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Aerosmith lyricsAerosmith - Road runner lyrics

I'm a road runner honey... yeaaaoooo yea I'm a road runner ... honey And you can't keep up with me Well I'm a road runner lover And you can't keep up with me You got a

Imelda May - Road runner lyrics

in the world Goin round, yeah round Goin round in a whirl ... Gettin by I'm fly that's movin so fast Never stop. ... Cause I'm having a blast Never slow down dk dk

The Pretty Things - Road runner lyrics

m a road runner, honey Well I'm a road runner, honey I bet you can't keep ... up with me Well I'm a road runner, man I bet you can't keep up ... with me Ah, you'll never gonna catch me

Humble Pie - Road runner lyrics

m a road runner baby, can't stay in one place too long Tell ... you I'm a road runner baby, got to keep on movin' on, ... hey yeah And I'm gonna live like I love 'cause I

The's - Road runner lyrics

Road Runner ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ......................

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Road runner lyrics

I'm a roadrunner, honey Well I'm a roadrunner, honey I bet you can't keep ... up with me Well I'm a roadrunner, man I bet you can't keep up ... with me Ah, you'll never gonna catch me baby Baby, baby,

Jason Malachi - Runner up (djtlp edition) lyrics

Will.i.am) Gimme that bubble gum bubble gum Yum ... gum bubble gum Yum yum that bubble gum (Jason Malachi) She was at the party, ... the shawty was looking great Her smile was kind of shady

Jason Malachi - Runner up (feat. will.i.am) lyrics

Will.i.am) Gimme that bubble gum bubble gum Yum ... gum bubble gum Yum yum that bubble gum (Jason Malachi ... She was at the party, the shawty was looking

Kurt Vile - Runner ups lyrics

old man how many times we gotta tell ya? We don’t want none ... Hey girl come on over That’ll be just fine If it ain’t working take a whiz on ... the world An entire nation drinking from a dirty cup

Nahko And Medicine For The People - Runner lyrics

am a runner Running from nothing All ... things behind me And all good things ahead I am another kind of lover Follow ... them dragonflies and lead me to the Sunrise in the

Marauder - Runner lyrics

night Full moon lights my way, Wheels of fire, burning ... bright From home I'm away. Nowhere to run, nowhere ... the hunter runs behind stealing my life Mighty thunder

Dizzee Rascal - Road rage ft chrome lyrics

through! Move over! Yeah You! Don't Argue! Just ... Splurt! Hurry up you gonna get HURT! You don't wanna ... see no road rage NAH You Don't wanna see no road

Alice Cooper - Road rats lyrics

work this band 'cause they make it rock, but we're the ... guys that make it roll. We move the drums ... and amps and junk. Road rats... we're a pack, and the road's our home. On the road half

Kim-lian - Road to heaven lyrics

now it is the time To break free and see what's mine I ... won't hide anymore I've been waiting way to long Drowned by gravity ... to strong I'm calling Lift me up Come take

Nazareth - Road to nowhere lyrics

tried to hang on for as long as I could But now I can see ... that it just ain’t no good Our love it has ... wasted Right down to the core ... Whatever we had We don’t have anymore You’ve got to

The Nightwatchman - Road i must travel lyrics

I climbed the seven summits And I swam the seven seas But ... the road I must travel Its end I cannot see ... Well I fought in the jungles And I fought in the streets

Shaggy - Road block lyrics

Intro: Shaggy] Voluptuous, a yuh Jamaican mon watch out!! ... Whaddat whaddat whaddat whaddat whaddat whaddat whaddat!! ... ! Rik Rok! Shaggy! [Chorus: Rik Rok]

Sleigh Bells - Road to hell lyrics

away for awhile, cause you can’t Cause you can’t see this again Take a break from your ... if you ever If you ever wanna see them again Can you think

Smash Mouth lyricsSmash Mouth - Road man lyrics

man driving in the road van He's got to beat the clock ... to the next town Road man driving in the road van I ... up the sound system for the band Road man slow it down And you will get there safe and

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Road to peace lyrics

Abdel Madi Shabneh was only 18 years old the ... 9 children he'd never spent a night away from home and his ... mother held his photograph up in the New York Times

Lp lyricsLp - Road to ruin lyrics

used to hear the silence I used to hear ... the chime Way down in the gold mine I ... could see a light shine Now I don't even ... notice The water from the wine With a

Jello Biafra - Road rage lyrics

hate my wife I hate my kids I hate my job I hate this town I hate my cable ... bills I hate my phone Won't leave me alone I hate the rich I hate ... the poor It's your fault That's why it's time

Blackfoot - Road fever lyrics

it Well every time I'm down and out And I don't know what ... to do I drop my load and I hit the road And play me ... a job or two Yes I do What they're sayin' keeps hitting

Cancer Bats - Road sick lyrics

birth on the day of the beast Got swept away by the days ... and the weeks Rode hard 'til my hands hurt The ... things that we do just make it work Been saved by the

Michael Hedges - Road to return lyrics

colors to the air I follow the breeze Painting a mural of dreams… ... down the road—the road to return Im on this road ... to return And the more reflection, the

Devin Townsend - Road kill lyrics

cute little bunny with a family of his own Goes out one ... day to bring some supper home ... Then SMACK goes a semi as it smashes him dead Cracking open his furry bunny-rabbit head There was blood on

Foghat - Road fever lyrics

m back on the road and I ain't gonna stop, Goin' to ... roll 'til I'm old, gonna rock 'til I drop. Out of the ... smog, headin' into the sun, I'm goin' ... to New Orleans, Bourbon Street here I come

Grave Digger - Road rage killer lyrics

into the sun warrior of the eastern world On the road to Babylon far away from Avalon Walls can´t stop me I´m on the ... prowl Brought a couple to death Intoxicated by crystal

Zack Hemsey - Road of riches lyrics

to riches The motive was to work till a fortune of ... size grew With which a life of leisure by reason ... From which no turn of hardship would threaten to undo

Manilla Road - Road of kings lyrics

your mind? Is it your dreams or just the torment of life ... Break away from your anxieties today Don't ever let ... them drag you down. Conquer for ... life inside your dreams. We'll never outlive all

Damian Marley lyricsDamian Marley - Road to zion lyrics

quot;Road To Zion" (feat. Nas) Yeah Man... Jah ... will be waiting there, We a shout! Jah will be waiting ... [Verse 1] In this world of calamity Dirty looks and

Our Last Night - Road to the throne lyrics

aside like a stranger in the crowd Could cut ... so many times I don't bleed out And you keep trying but you can ... t hold me down I always knew that we can make the

Civil War - Road to victory lyrics

heroes die young? Save your tears and wait for the ... new horizon We are an army without uniforms Now we ... re bonded by blood Signed and sealed a pact that will

Jimmy Fallon lyricsJimmy Fallon - Road rage lyrics

IN THE CAR! Road Rage My knuckles are white and ... my face is bright red Road Rage Doing 65 on a suped-up ... moped Road Rage Is that you that gave me the finger?

Five For Fighting - Road to heaven lyrics

I think about silly things It's easy ... to do if you have the time Often happens ... when I'm falling off to sleep After a ... second glass of wine The clock is usually running out Down by one

Great Big Sea - Road to ruin lyrics

me in the morning and I'll be happy as a clown ... You'll just be getting up and I'll still be getting down ... The band is getting tired but they ... don't give a damn so blow the girls a kiss and give the boys a hand You can take the sunshine, I can take moonshine You can take the

The Guess Who - Road food lyrics

Jollywood, Jollywood, Chippa Chippa Chee Chee ROAD FOOD ... Drag queens, rhumba boogie, grabbin' for the ... prime time ROAD FOOD Bonafide, certified women in the washroom ROAD FOOD Better have

Ignitor - Road of bones lyrics

into a driving snowstorm My eyes ... fill with darkness I spoke against my country And paid the ... price Before me, foul Kolyma Hungry maw swallows thousands Feed her with the poor,

Jack Starr's Burning Starr - Road warrior lyrics


Petra - Road to zion lyrics

is a way that leads to life, the few that find ... it never die Past mountain peaks graced white with snow, the ... way grows brighter as it goes Chorus: There

Talking Heads lyricsTalking Heads - Road to nowhere lyrics

don't know where we've been And we know what we're knowing ... But we can't say what we've seen And we're not ... little children And we know what we want And

Annihilator - Road to ruin lyrics

"I guess you could call this Annihilator's version ... rock city' meets 'highway star' Meets drinking and ... driving! Thousands of people are killed each

Catatonia - Road rage lyrics

all you've got to do today is find peace of mind Come ... round you can take a piece of mine And if all you ... ve got to do today is hesitate, Come here, you can leave

Tiffany Giardina - Road to anywhere lyrics

s just too much I feel like a stranger, I feel out of touch ... Can anyone find me? Does anyone care? Am I lost on this ... island alone? I'm on the road to anywhere And it feels

Ironsword - Road warriors lyrics

were born to conquer and rule the night It's in our ... quench our hunger with loot and war And crave the realms ... of evermore We are road warriors We are road warriors

Kool G Rap - Road to the riches lyrics

Verse 1] When I was five years old I realized there was a road At the end I will win lots ... of pots of gold Never took a break, never made a mistake ... Took time to create cause there's money to make To

Lucy Hale - Road between lyrics

don't have any answers I'm not short on ... questions anymore Still choosing lost causes, Defending battles and ... hopeless wars With the right heart ... Tunnel vision Oh the road to Love is paved with good

Nouvelle Vague - Road to nowhere lyrics

we dont know where weve been And we know what were knowin ... But we cant say what weve seen And were not ... little children And we know what we want And

Separator - Road of the death lyrics

re feeling somehow scared, your way to fight is black you are the man who walks alone You have a constant fear ... the smell of hate is here your life is

Axxis - Road to never neverland lyrics

day I sweated away I got up early in the morning to earn my ... daily bread Did everything All they said But the more I ... did the more I got mad Didn’t like that life Yeah

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - Road to alaska lyrics

m on the road to Alaska ,nowhere near Nebraska, but ... I'm sure if I asked her she'll know. I ain't ... I'm so short of money. I really really wanna go home. I

Bullet For My Valentine - Road to nowhere lyrics

and lonely still we stand On a road to nowhere Trapped in a world of endless days, My engine's stalling (Road to nowhere) Body and mind are breaking down On a road

The Creepshow - Road to nowhere lyrics

so many try put up their strongest ... fight Come out broken down and torn More than the undead ... in the night So many dead and gone Left to rot by the ... side of the road Right to the bottom of the

Bruce Dickinson - Road to hell lyrics

bleeding, watch the vortex feeding Like a swirling vulture on your face ... Every hour the unseen rays devour Your screaming ... eyes cry out, but they are blind Father forgive me

Five For Fighting - Road to you lyrics

can't believe how I love you ... You'll be the last You'll be the last turn I ... take All of the signs are in color Baby, I'm on my way I hear a song on the radio And it sounds like

Goo Goo Dolls - Road to salinas lyrics

you think it'd be okay if you're willing to let me ... go Would lay me to die and try to learn what you don't ... the wheel Sun's the sky, and I was On the road to salinas Down the road I thought

Nick Drake - Road lyrics

can say the sun is shining, if you ... really want to I can see the moon and it seems so ... clear You can take the road, that takes you to the stars now I can take a road that

Protector - Road rage lyrics

blood is pumping fast – The eyes are turning black The dices have been cast – ... There's no way to turn back Fists are clenched so hard ... – Waiting to break free Someone has to pay –

Razor - Road gunner lyrics

power, feel the speed as I shift into high gear All alone, I own the road, I know ... your gates are near Hellsent, whipped with fury ... death certificate I signed None survive my

Lionel Richie - Road to heaven lyrics

time Since I've seen your face You've been on my mind ... Like a dream I can't erase It's time for me to come ... to you CHORUS I'm on the road to heaven I'm on the road to

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