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Lynyrd Skynyrd - I'm a country boy lyrics

York City is a thousand miles away And if you ask me, I'll ... tell you that's OK Now I'm not trying to ... put the big apple down 'Cause they don't need a man like

Fat Joe - Girl, i'm a bad boy lyrics

Girl I gotta do what I gotta do (Change my life) Change ... my life (Make things right) Make things right (WOOO), But ... girl Im a Bad Boy So I gotta do what I gotta do (Bad Boys

John Denver - Thank god i’m a country boy lyrics

life on the farm is kinda laid back Ain't much an old ... country boy like me can't hack It's early to rise and early in the sack Thank God I ... m a country boy Well a simple kind of life never did

Chamillionaire - I'm a hustla (feat. lil wayne) lyrics

quot;Nigga, ask about me" [x4] "I'm a hustler, I'm a, I'm a hustler ... homie" [x2] "Nigga, ask a, nigga, nigga, ask about me" [x2] "I'm a hustler, I'm a, I'm a hustler

Boy Hits Car - I'm a cloud lyrics

you will hear yourself when the rain begans to fall Feel the fire ... Burning inside us all Remove me For going in ... unchained Blow away for to softly gather again And listen to the conversations

Paul Wall - "i'm a playa" lyrics

SwishaHouse! DJ Paul and Juicy J productions Paul ... Wall, SwishaHouse, Hypnotize Minds, Three ... 6 Maf-i-UHH! It's goin down ... [Chorus: repeat 4X] Eighty-fo's (eighty-fo

Rick Ross - I´m a.g. (feat.dj khaled,lil wayne) lyrics

Khaled: Beat Novocain Hook Lil' Wayne: Yeah, uh, I wear the gun like a ... colonel Bulletproof car got me feeling like a turtle ... Shit, these niggaz ain't satisfied 'til they get murdered

Lil' Flip - I'm a baller lyrics

talking] Ok (believe that) we broadcasting live From ... Redd's showroom ya heard me (off top) We still balling, we still doing this ... shit ya heard me We still in it (believe

Rick Ross - "i'm a g" lyrics

Gun Shots] [Voice] Beat Nova Cane [Lil Wayne - hook] ... Uh...I wear the gun like a gurtle bullet proof guard ... got me feelin like a turtle shit...these niggas aint satisfied until they get

Van Morrison - I'm tired joey boy lyrics

m tired Joey Boy While you're out with the ... life is so troubled Now I can't go to sleep I would walk ... myself out But the streets are so dark I shall wait till

The Who lyricsThe Who - I'm a boy lyrics

girl was called Jean Marie Another little girl was called ... Felicity Another little girl was Sally ... Joy The other was me, and I'm a boy My name is ... Bill and I'm a headcase They practice making up on

Chesney Hawkes - I'm a man not a boy lyrics

say the word and I'll obey Until I feel ... like I will overload You make the rules, you make the ... own Now I'm going down my road, yeah You better think about it now I'm free From

Lil' Keke - I'm a pimp lyrics

Chorus:] I'm a pimp, I walk with a limp I step inside ... Papadeaux, eating on shrimp I'm a baller, ... lane to lane crawler Clarion faller, candy roll hogger

Andre Nickatina - I'm a junkie lyrics


Bow Wow Wow - (i'm a) tv savage lyrics

am a TV savage (and you don't want to go to the ... TV) I am a TV savage (and you don't want to go to the ... TV) Like Ronnie Reagan, Sue Ellan, Casanova ... Boticelli in a time, never, never Queen Diana, Rockefeller and she don't want to go to the TV I am a TV artist (and you don't want to

Teena Marie - I'm a sucker for your love lyrics

m just a (Well, alright you freaks, give it) I ... m just a (For Lady T) sucker I'm just a I ... m just a sucker for your love, sucker ... for love (I'm just a sucker for love, sucker for

Meek Mill lyricsMeek Mill - I'm not a rapper lyrics

m not a rapper I'm a trapper A spitter I'm a getter I b ... posted on tha block gettin guap with ma niggaz I grind I ... grind I grind Yea baby I grind I grind I grind Ayy

Nashville Cast - I'm a girl ft. hayden panettiere lyrics

can rock a Target tank top Gucci sunglasses Cheap flip flops And still look ... like a million bucks to you You ... know it’s true Throw my hair up and be ready to go

The Blackout - I'm a riot? you're a f***ing riot! lyrics

OUTS! I can see the evil in your eyes ... F*** yeah! I can see the evil in your smile ... F*** you! All I know is tonight is the ... night I gotta play this by the book So take a

Pastor Troy - I'm f***ed up lyrics

Talk:] God damn man. Shit, you guys always wanna f***in party man. All you ... guy wanna do is f***in party all the f***in time man. Shit, ... dun pulled up to the club. I ain't goin in, I'm just bout to

Black Strobe - I'm a man lyrics

when I was a little boy At the age of five I had ... somethin' in my pocket Keep a lot of folks alive Now I'm ... a man Made twenty-one You know baby ... We can have a lot of fun I'm a man

Closure In Moscow - I'm a ghost of twilight lyrics

to the cracking of bones To the scratching of throats Wake to ... every boy and girl Every heart that feels a swell It's oh ... so lovely when you look at it just right It's also stabbing me to sleep Needles

House Of Pain - I'm a swing it lyrics

1 On and just on, and (x10) Im a swing it Wach me bring to the next level ... To grab denevel’s Getting funky ... from the bijou So why you wanna trip Just play the side

Mac Demarco - I'm a man lyrics

up in downtown Got the late night shift rolling up like ... this Got a fresh pack of roys, the vice of this boy Try to struck as I walk when ... I'm on my block 'Cause I'm a man (man), 'cause I'm a man

Mac Dre - I'm a thug lyrics

yeah This is a money-motivated song, man, right? If you ... re allergic to paper You might not fit in when ... niggaz gon' have do a caper, man Yeah We ain't allergic to

Pungent Stench - I'm a family man lyrics

was pushed away by sorrow Now I'm just waiting for tomorrow They will ... make my life a sudden end Death is the punishment for me ... so lonely here Memories are the only thing what remained Hell is waiting now for

Cassidy - I'm a hustla lyrics

Verse 1] I'm a hustler, I'm a hustler homey I got the ... product, narcotics for customers homey ... open they be smoking like a muffler homey niggas phoney

The Band Perry - I'm a keeper lyrics

eyed Susans Standing in a domino line Falling in and ... out of love all the time They'll break ... your heart just to see a boy cry But not me I am a brown

Alltheniko - I'm a f***in zombie lyrics

my God! a f***in’ zombie! Blood, Pain, Demons, Sword, Axe, ... Thunder, Kill, Fight, Gun, War, Steel, Flame, Hell, Dragon ... Hail, Metal, Night, Glory, Battle, Rage, Death, Mace,

F.t.island - I'm a foolish person lyrics

monnan saramimnida nan motdwen saramimnida utge hal jasindo omneunde geudereul ... gatgil wonhaneun geuron saram nanikka mupyojonghetdon naege baramchorom seumyo deurowa satang hyanggichorom ne maeumeul ganjirophyo utge mandeuljyo on jongil sechorom

Jung Yong Hwa - I'm a fool lyrics

baboraseo geureongabwa apeuge haedo gwaenchanheungabwa ... motnan sarangira nollyeodaedo eojjeol su eomneun baboraseo.. naega wonhae jalhaejwotdeongeol geugeotmaneuro

The Runaways - I'm a star lyrics

m A Star ...................... ...

Idlewild - I'm a message lyrics

the best message out of the rest of them Are you all alone? You're ... selling your soul, have you got it cold You're ice ... cold, with your eyes closed Have you got it all? You're

The's - (i'm sorry mama) i'm a wild one lyrics

I'm Sorry Mama) I'm a Wild One ...................

Eric Clapton lyricsEric Clapton - I'm a man lyrics

pretty women, Standing in line, Make love to babe, In my own time 'Cause ... I'm a man, Turned 21, I spell M - A ... - N, man Don't back down, To Kansas too Bring

The Hives - I´m a wicked one lyrics

say it's off the record gotta keep it clean. Can't be too ... abusive can't be too odscene. But he's ... got a plan to build a future he's been putting it ... off for way too long. Another safety pin through his

Austra - I don't care (i'm a man) lyrics

her sigh The soft, the brutalizing But I don't care, I'm a man The solace in denying ... The face that we all share The lonesome one, the ... dying But I don't care, I'm a

Deaf Havana - I'm a bore, mostly lyrics

spent most of my days neither sleeping nor awake ... Watching pointless documentaries on tornadoes and earthquakes, Coffee keeps me going ... though It fuels my wandering mind Wishing I was

I'm In A Coffin - I'm a weapon against myself lyrics

body I see them pulsing... waiting... and I am waiting too ... .. One quick motion and they separate one final action... it is done We are ... both waiting... I am a weapon against myself..

Kenny Loggins - I'm a free man now lyrics

you let me go Well didnt that work out well You said you ... wanted your freedom But Im the ... when the sun went down But baby, bring on the night Cause ... startin right now Deal em down and dirty Feelin alright Line em up Daddys

Accept lyricsAccept - I'm a rebel lyrics

say I won't make it to the top of the hill ... Won't take the fruit off the tree And ... ev'rybody says I'm out for the kill ... They're all laughing at me They're all laughing at

All Ends - I'm a monster lyrics

couple of pills for my aching head what happened last ... night It´s totally blank Empty bottles are ... everywhere And who the hell is that guy in ... my bed.. My darling demon is my only friend

Belieber - I'm a belieber lyrics

say that I should better Stay away from you, oh baby They ... say that I should better Learn for school All night and day They Say that you are so ... untouchable and I wan't reach you But I say no no no no

Beliebers - I 'm a belieber lyrics

say that I should better Stay away from you oh baby ... They say that i should better Learn for ... school all night and day They say that you are so ... untouchable And i won't reach you But i say NO NO,NO

Budgie - I'm a faker too lyrics

give my best to you, it always seems I do But underneath ... it all, Im feeling very, very small Afraid I am you see, to ... tell you who with me Because you might withdraw, before

The Cab - I'm a wonder lyrics

came, you went Was there something I should have said? I'm sure that isn't ... be myself off just for ? And ? pleased with myself In ... this relationship Now all I want is a moment alone Without

Canned Heat - I'm a hog for you baby lyrics

I'm a hog for you baby I can't get enough of your love I ... m a hog for you baby I can't get enough of your love ... When I go to sleep at night You're the only thing

Cimorelli - I'm a mess lyrics

tried so hard to ignore it, I tried to ... pretend I don't care, but by the way my heart ... it's not for you. You act so innocent, I know you ... love to keep me waiting. I'm a mess around

The Cribs - I'm a realist lyrics

m a realist I'm a romantic I'm an indecisive piece ... of shit I'm a realist I'm a romantic I am indecisive and ... that's about it and you dream that's the same thing that

Fefe Dobson - I'm a lady lyrics

on, pretty baby Won’t you come on over ... Come on over here and shake that thing I don’t wanna ... know ya, I just wanna show ya, How I make all the boys

Drew Barrymore - I'm a dreamer lyrics

m a Dreamer- I'm a Dreamer- I'm a Dreamer- I'm a ... Dreamer- I'm a Dreamer- I'm a Dreamer- I'm a Dreamer- I'm ... a Dreamer- I'm a Dreamer

The Dubliners - I'm a man you don't meet every day lyrics

name is Jock Stewart I'm a canny young man, And a rambling ... young fellow I have been, So be easy and free ... your drinking with me, I'm a man you dont meet every day.

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - I'm a fool to want you lyrics

m a fool to want you I'm a fool to want you To want a ... love that can't be true A love that's there for others ... too I'm a fool to hold you Such a fool

Forgive Durden - I'm a sucker for fakes lyrics

ll classify every word out of your ... lips As a lie until you're lying Beneath the dirt and the soil Hailed as the king of deceivers and cheats. You've got a lot

Go Fish - I’m a soldier in the army of the lord lyrics

a soldier in the army of the Lord Im a soldier ... in the army I’ve got my war clothes on In the army of ... the Lord I’ve got my war clothes on In the army

Hailey Malfoy - I'm a fangirl lyrics

said „don’t read“, That it’s not real I want to ... throw a knife, You think that I should start living real ... life Maybe you should have known Maybe you should have known That I ignore you all the time (Yeah!) Said

Horrible Histories - I'm a greek (parts i and ii) lyrics

know the caveman gave us woad Roman soldiers built the road Egypt's pyramids were ... buildings at their peak But when we talk of great ... invention It's important that we mention A special race

Diana Ross - (i'm a) mean ole lion lyrics

what you wanna But I'm here to stay 'Cause ... I'm a mean ole lion You can go where you're gonna But ... don't get in my way I'm a mean ole lion You'll be standing in a draft If you don't

Jonathan Coulton - I'm a mason now lyrics

used to laugh at me when I drove a Shriner's ... car You said it'd never fly, that I'd ... never get this far I always knew that I would make it ... someday Now you'd be safer staying out of my way Guess what, I'm a Mason now And you'd

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