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I’ve Heard A Story I’ve Heard It Said To Believe That Love Is A Bed Sometimes You Win It Sometimes You Lose It lyrics

Browse for I’ve Heard A Story I’ve Heard It Said To Believe That Love Is A Bed Sometimes You Win It Sometimes You Lose It song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed I’ve Heard A Story I’ve Heard It Said To Believe That Love Is A Bed Sometimes You Win It Sometimes You Lose It lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to I’ve Heard A Story I’ve Heard It Said To Believe That Love Is A Bed Sometimes You Win It Sometimes You Lose It.

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Maze - Love is lyrics

Is Love Is Love Is Love Is Take a look around you you ... can see what's going on Sometimes I know it can really bring you down Before you get to low take a look inside yourself And

Katy Perry lyricsKaty Perry - It´ ok to believe lyrics

was big for us forever changing you and me allow me to ... be ambiguous. thought I can't stand ambiguity. I'll beat around this burning bush ... Trying to put this fire out when all the

Maze - Love is the key lyrics

is the key to life The thing that makes it right Why we can't ... be one I'll never know Love is the key this time And there ... s know doubt in my mind If you really want to be free Love is the key Love is the key that's so real It's the kind of

Krystal Meyers - Love is on the run lyrics

Did anybody notice While we were ... busy talking trash It slipped out of our reach ... Nothing Is anything without it It’s funny how we all forget ... to Practice what we preach We let it go Tragedy

Dan Hartman - It hurts to be in love lyrics

hurts to be in love when the only you love Turns ... out to be someone Who's NOT IN LOVE WITH YOU It hurts to love ... so When deep down inside you know She will never want you

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - To wait for love (is to waste your life away) lyrics

day without love is a day of sorrow Don't wait until tomorrow To wait for love is ... just, to waste your life away Dreams come true, but if you get too far behind them

Joan Jett - Love is pain lyrics

you must obey Or you will bleed You know I need to get my way So now you listen up You are my pup I beat you up in every way An' ... when I speak to you You answer true Or I will make you black and blue I love to make you wait You take the bait I know you hate and love me

Jason Castro - It matters to me lyrics

dreamed about your golden eyes Every time I saw the sunrise I picture you alone with no one there to hold ... you Now I touch your soft, soft skin So perfect

Lee Rocker - Sometimes you win lyrics

I took off and there ain’t no turning back 400 ... miles and the sky was turning black If the road ... keeps on movin and the rain don’t start to fall I can

David Cook - Hard to believe lyrics

Tell me the story again How it all fell apart in the end ... Just when you thought you were too far gone You're too ... far gone Wait Maybe the reasons dont fit When did you lose innocence And when did you

Leo Sayer - You win -- i lose lyrics

win -- I losethat's how it all beginswell I try so hard in ... these affairs of the heartbut I know that I'll never win well I talk to you sweet like ... honeydon't I treat you as nice as piebut I can't

Glen Campbell - You win again lyrics

What can I do you win again) The news is out all over town that you've been seen out ... runnin' round Now I know that I should leave but then I ... just can't go you win again This heart of mine could never see

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - Love is just a four letter word lyrics

like only yesterday I left my mind behind Down ... in the Gypsy Cafe With a friend of a friend of mine ... She sat with a baby heavy on her knee Yet spoke of

Axxis - Love is like an ocean lyrics

darling, you're so far away This wall can't divide our love, I pray I need you, I wanna ... see you No frontier can change my love 'Cause every ... drop of love could be A mighty stream of sympathy And every stone is flowing away

Enuff Z' Nuff - Believe in love lyrics

In Love I love Sunday mornings, All wrapped up in ... Spring-time. Hangin' from a thread, Barrel to your head. ... You can make it alright, If you can make it into bed. But you've got to believe in love, So your heart can

Cabballero - Love is a shield lyrics

is a shield, to hide behind, love is a field to grow inside, and when I sometimes close my ... eyes my mind starts spinning round. Love is a ... baby in a mother`s arms, love is your breath which makes me warm, and when I sometimes close

Hodgson Roger - Love is a thousand times lyrics

love is a thousand times stronger than me ... stronger than you Well if you want to be a soldier go marching off to war You think you're going to be a hero but

A-ha lyricsA-ha - To let you win lyrics

know I always had the strength to fight But I ... got tired of the wars at night Thinking they would ... end if I gave in But I wasn't strong enough To let you win To let you win Let you win I knew the fight but I

Grave Digger - Love is a game lyrics

believe I see your face Reflected in the glass Your blue eyes seem to laugh at ... me You have captured my soul You broke my ... heart 'long time ago I'll make you love me too Don't play for keeps, don't play to win

Rascal Flatts - To make her love me lyrics

waved your hand and it was done Said let it be and ... there it was A mountain, so high, it broke through, ... the sky A canyon, so deep, it'll bring a man to his knees

Darren Hayes - Love is in everything lyrics

was waiting for someone to call my name You said a million ... strangers feel the same The weight of the world, ... resting only in my head Was all black and white, when it

Keel - Don't say you love me lyrics

know what's waiting Some man is waiting For you Yeah you ... Do not explain him I get the feelin' We ... re through So true And I heard there's somebody else I tend

Sheryl Crow lyricsSheryl Crow - Love is all there is lyrics

is talking about me How my heart is broken But they don´t ... see When you´re lonely inside The world ... looks so carefree When you´re lonely inside You just can´t see Does anybody want you Does anybody need you The

Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - Love is killing me lyrics

is killing me Sometimes thrilling me Lift’s me up, ... knocks me down Love makes the world go round Sometimes it feels like I am torn ... inside It‘s gonna drive me insane Sometimes it

Golden Earring - You break my heart lyrics

, Darlin', where have you been? I said words I didn't ... mean I've been searching everywhere for you You said you would leave me never ... I thought this was love forever So I just gave

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - Love is a bourgeois construct lyrics

ve been taking my time for a long time Putting my feet up ... a lot Speaking English as a foreign language Any words that I haven't forgot I've been ... thinking how I can't be bothered To wash the dishes or remake the bed What's

Human League - Love is all that matters lyrics

forgiving Love for good Love to keep us faithful After all is said and done Love is all that matters Got this beautiful situation I've finally

Human League - Love is all that matters (extended version) lyrics

forgiving Love for good Love to keep us faithful After all is said and done Love is all that matters Got this beautiful situation I've finally

Badfinger - Love is easy lyrics

I needed was your smile Sayin' it alright, I don't mind ... All I wanted was my chance Baby, I could learn to dance ... Well, love is easy, love is strange Different people,

The Beatles lyricsThe Beatles - You've got to hide your love away lyrics

I stand head in hand turn my face to the wall ... if she's gone I can't go on feeling two foot small. Everywhere people stare ... each and every day I can see them laugh at me and I

Joe Cocker lyricsJoe Cocker - You've got to hide your love away lyrics

I stand head in hand Turn my face to the wall ... If she's gone I can't go on Feelin' two-foot small Everywhere people stare ... Each and every day I can see them laugh at me And I

John Mayer - Love is a verb lyrics

is a verb It ain't a thing It's not something you own It's ... not something you scream When you show me love I ... don't need your words Yeah love ain't a thing Love is a verb

Xavier Naidoo lyricsXavier Naidoo - That's the way love is lyrics

people take a vow to be together And live and love each ... other forever. They promise to love a lifetime Funny thing ... Then they change their minds. They both go

Ray Charles - It's alright lyrics

It's alright) Woooooooh now, let me ... tell you now (It's alright) So many times I sat ... down and cried (It's alright) You know there's no ... one to dry my weapin' eyes (It's alright) Baby I'm so in love with you now (It's alright)

Dean Martin - Love is real lyrics

was a rumpled romeo with a 10 speed bike and a stereo, ... She was a dauntless damsel in a dress with her lovelight all aglow. He picked ... her up in the parking lot with a whole bouquet of forget-me

Glen Campbell - Love is not a game lyrics

is like a warm and tender rain Splashing on the roof beatin' on the window pane She was like a soft and gentle ... Seemin' so sincere pretty as you please. Though the time we

Centaur - Got to believe in love lyrics

night in your eyes And you know work is done Sunset ... will break this day And the night of passion comes ... See the lights in the city The breeze blows up your

Chicago - Love is forever lyrics

what can I do? What will it take To get you back again? ... You say it's over between us And why ... do you deny Our love is true? I know you feel the heat The fire is burning inside

The Faces - Love lives here lyrics

s hard to believe that this is the place Where we were so happy all our lives. Now so ... empty inside and feelin' no pain. Waitin' for a hammer and a big ball and chain. They can tear it all down and build

Girls Aloud - Love is pain lyrics

you are What you see It don't matter to me It don't ... matter to me What you know What you need It don't ... matter to me Just be faithful to me When you know oh

Brian Mcknight - Love is lyrics

feat. Vanessa Williams) [Vanessa] They say it's a river, that circles the Earth A beam of ... light shinin' to the edge of the universe It ... conquers all It changes everything They say it's

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - Love is a gift lyrics

we are at last Suddenly the pieces fit All at once, I make sense of this crazy world Loved you for so ... long Now your hand is holding mine It's like we're

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - Believe that it's so lyrics

oh my my my Yeah La la la la Oh oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh ... oh oh oh oh If I told you that I placed the world right in your hands And I'd rather be your man and girl Believe that it's so Believe that it's so

Seal lyricsSeal - Love is powerful lyrics

Mr. Shame won't you help me please 'cause I am ... feelin' poor This crazy game I play is not the same as ... the one I played before When he looked me ... in the eyes and can he smile, said boy you know the score Don't

Wet Wet Wet lyricsWet Wet Wet - Love is my shepherd lyrics

love is my shepherd And he leads me down, To ... where troubled water Sprung up from the ... ground. I found the answer, Now it seems so clear ... When I see your face I can't help but trace That love

Da Buzz - Love is stronger than words lyrics

'Everytime i look at you and everytime you say you do ... I can't believe it baby my love is stronger than words I have this feeling inside me so

Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Love is all lyrics

ecstasy ennobled our first kiss I fell into an agony of bliss I've never heard a person talk like this I hope you don't ... think you can take the piss The exhilaration of your touch Ensnares my heart within its vice-like clutch Now that may be a compliment as such I'm

Geri Halliwell lyricsGeri Halliwell - Love is the only light lyrics

go down on me When the truth is hard to see When hope is fading out of sight Love is the ... When my world becomes unreal And the pain is all I feel

Annie Lennox - Love is blind lyrics

.. sugar When ya gonna come? Oh...sugar When ya ... gonna come? I spend my life gettin ... older But you still got me on the run Oh ... ..sweetness When will you be mine? Oh...sweetness

Daniel Küblböck - Love is in the air lyrics

met a girl in Brooklyn I met her ... in Paris She told her name was Lisa Her real name was Marie I fell in love with Lisa ... I married her one day The next thing that I heard She's leaving in L.A.

Love - Love is more than words (or better late than .. lyrics

say you love me But you know love is more than words That's what I heard So I'm passing on ... what I learned I think about you But I see thinking is just the door I want the key

Mcfly - Love is easy lyrics

dododoo Dodo doo dododoo Today I’m laughing the clouds away, I hear what the flowers say, And drink every drop of rain. And I see places that I have been In ways that I´ve

2pm - Love is true (nichkhun & junho) lyrics

can’’t believe my eyes cheoeumeneun mitji anhatjyo sarangiran geon baramcheoreom boiji annneun georaseo It’’s funny how life without you mwol haedo jaemiga

Rush Of Fools - Lose it all lyrics

nothing quite like you There’s nothing here on the ... earth Youve nothing left to prove None can compare to Your worth Okay, all right, ... there’s more that I am living for When I’m Yours

Bay City Rollers - Love is lyrics

can't we be like before Has someone else gone and given ... more love Than I ever could give you More love Has he promised to show you that Love is a wonderful

Ariana Grande lyricsAriana Grande - Love is everything lyrics

time for us to all give something, All around ... the world this time of year, As a matter of fact it won’t ... cost you much, It’s in your heart you got it right there

Jewel - Love is a garden lyrics

m sitting here lately Thinking about us maybe ... Taking a break was a good thing 'Cause we were ... just children Following a feeling Not knowing love ... could wither away But looking back it passed so softly But common strangers we could not see Just

Danko Jones - Love is unkind lyrics

said "Watch out son! Skinny top, heavy ... bottom!" Oh I see it's easy to tell that girl is ... putting you through hell Papa said "my turn, step

Josh Ritter - Love is making its way back home lyrics

pines the moonlit road Wintertime the crunch of snow I ... wonder will your smile show That love is making its way back ... home? Love is making its way back home Love is making its way back home Love is making its way back home And

The Kills - That love lyrics

you or won't you Cross that road in time? Will you or ... won't you Outrun, what you know you must? It's over ... now It's over now That love you're in Is f***ed up Will you or won't you Land softly

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