody needs ... something as proof Something in hand To know the truth

Arven - Believe lyrics

day as a child you open your eyes And see ... the world around open wide Ready to explore ... adventures of life You set out on the journey ... ll learn that not all dreams will come true Sometimes we

Meek Mill lyricsMeek Mill - Believe it (feat. rick ross) lyrics

Intro: Rick Ross] All I talk about is money Cause ... that's all I know [Hook: Rick Ross] I gotta a bad bitch in my Chevy Sellin Miley Cyrus ... in my brand new Monte Carlo I got that Justin Bieber please

Breaking Benjamin - Believe lyrics

tread the water Just stay still I'll not be bothered By ... you until I'm picking sides And pulling the strings I'm living lies And shedding ... the skin I'm open wide And letting you in I'm

Newsboys - Believe lyrics

I lay me down Where do I begin So simply complicated The ... voice within I hear it singing so clear Invisible like ... the sound of the wind We all know You are there

Db Boulevard - Believe lyrics

ve got to believe You better do it, believe ... 'Cause you'll be fine, believe You've got to believe ... Didn't sleep at all last night Didn't feel all right

Hanson - Believe lyrics

was holding on, now I'm letting go This is nothing more ... than a picture show Everything I knew now I hardly know ... Busy keeping less never getting more One more nickel dime I'm out the door This kind

The Hellacopters - By the grace of god lyrics

girl, you'll land it. You've got supplies if ... they demand it. You've got the looks, ... and the glamour, Cut by the chisel and beat by the ... hammer. They're naive so they'll believe it,

Izabella Alvord - By britney spears lyrics

baby baby Oh baby baby Oh baby baby How was I ... supposed to know That something wasn't right here Oh baby ... baby I shouldn't have let you go ... And now you're out of sight, yeah Show me how you

Journey - Believe lyrics

on, hold on To opportunities you thought long gone Hold ... lose yourself along the way Find there's something new in ... yesterday Hold onto your faith and your dreams Look into

Shawn Mendes lyricsShawn Mendes - Believe lyrics

believe, I believe, I believe, hey [x8] Everest is ... only a mountain A pyramid is just a shape Doesn't have ... you back Doesn't have to pin you down Let your dreams

Soundtrack - Lola Rennt - Believe lyrics

'Lola?' Lola: 'Hmh?' Manni: 'If I was dying right now, ... what would you do?' Lola: 'I wouldn't let you die.' I ... don't believe in trouble I don't believe in pain I don

Clou - Believe lyrics

me what happened To your feelings Why do I have to read ... between the light Will be restarted Going ... backwards Instead of realizing Was best time of our lifes. Do you believe? (do

Fort Minor - Believe me (aol session) lyrics

I guess That this is where we've come to If you ... to Then you don't have to believe me But I won't be there ... now You're on your own now believe me I don't want to be the

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