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Army Of Lovers - I am lyrics

am a liberace fan A megastar in glam I am I am what bobby is to ... pam Khashoggi to iran I am Looking in the mirror ... The beauty that I see It's hard to be this grand for

Cradle Of Filth - I am the thorn lyrics

needle in the eye of the hurricane The poison in the font ... The nail in the coffin of the profane I am the ... lot Maniacal the fire That weaves inside my

Electric Wizard - I am nothing lyrics

children. Saturn’s children the living dead We have ... created this abyss, darkness, surrounding ... us Raise the flag of hate against this human race Rise and

Angeli Di Pietra - I am spartacus lyrics

the call of freedom It mocks our so-called rulers ... A new era has now begun We will obey them no more! Bound ... in chains for so long Now it's time to turn the tide And

Grand Magus - I am the north lyrics

by the cry of ravens A chase in the winter cold Forest born ... of morals Shadow of the ruling king The echoes of the ... across the land Truth and lie will join and die Grey

Say Anything - I am a transylvanian lyrics

re bent over the grand piano. Feel my eyes slide over ... you. Legs that curve the same as hers could run as quickly ... too. My lazy tongue lies low and ready. It cannot

Cloud Nothings - I am rooftop lyrics

wake up and call My mother I am ill Do you know what to say ... If they do not answer Will you wake up and call My ... mother I am full Of insects that fall into my mouth

Crush 40 - I am all of me lyrics

see no, hear no evil, Black writings on the wall ... Unleashed a million faces, And one by one they ... fall, Black hearted evil, Brave hearted hero, I am

Killing Joke - I am the virus lyrics

misery and tears Calculated ... waves of fear Drawn up by think tanks There's a darkness in the west Oil swilling guzzling corporate Central banking ... mind f***ing omnipotence I am the fury the spirit of

Gaynor Gloria - I am what i am lyrics

am what I am I don't want praise I don't want pity I bang ... my own drum Some think it's noise I think it's pretty ... And so what if I love each sparkle and each

Gloria Gaynor - I am what i am lyrics

am what I am I am my own special creation So come take a ... look Give me the hook or the ovation ... It's my world That I want to have a little pride in My world And it's not a

Camille Jones - I am (what you want me to be) lyrics

Covers all in me Lost in space and time But this is ... my show My Secret list of lifes Stays inside my ... head Only I know I am what you want me to be (I am

Scum Of The Earth - I am the scum lyrics

Go! Go! Go! Go! I am the scum I am the spiders ... creeping Moonlight creature breathing I am ... the fist that's beating I am the scum I am the demon

Tokio Hotel lyricsTokio Hotel - I am ft. wyclef & david correy lyrics

have to say (yeah, yeah) I am complete and you can't take ... we are We are what we say I am Worth it I am Blessed ... beyond belief I am Perfect I am I am I am What I say

Oasis lyricsOasis - I am the walrus lyrics

all together See how we run like pigs from a gun, see how we ... fly, I'm cryin' Sitting on a cornflake, I'm waiting ... for the van to come Corporation t-shirts, stupid bloody

Above & Beyond - I am what i am lyrics

keep a breast of all the things you think you should You ... ve got your own home grown philosophy And it works for you ... But please don't try to make it work for me You have nothing to prove But you're trying

The Afters - I am yours lyrics

quot;I Am Yours" I am Yours I am Yours I am Yours ... I am Yours I can walk across the world ... And never find the answer I could search the sky above

Akon - I am not my hair (feat. india.arie) lyrics

that India.Arie? What happened to her hair? ... dat da, dat da Dad a ooh Little girl with the press and ... curl Age eight I got a Jheri curl Thirteen and I got a

Alestorm - I am a cider drinker lyrics

the moon shines On the cow shed And we ... re rollin' in the hay All the cows are ... out there grazing And the milk is on its way. I am a cider drinker I drinks it all

Alice's Garden - I am the one lyrics

I can take you there, And I am everywhere Those who are not ... aware, They may say beware I am the All that you take ... know not what you need Nothing it comes for free That's

Aly And Aj - I am one of them lyrics

get in the car Another tragic disaster But I'm safe where ... I am Yet another is captured The traffic is ... Another alert does the kid have a prayer? Life is not

Amiensus - I am lyrics

am the glacier’s crest above the forests, ... freezing you mid thought and the ancient voices from the greying fog I am ... thought that overtakes your mind and fills you with a singular happiness. I am your third hand and your second I am

Artas - I am your judgement day lyrics

is getting dark The sun is going down Fogs of anarchy ... Exhaled by iron lung Grab your word and ... fight for the horde No mercy ... for hypocrites Stars raining from the sky Leaving a

Joseph Arthur - I am lyrics

live in a darkness Made out of your ... fear Looking to the future Never are ... you what you see Beyond this world you live in Beyond ... your memory To find out what you really are

Astral Domine - I am the king lyrics

heard the laments of your ghost... ... (another angel falls) Killed by my blade! Feel the ... fury of the wind... (Ashes on my sin) Screaming my name! Crying into

John Barrowman - I am what i am lyrics

am what I am. I am my own special creation. So, ... come take a look, give me the hook or the ovasion ... It's my world, that I want to take a little pride in. My world, and It's not a

Black Lab - I am a dj lyrics

m home lost my job. I'm incurably ill. you think this is easy. realism. I've got a ... girl out there I suppose. I think she's dancing. feel like Dan Dare lies down. I think she's dancing what do I

Mary J Blige - I am lyrics

no … noo oooooh Ain’t nobody gonna treat you ... better Ain’t nobody gonna touch you ... better Ain’t nobody gonna love you ... better boy than I am Than I am When your out at night

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - I am with name lyrics

was Ramona A. Stone I started with no enemies of my ... own I was an artiste In a tunnel But I've been ... having a mid-life crisis And I've been dreaming in a sleep

Mary-kate A Ashley Olsen - I am a kid lyrics

am a kid. let's get that right I'm red and yellow. I'm ... black. I'm white On a sunny day on a stormy ... night Gonna toot my whistle gonna shine my light I

Mary-kate A Ashley Olsen - I am the cute one lyrics

I am the cute one It´s obvious There´s no comparing The ... two of us I´m not to blame The facts are plain I´ve ... got the looks I´ve got the brains And I am

Mary-kate A Ashley Olsen - I am the cute one 2 lyrics

am the cute one It's obvious There's no comparing The ... two of us I'm not to blame The facts are plain I've ... got the looks I've got the brains And I am

B.o.b. - I am the champion lyrics

Incredible! Oh my God. Ladies and gentlemen you have just ... witnessed world history being made, Bobbie Simons, takes it to the hole, dunks it, overtime three seconds left, oh my

The Cab - I am who i am (ft.eloquent) lyrics

I-i am who I-i am) I write songs Not my wrongs You ... can see by me But don't consider me gone 'Cause I'll stay ... where I stand You're like an hourglass That needs

Charlie The Unicorn - I am a millipede lyrics

am a millipede. I am amazing I Command you to gaze upon my ... face! You never find someone charming as I am I ... m the swankiest bug out in space I'm a star. I'm a

Code Orange - I am king lyrics

in what they tell you to I spit to spit, they spew to spew ... My aura draws, You follow suit Finks in packs and bred in ... thoughts and peasant dreams You were born to bow to me

Counting Crows - I am ready lyrics

am color...blind Coffee black and egg white ... Pull me out from inside I am ready I am ready I am ready ... I am taffy stuck, tongue tied Stuttered shook and uptied

Jon Foreman - I am still running lyrics

remember me before I learned to run At the kissing tree before I learned my ... We were 17 17 years young I am still running I am still ... running I had no idea the pain would be this

Damnwells - I am a leaver lyrics

your lips in eastern time Bleed my heart I'm leaving mine See my soul makes it ... home I'm high on wretched wine Spinning here alone I ... left you on the street with a face so long that it

The Dandy Warhols - I am over it lyrics

right let's see if we can do this on one talk ... take Ahah ahah aheh I find out too late when I I am ... over it Ahah ahah eh And each time dearly escape when I'm

Dark Fortress - I am the jigsaw of a mad god lyrics

my head I wear this crown Of primal incest, ... sludge and bone I bear it or I drown Regent of vivisection Lord of spiral gruel ... A scourge of airborn fauna black From which

Dead Letter Circus - I am lyrics

me instead I'll stand in the middle A Martyr once said Hoping to deliver us ... Take me instead I'll stand in the middle When the river ... runs red Hoping for deliverance Defiant I’ll become

Demon Hunter - I am a stone lyrics

Hard to Say That I’m Back On a Straight Line ... You See My Path Is In Fact Just A Fault Line It’s In My Blood, It’s In My ... Lungs And It Won’t Die I Fight These Words, I Bite My

Demon Hunter - I am you lyrics

black heart in an empty shell where the ... desperation laid waste - I am you A blank page in an ... unknown book and the opposition you face I am the endless

Deny14 - I am other lyrics

real dream which i love where is world all ... green where I can‘t use the word but it is ... new world and i can say that, is my so ... please you on him stay I can dance i can sing other

Natalie Grant - I am not alone lyrics

are here in my heart, You're the light ... that guides me through the dark. You ... walk beside me, the night seems cold each time I ... there to hold. You walk beside me, giving strength Ive

Die Happy lyricsDie Happy - I am lyrics

m an angel, I'm a devil I am sometimes in between I'm as ... bad as it can get and good as it can be Sometimes I'm a million colors Sometimes I'm ... black and white I am all extremes Try to figure

Dreamgirls - I am changing lyrics

at me [x2] [Chorus] I am changing, trying every way I ... can. I am changing, I'll be better than I am. I'm ... trying to find a way to understand. But I

Emperor - I am the black wizards lyrics

am I, but I am not alone in this cosmos of mine. For ... the black hills consists of black souls, souls ... that already dies one thousand deaths. Behind the stone walls (of centuries) they breed their black art

Lara Fabian - I am lyrics

many miles, how many steps must I ... How many tears, how many times can I break? Show me the ... meaning now Show me the reasons ... why Does it make sense somehow? All

Lara Fabian - I am a-wa lyrics

the space in the dark, Search for your ... own spark, Enter this place of your whole undivided and one. Don't pray for ... and love yourself, Don't kill your pain make it your

Lara Fabian - I am who i am lyrics

like you've built a wall around me You've tried your best to ground me Let ... me explain that I don't play by any other rules ... I won't be nobody's fool - I won't lose this game There is no way I can love you with

Finding Favour - I am lyrics

you were sleeping While the whole world was dreaming I never left your side ... And I can promise I won't be leaving I watch ... you breathing And I hear you singing I feel your

Paul Gilbert - I am satan lyrics

'Cause you love me Well I love you too And I'm good ... for you But I'm afraid to ruin our plans When you find out ... who I am I am satan (I am satan) I rule darkness and fight off the day I am satan (I

Rea Garvey - I am lyrics

know you listen But do you hear You ... speak of visions Are they clear? You ... search for something that is just not there You say you ... me but you just can´t care I want to be there for you

Jason Gray - I am new lyrics

you could say about me But I'm not defined By mistakes ... that I've made Because God says of ... me I am not who I was I am being remade I am new I am

Halestorm - I am the fire lyrics

I brave enough? Am I strong enough? To follow the ... desire That burns from within To push away my fear To ... stand where I'm afraid I am through with this Cuz I am

Jennifer Hudson - I am changing lyrics

at me [x2] [Chorus] I am changing, trying every way I ... can. I am changing, I'll be better than I am. I'm ... trying to find a way to understand. But I

India Arie - I am light lyrics

am light, I am light [x4] I am not the things my family did I am not the voices in my ... head I am not the pieces of the brokenness inside ... I am light, I am light [x4] I'm not the mistakes that I have made or any

Jackyl - I am the i am lyrics

am I am the I am I am the I am I am I am the I am I am the I am I am I am the I am I am ... the I am I am I am the I am I am now I am now where I ... under your rule, your thumb, I am now free I am now in

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