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Lionel Richie - Im in love lyrics

Ohhh Ohhh Say Na na na na I'm in Love [3x] No tears No ... tears No more I'm done crying out No game No game said I ... find another way No games not tonight Before not up

Gwar - Im in love with a dead dog lyrics

I first met you, I knew I loved you. Now that one + one is ... two, I don't wanna cum inside of you. Now I kiss your ... I mount your hips. Now I read your mind, your slimey hind

Fry & Laurie - Im in love with steffi graf lyrics

s got eyes like diamonds, Hair like twisted gold. When ... run cold Now, I don't care if people laugh (A-ha) I ... m in love with Steffi Graf I watched her all last

Saving Jane - Im in love with a vampire lyrics

I'm in love) (I'm in...I'm, I'm in) (I'm in love) ... (I think I'm in love) (I'm in...I'm in love) ... (I'm in...I'm in love) He's been waiting here a

Christian Tv - Im in love lyrics

touch me.. YEAH YEAH YEAH Oh it feel so right, dont ... rush me rush me rush me baby. I'm tryna stay all night ... with you.. I'm in love way you make me feel I'm in love. I don't know what is

The Animals - Im in love again lyrics

in the morning Sitting here all alone Waitin' for my baby ... To call me on the telephone I'm in ... love, I'm in love Feel good all the time I said I can't

Alex Gaudino - Im in love lyrics

m in love, I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love, I wanna do it, ... Heey heey ey, Oooh oh woah, I saw you in the club,

Girls' Generation (so Nyuh Shi Dae) - Im in love with the hero lyrics

de dorama no oshare na climax soko de matsu no wa dareka ... no HERO jikan tsubushi de zasshi wo checking guuzen hira ... ita peeji de smiling (Yuri Sooyoung) uso mitai

I Hate Kate - Im in love with a sociopath lyrics

her name is Little Miss new in town She said I need someone ... to show me around I said what the hell She looked innocent as far as I could tell ... She said I'm all alone and come up into my room And I

Soundtrack - Soy Luna lyricsSoundtrack - Soy Luna - I've got a feeling (atellagali remix) lyrics

siento como el viento Detras no queda nada Yo vivo como ... siento En libertad, a todo o nada Vivamos el ... momento Tan solo una mirada Vuela el pensamiento La partida y la llegada Hoy la

Soundtrack - Soy Luna lyricsSoundtrack - Soy Luna - I've got a feeling lyrics

siento como el viento Detras no queda nada Yo vivo como ... siento En libertad, a todo o nada Vivamos el ... momento Tan solo una mirada Vuela el pensamiento La partida y la llegada Hoy la

Frankee - In love with me lyrics

if you wanna know bout me i'm a bad girl Like my guys the same sharing my world I'm not afraid of things you would not ... believe So you gotta come correct you wanna be

Eva Cassidy - Ive got this feeling lyrics

ve got this feeling Deep down inside And it makes me feel so good I just can't disguise If you'll allow ... me to take your hand Gonna do my best oh To make you

The Beatles lyricsThe Beatles - I've got a feeling lyrics

ve got a feeling, a feeling deep inside oh yeah oh yeah ... that's right I've got a feeling, a feeling I can't hide oh ... no no oh no oh no yeah yeah I've got a feeling yeah.

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - I've got a feeling lyrics

ve got a feeling, a feeling deep inside oh yeah oh yeah ... that's right I've got a feeling, a feeling I can't hide oh ... no no oh no oh no yeah yeah I've got a feeling yeah.

Annette Hanshaw - I've got a feeling i'm falling lyrics

m Flying high but I've got a feeling I'm falling falling for ... nobody else but you you caught my eye and I've got a feeling I'm falling show me the ring

The Secret Sisters - I've got a feeling lyrics

ve got a feelin' That you're gonna leave me I've got a feelin' You're gonna put ... me down I've got a feelin' You tried to deceive me I ... ve got a feelin' That you've been running around.

Sing It Loud - I've got a feeling lyrics

got a feeling you don’t care And everything I say you cannot ... hear So celebrate the time we have Cause I don’t think I can stay, for to long ... Oh yeah and how could I forget The

Chastain - Love and hate lyrics

feel so alive You've got me feeling satisfied You're saying ... something You'd like to see me On my ... for you (wouldn't you?) Love and hate Love and hate

Mindy Mccready - I've got a feeling lyrics

I, I've got a feelin' And I, I, I'm gonna hold you ... tonight I, I, I've been dreamin' Of holding your sweet body ... next to mine Oh baby it's sure been a long time

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - Try it im in love with a married man lyrics

think of you each day I think of you at night Do you think about me, darling, When you ... make love to your wife? The world won ... t understand My affair with a married man (Try it, try

Emilia - Sorry im in love lyrics

baby, I see you hangin' 'round, What's going on in ... your mind, baby, baby? I got the picture now, Don't ... bother wastin' your time. Me and the girls, we're

Instalok - In love with teemo (o.t. genasis - coco) lyrics

in love with the Teemo Can’t keep it on the low low ... Heading top, flying solo Laning against me drives you loco ... If youre mad then go blame Rito MIA like finding

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - Nevertheless im in love with you lyrics

I'm right and maybe I'm wrong Maybe I'm weak, ... maybe I'm strong But ... nevertheless, I'm in love with you Maybe I'll win, maybe I'll lose And maybe I'm in for cryin' the blues But

Kenny Loggins - I've got the melody (deep in my heart) lyrics

ooh Ohh ohh You've got the music in your heart I ... know just how to make it start You know the song that makes me sing You know the tune ... so play my strings 'Cause I've got the melody deep in my heart I could sing it alone but I'd rather not You

Fall Out Boy lyricsFall Out Boy - I've got all this ringing in my ears and one .. lyrics

a canary, I’m a coal mine Cause sorrow is just all the rage Take one for the team ... You all know what I mean And I’m so sorry, but not really Tell the boys where to find my body New York eyes,

Ivy - Ive got a feeling lyrics

what can I do? I've been out searching for you. I've got a feeling ... all I need is a love that's true. Baby, what can I ... say? I know this won't go away. I've got a feeling all I

Rea Garvey - Love someone lyrics

minds think alike But few can stay the same And though ... I´m gone I´m never out of range The heart grows fonder ... The heart grows stronger For what it

Ricky Nelson - I've got a feelin lyrics

I've got a feeling That I'm gonna get you Say I've got a little feeling That it won ... t be long Till I hold you in my arms and, baby, that's ... where you belong Well I've got a feeling That you think about me Well I've got a

Emre Aydın - Ve gülümse Şimdi (bebeğim) lyrics

ağlama, tanıdık yalnızlık, evvel Allah tanıştık ... evvelden Kokunu bırakma, çok sevdim kokunu, bilemezsin götür kokunu Bebeğim Bebeğim Çocuktun hep sen, elinde balonla Engel miydim ben, iğne

Daya - Got the feeling lyrics

between the wrong and the right thing Can't make ... up my mind, it's got a mind of its own Felt a spark, ... but there was no lightning Could've walked away, but

Carpenters - When you've got what it takes lyrics

you've got what it takes You've got nothing to ... hide You've got miles of feelings And acres of pride You've ... got it You've really got it When you know who you are Then you live what you

Chase & Status - In love ft. jenna g lyrics

to explain I know its complicated But I still have this feeling More serious than ... butterflies My inside's so sore Finding it hard to let go Cause I'm still

Collage Humor - I got a feeling parody lyrics

ve Got a Feeling... Like last night wasn't such a good ... night Cause my head really doesn't feel right And ... god dammit, the sun is too, too ... bright My leg is bleeding... And my clothes smell

Tim Hicks - Got a feeling lyrics

m a bullfrog sitting on a log Watching them flies like ... a bone to a dog Hey yup the sun done coming up bait, pole and a coffee ... cup It's alright if the fish don't bite

Ne-yo - I am in love lyrics

tears, no tears no more done cryin' now ... no pain no pain, said i found another way no games, not like before not up ... here on this cloud no time for yesterday, now let me

Usher lyricsUsher - Love em all lyrics

m alone in this room The only thing that ... s on my mind is you I can't lie and say that I don't ... hear your call at night That's something for 'ya Got ... plenty to go around I guess I gotta remind

Lisa Maffia - In love lyrics

C'mon) Oh oh oh AC (That's me) So solid Lisa maffia ... (Can't hide) Can't hide no more the way i ... feel about you (It's been) It's ... been goin on too long (I'm gonna) I'm

Capital Sound - In the night lyrics

the night Gotta make it right In the night Gotta feel your love babe In the ... night Gotta make it right In the night Gotta feel your love babe Move now babe I'm

Caught In The Act - That c.i.t.a. feeling lyrics

that feeling got that C.I.T.A. feeling for you here I am ... I´m back again (back again) all the time I wonder is it ... still the same (still the same) get the call two minutes

Sevendust - Got a feeling lyrics

got a feeling coming on Life is taking way too ... see you when I’m home See a madman on the wall A burning ... church and human flaw, But you leave them alone

Jeff Beck - Got the feeling lyrics

the day is right my friends Live ... life as full as you can Just put through you my heart Do what you want yourself ... Oh there's a spark down inside I would like to die Whoa whoa Ain't no good when

Brick & Lace - In love with the music lyrics

let the music play on (play on) DJ started playing my favourite song The way you´re ... hitting that groove its turning me on (oooh oh) I think I´m ... in love with the music, music,

Damnwells - I've got you lyrics

ve got doubts I can't even count I've got ... mirrors that take me apart I've got blues mounting ... revolt I've got songs that stall when I start But I

Ace Frehley - Im in need of love lyrics

need some love, so give me some You know I ... want some love, so turn me on Sometimes I ... feel so low, sometimes I feel I'm on top, you know ... Now girl I hate to start, 'cos then you gonna stop

Jimmy Nevis - In love with you lyrics

Verse 1:] I’m in love with you girl Only one in ... the world You got me trippin over your love The only thing that I’m thinking of It’s ... that thing that you do That keeps me falling for you I

Faith No More lyricsFaith No More - Got that feeling lyrics

that feeling Luck is just a little of it Got that feeling I can't stop winning A ... to Z Look what you're missing, as we speak Your number's

Glamour Of The Kill - Feeling alive lyrics

in this place Is only here for one thing ... And everybody know's my name I've got a feeling this is ... gonna get insane So let's make this our night Whoa, whoa

Halloween (usa) - Love 'em and lose 'em lyrics

here I can see you, wishing that it could be A secret love ... together, alone just you and me But will it ever happen ... only time could tell So say good night and say goodbye and I’ll wish you well… Something here attracts you, but I’m

Cassie - Cassie - in love with you lyrics

of the world Listen up Can i get this track any louder? ... [Chorus] Im in love with you in every little thing you do im in love with you ... im in love with you cant take my eyes off you im in love

Eric Clapton lyricsEric Clapton - I've got a rock 'n' roll heart lyrics

ve got a feeling we could be serious, girl; ... Right at this moment, I could promise ... the world. Before we go crazy, before we explode, There ... s something 'bout me, baby, you got to know, You got

Hanson - Got a hold on me lyrics

as I might I'm a fool in a losing fight Can't escape the ... bullet's bite 'cause the enemy's in sight ... Sign on the dotted line Take your pick Have a bite

Hendersin - In love lyrics

Hook] Sleepin' through the day Wake up with champagne ... Roll me an ay I told my mother I would ... quit, what can I say? I'm still breathing Falling in love every evening So we

Jennifer Rush lyricsJennifer Rush - Im in it for love lyrics

loved and Ive lost Ive added the cost Now I want to ... live Free to start all over If you say you will Ive nothing to promise All that ... I want is To know we have this chance We can make it

Flickerstick - Got a feeling lyrics

got a feeling, it's a feeling That you'll never understand It's like a rush to my heart That I hope never ends ... But it all depends It's a power such a power A sensation that is changing how I

Centaur - Got to believe in love lyrics

night in your eyes And you know work is done ... Sunset will break this day And the night of passion comes ... See the lights in the city The breeze blows up

Breathe Carolina - Im the type of person to take things personal lyrics

s on now Any minute Now that we've seen it all Any day ... now Waiting for your curtain to fall Any second You called but I'm calling you out Any minute I've never been one

Head East - This woman in love lyrics

found somebody Now look around you You can find ... somebody too Never knew exactly Who it was I was looking ... for Till I found you And I can tell by the way she walks by This woman is on love

Confide - In reply lyrics

was backed in a corner and left myself no room at all. ... I left myself wide open to fear and in the end so vulnerable ... You will take back every word you said.

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