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I Am A Warrior Fighting For Freedom I Am A Warrior Fighting For Love I Will Not Fight For The Reason I Can't Beleive It lyrics

Browse for I Am A Warrior Fighting For Freedom I Am A Warrior Fighting For Love I Will Not Fight For The Reason I Can't Beleive It song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed I Am A Warrior Fighting For Freedom I Am A Warrior Fighting For Love I Will Not Fight For The Reason I Can't Beleive It lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to I Am A Warrior Fighting For Freedom I Am A Warrior Fighting For Love I Will Not Fight For The Reason I Can't Beleive It.

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Bonfire - Fight for love lyrics

remember the winters ... when time it just stood still Making love by the fireside, God it felt so real And I still feel it burning ... when I look into your eyes Time was all we had to waste and I never wondered why I remember the summers ... and the never-ending nights, ye

Serenity - For freedom's sake lyrics

my love The end has come I'm sorry I'm not going home Pain is gone but all I feel Is the last blood in my veins to slowly running cold Day after day, I fought so hard Hoping to meet you once again Orders obeyed, for a sacred aim Do I need honour... am

Emma Louise - Freedom lyrics

the window of my car I see beautiful girls And the city and the lights two thousand and six miles from home But it's not over, til the weekend Can you feel it, can you feel it It's not over but we can pretend Cause we need it, yea we need it, oh we need this Feel the wi

Grim Reaper - Fight for the last lyrics

the warriors surround our major force We begin to let the battle take its course Say a prayer for all men about to die Who die in ranks without a reason why But we'll fight it to the last Like our fathers in the past But we'll fight it to the last Our swords an

Beneath The Sky - The reason lyrics

love will rise! This was a story that was foretold by a man, a prophecy. He gave his son to us, gave his son. He died for our sins to be forgiven. This trust I adore, This trust I need some more (All forget this day) Today I realize I take everything for grant

Rebecca St. James - We will not bow to the world lyrics

will not bow to the world, We will bow down to the Lord, Take up the fight, take up the armor, We'll take up the sword, We'll stand with Him. We'll fight on the beaches, We'll fight on the streets, Invincible. Chorus Take up the challenge, He is calling, S

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - The reason why lyrics

time you see me walking in the room Can you see it in my face I've lost interest in all the things you do And I'm feeling misplaced Can you tell me it's over I don't want a lie All I really want to know is the reason why Where did our love go wrong? Cause I ne

Abigail Breslin - Fight for me lyrics

uh oh Oh uh oh ooo Fight for me Will you fight for me Or lie to me And say you will I know the game I know the drill I'd drag it out of bars and still It's all I got But that's a lot so Fight for me Oh uh oh Mmhhmmm Fight for me Please fight for m

Gil Scott-heron - The revolution will not be televised lyrics

will not be able to stay home, brother. You will not be able to plug in, turn on and cop out. You will not be able to lose yourself on skag and skip out for beer during commercials, Because the revolution will not be televised. The revolution will not be televised.

Jessica Mauboy - Fight for you lyrics

I turn there's bombs going off Just total chaos all around me Smoke all in the air there's casualties of love Broken hearts laying everywhere But it don't scare me at all I've got my armor on Damn right I'm ready for battle I know it's dangerous, right now I'

Mystic Prophecy - Fight for one nation lyrics

.. Deadly kill machine Spartans... Born made to kill This day blood will flow No more fear, no more tears Bloodthirst runs to kill's is the prices Bloodred is the dead in disguise They falling one by one In the night of the storm. The legion now is free, killing his enemy One

Elvenpath - For our liberty lyrics

the western forests, by the endless sea Surrounded by forces of the enemy Legions of the twilight had come to take their land Yet all those tales of conquest were written in sand Celtic warriors gather, watch the cauldron boil Drink the magic potion,

Krabathor - The eagles you can have lyrics

you are flying You have left one feather You are losing small pieces of your own identity Your wings are waving You have left pieces of your skin You are losing small pieces of your own identity REF: Give me the eagles I can fly with Give me the reason I can smil

Eric Carr - Can you feel it lyrics

knew a love like this Never knew a sweeter kiss Never knew that look that's in your eyes Baby, I can hardly wait Now we're in the hands of fate This is a love we can't disguise I can't be dreaming My mind is teeming To think of heaven we'll explore I try pretending Tonight

Kem - Can you feel it lyrics

every woman, that needs a man There's a man, that needs you too, aw baby Maybe, I'm the man for you You hear my heart, you fill my life, you make my day I'm more in every way, my baby 'Cause you open me and you feel it I care for you, I wanna hear from you, All b

The Pierces - It will not be forgotten lyrics

months to the day since I saw your face You're on the earth like a fire holding out till the bitter end You're holding on till the bitter end I take a walk in the town It's like a dead end street The sidewalk sings your name underneath my feet Echoes of, forgotten love Bab

Cappella - Can u feel it babe lyrics

oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh ohooooooo Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh ohooooooo Baby when you move your body I feel it all over, all over I'm so glad boy that you are next to me No-one else can make it right Make it right, make it ri

Ricki-lee Coulter - Can you feel it lyrics

you feel it, I can feel it, can you feel the beat on the floor Stepping out tonight I'm feelin' so good In the mood for something new Gonna shake my shit into tonight Tending not to be again misunderstood By the girls who think they do Have a right to step into my

John Paul White - Can't get it out of my head lyrics

on the water, I saw the ocean's daughter, Walking on the wave's chicane, Staring as she called my name. And i can't get it out of my head, No, i can't get it out of my head. Now my old world is gone for dead 'cause i can't get it out of my head. Breakdown, on the shore

Electric Light Orchestra - Can't get it out of my head lyrics

on the water I saw the ocean's daughter Walking on a wave's chicane Staring as she called my name And I can't get it out of my head No, I can't get it out of my head Now my old world is gone for dead 'Cause I can't get it out of my head Breakdown on the shorelin

Cheryl Cole - Fight for this love lyrics

much of anything can make you sick Even the good can be a curse Makes it hard to know which road to go down Know when too much can get you hurt Is it better Is it worse Are we sitting in reverse It's just like we're going backwards I know where I want this to go Driving fast

Evan Craft - Fight or flee lyrics

is fighting for us God is on our side He has overcome Yes He has overcome We will not be shaken We will not be moved Jesus You are here Carrying our burdens Covering our shame He has overcome Yes He has overcome We will not be shaken We will not be m

Iyaz - Fight for you lyrics

Iyaz] It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do Just like the way down in Africa It's gonna take some time But I know you're worth fighting for [Stevie Hoang] I'll fight for you

Conflict - The right to reply lyrics

house looks for an answer to end all the violence The ungovernable finally break silence There's endless white papers and new institutions That still won't stop us, it's no solution The right and the left wing continue to bore With pre dated poli

Kalmah - For the revolution lyrics

the mighty star, to all its people, to the mankind And to all true believers You have known your brother and your leader You know he never bowed to the despots The dark cloud wavering in the sky Pushed forward with ill-willed wind Underneath w

Megadeth - Fight for freedom lyrics

for a cure within the human race Eliminate the poor, how much longer will it take Burning up the tents of the rank and file Exterminate their lives, crack a demon smile Crushing down, caving in our will to live Getting rid of man's mistakes To take a lost life,

Royal Tailor - Fight for freedom (let the walls fall) lyrics

is unknown territory, where the broken tell their story Everyone’s in need of grace that brings us freedom Answers wait in the horizon, where the setting sun is rising Everyone’s in need of faith that brings us freedom You know there’s more for us out there

Secret Sphere - The brave lyrics

The Sphere:] Bagpipes resound in the Scottish silent and cold wind of war, attention and strain, oh cross the field, looks against other looks, hate, justice and rage, freedom's the dream of a nation [Aurienne (William):] Oh sons of Scotland w

Grave Digger - Fight for freedom lyrics

the law Pride will fall Break the chains Freedom calls Our time is coming This land is ours The mental slavery Of all mankind Will soon be over We have to try Reach out for freedom We'll take our rights Did you ever think

Lakeman Seth - Fight for favour lyrics

ll sing you a song how first we began, Our toils and our troubles our plot and our plan. We left our fair country, our friends and our homes, Across to the deserts wild and the mountains to roll. We travelled three weeks 'til we came to the p

Gloria Gaynor - The reason for the season lyrics

Jesus Is The Reason For The Season...It's A Happy Celebration Of His Love... At Christmas Celebrate The Gift Of Freedom...That He Came Down To Bring Us From Above Verse 1 For It's A Time For Sharing Fun And Laughter.... A Time For Giving, Singing, Peace And Cheer..

Jillian Jensen - Warrior (by demi lovato) lyrics

is a story that I have never told I gotta get this off my chest to let it go I need to take back the light inside you stole You're a criminal And you steal like you´re a pro All the pain and the truth I wear like a battle wound So ashamed, so confused, I was broken and bruise

Manowar - The fight for freedom lyrics

s A Sound Heard Across The Land It's Heard Across The Sea You'll Only Hear It If You Listen With Your Heart And One Day Hope To Be Free To Hear The Sound Of Freedom Many Gave Their Lives They Fought For You And Me Those Memories Will Always Live Insid

The Beautiful Girls - The reason is lyrics

long will this go on, this pain and emptiness? I only wan't to see you smiling, i want to be free from all of this. Another moment on from the freedom i dreamt so long about for you and i And i don't know why the reason is that we are both here. Im

Onslaught - Fight with the beast lyrics

the mark of a demon from hell the dragon is cast onto the earth Seeking revenge on the woman of man Satanus unleashes his wrath Angels of death are the allies of hate the jackals destroying the cross Fighting with fire the dragon attacks Burning the cross and

B.a.p. - Fight for freedom lyrics

B.A.P in the buildin’ Ya kno whut it is Let’s rock Fight for freedom Yeah B.A.P in the buildin’ You better watch out You ready? Georireul geoleodo urin jeonbu free-hage Jayurowoon yeoljeongeun jichiji ane Music, fashion, style-buteo real-hage Jinan teurendeu-e gada

Insania (swe) - Fight for life lyrics

your life you've tried to smile. But something warn you to die. There's just things hard to explain. I will keep on asking why. You can call it what you want. There's a reason I wont try. There's just things hard to explain. I will keep on asking why. It must be an ev

Tiffany Alvord lyricsTiffany Alvord - The reason is you lyrics

don't need a reason to smile as I walk down the street I don't need a reason for my heart to feel complete Not another question, I'll tell ya, no one could take your place I guess that maybe the answer is written all over my face I've been, I've been noticin, You noticin me, as I

Chinchilla - Fight lyrics

this the end of our hopes and our dreams Be paid by the richman`s world for modern slavery The order they pray is to Ioose all human ethnic kinds The devil Iaughs about these fools and their foolish mind Deep in my heart there is a burning desire For liber

Pia Mia - Fight for you feat. chance the rapper lyrics

live in our own world We feel the weight that we create Whoever knows what's real Turn your backs to appreciate And the day's gonna come And the day's gonna come And the day's gonna come When you decide who you'll become I know you know it You know it But y

Sick Of It All - The reason lyrics

never fitting in defiant to the last - it's my life forged our own way outside the lines for reasons they'll never understand sacrificed. considered great never crossed our minds - it's my life freedom to stand or fall our destiny is solely in our ha

Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - Freedom lyrics

won't let you down I will not give you up Gotta have some faith in the sound It's the one good thing that I've got I won't let you down So please don't give me up Because I would really Really love to stick around, stick around Heaven knows I was

A Cutthroat Kiss - The way we used to... lyrics

I looked I looked up at the stars and found the brightest pair the ones I could compare to your eyes and then As nightfall turned to day I watched them fade away As nightfall turned to day I watch you fade away Never will I let go of what I love and what she means to

Cities - Fight for your life lyrics

eat dog In this world we live in Endless work 'cause Nothing's ever given It’s greed that makes you Take what you don't need It's lusting for more power That brings you to your knees Rage and anger Fighting to survive Dream for power Struggle to get by Fight For Your Lif

Da Band - The know lyrics

Fred] Yeah. This beat here was created in the Hamptons [Chop] Uughhh! [Fred] And dropped in Manhattan [Background:] Hey-o, Hey-o [Chop] Bad Boy's the label [Fred] Time Shock [Chop] Dofat's the man [Fred] Wit Chopper from Miami to New Orleans [Ch

Flyleaf - The reason lyrics

my life I've searched For something To satisfy the longing in my heart And every time I come away Emptier than before And now I finally see the reason 'Cause I was made to be yours alone You formed my heart with your own hands But I just coul

Short Stack - Fight for you lyrics

am such a mess, Gotta get myself together, City is a blur and this bedroom's all alone, And I can still smell your apple shampoo on my pillow, I call and all I get is an empty dial tone So I am going to leave, This song on your machine, With a little bit of hope, You'll b

Estelle - Fight for it lyrics

never been the one to cry But you got tears rolling down my face Won't you put your pride aside Instead you'd rather turn and walk away I know I know I know I know, that you want me I know I know I know you know, that I want you too What are we fighti

John Farnham - The reason why lyrics

did I do Before the day I set my eyes on you? Spending my time Just working on the things I had to do And then I saw your face I was captured heart and soul You gave me so much more You're the reason why I listen in the night And steal the softest kisses While you

Heavenly - Fight for deliverance lyrics

fear's reaching my heart When silence's reigning in the dark Powers are in my hand To fight to delivrance I know that the time has come to try to kill him, here I come revenge's falling on hell I fight for delivrance Oh I'm riding throught the night Searching for

Lacey Sturm - The reason lyrics

my life, I've searched for something to satisfy the longing in my heart And everytime, I come away emptier than before And now I finally see the reason 'Cause I was made to be yours alone You formed my heart with your own hands But I just could not understand If I gave you my

Kansas - Fight fire with fire lyrics

re the only one Let the light shine in Cause it's letting me go To your heart It's time to get in Oh there's nothing to lose Cause it's already lost In a runaway world of confusion I'm not gonna take it That's why I fight fire with fire Oh I'm burning inside an

Lissie - Can't take it back lyrics

feel like August I'm all hot and all bothered it's Too late for talk Maybe we should sleep it off But you wanna pick You're gonna throw 'til it sticks Put me in my place What'd I do now Maybe you oughta count To 10 Just wait it out Cause you might say something you'll regret

Mötley Crüe - Fight for your rights lyrics

t break the chains Can't solve the pain Can't rhyme problem with reason Not taking sides Just asking why Does the pain eat the children Who wrote the bible Who set the laws Are we left to history's flaws And if you're out there Then let me hear (hey) And take a

A Sound Of Thunder - Fight until the end lyrics

the desert Deep in the sun Third degree bums and Nowhere to run Break through the barrier Of the human will Don't let fate guide your hand It's begging for the kill Brace yourself against the agony Battle through the pain Use the will to survive You will rise again

Alex Band - Will not back down lyrics

let you down but I'll make it up to you somehow In time you'll see it's true if my will is strong And I know that as these days go on You'll find I'll get to you if it's the last thing that I do Every step you take, I'll be a second behind Every move you make, I'll be the

The Click Five - The reason why lyrics

I waited for your friends to walk away So I could say just what I mean I know we’re moving fast We’re running from the past I’m holding on before it fades away Could it be that maybe it’s our first mistake And Baby that’s alright It’s crazy how we lost o

Deine Lakaien - Love will not die lyrics

you feel alone Sometimes you feel sad and when you come home fall into your bed you weep all night long no way to get out still I know some words you should think about Don't forget Love will not die You fought in the street: stood up agai

Heather Headley - Am i worth it lyrics

m laying here in my bed, staring at the ceiling Imagining that you're here . . . holding me, See to have your heart in my possession would mean everything, But would you rather live loveless, or will you live for me and . . . What would you give, and W

Kristina Debarge - Not afraid of ghosts lyrics

sit in my bedroom with nothing, but candles on No TV on, I choose the pain It now has begun to taking over my heart The only comfort that I had Just keep me going He is leaving, he's out the door And so I cried for a week or two To get over you, I want you to know that

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