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On An On - The hunter lyrics

am the hunter; I know how to find you I’ve taken your picture, and I’ve taken my time ... your lovers to powers that hide you To show them the meaning of what is to live You

Exodus - I am abomination lyrics

am affliction The cause of all that ails you I am addiction That binds and ... assails you Through all confusion ... I am the chaos I'm the thing that makes you hurt Laughing at your loss [Chorus]

Rompeprop - I am the dolphin sprayhole f***er lyrics

m'n vrouw & kinderen ging ik naar Harderwijk, Inderdaad ... ja, naar dat dolfinarium-gezeik, Laatste voorstelling van ... de dag zo rond een uur of vijf, 'K heb kaartjes voor de

Killa Kyleon - I am the hood (ft. dj khaled, young chill, ri.. lyrics


Project Creation - I am (the restless one) lyrics

am I am I am the voice I am I am I am voice that speaks ... to you (Whisper all around me) I am I ... am I am the sight suffocating you I am I am I am voice of this universe I am

Danger Silent - I am the sea lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Alice's Garden - I am the one lyrics

I can take you there, And I am everywhere Those who are not ... aware, They may say beware I am the All that you take ... know not what you need Nothing it comes for free That's

B.o.b. - I am the champion lyrics

Incredible! Oh my God. Ladies and gentlemen you have just ... witnessed world history being made, Bobbie Simons, takes it to the hole, dunks it, overtime three seconds left, oh my

Dark Fortress - I am the jigsaw of a mad god lyrics

my head I wear this crown Of primal incest, ... sludge and bone I bear it or I drown Regent of vivisection Lord of spiral gruel ... A scourge of airborn fauna black From which

Darkthrone - I am the graves of the 80s lyrics

s too many struggles There's too many fears I've ... For so many years! Uh! I am the graves of the 80s I am the risen dead Destroy their ... metal And bang your f***ing head Uh! There's way

Emperor - I am the black wizards lyrics

am I, but I am not alone in this cosmos of mine. For the black hills consists of black ... souls, souls that already dies one thousand deaths. Behind the stone walls (of centuries) they breed their black art

Halestorm - I am the fire lyrics

I brave enough? Am I strong enough? To follow the ... desire That burns from within To push away my fear To ... stand where I'm afraid I am through with this Cuz I am

Human League - I am the law lyrics

life I'm a fool for you You who ... take no advice You who think evil doesn't exist Just ... because you deny it is true You're lucky I care ... For fools like you You're lucky I'm there

Jackyl - I am the i am lyrics

am I am the I am I am the I am I am I am the I am I am the I am I am I am the I am I am the I am I am I am the I am I am now I am now where I wanna

Johnny Hollow - I am the island lyrics

am the island you need My shores are ... you To protect you from rain and sleet I can make all kinds of things For you to ... take, without the strings I am the island you need But there’s a tremor in me It’s

Kelly, Paddy (michael Patrick Kelly) - I am the light lyrics

a glory, Give a glory, Give a glory, Give a glory, Give a glory, Give a glory, to ... God He spat on the ground, made some clay, with the saliva then anointed

Killing Joke - I am the virus lyrics

misery and tears Calculated ... waves of fear Drawn up by think tanks There's a darkness in the west Oil swilling guzzling corporate Central banking ... mind f***ing omnipotence I am the fury the spirit of

2ne1 - I am the best lyrics

jeil jal naga Naega jeil jal naga Naega jeil jal ... naga Naega jeil jal naga Je je jeil jal ... naga Bam Ratatata Tatatatata Bam ... Ratatata Tatatatata Bam Ratatata Tatatatata Bam

Next To Normal - I am the one lyrics

Can you tell me what it is you're afraid of? Can you ... tell me why i'm afraid it's me? Can I touch you? We ... ve been fine for so long now How could ... something go wrong that i can't see? Cause I'm holding

Next To Normal - I am the one (reprise) lyrics

I am the one who loved you. I am the one who stayed. I am the one and you walked away. I am the one who waited And now ... you act like you just don't give a damn. Like you never

Sak Noel - I am the law lyrics

mess with me I am the law All right ... Attention! This is the police This party is ilegal ... Now everybody, follow my instructions Take off your

Sodom - I am the war lyrics


Black Light Burns - I am the sun (originally by swans) lyrics

I am the sun I rise above the world And when the light ... goes out I kill another child And I am insane I crawl into your mouth I grow like a ... flower I grow a suicide And I am the sun And I am the light And I am the sun Yeah I am the light And

Blackend - I am the chosen one lyrics

t push me aside Hunting me is like a dead-end game I'm ... your greed, the darkest seed Innocence never ends You ... cannot hide your emptiness You're not your body

Cats On Fire - I am the white-mantled king lyrics

bed sheets on my own I am the bedouin leader I am the white-mantled king Folding bed ... sheets on my own I am the one who just said he doesn't ... need her I am the one who decides when and if to do anything

Dark Tranquillity - I am the void lyrics

this water again That runs by without memory ... Where your name is lost Drink and forget yourself This ... featureless stream That carries your face further on These

Devil You Know - "i am the nothing" lyrics

lost everything in the blink of an eye Wandering ... nowhere through space and time I should have known that ... someway someday You would find your way back to my arms

Exciter - I am the beast lyrics

t try to run I've got you in my claws Grip of death You ... re trapped in my neck breaking jaws Tied up in chains The coldness of steel Lightning ... quick You're shocked frozen with fear Kill for the feast

Fightstar - I am the message lyrics

ll take our virtues up in arms To save ourselves Tonight our fighting friends will ... stand here And die with us Halo, you mean nothing to me Angel, you mean nothing to me If I am the

Firewind - I am the anger lyrics

ve marched to wars, with a vicious rage I've counted ... thousands dead from righteous plague I am history, ... from all you know I am the future, that you will sow I've been to hell, I've touched

Hypnos - I am the wind lyrics

am the wind, lost in time deep forest ghost, your silent...silent laugh I am the ... wind all over the world watching the stars hidden in crawling fog I am the wind, a

Impaled Nazarene - I am the killer of trolls lyrics

down and trolls crawl out of their holes I am waiting the ... f***ers with my blow-torch [chorus:] ... I am the killer of trolls, I show the f***ers no remorse

Inkubus Sukkubus - I am the one lyrics

am the One From the dark side of your dreams I am the ... One The one who hears your screams I ... am the One, I am the One I am a vampyre a - calling for ... your love I am the fire that burns within your

Inkubus Sukkubus - I am the one (acoustic) lyrics

am the One From the dark side of your dreams I am the ... One The one who hears your screams I ... am the One, I am the One I am a vampire a-calling for your

Scarlett Johansson - I am the cosmo lyrics

night I tell myself "I am the cosmos, I am the wind ... that don't get you back again Just when I was starting ... to feel okay You're on the phone I never wanna be alone

Kuza - I am the devil lyrics

out of my head I can hear a thousand voices ... All telling me to sin sin sin What will you do now Where ... will you go? I am the hate that fills your heart I

Marauder - I am (the one) lyrics

am the thought inside your brain I am the wound that causes ... pain I am the vision in your eyes I am the shadow in your dreams I am the voice in your screams I am the truth

Sacred Steel - I am the conqueror (come and worship me) lyrics

to your nightmare fools, I am your god insane Now dance my ... toys like puppets that are hanging on ... a string I am the answer to your prayers, the ... lord you love so deep I am the fear in man, I feast upon the

Schultz Mark - I am the way lyrics

away where no one goes Deep inside your heart, It's tearin ... you apart. You hide the pain in all you do, Still the ... shackles binding you are heavier than stone, But you are

Scum Of The Earth - I am the scum lyrics

Go! Go! Go! Go! I am the scum I am the spiders ... creeping Moonlight creature breathing I am the fist that's beating I am the scum I am the demon freak..

Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - I am the res er****** lyrics

hello, hello) Yoko's cutting keys in Soho I've been there and I should know oh face it I'll stick up for Aunty ... Sally Worzel's just a dirty scally fragrant Mia

Sepultura lyricsSepultura - I am the enemy lyrics

your mind and pay attention What do you see and what ... do you hear Conspiracy plots in this culture of fear Reunite with yourself Reconnect with ourselves Facing the blind of collective delusion I

The Who lyricsThe Who - I am the sea lyrics

bell boy, bell boy Love, reign o'er me Can you see the

Oasis lyricsOasis - I am the walrus lyrics

youare me and we are all together See how we run like pigs ... from a gun, see how we fly, I'm cryin' Sitting on a ... cornflake, I'm waiting for the van to come Corporation t-shirts, stupid bloody Tuesday,

Astral Domine - I am the king lyrics

heard the laments of your ghost... (another angel falls) Killed by my ... blade! Feel the fury of the wind... (Ashes on my sin) Screaming my name! Crying into the dark (you will not be free)

Edmund - I am the chancer lyrics

know about your change? I'm walking out But I'll take ... my chances now I'll drown you out But I'll ... chances Take my chances I pull my blind down Hide out

Blue Öyster Cult - I am the one you warned me of lyrics

from zones of moisture And afterwards the meat ... With spangles on my long-tailed suits And songs to haunt the one that's saved Just call ... me Desdinova I'm sure to be The lucky one When destiny assigns wisdom Known to me The

Mary-kate A Ashley Olsen - I am the cute one lyrics

I am the cute one It´s obvious There´s no comparing The ... two of us I´m not to blame The facts are plain I´ve ... got the looks I´ve got the brains And I am the cute one

Mary-kate A Ashley Olsen - I am the cute one 2 lyrics

am the cute one It's obvious There's no comparing The ... two of us I'm not to blame The facts are plain I've ... got the looks I've got the brains And I am the cute one

Catatonia - I am the mob lyrics

put horses' heads in people's beds 'cos i am the ... gonna bust some balls 'cos i am the mob Don't try to tell me ... it's not one for the money Two for the money,

Chaostar - I am... the assassin of god lyrics

created me as their sword And clothed me in ... So my form may be ever hidden In the shadows I am the mask, the will, The punishment Of those that were

Coldworker - I am the doorway lyrics

am the doorway, access denied I stand erect where the ... worlds collide I am the doorway, the gate of gates The passage where all lives meet their fate In my shadow-kingdom You may rise to stardom

Darkthrone - I am the working class lyrics

years of minimum wage Got no problems with ... labour You stepped up in the 90s, wanna show me how Well, ... I don't need no f***in' favour [refrain:] I am the working class! All day So I

Day Of Fire - I am the door lyrics

said you would have but u couldn ... t let go You said you should have but you ... needed some more I know you would have, if you ... could have it all You said you would have, but you

Pete Doherty - I am the rain lyrics

am the rain Held in disdain Lotions and potions just ... add to my fame The rime that in spain Fall on the plain The truth is I'm ruthless I can ... t be contained. I'm the rain My friend the wind To

F5 - I am the taker lyrics

want to be over it I want to be out of this negative today I am bored to death, ... seeing red I can't live like this...no awake at the ... break of dawn I feel like its something new going wrong

Kid Rock - I am the bullgod lyrics

am the bullgod...I am free...and I feed on all that ... is forsaken I'm gonna get you....I see ... through you...I'm gonna get you I'm like a ... train I roll hard...lettin' off much steam In the

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