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I Am A Man Created In God\'s Image lyrics

Browse for I Am A Man Created In God\'s Image song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed I Am A Man Created In God\'s Image lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to I Am A Man Created In God\'s Image.

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Evig Natt - In god i grieve lyrics

god I grieve, so many he forsakes My shadow is cast the same way even though I am not ... one to pray Come now sorrows, burden my ... chest Senseless you drink from the cracked cup Shameless you swallow whatever’s

13 Winters - In god's eyes lyrics

this night of Beltain Eve, In a clearing, surrounded by ... trees. [Solo: Martin] The Hare Moon glows from ... behind a cloud, Like my body, covered with a white shroud. Man to woman, woman to man, In a circle my

Saving Abel - In god´s eyes lyrics

knows, the devil's told Everything on you is ... getting out of control I see your fist raised up and ... clinched I know you better than this Don't hold your breath Just get as far away as

Willie Nelson - In god's eyes lyrics

think evil thoughts of anyone It's just as wrong to think as ... to say For a thought is but a word that's unspoken In God's ... eyes He sees it this way Lend a hand if you can to a stranger

Nelly Furtado - In god's hands lyrics

looked at your face I saw that all the love had died I saw ... that we had forgotten to take the time I, I saw that you ... couldn't care less about what you do Couldn't care less about the lies You couldn't find the time to cry We

U2 lyricsU2 - In god´s country lyrics

Desert sky Dream beneath a desert sky The rivers run ... soon run dry We need new dreams tonight Desert rose Dreamed I saw a desert rose Dress ... torn in ribbons and in bows Like a siren she calls to me

Bat For Lashes - In god's house lyrics

God's house I do wait For my love on our wedding ... day Dewy eyes and lashes long for my love But I'm ... feeling something's wrong What's this I ... see? My baby's hand on the wheel What's this I

Boy George - Same thing in reverse lyrics

does it feel what do you do When he's all alone with you Do you kiss him ... hold his hand Who's the woman who's the man Is it twisted is it sick Mother nature's little trick I don't have to feel no shame In God's image I am made Your brother

Ministros Del Santuario - Image of the beast lyrics

Cannot touch a Child of God Image of the Beast will fade ... He can't take away my life Or my soul if it's with ... God Satan cannot match this power He will pay, he will

Body Count - In my head lyrics

quot;I watch you everyday when you leave your building ... .. I love the little outfits you wear. I know you wear ... em for me. God I want you." Since the day

Lonestar - I am a man lyrics

am a man on a mission. I have a case of tunnel vision. ... Just 'cause I'm not talkin' don't mean that I'm not listenin'. You can say I suffer ... from a lifelong condition. You know I love you, baby

Public Image Ltd - God lyrics

can only feel and think in the language of Cliches ... otheres have concocted for you Prefabricated pre-conception Worn like the walls around you All around you How good to walk

Juno Reactor - God is god lyrics

shall see hail fall from a clear sky You shall see darkness ... God is God God is God You shall see good and evil You shall see city walls crumble and towers fall

Laibach - God is god lyrics

shall see Hell clear in the sky You shall see darkness You shall see good and ... evil You shall see city walls crumble and towers fall ... God is God God is God God You shall see

Francis Magalona - Man from manila lyrics

from Manila by Francis Magalona I am the Man from Manila, Kami ang tinig na kayumanggi I am ... the man from Manila, Buhayin natin ang himig ng lahi. Ako'y Manileño taga Mandaluyong, Nais

Florida Georgia Line lyricsFlorida Georgia Line - Man i am today lyrics

a kiss from Katie on the swing set, when I was in 3rd grade Teacher makin me sit ... from recess, when I would mis-behave Its a long haul to ... see my grandma, during the holidays I can tell

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - God's coloring book lyrics

as I was walking In the fields just down the way I sat ... down on a fallen log To pass the time away And as I ... looked around me The more that I did look the more I realize that I am viewing God's

Martin Smith - God's great dance floor lyrics

m coming back to the start Where You found me I'm ... coming back to Your heart Now I surrender Take me ... This is all I can bring You'll never stop loving

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Man of constant sorrow lyrics

am a man of constant sorrow I've seen trouble all my days I'll say goodbye to Colorado ... Where I was born and partly raised. Your mother says I'm a stranger My face you'll

The Kinks - Money and coruption/i'm you man lyrics

by Chorus) We are sick and tired Of being promised ... this and that. We work all day, we sweat and slave To ... keep the wealthy fat. They fill our heads with promises And bamboozle us with facts,

Blaakyum - Am i black? lyrics

deceived, deceit, inside Nothing's worth try This life that should not be I ... roam all alone in life With no one to care I made my ... life Darkness within Drifting wind is blowing am I black My sun ain't rising am I

Blaze Bayley - Man who would not die lyrics

have a noose around my neck it is spun from my hopes and ... dreams the ones who wronged and now are choking me The hanging man, I am not hanged to ... martyr's breath I must now cling until I face those who did

Creed - In america lyrics

in America We're slaves to be free Only in America we kill the unborn To make ... ends meet Only in America Sexuality is democracy Only ... in America we stamp our god "In God We Trust&amp

Seal lyricsSeal - I am your man lyrics

from now on Shelter you and be A pillow to lean on ... For in your eyes, I see What I was born to be And now, ... now my life can begin For I am your man Oh, yes, I am, yes,

Suzanne Vega lyricsSuzanne Vega - The man who played god ft. danger mouse & spa.. lyrics

the world you love Now think of where it wants to go All things you can see around ... you You can change them Rearrange them in your mind If ... you've heard tales of transformation Now then one two

George Michael lyricsGeorge Michael - I am your man lyrics

me good Call me bad Call me anything you want to baby But I know that you're sad And I know I'll make you happy With the one thing that ... you never had Baby, I'm your man (don't you know that?) Baby, I'm your man You

Avenged Sevenfold - God damn lyrics

Hey! Can't you see we're tripping on ... the wire Walking through the candy land of ... our desires Press the magic button and behold the world ... you crave Where's the fun in freedom when it renders you a slave? Pledge allegiance, no

Wham! lyricsWham! - I am your man lyrics

me good Call me bad Call me anything you want to baby But I know that you're sad And I know I'll make you happy With the one thing that ... you never had Baby, I'm your man (don't you know that?) Baby, I'm your man You

A Wilhelm Scream - God loves a liar lyrics

t forget to waste your blood and mix it with your tears now. ... Don't forget to waste your love inside me to crawl out. I know it's here inside. Why am I so afraid?

Alice In Chains lyricsAlice In Chains - Am i inside lyrics

it shadows me, quicker than darkness Crawls to the surface ... of my skin, visibly surrounded by it Black is all I feel, so this is how it feels to be free

Lynyrd Skynyrd - God & guns lyrics

night I heard this politician Talking 'bout his brand ... new mission Liked his plans, but they came undone when ... he got around with God and guns I don't know how

Biss - God lyrics

do not like heaven It’s finally not my place I do not like you either I don’t like ... your face I do not like my mother I sometimes hate ... my dad I don’t like my brother That really makes me sad Pre-Chorus I ride the road into hell To meet

Prince - Man in a uniform lyrics

she said (Hut!) She said "Man in a uniform 2night that's what I want U 2 be ... quot; She said "3rd time this week U wore that old

Gordon Gano - Man in the sand lyrics

you like To go to the ocean side Would you like To go out ... there for a ride With me my dear You see the sea ... is so clear And so bright tonight And I'm feeling so right

Kalmah - Man of the king lyrics

-Black and White Without the red in my eyes Smile -toothless grin Before the ... king is inside me I want to believe to the power higher than we know But the

Gary Numan - In a dark place lyrics

calls me From a dark place And so I pray every night Something knows me It whispers my name And I'm ... losing my faith I can feel it breathing But it

Pellek - God's pocket lyrics

morning world – I have to say it's great to be alive! The harbor seals and orca whales are ... swimming side by side. The water's clear as ... crystal and the sun's just woken up – An intertidal animal looks out

Get Up Kids - Man of conviction lyrics

blessed here's a man of conviction With evidence enough to ... convict him So he stands by the side of the victim ... Has strength enough to forgive him Hopefully nobody saw him Hopefully nobody saw him

Passenger (swedish Metal Band) - In my head lyrics

m so brilliant I`m a joke my tongue is golden I ... m about to choke and i`m holy I`m a wreck my voice ... is velvet I have a rope around my neck I`m so tired

Ramp - In the beginning lyrics

s just a matter of attitude What I'm going to talk about You may not believe it ... But you have the right to doubt You think you are a made man Who knows the mighty truth Who reached what

Sadus - In the name of... lyrics

ways of old Have begun again Doomed to repeat the past Another mortal sin Lies - Feed ... the fire That burn our hands Die for a cause The ill ... will of man Slave, slave To obsession of a final goal How far will one go to the

Head East - Man i wanna be lyrics

men can't be happy without makin' somebody cry And some men ... gotta be famous and take all the stars from the sky And ... some men find the answer in a big old house by the sea But

Brenda Lee - Am i blue lyrics

I blue Am I blue Ain't these tears in these eyes, ... telling you Am I blue You'd be, too If each ... plan with your man, done fell through Was a ... time, I was his, his only one But now I'm the sad and lonely one, Lordy Was I

Otherwise - Man on fire lyrics

I a man who is on fire? My ashes turned to fields of ... chords from a choir I melt into the winds that sailed us away And all the letters that ... never found their place And out of all the walls come war machines The captains of ships that sink in streams And I

Icehouse - Man of colours lyrics

s a noise upstairs in the attic It's the shuffle of worn ... out shoes And the scent of the oil and ... brushes Drifts down like a pale perfume [Chorus: ] And

Kate Bush - In search of peter pan lyrics

s been such a long week. So much crying. I no longer see a future. I've ... been told when I get older That I'll understand It all. ... But I'm not sure if I want to. Running into her arms At the school gates--

Charm City Devils - Man of constant sorrow lyrics

am a man of constant sorrow I've seen trouble all my days I bid farewell to old Kentucky ... The place where I was born and raised The place where I was born and raised For six

Queensrÿche - Man down lyrics

I'm okay. Another day, another nightmare begins. And ... the sound that I hear is the relentless firing in my ... head. Shifting gear in the driver's seat as the finger of g

The Damned - In dulce decorum lyrics

mother how I will write this line When I know I'm counting ... time I'm tired and I'm scared I'm waiting and death's ... my friend To say in God we trust not for this

Corey Hart - In your soul lyrics

since I was a little kid I have always thought I could run ... faster than the wind Stare up to the sky with open spaces I could live and die Man ... you can't find that in no book You never find that in no book Someone will drag

In Fear And Faith - Last man stranded lyrics

another time When the light didn't blind my eyes I would've ... killed just to fall asleep. No god beyond these ... clouds. No feet upon this ground. The desolate king I

Paula Cole - God is watching lyrics

it be across the sea, Kosovo,Baghdad,Korea Or ... here at home, right under our fingertips In ... new slavery prison systems Holding one in ... four black American brothers The one percent wealthy profiteering From the buisness that is war Yeah,go to

Erasure lyricsErasure - Man in the moon lyrics

from the deepest Part of my heart Delving under ... cause to wonder Why am I falling apart Scattered all around This topsy turvy room ... Will I find the one Who takes me there too soon When

Outkast - God interlude lyrics

Come in God God come in God Damn you’re a girl Wow ... I guess the reason I’m talking to you tonight is Cause I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and And I consider myself a pretty cool guy And I never

Ariana Grande lyricsAriana Grande - In my head lyrics

Intro: Doug Middlebrook] Here's the thing: ... you’re in love with a version of a person that you've created in your head, that you are ... trying to but cannot fix. Uh, the only thing you can

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - Faith in god lyrics

s all right to have faith in god But when you bend to ... their rules and their f***ing lies That's when I start ... to have pity on you. You're living on ... a mound of dirt, But you can't explain your reason for existence So you blame it on god

Extreme lyricsExtreme - Money (in god we trust) lyrics

Now I lay, I lay me down to sleep Hallelujah Almighty dollar I praise ... the Lord afford my roll to keep Hallelujah Almighty dollar ... Money I need more money Just a little more money Yeah, I need

Van Morrison - When will i ever learn to live in god? lyrics

sun was setting over Avalon The last time we stood in ... the west Suffering long time angels enraptured by Blake ... Burn out the dross innocence captured again Standing on the beach at sunset all the boats All the boats

Alice In Chains lyricsAlice In Chains - God smack lyrics

for the men who wonder Straw that broke your back, you're ... under Cast all them aside who care Empty eyes and dead end stare Don't you know ... that none are blind To the lie, and you think I don't find

Anointed - It's in god's hands now lyrics

ve done all I can to please you But I can't wipe away ... that frown I'm letting go, that's how much I love you It's in God's hands now I gave you ... my heart, forever And I will keep that solemn vow But I

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