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Cipes And The People - Pain lyrics

so much fun when youre alone Laugh, pretend and ... play with all your holes When nobody knows Oo, ... lie, I say Why keep on knocking (3X) Youre not in Let the

The Doors lyricsThe Doors - The peking king and the new york queen lyrics

it's worth About the sun and the moon This time they ... up above Time after time and it soon became love They ... come down to earth as a woman and a man She rode a lunar

The Misfits - Queen wasp lyrics

strike to kill Gonna kiss your vertebrae With the kiss of ... poisoned love Well, I'm a king and you're a queen Queen ... go Dive in warrior wasps Queen wasp go Go, go, go, go

Arion - You're my melody lyrics

s around Take off the mask and lose the crown Feeling ... helpless and so alone All that you lost ... all but one If you open your heart and lay here next to me

Kiss - King of the night time world lyrics

at home Far from the city and the midnight fun It's so bad ... to school So far from me and the dirty things that we do ... I'm the king of the night time world And

Wyclef Jean - King and queen lyrics

amp;quot;King & Queen" (feat. Shakira) ... with this girl, you find your own girl (Oh-own girl, oh ... [Verse One: Wyclef] My love good for all season,

Shakira lyricsShakira - King and queen (ft. wyclef jean) lyrics

with this girl, you find your own girl (Find your own girl ... find your own girl, find your own girl, find your own girl) ... it's all love tonight My love good for all season,

Stephen Jerzak - King lyrics

Her brown hair, oh, it caught my eye. And by the spring we ... for a thing. I'm the king of the world and you're the queen of the brainless. Please ... hang up the phone and we can end this rather

New Model Army - Queen of my heart lyrics

the Queen of my Heart, from the King of ... I have watched you arming, and how you wave your sword in ... as they move behind you, and the beating wings that hover

Celesty - Kingdom lyrics

fallen Together we will stand, side by side [Shemin] I ... can hear how the wind blows And see how the sun glows It's ... again Everything is so calm And you presence is so warm I

T.i. lyricsT.i. - King and queen(feat ciara) lyrics

but you oughta. Come and chill for a minute, take a ... I'm a sure floss. But I keep my business to myself, let the ... hoes talk. Kick it wit da King, be the Queen, yup, at no

Elegant Rose - King and queen lyrics

remember my name 'cause you are a slave ... of fire I will be a good queen And I'll look at you (with ... contempt and humility Bad bad blood ... I'm in love, I want you King and queen we'll be light of

The Cramps - Queen of pain lyrics

of pain, queen of pain. you got me hanging ... from a chain queen of pain, queen of pain. i'm bad and i know ... i'm to blame queen of pain,queen of pain these marks will be

Stevie Wonder lyricsStevie Wonder - Queen in the black lyrics

me please your majesty I chance this ... I have lived inside of me And it is so pretty And it is ... love, we've talked of life And what would make the world so

Matt Nathanson - Queen of (k)nots lyrics

You promised blue sky And brought the rain And I went ... You robbed me blind Drunk on your power Your sweet turned sour ... me sailing into the rocks My queen of (k)nots Your heart's a

Carlos Santana lyricsCarlos Santana - My man lyrics

.. [Chorus:] I got a man and he's so good to me I give ... love and he gives it back to me Say ... you know what I mean I said my man's what a man's supposed

Tragically Hip, The lyricsTragically Hip, The - Queen of the furrows lyrics

Toronto yelled the Queen of the Furrows This is how ... we farm hens cluck and roosters crow You are my ... city everybody's talking You must have something to

Cain's Offering - My queen of winter lyrics

darkness has grown strong And the nights they feel so long ... waining Blow out the candle and unleash the night Open ... door, let the cold inside My heart you have captured

Nanowar Of Steel - Surprise love lyrics

there's a hole inside of me And you filled it up with such a ... sense it pushing hard through my body Surprise love, I ... still feel your warm embrace If I turn

Of Monsters & Men - King and lionheart lyrics

you well. That we won't run And we won't run, and we won't ... run. And in the winter night sky ships ... are sailing, Looking down on these bright blue ... city lights. And they won't wait And they won

Lakeman Seth - King and country lyrics

hills and a silver lane, A weeping ... in the rain, Roses ramble and the trees hang low, We sit and drink to all good friends we ... know. `Tis I my love who'll leave in June,

Jim Lea - Your cine world lyrics

that it is now Well I tried my best to like you But you ... were a silly little cow And when you see what’s in the ... going to the movies So turn your T.V. on Set your video to

Naomi King - It feels so good lyrics

anything you want to hear And I want to hear the truth You ... me up just to say one thing and then Hang up, don't even say ... You've got me on a line And you can push and pull it

Dj Sammy - You´re my angel lyrics

re my angel and you're my star, You're the light that ... re so far. Just come along and I'll give you all my heart.

Fear Cult - If you're watching lyrics

think I've found what I'm looking for Behind those eyes an ... stare which I adore I'm your slut, and you're my whore ... Spare yourself the aching heart And

Love Robot - Re: my path lyrics

m scared of everything after my death I know basically ... nothing reguarding my path I go mindless through ... ll be more than broken skin and bone Oh no How can I love

Nofx - My sycophant others lyrics

insolent, insignificant And you're my sycophant Brown ... cheerleader You're spineless and morally impotent You're my ... I get enough love in my rockupation Arrogant is a

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - I'm your lover lyrics

Leading into the dark. And if we keep doing it my way. ... more than I can say. I'm your lover my heart's not faking. ... chain of emotion's not breaking. Cause I'm your lover and

Bon Iver lyricsBon Iver - Re: stacks lyrics

my excavation and today is kumran Everything ... it when you knew it When your money's gone And you're ... drunk as hell On your back with your racks as the

Donnie Klang - You're my idol lyrics

So glad that you came Your presence has touched me My ... world has changed I'm walking on water You strengthen my ... It feels like I feel ya Your knee's drop Afraid to pray

Elizabeth Grace - My only hope lyrics

blessings you curse out in your head It’s not right but you ... silence your wrists and part your radios and demons again ... You’ll pretend to die, And you just might try Try to

Ariana Grande lyricsAriana Grande - You're my only shorty lyrics

Last night was crazy, and today it's settin' in Did ... you really mean it and could you say it again? oh, ... it over the phone (come on and make it real) Love makes

Patty Loveless - My kind of woman, my kind of man lyrics

together by a little gold band You're my kind of woman and ... You're my kind man Oh living without ... you is my only fear You still drive me ... crazy when I hold you near My body trembles with the touch

Real Friends - ...and we're just changing lyrics

I heard my parents cry I realized that ... Blood is thicker than water And I still feel like everyone I ... least there are pictures of my sister and me Hanging on the

Ariana Grande lyricsAriana Grande - You're my only shorty lyrics

Last night was crazy, and today it's settin' in Did ... you really mean it and could you say it again? oh, ... it over the phone (come on and make it real) Love makes

Alabama - You're my explanation for living lyrics

other night We made love and everything was just right ... as a dew in early morning And you're my explanation for ... living And you're my, my explanation for living mhm

Love - Your friend and mine lyrics

Maybe it's better that way And even if I'm thinking upside ... You're right side up with me my friend You know that you're ... what about the time you took my arm Said come with me you

Van Morrison - You're my woman lyrics

re my woman And you're my woman You bore my child, ... Lord You bore my child, Lord I want to thank ... you I want to thank you And no one else will do And no

Richard Marx - Can't lie to my heart lyrics

far. Oh, I can feel you, And I need you, No matter ... I don't want to watch my love come crashing down, ... But I can't lie to my heart. I don't really want your memory hangin' 'round. But

Eric Benet - Spend my life with you lyrics

knew such a day could come And I never knew such a love ... Could be inside of one And I never knew what my life was ... I never knew till I looked in your eyes I was incomplete till

Dj Antoine - My corazon lyrics

love burns like a fire My heart beats like a drum And ... you're my only desire And the best is yet to come And we will dance like there is ... the ocean is kissing the sun And it's OK cause we got time to

Granian - My voice lyrics

go in peace I try to spread my love all around 'Cause your ... ever said Was just to ease my mind When I got caught ... Inside your web It was taking me over You were leaving me

Hasselhoff David - Your work and nothing more lyrics

Utterson] You have your work And nothing more ! ... You are possessed- What is your demon ? You've never been ... Where is the fire You built your dream on ? There's

Twenty One Pilots lyricsTwenty One Pilots - My blood lyrics

you thought you knew Deserts your fight, I'll go with you You ... down a dark hall I'll grab my light and go with you I'll ... ll go with you Surrounded and up against a wall I'll shred

Sad Lovers & Giants - Your skin and mine lyrics

your skin and mine flake away like rust If ... sin as natural lovers touch Your skin and mine sister in crime ... Your love and mine like a flower in a vase

Aaron Neville - Your sweet and smiling eyes lyrics

in your eyes Is like looking through a window seeing clear ... imaginning sweet visions of your loveliness Oh and your ... the night, let me lie in your arms Tonight I want to love

Bonnie Raitt - Your sweet and shiny eyes lyrics

sweet and shiny eyes Are like the ... stars above Laredo Like meat and potatoes To me In my ... dreams we are In a bar And it's my birthday Drinking ... salty marguaritas with Fernando Young and wild We drove

Brother Ali - My beloved (feat. choklate & tone trezure) lyrics

Ali] Faith in God high thinking and simple livin' Work hard ... Dance as if no one's looking sing like no one's listenin' ... Live and love out loud and let your spirit glisten Feet

Neville Aaron - Your sweet and smiling eyes lyrics

in your eyes Is like looking through a window seeing clear ... imaginning sweet visions of your loveliness Oh and your ... the night, let me lie in your arms Tonight I want to love

Chris Rea - Your warm and tender love lyrics

was lost in the deep and darkest night No direction, ... above In the shadows of your warm and tender love I was ... a stranger to the land and life around In constant

In Vain ( Sp ) - My little butterfly lyrics

a bright of confidence in your eyes Two mirrors reflecting my own desire I walked to your ... smile, and there died my dreams A beginning faster ... Poisoned tongue, firing your words Pre I’ll never know

Otis Redding - Your one and only man lyrics

now Our love will be free And I'll be your destiny destiny ... If I can make you only understand Treat me right and love me ... Then I will be your man Your one and only man These are

Sleeping With Sirens - Your nickel ain't worth my dime lyrics

a love that swept me off of my feet Found a baby, she's the ... seen She'd pick you up, and make you wanna fall hard ... on the scene, they shout Oh my god! She's so unreal She

All That Remains - And death in my arms lyrics

death lay in my arms as colors fade from ... to gray gray now broken my foolishness displayed hands ... lying restful safe in my arms steady rhythm trust she

Conception - And i close my eyes lyrics

fall asleep but the beat of your breath resounds in my head ... light of dawn provides my disgrace can you tell me ... possess Pull me tighter, my dear be my shelter tonight

Eternal Oath - And i close my eyes lyrics

failure You watch us fall, and you close your eyes I ... you for the meaning, for all my efforts Why now when I could ... nothing You felt my frustration, and you closed your eyes Why the wars and

Hangar - Your skin and bones lyrics

are the wind on my back And I feel you here Foreseeing ... But I never see the blood And after all I usually pray to ... lord. I saw my name in your book And now I understand

Katherine Jenkins - And this is my beloved lyrics

This Is My Beloved And This Is My Beloved And This ... Is My Beloved And This Is My Beloved And This Is My ... Beloved And This Is My Beloved And This Is My ... Beloved And This Is My Beloved And This Is My

Kenny Loggins - Your spirit and my spirit lyrics

Spirit and my Spirit Whirling round each ... Everything you are I see And seeing is loving And loving ... Because this blueprint of your heart I carry inside me For

I Killed The Prom Queen - Sharks in your mouth lyrics

abyss I am forever covering my tracks, and standing here ... key to everything This sinking feeling never dies I'll ... chase my sunset laced with pride in

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