I\'m Still Tired When I Wake Up, Like My Dreams Still Near lyrics

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Lions Head - When i wake up lyrics

ve seen tricks like this before, I've been shaken to ... the core and I got over it. I've been busted by the blues ... They said: "You're crazy!"

Scissorhands - Wake up in your dreams lyrics

. . . . . . . . in the starshine we shine, wake ... up, wake up, wake up, GO

Best Coast - When you wake up lyrics

to talk But you`re asleep I know you hate it When I do ... this But I need you to tell me That it ... s alright You know I hate it When we fight Tell me

Dead By April - When you wake up lyrics

you wake up I can see your hurt, See your ... the phase, Know the story. When hope is fading out, You can ... trust me I'll be there When pain is screaming loud, I'll

Cheap Trick - When i wake up tomorrow lyrics

never thought that I would be like this before I never wanted ... just one kiss for sure Well, maybe I didn’t understand All you ... wanted was a one night stand, well Never thought

The Perishers - When i wake up tomorrow lyrics

everything´s the same When I wake up tomorrow - I´m giving up If nothing here has changed When I wake up tomorrow - I´m taking off October left some

Murray Head - When you wake up in the morning lyrics

you wake up in the morning Sun is shining through the ... trees Now your time is coming to its peak Get up off ... your bended knees Hardships are hard to find here

George Jones - When i wake up from dreaming lyrics

both have our morning cup of coffe And with ... love you reach and touch my hand Then my son comes in ... each day, good mornin' daddy And I say how's ... daddy's little man. Then I woke up from dreamin' I woke

Gregory Crimson - Wake up lyrics

can you sleep with dirty hands How can you live with death inside your memories ... There is still safety in us Pull yourself together ... This is just a game You'll never

Eden - Wake up lyrics

we've been driving so long I can't remember how we got ... here Or how we survived so long I'm trynna run ... from our pride Till you step out of my ... atmosphere And I remember I would spend the 23rd Reeling six feet under When I'm

Panima - Wake up lyrics

heads look down cause we're in such a mess now its not too ... late to change your way of thinking did u forget that we ... are slowing sinking? set your alarm there is still time for us to wake up this

Eskimo Joe - Wake up lyrics

there young girl Throw it up here And I'll catch it in my tree Throw it higher If ... you bring a ladder Then we can be near It's no secret Ill tell

Framing Hanley - Wake up lyrics

turn it around. There's something ... safe in the way you say, You don't ... like the sound of that again. I could be wrong, but ... there's a chance this little dance, It won't last

Pepper - Wake up lyrics

me the light when the sun goes down, cuz what ... goes around comes around. Give 'em a fight yes it's proper ... gloves are off and the talk is done, I see clearly now

Madchild lyricsMadchild - Wake up lyrics

up in the morning and I drink my coffee But now my girl knows ... I don’t talk talking Till I (Wake up!) She knows not to take it personal Until I’ve had a cigarette my mood is irreversible That’s how it’s always

The Downtown Fiction - Wake up lyrics

when I wake up I'm feel like the world is on a string ... And when I wake up I feel like I could do most anything ... And I remember that there's so much ... more to see And I remember that you're lying

Los Lobos - Wake up dolores lyrics

legs are tired My face feels hot Wake up ... try to walk Oh sacred night Ocuiltin Moyacatla ... Our light is dim We have so far to go The ... stones are hard On this endless road Oh sacred night On quetzal plumes Of dying suns And purple moons Oh

Ozma - Wake up lyrics

follow me to bed Say you didn't really mean it when you ... told me to go drop dead Smile that smile that only you ... can smile Say you'll love me in the morning after we've

Tim Armstrong - Wake up lyrics

up You son of a bitch I wanna know who your with and ... Why do you roll in and out At like six in the ... morning? I say Wake up My love of mine Why do u spend

First Aid Kit - When i grow up lyrics

I grow up, I want to be a forester Run ... through the moss on high heels That's what I'll do, ... throwing out boomerang Waiting for it to come back to me

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - My homies still (ft. big sean)(deluxe version.. lyrics

Verse 1: Lil Wayne] Man, f*** ya'll with ... a sick dick, Semi automatic no click click We don't ... feel you like an elephant, gettin' f***ed ... with a tick dick Little nigga with a thick bitch, and

Pretty Maids - Wake up to the real world lyrics

take a trip down memory lane Back in ... the childhood days When everyday was an innocent game ... And life a fairy tale You’re a 21st ... century girl And hope is all you’ve got Place

Metro Station - Wake up lyrics

don't wanna wake up without you now Even when the ... sky comes fallin' down Let's live forever ... Alway together I don't wanna wake up without ... you now I remember good time, bad times, stay up watch

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - When you gonna wake up lyrics

don't make promises that He don't keep You ... got some big dreams baby, but in order to dream you gotta still be asleep. When you ... gonna wake up, when you gonna wake up When you gonna wake up

Lostprophets - Wake up lyrics

are we lost or do we know Which direction we should go Sit ... around and wait for someone to take our ... Cause every day we're getting older And every day we all

Dannie - Wake up call lyrics

sleepless night again You feel that you still miss your aim Thought fills ... So you better got nothing to say Another sleepless ... night again You feel that you still miss your aim Nobody lives

Exciter - Wake up screaming lyrics

the day turns to night I'm sweating with fright As ... the sleeps closes in My convulsions begin My brain ... it feeds On the terrors I've seen Like a force in my

Alphaville lyricsAlphaville - Wake up! lyrics

saw you smile, i saw you true, i saw you ... through Today you're in your best disguise Where ... are you now musician, lost your speech, where ... where are your heroes now Wake up, you forsaken heaven's

Nick Cave - Wake up my lover lyrics

up my lover with the long tangled hair Wake ... up for I have arrived My house is in order and I've ... done to me All the things that you said you require ... Your fearless little man Has abandoned all his plans That crumbled the

Tom Petty lyricsTom Petty - Wake up time lyrics

follow your feelings, you follow your dreams ... You follow the leader into the trees And what's in ... there waiting, neither one of us knows You ... to please somehow You feel like a poor boy, a long way from

Sammie - Wake up lyrics

it a dream? Or is it real Is it a dream I don't know ... Had a dream last night, I let you down (I let you down ... down) Never paid you attention when my boys came around

Avant - Wake up lyrics

up in the middle of the night With my girl beside me ... feeling naughty Just watching her lay there Such a sexy ... She.. hand on the pillow Got me feeling to myself

Mr. Big - Wake up lyrics

go to school with your head held down You ... try to fit in but they push your out Too ... many people put your face in the ground You'll get them ... back you'll get them Even if you gotta wait it out the

Forbidden - Wake up lyrics

up Peel the lids back from you eyes Now ... take a look Stand up Spitting in the face of fear ... Break out now's the time to find your way Alone you ... re stillborn move on Take your

Rage Against The Machine - Wake up lyrics

Come on, although ya try to discredit Ya still never edit ... The needle, I'll thread it Radically poetic Standin' ... with the fury that they had in '66 And like E-Double I'm

Chris De Burgh - When i think of you lyrics

is something on my mind, and I'm losing concentration And I ... feel it every time, that you are near me. I ... tell you all about, your picture at my bedside, I should

H2o - Wake up lyrics

up, don't give up Get off your knees It ... s your last chance Or will you Blame it all on circumstance Where will you go? ... When times are slow And your still

Kj-52 - Wake up lyrics

sleep How long you gonna act like you gonna act Be how you ... wanna be So when you gonna see You need to ... but you wanna laugh At what I'm gonna speak You steady sinking deep Plus ya sinking

Anti-flag - Wake up lyrics

I had a lighter in hands With some oily rags Is that ... what it'd take To wake you from your sleep? Woke ... up from your American dreams To be surrounded

Crematory - Wake up lyrics

is the fault of being so different so real insane it is ... so deep inside a grin plays over my lips cause I ... know that their existence is running out Wake up - is it real or a lie inside - are

Enuff Z' Nuff - Wake up lyrics

one, today's your day. I've come to take you home. I ... ve heard your call, from miles away. A girl like you ... should not be on her own. I'm so into you, and don't you

Everyday Sunday - Wake up! wake up! lyrics

like I'm going through the motions in the dark In a world ... that leaves me with an uninspired heart All I know is I'm ... so tired Living life I barely feel Give me hope, give me fire Give me something

The  Chainsmokers lyricsThe Chainsmokers - Wake up alone (feat. jhene aiko) lyrics

Verse 1] Now I got cars, now I got clothes, now I got money ... Now I got crowds screamin' my name sayin' they love me You ... got real close, say I'm not alone, you understand

The  Chainsmokers lyricsThe Chainsmokers - Wake up alone (feat. jhene aiko) lyrics

Verse 1] Now I got cars, now I got clothes, now I got money ... Now I got crowds screamin' my name sayin' they love me You ... got real close, say I'm not alone, you understand

Saga - Wake up lyrics

up! It's hard to be sure when you're certain Harder still ... to come clean when you're dry It's hard to believe when the truth is Something tells you otherwise... And

Arsenium - Wake up lyrics

smile on your face Your hands in ... my hands We're free to believe that our love never ends ... world has no frame No boundaries, no blame It's a place for

The Cult lyricsThe Cult - Wake up time for freedom lyrics

up time for freedom, baby Wake up time to fly Wake up time ... ha-ha There's someone knocking on my door A tall dark figure I've never seen before His badge shone brightly like a

Edguy - Wake up dreaming black lyrics

gotta know That there ain't always Words of reason to ... explain With those words my heart is falling silent To ... let me slowly go insane God tell me why your

Jaded Star - Wake up lyrics

up wake up wake up Last chance to live the life you wanna Get up get up ... get up The time has come to face all your ... fears We live we die that is no lie So just be all that

Mac Miller - Wake up lyrics

and ride with me Get high with me You lookin’ fly with me ... Go ride with me Just vibe with me Get high with me In ... the sky with me Go ride with me Get high with me Go ride with me [Chorus] They

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - Wake up lyrics

(One) gun go off, showin' everything is lost (Two) ... to take cream'n (Four) without me and you the crew just ... could never be [Verse 1:] Imaginative mental, blood flyin

Amy Winehouse lyricsAmy Winehouse - Wake up alone lyrics

s okay in the day I'm staying busy Tied up enough so I ... don't have to wonder where is he Got so sick of crying ... So just lately When I catch myself I do a 180 I

Alex Goot - Wake up call lyrics

re my wake up call I checked out, I know I can't ... fall the way I fell before I'm finding it hard to admit ... that I miss you. And I'm coming undone you don't know what

Lee Ben - Wake up to america lyrics

is a big country America is a big idea I once got a ... fortune cookie that said America is a place where people can ... invent themselves So when I found myself making out with

Shelton Harris - Wake up lyrics

me why it's feeling like I fight for the right to be faithful Tell me I ain't earned ... this but I'm grateful Can't stand sitting back while I'm eating mine

Brand Nubian - Wake up (reprise in the sunshine) lyrics

to the God Peace Allah Aiyyo there go that brother ... Grand Puba I heard that brother got ... knowledge of self Yo true indeed brother Yo let's have ... come over and add on to the cipher "Sunshine! ..

Brand Nubian - Wake up (stimulated dummies mix) lyrics

attribute Haji helper to another god in need ... He Allah God Islam As I proceed to civilize the uncivilized Word to wisdom from ... the groove to the wise I guess I'm like the verbalizer

Buzzcocks - Wake up call lyrics

you live in a dream Life's not what it seems This is the time for your wake up ... call No sense of being No way of seeing This is ... the time for your wake up call (Oooooo - oooooo -

Hydra Division V - Wake up bleeding lyrics

all hope that this isn’t real Nightmares scorch ... your skin Fear crawls downwards your ... spinal Adhering itself to it This is not what you ... expect This is not what you seek This is

The Kinks - Dreams lyrics

so far away Please don't wake me from my daze I'm just ... wondering who I could be If I lived inside my dreams I ... could be a king or a football star Drive

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