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Letter 7 - Great i am lyrics

are the alpha and omega The true beginning and the end ... You hold the key to our salvation That’s ... why you died and ‘rose again We adore you, bow before

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - The great pretender lyrics

oh, yes I’m the great pretender Pretending that I’m doing well My need is ... such I pretend too much I’m lonely but no one can tell ... Oh-oh, yes I’m the great pretender Adrift in a world

Nine Inch Nails lyricsNine Inch Nails - The great destroyer lyrics

your name. Try to speak as clearly ... as you can. You know everything gets written down. Nod ... your head. Just in case they could be watching. With their shiny satellite. I hope

Anata - The great juggler lyrics

to be admired But in the eyes of others, another clown ... Spending and spoiling his energy Forever lost in ... reverie Joined the circus at seventeen For many

Ana Johnsson - The way i am lyrics

messed up, tossed around I've been flying high, just to ... get knocked down I always kept my feet, on solid ... ground I'm a sinner, I'm a saint I've been creeping down the fast lane I'll rush this life, at my own pace I'll

Archspire - The plague of am lyrics

Plague of AM (Cogito ergo sum -I think therefore ... I AM.) One hundred and nine years, Trapped within the ... belly of the supreme machine. Only us five left. Made immortal, kept alive, Suspending time to torture us.

Knoc-turn'al - The way i am lyrics

Imma do me Imma do me You gon do you You ... gon do you Imma do me Imma do me You gon do you You ... gon do you Imma do me Imma do me Im the most ... underrated rapper of all time So why do you accept those

Knoc-turn'al - The way i am (original version) lyrics

Intro: Knoc-Turn'al] Yes I'm a do me I'm a do me You ... gon' do you You gon' do you I'm a do me I'm a do me (yes) ... gon' do you You gon' do you I'm a do me I'm a do me

Pain - The great pretender lyrics

can bitch all you want cause I don't care It's a real fine ... line between being good and being bad Might as well crash ... we never ever gonna learn I rather stick to being a bad

Cat Power - Great expectations lyrics

am like powder, I am like relaxation I am the snow, I am the snow, I am the snow ... I live in a desert And I let the wind make love to me ... I dig in this ocean and i try to fill it with gold Fill it to the top, fill it to the top, fill it to the top Do

Forevermore - The great divide lyrics

down and abandoned This shell of a body fails me now ... I've dipped my cup in the fountain of youth A feeble ... forgotten All sense of reality has been removed Now I

The Dubliners - The last of the great whales lyrics

has been torn from me And I am bleeding My heart it has ... been rent And I am crying All the beauty around me ... fades And I am screaming I am the last of the great whales

Artillery - The great lyrics

Into Satans armpit I will crawl to seek my vengeance ... The ressurection of his evil world The sailor lost at ... sea, look for the sun and moon to guide me I am that sailor I am his

Evergrey - The great deciever lyrics

am your temptation Your every vicious thought ... Lacking self-confidence Deception in it's ... purest form I am your hesitation When you wander in circles

Janet  Jackson lyricsJanet Jackson - The great forever lyrics

too pleased with what you're diggin' I'm just busy livin' my ... life Sources say but where ya ... gettin' it Don't create the truth you like It might ... strange to you What you think it don't mean nothing at

Band Of Horses - The great salt lake lyrics

of the boat was painted wrecking ball There was country music playing but he don’t like it ... all There was whiskey bottle spilling and a ... lake it was made of salt Well

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - The great speckle bird lyrics

What a beautiful thought I am thinking Concerning the great speckled bird And to know ... that my name is recorded On the pages of God's holy word

Bloodhound Gang - The inevitable return of the great white dope lyrics

my scrotum here it is in a nutshell, One thousand nine hundred and seventy-two, ... That's the year I got here when my dear mother ... water blew, Not really realizing the prize that's been

All That Remains - The greatest generation lyrics

you been wondering, just what has made us grow ... A generation hard as stone My father’s ... father, may god rest his soul He taught me something ... You put your shoulder to the wheel You put your nose to the grindstone You work your fingers straight to the

Breaking Benjamin - The great divide lyrics

me all through the night I am the last light fading Leave ... all the lost souls behind Show me the silence breaking And when you're lost and ... out of time I will be right here waiting And when

Flame - The great deception lyrics

great deception... ception... ception... ception... ... ception... ception... ception... ception... ception... ... See the king and the queen, they were under bosses Ruling

Aaron Shust - The one lyrics

day is dark and I can't see The path I'm on or what's in ... front of me But I will stand on this I know You will never let me go For the ... who holds tomorrow Holds me in His hand And I will not

Antony And The Johnsons (anohni) - The great white ocean lyrics

with me my mama when I dive in the ocean of death I will ... cry if I am not with my family You could be my friend ... eternally Swim with me my sister when I dive in the great

Avantasia - The great mystery lyrics

Aaron Blackwell] How could I let it get this far? To the ... edge I've been drawn by promises And what's the reason ... For a heart to only misguide me Blind me, tear myself

Avion Roe - The great distance lyrics

I want to Know, I want to Feel (feel the world ... that you create am I) Hold (holding onto the ones ... I hate when I) Try, I try to Go, to help you Burn

Arch Enemy - The great darkness lyrics

greater darkness, my mind’s possessed Disillusioned ... numb emptiness (No hope) I feel a paralyzing fear (No ... salvation) Faking control Their coldness hurt me beyond belief DOMINUS BEO SPIRITUS

Corporate Life - The great betrayal lyrics

Dying! How life! Is now! Stuck and Lying! To my ... conscience! How could I betrayed this? Now I, watch ... you play the victim, Does it, even really matter when there's, Such manipulation Loss,

Misery Index - The great depression lyrics

clouds spreading. Black horizons oil slick the southern ... sky. What prospects should I gather here to motivate my ... corpse to rise? Bloodshot My eyes reject

Seventh Wonder - The great escape lyrics

...AND THE EARTH WEPT I tuck you in ever so gently ... Still you cried and turned from me You ... stepped on my heart I forgave you just like mothers ... do From under your shoes I still carried you Soon my body

Dala - The great escape lyrics

this was a paperback I’d skip the boring chapters, but life doesn’t work like that and ... this is the morning after. Will I, love you ... forever? Will I, no matter the weather? I, I’m not a

Abraham - The great dismemberment lyrics

ground dismembers me I'm dismembered and nailed to... ... Nailed to the floor - a raping ground, Back and forth it ... comes and up and down, like a hammerfall And coming

After All - The great divide lyrics

it up, don't be afraid of what you're doing now ... Make it all worthwile this time Centre all the attention ... that was given to You alone in a world divine With a grin on your face and your eyes

Fear Of Domination - The great dictator lyrics

have a dream and purpose I’m here to lead and conquer ... Lesser minds gather around Build my monument to ... create a reason for my nation Holy book of new obligation I will make us mean something For the better of our kind

Girls' Generation (so Nyuh Shi Dae) - The great escape lyrics

SEOHYUN: Moteru dake ryoute ni, tsukami totte go away SUNNY ... nigedasu no yo sugu ni, te okure ni naru mae ni ... JESSICA: We gotta escape, we got to ... escape, yeah TIFFANY: From every subete, reigai nashide JESSICA: We gotta

Pink Floyd lyricsPink Floyd - The great gig in the sky lyrics

quot;And I am not frightened of dying Any time will do, I don't mind Why ... should I be frightened of dying? There's no reason for it ... You've gotta go sometime I never said I was frightened

Donovan - The great song of the sky lyrics

us try to keep in rhythm with the rolling of our hills For I'm ... sure it is the remedy to clear up all our ills And we'll seal a bond of ... family, communion of wills As we're arc-ing on our

Allen-lande - The great divide lyrics

I feel alone The days turn to nights, so cold ... Sometimes I cry your name Tonight again The flame The great divide My heart is ... breaking in two The great divide Before the fall Yeah, the

Dead Kennedys - The great wall lyrics

Wall of China It's so big it's seen from outer space Put ... there to keep starving neighbors Locked outside the ... What's changed today? Empires hoard more than they need

Charlie Winston - The great conversation lyrics

Abend, Herr Beethoven With these words I’ve interwoven inspiration from Moonlight Since ... has changed but your melodies remain Like flamingos in ... full flight Please forgive me and be assured I’m only

Domain - The great rebellion lyrics

m spending my days, they rush like a stream with a girl by my side, my life seems like a dream some storm under ... surface, it breaks out like hell people spreading ideas like they're under a

Jimmy Needham - The great love story lyrics

do you hide Where do you go? Why are ... you running from me? And why do you ... fear when you know I am near to Thee Someone come ... Someone come Someone come fill the divide Fill the divide

Reba Mcentire - The great divide lyrics

I could swear This king size bed Keeps getting wider ... And I could swear A stranger's laying by my side And I can swear ... a long dark valley lies between us And there ain't

Noumena - The great anonymous doom lyrics

ve waited for this night in shame They say, it's the grace ... Of the great anonymous doom Don't help me ... I'm not falling yet For woe, I won't ... forego The moment of great anonymous doom Still awake

Devilment - The great and secret show lyrics

She brought the enemy down She brought the Great and Secret Show To my ... surrender I, pretender to the crown She's a vessel for ... s a trophy of war that caws Like an omen of darkness Meditating on the welcoming feast

Eye Empire - The great deceiver lyrics

need me Your eternal flame You need me You feel me ... Under your skin You feel me Can You Feel ... Me Now... ? You are the great deceiver And I'm a believer

Freelance Whales - The great estates lyrics

beg rebirth to take us up Parade our ... souls out by the back gate Some claw the ... ground Some cut the air Some warm the seas But ... what will you be and when? And I

Rebecca Black - The great divide lyrics

go where the wind blows Destroying everyone ... on your path I'm done feeding your ego Forgetting ... everything that we had Funny how history ends in an instant How

Dagoba - The great wonder lyrics

has cometo lose it all Fire and oceans entwine, Memories fading away like shooting ... stars The party makes me lose control.. ... . the world is set on fire But I don't care where the

Scott Stapp - The great divide lyrics

have run to the ocean Through the Horizon ... Chased the sun I've waited for the light to come, ... And at times I would give up You have Wrapped your ... loving arms 'round me, And with your love I'll overcome.

Janick Thibault - The great escape (boys like girls) lyrics

bags and plastic hearts All are belongings in shopping carts Its goodbye ... But we got one more night Lets get drunk and drive ... around And make peace with this empty town We can make it right Throw it away Forget

Queen - The great pretender lyrics

yes I'm the great pretender (ooh ooh) Pretending I'm doing well (ooh ooh) ... My need is such I pretend too much I'm lonely ... no one can tell Oh yes I'm the great pretender (ooh

Righteous Brothers - The great pretender lyrics

yes, I'm the great pretender Pretending I'm doing well My need is such I ... pretend too much I'm lonely but no one can tell ... Oh yes, I'm the great pretender Adrift in a world

Amasic - The great escape - boys like girls lyrics

bags and plastic hearts All are belongings in shopping carts Its goodbye ... But we got one more night Lets get drunk and drive ... around And make peace with this empty town We can make it right Throw it away Forget

Behemoth - The satanist lyrics

descended from the Mount Sinai Unleashed the splendour upon ... mob To shelter where no messianic light Drove one single ... ray into the pulp ov life O sweet Salome I beckon thee Bring forth thy heinous

Black Country Communion - The great divide lyrics

you know Im not a saviour Let me make it ... Understood And the shirt upon My back is all i own ... I dont wanna be A loner So i go against the grain And i

Boys Like Girls - The great escape lyrics

bags and plastic hearts All are belongings in shopping carts Its goodbye ... But we got one more night Lets get drunk and drive ... around And make peace with this empty town We can make it right Throw it away Forget

Domine - The battle for the great silver sword lyrics

I) The Dawn Of Steel] [instrumental] [II) The Pipes ... Of War] This is The Story for centuries untold ... On a misty morning at the break of dawn Out of the night as shadows of Doom Black

Roy Orbison - The great pretender lyrics

oh, yes I'm the great pretender Pretending that I ... m doing well My need is such I pretend too much I'm lonely ... no one can tell Oh-oh, yes I'm the great pretender Adrift

Pantera - The great southern trendkill lyrics

s wearing on my mind, I'm speaking all my doubts ... You rob a dead mans grave, Then flaunt it like you did ... create If I hit bottom and everythings gone

R.e.m. lyricsR.e.m. - The great beyond lyrics

ve watched the stars fall silent from your eyes All the ... sights that I have seen I can't believe that I believed ... I wished That you could see There's a new planet in the solar

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