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I’m Just A Poor Boy Looking For A Job lyrics

Browse for I’m Just A Poor Boy Looking For A Job song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed I’m Just A Poor Boy Looking For A Job lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to I’m Just A Poor Boy Looking For A Job.

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Chris De Burgh - Just another poor boy lyrics

was but a traveller on the lonely road of ... life She, her name was Mary, A lady of the night She found ... him lying in that road, on a winter`s night so cold, Just

Electric Light Orchestra - Poor boy (the greenwood) lyrics

I'm just a poor boy from across-the-far southland And I ... ve travelled many days to reach this place to make my stand ... Oh, and I fell in with a merry band And drank away

Oliver Onions - Just a good boy lyrics

for a man he's just a good boy just a good boy with a heart ... who likes to go his own way stay far away from the ... world But for a man he's just a good boy just a good boy

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - You're just what i was looking for lyrics

little woman You're just what I was lookin' for today I ... needed someone And you're just what I was lookin' for today ... Good things seem to happen to you When you just happen to Run across them in

Mike + The Mechanics - Poor boy down lyrics

he's a poor boy) (he's a poor boy) (he's a poor boy) ... him go, let him go He's a poor boy in his pocket he's a poor boy in his shoes. he's done

Nick Drake - Poor boy lyrics

sing for my supper I never helped my ... neighbour Never do what is proper For my fair share ... of labour Im a poor boy And Im a rover Count your

Cliff Richard - Poor boy lyrics

won't work poor boy don't you try again Fate ... took away your love and you can't win You can sing the ... blues all to yourself But while you ... she's with someone else, poor boy, while you're singing

David Byrne - Poor boy lyrics

truck parked this morning- outside the ... grocery store Friends face the future- they're wearing ... summer clothes Great cosmic forces- like falling ... dominoes I love talking funny- it's the only

Ian Gillan - Poor boy hero lyrics

to the poor boy he'll be my king Really got ... when he sings He is the image of my fantasising Now we ... biggest thing in history 'Cause he's doing the same thing

Eddy Arnold - Poor boy lyrics

boy poor boy look straight ahead Good times are coming it has been said Poor boy poor boy do not lose faith Go right ... on loving the human race Born in an old shack on

Blind Pilot - Poor boy lyrics

Why don't you try getting water? Poor boy Why don't you ... Why shouldn't it be me? Poor boy Your wife is in hard labor The rhythm you know Is ... pulsing and drifting to the grave When you come too You'll

Asaf Avidan - Poor boy / lucky man lyrics

He didn’t know how he was blessed And all the little ... girls thought it a blast To shake his body really ... fast To see the impact never last Some said

Poison - Poor boy blues lyrics

daddy said "Son, don't you come ... to me cryin' Cause money don't make you a happy man" He said the grass is always greener Any place except where you stand

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - Young boy lyrics

s just a young boy looking for a way to find love It isn't ... easy, nothing you can say will help him, find love He ... s got to do it for himself And it can take so long He's just a young boy looking for a way

George Gershwin - Looking for a boy lyrics

am just a little girl Who's looking for a little boy Who's looking for a girl to love. Tell me ... please, where can he be, The loving he who'll ... bring to me The harmony I'm dreamin' of? It

Ella Fitzgerald - Looking for a boy lyrics

am just a little girl Who's looking for a little boy Who's looking for a girl to love. Tell ... me please, Where can he be, The loving he who'll ... bring to me The harmony I'm dreaming of. It

Kirk Franklin - Looking for you lyrics

the struggle You think God's forgotten about you Here's some ... pain medicine Let's go! You're ... in your car You at the house, on you job Be ... encouraged, boo I've been down so

Jeff Buckley - Poor boy long way from home lyrics

................. (originally by Bukka White

Tragically Hip, The lyricsTragically Hip, The - Looking for a place to happen lyrics

ve got a job, I explore I follow every ... little whiff And I want my life to smell like this ... To find a place, an ancient race The kind you'd like to gamble with Where they'd stamp

Ani Difranco - Looking for the holes lyrics

am looking for the holes The holes in your ... jeans Because I want to know Are they worn out ... in the seat Or are they worn out in the knees ... There are so many ways to wear What we've got before it's gone To make use of what is there I don't wear anything I can't wipe my hands

New York Dolls - Looking for a kiss lyrics

I say I'm in love, You best ... I'm in love! L-U-V! I always saw you, just before the dawn, When all the other kids, ... were just draggin' along. I couldn't believe the

Ian Anderson - Looking for eden lyrics

I drove down the road to look for Eden saw two young girls but ... left them standing there. They were too late to get home on the ... underground and probably too drunk, too drunk to care. Can anyone tell me the

Connie Francis - Looking for me lyrics

yeah, I'm just-a-lookin' Uh-huh, I'm just-a ... lookin' Yeah, yeah, I'm just-a-lookin' I'm just lookin' for ... love Don't want fortune, don't want fame Don't want everybody to know my name

Diddy Dirty Money - Looking for love lyrics

with Dirty Money feat. Usher) She says she’s looking for love You know we have to ... do it again, right? All the girls in the club know ... wussup She said she undercover though and

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - Looking for love lyrics

hey, hey Hey now, there's a lovely girl and she's stealin' all your sheets Hey now, ... there's a lovely girl that's the kind of girl to meet, ... oh Hey now, there's a lonely boy and he's lookin',

Blues Brothers 2000 - Looking for fox lyrics

m all alone and fancy free But that ain't the way I wanna be Now girls get ... your game up tight We're gonna have a wing, ding doodle ... tonight But right now I'm looking for a fox I'm looking for a

George Harrison lyricsGeorge Harrison - Looking for my life lyrics

Oh Love, I got to get me back to you somehow I never ... knew that life was loaded I'd only hung around ... birds and bees I never knew that ... I only found it out when I was down upon my knees Looking

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Looking for satellites lyrics

Shampoo TV Come back Boy's own Slim tie Showdown Can't stop Where do we go ... in the light Spinning and far away [Refrén] Satellite ... Satellite Satellite Satellite Looking for satellites Looking for satellites Where do we go to

Anouk - Looking for love lyrics

he hiding behind the moon? 'Cause I could use somebody who ... will treat me right, Who'll shout it ... 'I love you too' No, I cannot wait any longer, Won't

Dakota Moon - Looking for a place to land lyrics

was a man in his car trying to talk to me He ... drove a Pontiac, red, 1963 He shouted ... numbers and neighborhood streets I said, ''I wouldn't know. I ... wouldn't know'' And then I said to myself, ''what's he

Aimee Mann - Looking for nothing lyrics

wants to ride on the Mouse and the Tilt-A-Whirl Canada is ... looking for a smile from a pin-up girl But I ain't looking for nothing Just spend the ... money I made I ain't gotta do nothing today Everybody

Reba Mcentire - Just looking for him lyrics

can concentrate on workin' Until her work ... is done She can hold a conversation As well as anyone She'll fool you with ... sincerity And if you don't know her well

David Nail - Looking for a good time lyrics

heavens where your soul gets fed ... The your hell is an empty bed But it's never hard to keep it full There ain't ... too many arms you have to pull 'Cause you think

Skillet - Looking for angels lyrics

through this life, looking for angels People passing by, looking for angels Walk this world ... alone Try to stay on my feet Sometimes crawl, ... fall But I stand up cause I'm afraid to sleep And

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Looking for water lyrics

leaves are spinning round Take my hand as we go down and ... down and down Looking for water But I lost God in a New ... York minute Don't know about you but my heart's not in

East India Youth - Looking for someone lyrics

for someone, looking for someone I don't know where ... they are Looking for someone, looking for someone ... I don't know who they are God I need someone, god I

Dan Fogelberg - Looking for a lady lyrics

for a lady I'm looking for a lady to change my night to day Looking for a lady I'm looking for a lady to chase my blues away [Chorus:] Well, I have

Foghat - Looking for you lyrics

m on a tightrope but never look back ... Too many things that seem to distract I'm on the ... ocean but I never dive in Too many reasons don't know where to ... begin But it just beats bumming around Keeps my

Inner Circle - Looking for a better way lyrics

for a better way of life Looking for a better way of life ... Well, she's uptown and I'm downtown Together we ... ll find our way around Living our life, we

Issa - Looking for love lyrics

started off like part-time lovers But soon we ... realized that was not enough We gave it all, ... just to discover What started out so right turned out ... Tonight I won’t be home And you will be spending it all

Katie Melua lyricsKatie Melua - Looking for clues lyrics

s crazy but I'm frightened by the ... sound of the telephone, oh yeah I'm worried that the caller ... might have awful news, oh my Who knows ... these days where on earth the money goes, oh yeah

Black Sabbath lyricsBlack Sabbath - Looking for today lyrics

s complete but obsolete All tomorrow's become yesterday ... In demand but second hand It's been heard before ... you even play Up to date but came too late Better

Rosanne Cash - Looking for a corner lyrics

when you're searching And you ain't so very young ... You don't fit into table talk But you can't hold back ... your tongue You have what they all desire So you must

Down By Law - Looking for something lyrics

m looking for the truth can't find one anywhere just looking for the truth I know there's ... one out there looking for something . . . looking for ... something that I can believe in looking for

Midnight Sun - Looking for love lyrics

ve been together for so many years now No stranger to each other baby you and I I stare in the mirror trying to ... find a clue Were did I go wrong how ... come I never knew The warmth of our love could melt

Nashville Cast - Looking for a place to shine ft. clare bowen lyrics

jumped in, looking to make a wave, I was working what the ... good Lord gave, Baby, here I go, you'll be praying for land While I'm ... rocking the boat! And I'm moving, come on and

Damien Rice - I still haven't found what i'm looking for lyrics

have climbed the highest mountains I have run through the ... to be with you (x2) I have run, I have crawled I have ... scaled these city walls, these city walls Only to

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - Looking for an answer lyrics

s an emptiness tonight A hole that wasn't there before ... And I keep reaching for the light But I can't find ... it anymore There's an emptiness tonight A heavy hand that pulls me down They say it's gonna be all right But

Vanilla Ninja lyricsVanilla Ninja - Looking for a hero lyrics

don´t need a man Who thinks he´s good for me ... And I don´t need a man Who´s nice and charming I ... don´t need anything That people want me to need I just need some help When fears are harming I´m looking for a hero When hate is coming to

Justin Bieber lyricsJustin Bieber - Looking for you ft. migos lyrics

What's up Migos? What up JB, it's time to go to ... time to pull those toys out man - let's do it Hey where ... the party at? Let's go Let's ride Let's

Armin Van Buuren - Looking for your name (feat. gavin degraw) lyrics

can I hold your skin Can I get a scent of the mood ... you’re in I’ve been floating on this sea for so long ... I wouldn’t recognize a place called home Oh and what a moment that was How I got a

Chiodos - Looking for a tornado lyrics

your knees, you’ve lost all direction; So afraid of ... Lost, little toys in forgotten parks. Do I believe in ... us; do I believe in lust? Am I just desperate for a pick

J. Geils Band - Looking for a love lyrics

Somebody help me Find my baby Somebody help me Find my ... baby right now (CHORUS) I'm looking for a love I'm looking for a ... love I'm looking here and there I'm searching

The Kelly Family - Looking for love lyrics

for love But you just don't seem to give it I'm ... mostly needs it Pushing me around I'm so hungry for your ... love When you come around You pretend that you

Kylie Minogue lyricsKylie Minogue - Looking for an angel lyrics

it's easy It's meant to be Dream of the moment ... You'll be with me 'Cause I wanna look down now I ... wanna get deeper Can you let me in? To show me

September - Looking for love lyrics

good girl Living like a slave to your words And I ... up with nothing to show Mama, no more charades Saying it ... ain't gonna play Mama, what do you see Is anybody looking for me Everybody's looking for love Everybody's searching abov

Alexia - Looking for my baby lyrics

walking under the rainfall Im ready to get out of my ... fence I need a shift not a shelter This room is always ... empty I know what I need I keep on dreaming

Divide The Day - Looking for trouble lyrics

damn night and all day Stay out of my way I'm looking for trouble This ain't no ... competition cause you're out of your place ... I'll put my boot in your ass ill put my fist in your face. Me and my boys came to do

David Hasselhoff - Looking for freedom lyrics

morning in june some twenty years ago I was born a rich man ... s son I had everything that money could buy bud freedom ... i had home I've been looking for freedom I've been looking so long I've been looking for freedom Still the search

David Hasselhoff - Looking for freedom 2011 lyrics

morning in june some twenty years ago I was born a rich man ... s son I had everything that money could buy bud freedom ... i had home I've been looking for freedom I've been looking so long I've been looking for freedom Still the search

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