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Jackson Browne - The light from your smile lyrics

the light from your smile Can be seen for a mile ... By travellers dark in their sorrow If you want me to ... my way And I'll stay by your side 'till tomorrow Woooah

Creature Feature - The unearthly ones lyrics

we are The monsters in your closet Sure as hell You should be ... coming for you We exist The grim haunters of houses ... We’ll frighten And steal your breath away We are coming

China Anna Mcclain - Calling all the monsters (from ant farm) lyrics

all the monsters, callin' all the monsters ... Callin' all the, callin' all the, callin' all the monsters ... goosebumps! You dared to go there Ima-Ima get you so scared!

China Anne Mcclain - Calling all the monsters (from ant farm) lyrics

all the monsters, callin' all the monsters ... all, callin' all, callin' all the monsters Oh yea aye, oh ... goosebumps! You dared to go there I'm a I'm a get you so

Highlord - The sweetest drug lyrics

for the Moment Of Blood to come ... Pray God protect me From the kind-hearted ones Me and the Devil I can't say we're good ... friends We just don't bother each other Until we meet

Alghazanth - The unbounded wrath lyrics

revealing its obscure side From which the stars look upon us, ... to be taken away For we are the ones who already fell from ... amongst them, to weaken the light of day With the

Caught In The Act - Wipe the tears from your eyes lyrics

A little too much girl All the time he's on your mind ... control You think he was your life line You've got to let ... him go So wipe the tears from your eyes 'Cause you that

Eddy Arnold - Don't ever take the ribbons from your hair lyrics

t ever take the ribbons from your hair Each tiny bow is tied ... I love each precious curle Your mommy's little problem but your daddy's little girl You'll

Mandragora Scream - The calling from isaia lyrics

eyes like a drug This is the answer, this is the Omen ... This is the calling from your Hell, This is the calling, ... This is the calling, I want to abuse your love that cries! Live to

Orange Blue - The sun on your face lyrics

for My pretty lady, your smile could stop a war And the blood that flows through your ... hair Melts everyone despair Your charm drownes all my misery,

I Am Kloot - From your favourite sky lyrics

you dare Take a breathe Do you dream of a tragic ... Do you weep Do you sing yourself to sleep You delicate ... And who am I To dare to pull the stars from your favourite sky

Gaias Pendulum - The trail of your blood lyrics

ll cross the oceans to take the stars for you I'll cross the ... rivers to find your frozen dreams I'll sacrifice ... myself slaved to your will I'll kill my lovers

The Hellacopters - The devil stole the beat from the lord lyrics

you cold - a wicked twist on your fate Could call it ... you´re about to land And your loudmouth got your conscious ... when you scream for more The devil stole the beat from the

Alanis Morissette lyricsAlanis Morissette - The time of your life lyrics

Like a child left in the wilderness, standing there ... penniless Wanting to be the best Here's a place where ... some may preconceive Why do they try and generalize, why are they antagonizing me But

Senses Fail - Pull the thorns from your heart lyrics

t want to be suffocated by the weight Who was that person I ... be? Silent compassion break these chains of misery Scared to ... did everything I could to put the walls up I locked myself and

Marilyn Manson lyricsMarilyn Manson - The suck for your solution lyrics

died Automatic charisma For your chemical mind I'll suffer ... me like benzocaine with your sleeping pill eyes Melting ... me hate you today I can be the one that you believe in I

Ian Hunter - Skeletons (in your closet) lyrics

a poppin' If you're bent, they're on your scent There can ... vagabonds, into 'eavy metal Your hair looks like its been done ... needs raking, photos taken of your murky past Haunts you,

Lordi - The night the monsters died lyrics

Night The Monsters Died First beams of ... morning sun intrude across the room Illuminating carnage ... that spelled out their doom It's all final - They got what they deserve End

Axxis - The monsters crawl lyrics

creep and crawl They rise and fall Spread greed ... worldwide And you know: I'm your hate I'm your whore I'm ... building the world you adore The monsters crawl They rise and fall

Matchbook Romance - Monsters lyrics

you'll see We are, we are the shaken We are the monsters ... underneath your bed Believe what you read ... are, we are mistaken We are the voices inside your head

Rob Zombie lyricsRob Zombie - The girl who loved the monsters lyrics

of grace I got dreadful clothes no-one knows I bleed ... everynight from my broken nose My blood ... sinks down to the canvas I'm going down, down, ... down My blood sinks down to the canvas I'm going down, down,

Aviators - The monsters under my bed lyrics

all in your head He tries to say Close your eyes And they go away So he ... locked me in As the night begins I see the teeth ... Behind the smile Metal ghouls Haunt

Quinn Xcii - Chase the wind ft. hannah elizabeth lyrics

take a floor from me Why you gotta spin it ... Throwing intuitions out the window Tell me honey, why do ... a sound It’s like we always chase the wind, so Baby slow down,

Arrows To Athens - Chase the sun lyrics

All I ever wanted was this Your eyes tell me what you've lost ... I ever wanted Tonight we chase the sun We're burning up the ... sky like the world is ours But can you

Jaden  Smith lyricsJaden Smith - Chase the sun ft josiah bell lyrics

that dress that you wore with the high-tops on Pretty ... impressed cuz I rolled in the Maybach But.. maybe we ... we could shop for it now At the bottom we can go up to the

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Chase the paper (feat. prodigy, kidd kidd & s.. lyrics

rolling A nigga still hold the steel, that's how I'm owning ... You chase the hoes, I chase the paper You chase the hoes, I chase the paper You chase the hoes

Tim Buckley - Chase the blues away lyrics

along walk with me And learn the songs that lovers sing When they believe We'll dance along the river's edge Just arm and ... arm along the moonlit shore The midnight cries Well I

Hilltop Hoods - Chase the feeling lyrics

young, lithe and homely, wise by no means, ... crying, lonely, Separates the pain by staying high and ... Its got a hold on me, she can chase that feeling, Its got a

Alexa Vega - Chase the morning lyrics


Lady Leshurr - Chase the dream lyrics

2 Pacced) in here even though the scenes big I have a dream ... pieces I had to go back to the drawing board and call some ... meetings And then it started happening Of

Sammy Wilk - Chase the day lyrics

up on the balcony Face up to the sky ... with the sun lookin' down at me ... up and lookin' out I see These houses in hills, it's a ... we prefer it so we do it on the daily Young gun and gotta

Circle Ii Circle - Chase the lies lyrics

twisting always awake from the chill of another day Wild From never sleeping ... Methamphetamine for the last time And if you reach ... you hide And when you find the answer Look inside While

Corey Hart - Chase the sun lyrics

what's been goin' on Put your hand in the fire And you feel ... One small cross-stood at the edge of the road My shoulders ... are weary to carry the load Can we reach the summit,

Savage Wizdom - Chase the dragon lyrics

many foreign lands And to the end, your obsession A train ... and back Driven by demons, your possession No lines are ... end Forbidden roads become the tracks left behind A slave

Eagles Of Death Metal - Chase the devil lyrics

a woman Who could help me chase the devil, oh yeah I'm gonna ... chase the devil tonight I'm gotta feel ... night I wanna bow to the woman Who can help me chase the devil Yeah, help me chase the devil tonight Get down!

Mando Diao - The wildfire lyrics

there's something in the way She said I hate you ... 'cause you breathe It's not the first time that i heard it ... you remember me Oh it's in the way you set your life On your alarm and hit the snoozer

Mando Diao - The wildfire (if it was true) lyrics

there's something in the way She said I hate you ... 'cause you breathe It's not the first time that i heard it ... remember me Oh it's in the way you set your life On your alarm and hit the snoozer

Saga - Chase the wind lyrics

Let me go All I want is to chase the wind All I want is to ... that feeling again Let me chase the wind Sometimes the air's ... so thick I can't breathe The longer that I wait The

Gutek - Chase the devil lyrics

put on a iron shirt, and chase satan out of earth I'm gonna ... put on a iron shirt, and chase the devil out of earth I'm ... him to outa space, to find another race I'm gonna send him to

The Rembrandts - Chase the clouds away lyrics

never know what the day will bring Another song ... to sing You never know what the day will bring You never ... know when the sky will fall What do we ... at all? You never know when the sky will fall BABY, I WAS

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Chase the clouds away lyrics

blood upon the bridal wreath The bridal wreath, the bridal ... wreath The devil shows his shiny teeth ... teeth Now take a seat there by the door He'll leave

Holy Grail - Chase the wind lyrics

nose held high It's what they can't perceive, that they'll ... never realize Run for your life! Outcasts and Derelicts ... t try to hide! We must expose their sinful pride Which the

Planet Funk - Chase the sun lyrics

m flying away Running like the wind As I chase the sun ... I'm flying away Running like the wind As I chase the sun

Anihilated - Chase the dragon lyrics

and destruction Chasing the dragon Burning away the rays ... death Slowly takes over your body and mind A mind of ... possession Zombified, your brain rots away Lingering

The Defiled - The resurrectionists lyrics

Cause we'll defy the maker To make our own ... survive 'Cause we're the tainted ones But we are the ... saviours of you all Dig up the corpses Let the blood run

Kris Kristofferson - Chase the feeling lyrics

I know how you feel You got your hunger And some problems ... you insane And I've seen them drag you screaming Down the ... hallways of your brain And you got loaded

Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas - Chase the light lyrics

iiwakewo haimawaru shoudou (from) time to time, i feel like ... away Trying to face away from this situation Feel so ... when you feel lost believe yourself Overcome all the enemies

Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Chase the rainbow lyrics

was not Above re-learning all the rules Yeah, I found out the ... hard way (There) ain't no color to the ... blues (Now) you can have All the oil out in Arabia You can

La Dispute - The last lost continent lyrics

felt your sickness brush against my arm ... as I walked by you - heard your voice but couldn't tell that ... you. And, slowly, watched your sickness slip away into a

Portishead - Chase the tear lyrics

in stairs Unafraid Felt the grain Open doorways full of ... in Losing out Losing thee Didn't take My heart ... Didn't fold Chase the tear Never let go Now I'm there It's over It's over

Ac Dc - Chase the ace lyrics


Natewantstobattle - The finale lyrics

re breaking down your lights and doors But we can ... You say you're sick of all your fears But you keep coming ... Nights at Freddy's Now it's the finale and you weren't ready!

Acϟdc lyricsAcϟdc - Chase the ace lyrics


Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Just the right bullets lyrics

is a light in the forest There is a face in the tree I'll ... pull you out of the chorus And the first one's ... courage Or you'll hit just the tattered clouds You must

Dark Horizon - The oath lyrics

I'm your General, your Guide, your Father, and you ... one day all of this will be yours. Growing stronger day by ... to fight Believe in me son, your life will be a battle. You

Druid - The joker lyrics

ain't no died in the wool You never know what ... m a real bona-fide Master of the silly and snide Watch out ... for caterpillars in your french fries There's no

Grave Digger - The shadow of your soul lyrics

out to find a sacrifice The wind blows straight into my ... face Sweating hands cover the knife I try to hide my ... thrill of the chase Death could be the end If

Beto Vazquez Infinity - From your heart lyrics

For now one more loss Echoes from forgotten worlds Into a ... broken box that shelters me From your

Ayumi Hamasaki - From your letter lyrics

fuan ni nante naru nara yoku omoidashite goran "boku no koudou no subete wo mite'reba ii" ironna shougai ga atta keredomo subete KURIA shita...

In Vain ( Sp ) - From your cradle to my grave lyrics

Everything I have to give is yours My hope and my saviour ... that I have done But if there’s one I fear, I fear to ... I’ve never been so strong, Ill carry on whatever comes along

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