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Kim Walker-smith - I asked you for life lyrics

asked you for life, and you sent your son to die for me I asked you for hope, you came in the night and gave me a ... dream I asked you for freedom, you broke every chain and gave me the keys I asked you for love never-ending and

Exo - For life (chinese ver.) lyrics

mei de chu bu ji xiang tian shi ai jin kan si mi ti ... wen jie di liu xia ba bu fen li you yi ge ren ... zheng zai zhe li ai zhe ni han leng dong ji de chen

Nazareth - You don't believe in us lyrics

never asked you for money I only needed some time You ... took more than you gave and you sat on the line I never asked you for nothing I only ... looked for a chance I only needed some help I never

Death Grips - You might think he loves you for your money b.. lyrics

so f***in' dark in here Come come f*** apart in here I die in the process You die in the process Kettle ... drum roll hard shit F*** I said f***er don't start shit

Godflesh - For life lyrics

m feeling, unneeded, I'm seeing, believing, so that I can ... be but nothing else, maybe I'm a loser, no victory, ... 'cause I'm in it for life. I'm in it for life [x3] Deceiver, believer, can't finish

Isis Gee - For life lyrics

had no choice Perfectly clear from the ... start I heard your voice And I was falling Into a ... space Where daylight kisses moonlit skies It was ... the place As written in your eyes And oh, we made it We

Exo - For life (korean ver.) lyrics

eolgullo naegero wassdeon miseuteori neoran ongi ne ... saranghal geu han saram narani chuun gyeoul achimdo ... jogeum oeroun jeonyeokdo urin yeogi hamkkera eodumeun

Falloch - For life lyrics

on open ground Where we call forth A silent heir, a wasted ... our calls echo across the night, in this fragile state We ... ve waited for too long Holding torches over broken land

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - You made life good again lyrics

m always looking for a minute that we can steal 'Cause ... I need more of how you make me feel I used to be ... the king of wasted time 'Cause it made no difference till I made you mine

Falconer - For life and liberty lyrics

four hooves echo in the night. Pictures of deepest fear ... reflect in your eyes, like a fire in your soul. Burst ... through the forest of the wild. The full moon beholds

Dj Lubel - Masturbate for life lyrics

its prom night, I’m all alone and man I feel so ... Across the gym, stands the girl of my dreams but she ... doesn’t even know my name As I stare my heart skips a beat,

3 Years Hollow - For life lyrics

get up and run! Just give into this weight of mine, you ... re tucking away all those things inside, never remember ... the truth. You'll fall and you'll know i'm right and you

Jon Anderson - For you for me lyrics

the planet, a star Suspended in the realm of infinity Soul ... and light charged together In form called life adorned To ... which the world offered a home

Blind Witness - For life lyrics

over motherf***er Show me your true colors Stop hiding your ugly side You have no one ... to hide No one to hide behind I should have f***ed you up Your time is up Ripping your mouth appart So you

Ella Fitzgerald - For you, for me for evermore lyrics

us Never such a happy pair Everybody must excuse us ... If we walk on air All the shadows now will ... everywhere As a happy being Here’s what I’m forseeing

Johnny Gill - You for me (the wedding song) lyrics

Verse 1:] It seems like forever That I have waited for you In a world of disappointment ... One thing is true God has blessed me ... And he's blessed you too In a world of lonely people I

George Gershwin - For you, for me, for evermore lyrics

us Never such a happy pair Everybody must excuse us ... If we walk on air All the shadows now will ... everywhere As a happy being Here's what I'm forseeing

Insane Clown Posse - Who asked you lyrics

Violent J] Drank my last cup of ... dead body stew Paint my face, creep up and say ... BOO! Nobody knows what I'm about Walk around town with my guts hanging out Chewin

Busted - You said no lyrics

so fit and you know it And I only dream of you ´Cause my life´s such a bitch But you can ... change it Maybe you need somebody Just like me ... Don´t turn me down ´cause I´ve got no car and I´ve got no

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - Who asked you lyrics

you go again Telling me the same mistakes I made ... There you go again Telling me the way I should have ... played Your silver tongue can talk away And ... tell me all I should have done But you

Burnclear - Lost for life lyrics

me up Pick up the pieces from the ground Fill ... my cup until the pain decreases and will be ... drowned I adore you (and) believe in you lies ... The kind of love that never dies You caught me with hook

Sidewalk Prophets - You can have me lyrics

I saw You on the street And You said come and follow me But I had to give up everything ... All I once held dear and all of my ... dreams Would I love You enough to let go? Or would

The Kooks - Taking pictures of you lyrics

have a secret I want to tell you Each time that I close my ... eyes I can feel you I run away with my imagination ... And I am blinded by your light You fill up the room Ooh

Luke  Bryan lyricsLuke Bryan - You don't know jack lyrics

asked me for a dollar, I said "Go get a job" I ... up my collar and started walkin' off He said "I don't ... blame you, I know what you think. I'd just spend your money

Javier Colon - Can i talk to you lyrics

Knew You Were Different From The Way You Smiled When You Walked By You ... Was Sexy As Hell And Somehow I Can Tell That You Was Kinda ... Shy I Seen You Before But I Been Waitin For The Right Time To Tell You All The Things

Toto lyricsToto - I think i could stand you forever lyrics

you say no if I asked you for your hand Could you believe in ... the same words that I don't understand And would you cry if I told you I must go ... I've been waiting such a long, long time I

Mary J Blige - You don't have to worry lyrics

You don't have to worry I won't waste your time I ain't ... satisfied You don't have to worry I won't ... waste your time I ain't satisfied Love is made, Made of many

B.o.b. - Where are you (b.o.b vs. bobby ray) lyrics

Ray, he used to be here for us Then he got famous and ... left all of his fans in the dust We never hear from ... you, you're constantly changing And your relatives always

Josh Groban - You´re still you lyrics

the darkness I can see your light And you will always shine ... And I can feel your heart in mine Your face I've memorized I idolize just you I ... look up to Everything you are In my eyes you do no

Jars Of Clay - Five candles( you were there) lyrics

promise or a dare I would jump if I knew you'd ... catch me Staring over the edge I can't tell ... if you'll be here for me I close my eyes and make a wish

Sia lyricsSia - You´ve changed lyrics

hearts was your pastime I saw girls falling hook line You stole kisses and threw them ... aside Hits and misses your love-side You've changed for the better You've changed for the better Making waves

Sugababes lyricsSugababes - You on a good day lyrics

Keisha:] You messed up from your chromosomes to your enzymes ... Remember the time when you took my ride [Amelle:] I ... had to get it from the impound my favorite revision

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - Lust for life (with the pretenders) lyrics

for life Lust for life Lust for life Here comes Johnny in ... again With liquor and drugs And a flash ... machine He's gonna do another strip tease Ah, hey man, where'd

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - Life lyrics

out in empty space, long before the human race, Something ... stirred, A vast and timeless source began, Intelligence was born and then, ... there was the world, Powers filled the universe, matter formed and broke the curse, Of

Fancy - D.i.s.c.o. (lust for life) lyrics

many days without action, so many nights without ... love How can I get satisfaction, when life's not tough ... enough ? I wanna dance forever, I wanna be a part of a

Lyfthrasyr - Life overdose lyrics

flashed by I was distraught But now as they are ... endless Lethargic my award Enhanced for life not as a whole My lack of ... acceptation is now advanced debility To

Manic Street Preachers - A design for life lyrics

came and made us free What price now for a shallow piece of ... dignity I wish I had a bottle Right here in ... my dirty face to wear the scars To ... show from where I came We don't talk about

Miss Li - Teenager for life lyrics

trees and families are totally out of date, ... The forty year old teenager puts make ... up on his face He's stuck in a loop, he and his troops, ... Smart looking suits, he wants to be juvenile

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - The last one for life lyrics

hear the silent whispers, Darkness still upon ... empty words from the buried heart I don't know ... fear ends and where hate begins, It's all the same to me,

Jungle Rot - Screaming for life lyrics

of death , Through the night Mutilated bodies, Can ... not fight Faces torn, Bones to ... dust Mind in tact, Will not die Feel no sorrow, For my death My body lies, So lifeless Losing breathe, The air grows thin Fingers clinch,

Lanfranchi & Farina - Party anthem for life (vs. mike palermo) lyrics

Whistle) People wanna dance ... And they want to do it now, want to do it now Bring your friends along And let ... Everybody just have good time We gotta turn up the sound

Mika Nakashima - Life lyrics

kidzuiteta no ni Daremo ga shiranai furi shiteta Mou subete ... owatte shimaeba ii to omotteta Aa furi yamanai ame no naka Nani mo iwazu ... sotto kimi ga sashi no beta Sono te ga &quot

Alison Krauss - Song for life lyrics

don't drink as much as I used to Yet lately it just ain't my style And hard times ... don't last like they used to They pass quicker like when I was a child

Robert Plant - Life begin again lyrics

is the day and the hour The time when the changing begins ... The land and the sky fall quiet Silence moves over the plain The heat of Gwynmer(?) still burning The heart still

Good Charlotte - Once upon a time: the battle for life and dea.. lyrics

jinsei jinsei shinu shinu shinu jinsei jinsei jinsei shinu shinu shinu seise to shi ... umarete wa shinu seise to shi, umarete wa shinu ... kyuuketsuki wa eien ni ikiru yakusoku sareta seise

Ignite - Scarred for life lyrics

disgraceful how many faces i've touched seen so many ... stranger now that i don't remember any of their ... names i just push away never been in love with anyone ever never

Malignant Tumour - Life in solvent abuse lyrics

fat animal, lying in bed Family's darling, waiting for ... death Animals are abused by mankind No ... choice for death, no choice for life Next competition, pet

Pagan's Mind - Search for life lyrics

embrace of sorrow Heal the spirit deep inside Call the new ... era tomorrow We will unite as one And signs will ... unfold Always searching for the Key they lost Finding

Part Six - Down for life lyrics

used to hang out with me same crew, jammin' to ... we all knew deep down inside we'd be, depending on each ... other in the city, ain't no pity on the cold streets so we

Silent Fall - Kill for life lyrics

m writing these lines but I don't know why Maybe to ... clear my mind I've seen too many atrocities ... Supported too many lies Am I a puppet who must ... act These concepts are not mine Immersed in this barbarity

Waltari lyricsWaltari - The struggle for life and death of 'knowledge.. lyrics

desperate struggle for life and death of &quot ... knowledge" begins. [Machine: ] Why? Ooh ... .. Why? Why? I'll.... ...die! I'll die! Why... ...I

Iggy  Pop lyricsIggy Pop - Lust for life lyrics

comes Johnny Yen again With the liquor and drugs And ... the flesh machine He's gonna do another strip tease Hey man, where'd ya ... get that lotion? I've been hurting since I've

Pulp - Looking for life lyrics

you had something to hide I took your bag and looked inside I was looking for life ... Nothing inside but memories The same as those I keep with me I'm still looking for life Yes I'm looking for life

Aloe Blacc lyricsAloe Blacc - Dance for life lyrics

nenalezen No lyrics found Tekstiä ei löytynyt ... không tìm thấy Tekst blev ikke fundet Texte introuvable ... पाठ नहीं मिला Teksti ei leitud Текст не знайдено

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - Lust for life feat. the weeknd lyrics

up the H of the Hollywood sign, yeah In these stolen ... moments, the world is mine (duwop, duwop) There's ... (shuwop, shuwop) Keepin' me hot like July forever

Gamma Ray - Lust for life lyrics

out of misery, back to the old energy, ... takin' part in our daily show. Think of what has ... been before, made a move and slammed the ... door. Future will remain in the unknown. Face the

Paragon - No hope for life lyrics


Heavenly - Lust for life lyrics

this sensation in my mind Creature i will become one ... my way, there's no sun But i have to carry on Look my force is more powerfull Piece by ... piece vampire rules On my way, in my

Narita - So much for life lyrics

up, feeling nice But then only for a minute ... or two This dusty memory comes alive It’s the moment of truth I ... feel the pain, I see no lights The game has spoken, I

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