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I’ve Built So Many Bridges I’ve Run Out Of Bridges To Burn lyrics

Browse for I’ve Built So Many Bridges I’ve Run Out Of Bridges To Burn song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed I’ve Built So Many Bridges I’ve Run Out Of Bridges To Burn lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to I’ve Built So Many Bridges I’ve Run Out Of Bridges To Burn.

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Pauline Pantsdown - Run out of gas lyrics

. ohh.. Black coffee in my car Crowded ... behind Will always be a part of me Funny feeling from my stomach Tell me where did these ... in my life Chorus: Running out of gaz So much more

Glamour Of The Kill - So who said romance is dead ? lyrics

many times I've lied, So many times I've run away. But not ... this time, I'm not lying to myself I can't look back ... ) Upon the past I've spent to long searching for myself.

Scanner - Out of nowhere lyrics

move I'm bidding time Desultoriness in my proceedings ... be her spell I'm coming Out of Nowhere May wounds be ... sutured without scars? Out of Nowhere Hatred to nurture?! So damned you are! Still we

Roy Orbison - Wild hearts run out of time lyrics

How long will you keep running on and on Can't you see ... Please don't let your heart run out of time Wild hearts run out of time When you're up ... there all alone In the dying of the light Wild hearts run out of time And you'll need a

Rabia Sorda - Out of control lyrics

do we go now? out of this place The world keeps ... waste your time again trying to Understand, this shithole is ... out of control Just burn this world and go! Out of

Sign Of Decay - Out of control lyrics

1 so many times I´ve thought of you so many dreams that aint come ... true so many lies are in my head ... broke my heart you broke my soul I can’t believe out of

Cock Sparrer - So many things lyrics

by violence in the sun Dictators ruling countries and ... I won't take this anymore So many things in this world are ... wrong So many things I've put up with for too long The future is here, no

Agnostic Front - Out of reach lyrics

so many times I've heard before ... Discouragement go to work and feel so bored. ... There's something in my head Something in my heart. Too many people never fight for what

James - So many ways lyrics

are so many traps been laid How can you ... get made Which are the turns to take It doesn't seem to ... when the wave will break So, so many ways So, so many

Martine Mccutcheon - Cried so many nights lyrics

I was dreaming I was crying out was calling out your name ... was gone you're moving on so why can't I believe that it ... now that's the way it has to be I can see it in your eyes

Lil Rob - So many styles lyrics

you a selection of perfection No need to ... why I leave these other vatos with manic depression ... them sketching their next lesson, did I mention I'm not ... they feel my agression, my profession is positive

Welshly Arms lyricsWelshly Arms - Run right out of here lyrics

sittin' 'round thinkin' 'bout my time And how nothin' ever ... seems to come of it Then I wonder why I ever ... I know that I don't want em so I should be moving on... I

Cheap Trick - Never run out of love lyrics

will never run out of love for you I'll never run out of love Midnight, don't ... lie awake just a-wonderin' about you Wound up much too tight ... Can't think about livin' without you The day you put your

Jay Mcguiness - Out of time (only you) lyrics

can I Hold a mirror up to your eyes Speak the way ... a thousand different ways Ive been looking over pictures ... kno-ow It’s hard for me to sit and watch you getting

B. B. King - So many days lyrics

d rather steal away and die So many days I'd rather steal ... away and die I was too blue to live And to mean to die ... You've been so mean baby You've been so

Jewel - Till we run out of road lyrics

time again I'm headed out With all my friends It's a ... roll of the dice I've never thought ... twice About the way I've been spending ... my time Trying my guts out For every dime Working in

2pac lyrics2pac - So many tears lyrics

I walk through the valley of death I shed so many tears ... me (grab a nigga and take me to Heaven) Back in elementary ... my mind couldn´t find a place to rest until I got that Thug

Astral Doors - So many day so many nights lyrics

in white; as the day turned To night in the year of never ... the sky as the wolf starts to cry; sleep forever See the ... faces, fell the winds of lost places again So many

Edwin Colins - Out of this world lyrics

, I'm prayin' that you come to your senses 'Cause whilst ... you bask in the warmth of the sun We're vulnerable ... and defenseless There are so many people, who've come to

Brother Firetribe - Out of my head lyrics

much been said about falling in love So many ... things I've been dreaming of And when it comes down to ... on Earth And I want you to know I'll fight Hell to hold

Dark Tranquillity - Out of nothing lyrics

enemies of truth and reason In that a rage is born ... Start out the promise and adventure ... Chorus: How does it feel, to run out of nothing? Where do

Sarah Mclachlan - Out of the shadows lyrics

quickly by, he can't be seen So many ways spent hiding in so many undone plans Forgetting what ... it's like to fight when no one understands ... fear in the dark There's one out there All those memories,

Peter Criss - Out of control lyrics

s all kind of ladies That'll make you ... feel good Now some sure can do it And some ... Cause baby you drive me Out of control Out of control ... Out of control Out of control Come on Now I may

Kesha lyricsKesha - Out alive lyrics

standing on my own two feet Somewhere hanging in between My ... life and the death of me Fate doesn’t leave us ... time to waste Weaving through the ... human race ‘Till we run out of air to breathe [Chorus:]

Tony Bennett - Out of this world lyrics

re clear out of this world When I am looking ... at you I hear out of this world The music that no ... ever knew You're right out of a book The fairy tale I read

Jamie Cullum - Out of this world lyrics

clear out of this world When I´m looking ... at you I hear out of this world The music that ... ever knew You´re right out of a book The fairy tale I

Planet Funk - Out of me lyrics

been quiet for way too long It’s time to make a sound It’s time to let it all out In my heart is a rising song ... A song of victory Of all You’ve done for me

Divinyls - Out of time lyrics


Mick Jagger lyricsMick Jagger - Out of focus lyrics

I live in fear It's all out of focus It's all, baby, so ... unclear It's all out of focus It's all, baby, so ... unreal I saw towering spires, I heard ... them peal I saw visions of grace, I saw heavenly place,

Mortal Sin - Out of the darkness lyrics

ll show you something, but you won't see I ... crossed the dark side, you sold your soul No turning back ... dug your hole [Chorus:] Out of the Darkness, and into the

Orianthi - Out of reach lyrics

lullaby, and everything to me. You're the one that I ... you're the one I'm thinkin of, you're everything too me. ... So why can't you be with me? ... like somebody else, I'd rather be I

Air Supply - Out of love lyrics

head on the phone Thinking of you till it hurts I know ... you hurt too but what else can we do Tormented and torn apart I ... For times when my life feels so low It would make me

Edguy - Out of vogue lyrics

Surrounded by a spirit - entourage So odd - inviting sneer ... wheel that´s getting faster Outside they saw the passing ... round you go Scream and shout, laugh aloud It´s so out of vogue To lead a way outside

Ffs - So many bridges lyrics

has limits you know So how long, how far will you go ... So many bridges in the world to jump off of So many bridges in the world to ... jump off of So many bridges in the world to jump off of

Jacoby Shaddix - Out of control ft. glamour of the kill lyrics


New Found Glory - So many ways lyrics

must be so many ways to say goodbye I'm breaking up ... It echoes in my head I'm sorry if I say the wrong things ... I'm sorry if you feel that I don't ... any words that she says to me When everything comes out

Neil Sedaka - Should've never let you go (duet with dara se.. lyrics

you walk into a room Your beauty steals my ... away When you look into my eyes I find it hard to ... find the words to say Wanna run away and ... hide I just got to let you know Feel so tangled

Ian Brown - So many soldiers lyrics

up so fresh this morning Love to ... wake up to your heat Smiles at traffic ... lights I'm so selective with the company I ... keep Some never gonna see the evening

Ivan B - Run it [bonus] lyrics

time I'm rhyming Dreams of filets while I'm eating Ramen ... X's that I see is at the bottom where I'm signing Want the ... find it Give you fragments of my mind and I hope you don't

October Tide - Of wounds to come lyrics

aside my will Decomposing soul, abandoned and cold Every ... grave Admitting the pain is too profound for the brave I ... frame With a mind like seasons, there's no chance for reason The withering brings

Ani Difranco - Out of habit lyrics

butter melts out of habit The toast isn't even ... man in the plaid shirt Play out a scene they've played So many times before I am watching ... From a bar on the east side of town And the coffee is just

Kelly, Paddy (michael Patrick Kelly) - Out of touch lyrics

stranded in the dark & tore the thread back to your ... are? The world is trying to change us From lovers into ... Don't let them pull us out of touch I would run through

Betraying The Martyrs - Out of egypt lyrics

of Egypt To the Negev with his wife and ... by their past Had first built an altar Moving for your ... dreams And went straight to that place Where the Voice

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - Run run run lyrics

were walking away I´ve got so many things I could say I ... have my mind running wild You'd better run ... telephone And in your point of view There was no more you

Four Year Strong - Absolutely story of a girl lyrics

is the story of a girl Who cried a river and ... world And while she looks so sad in photographs I absolutely love her When she ... smiles Now how many days in a year She woke up

3 Doors Down - Story of a girl lyrics

is the story of a girl Who cried a river and ... world And while she looked so sad in photographs I absolutely love her When she ... smiles Now how many days in a year She woke up

Nine Days - Absolutely story of a girl lyrics

is the story of a girl Who cried a river and ... world And while she looked so sad in photographs I absolutely love her When she ... smiles Now how many days in a year She woke up

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Out of control lyrics

was out in the city I was out in the rain I was feeling ... I was standing by the bridges Where the dark water flows ... I was talking to a stranger About times long

2pm - So many girls (junho solo) lyrics

demo erabu te wa hitotsu dake mōsō ga hirogaru ... you are lady I don‘t know sono hitomi sū sen no hoshi no ... Girls … Da la la Girls … So many girls Oh I don‘t

Pony Pony Run Run - Out of control lyrics

on their stool they said we’re too young ... here boys and girls come together La La La La Bloody ... first time one day will be Out of control behind your own

Crown The Empire - Lead me out of the dark lyrics

when we're both fighting just to stay, to stay alive, a ... fragile state of mind, that I can't quite ... survive. Without a doubt, I need your help. I ... but come on girl, I need to tell you now, I know what I

Crown The Empire - Lead me out of the dark - ep lyrics

When we're both fighting just to stay To stay alive A ... fragile state of mind That I can't quite ... survive Without a doubt, I need your help I ... But come on girl, I need to tell you now I know what I

Example lyricsExample - So many roads lyrics

my last train from Paddington station Salvation the key ... and early I head-first into the calm breeze I’ts just ... credible My cordon bleu sonnets you just wishing they

Einherjer - Out of ginnungagap lyrics

And grass nowhere The sons of Bur Then built up the lands ... Created the great Midgard to be Out of emptiness Out of Ginnungagap Came Yggdrasil

Mellow Mood - So many tears lyrics

up here with tears of water it is so hard now to ... how can you tell your soul now you'll find the love ... do now is keep on trying to let you down everything they

Jeremy Camp - So in love lyrics

many times I've fallen So many ways I've failed you So many times I've stepped out on my ... Are these very words I sing To sing to You now [Chorus]

Hot Water Music - So many days lyrics

there something wrong Do ya hate this ... song Cuz I'm singin about it again Did ya know the ... he lost it again In the fallout or the aftermath of So many

Tim Mcmorris - Out of control lyrics

The heat upon my back And somethings out of place Tell ... my eyes And then gone without a trace Like lightning ... our plans I was brought into a castle It’s walls mighty

Saidian - Out of the shadows lyrics

times is right for you to break away to leave this ... face a better day It´s not so hard to find a way out of the ... And everything will turn out right Out of the shadows

Silversun Pickups - Out of breath lyrics

Words that I have wrote That built up mountains from shrapnel ... And all that's left are unresolved Out of step opinions ... come With overbearing clouds of warmth Out of breath but not

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