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Dragonland - Ride for glory lyrics

quot;We yearn for the battle and the glory...but my heart doesn't stray from ... joined by the dwarves of the underworld, the elves of the ... deepest forests, the highland barbarians

Fabolous - Ride for this lyrics

{Yea, Uh Huh, Yea} We in the door now ... {Yea} Holla, Rule nigga, With the F-A-B-O ... haha, Yea {Yea} Cluemanatti {My nigga} Holla ... back nigga {Yea, Uh, Yea} Irv Gotti {Yea} Murder Inc. {Uh, Yea, Uh} Run

Danity Kane - Ride for you lyrics

Verse 1 - Aundrea] Lately, I´ve been ... tryna fight whatever´s pulling us under it´s got a ... what it takes to get through I gotta stick with you, my ... I´m foolishly overreacting But being without you I can´t

Amon Amarth - Ride for vengeance lyrics

only son And tears fill my burning eyes While his skin turns pale as snow Butchered he ... of the single god Hatred burns in my chest Rain falls ... I will seek my vengeance for my son I swear I'll avenge

Antonio,gabriel - Ride for me lyrics

work so hard (You know, Sometimes like...) ... go (Things don't always go your way you know) I pushed so ... hard (I mean we struggle everyday, hoping things ... change) Ima keep my head up, make it to the top (Until

Antonio Gabriel - Ride for me lyrics

work so hard (you know sometimes in life) Cause everywhere i go (things don ... t always go your way you know) I pushed so hard (i ... mean we struggle everyday hoping things

Pythia - Ride for glory lyrics

this wasn't hell Waiting for your heart to find me And in ... light to blind me Saddle up my love It's time we ran ... shed It's time to end this stupid game And be the master of

Far East Movement - Ride 4 u (ft. kid cudi & chip tha ripper) lyrics

, yoouu, you know what, yooou You, yeah, you, you know it ... You, you know it, girl! Yeah, don't ... be silly, you, you know it I'm here, I'm here ... as your friend baby, I'm here for

Cashis - We ride for shady lyrics

Obie Trice:] We run this shit, fo-five on the ... hip Been ridin' for Shady.... [Cashis:] ... the back of the, all gray Accura Gun to the passenger, for

Eminem lyricsEminem - Eminem - we ride for shady ft. obie trice,ca$.. lyrics

Obie Trice] We run this shit, fo'-five on the ... hip Been ridin for Shady, Shady {*echoes*} ... Records, the dream team, uh Sittin in the back of the ... all-gray Acura Gun to the passenger for actin

Justice Crew - Ride until the sun lyrics

slow down while we're still young Broken lights and ... concrete, are frozen under our feet Let's fill them in ... while we're still young We were born two and I

Saxon - Ride like the wind lyrics

My body's weak I'm on the run No time for sleep I've got ... to ride Ride like the wind To be free ... Always spoke my mind With a gun in my hand Lived nine lives

John Hiatt - Ride my pony lyrics

in All the trees look like stubble on winter's chin And I ... think I'll ride my pony There's a wreath of ... hangin' on my cabin door Lusty appetites have ravaged all

Milk Inc. - Ride like the wind lyrics

will set you free (Verse) I was born a ... Always spoke my mind with a gun in my hand. Lived nine ... lives, gunned down ten. Gonna ride ... like the wind. (Pre-Chorus) And I’ve got such a long

Matty B Raps - Ride it lyrics

Hum! Excuse me baby I don’t hash tag ... front I just do me baby Jack my style but I stay aight Cause we can ... wear the same J’s But you can’t beat Mike (whoope!) pull up, be like *skiirrt* in

Modern Day Escape - For the horde lyrics

storm their castle Lets burn this place to the ground I ... ve got the torches If you want to take the crown We ... And take their gold Watch your shadows If you're not careful We'll put your head on a

Alvin Lee - Ride my train lyrics

don't ride if you won't ride with me I don't ride if I ... can't ride for free I don't care if you don ... t understand Want your lovin' but I don't need your

Anne Briggs - Ride, ride lyrics

ain't never worked and you know he never will riding ... bill .44 pisol, long as your arm carried that damn gun, ... you didn't mean no harm riding

Mellowdrone - Ride (finish me off) lyrics

up Sit still They'll hear your voice and begin I admit I ... am afraid To open my mouth and breathe My neck is ... and it aches Today I'll go outside and play I think I'll

Jason Michael Carroll - A cowboy's ride lyrics

beat up truck by the creek bed A head full of things that she said The ... only comfort he has left is by his side But tonight his truck will drive ... their street Her minds made up and he knows that it's time

Trick Daddy - For the thugs lyrics

the thugs Yes sir, ha ha I'm doin' ... this one for the thugs Yes sir My boy dooda, wa ... s up fool (Down South) Tut, ha ha haa We've been seen ... (Aye yo C!), they on a roll hurry up nigga, come on, they

M.o.p. - Ride lyrics

Firing Squad nigga. Teflon. Salute I ... got a ride You got a ride We got a ride that hit up ... Williams does his thang You see I done stomped on 37 ... beats And I'm still stuck in the core of the streets

Flowing Tears - Starfish ride (for a million dollar handshake.. lyrics

echo mind Feverdreams of neurotic kind But I cannot feel ... you Head down and straight in ... line Feverdreams of a foreign tribe But I cannot feel ... you Come ride on a starfish's spine 6 1 7

Michael W. Smith - I'll wait for you lyrics

s been a long hard month of Sundays And still no rain ... Nothin' left around here but the dust and shame I know ... you know (hmmm) I know you know And I'm trying to

Crimson Shadows - For the glory of the throne lyrics

through the corpses Ride on high through the bodies ... Waging a new war through The path of destruction I ... Then this moment See it through my eyes So i crash down

Lil Boosie - For my lil niggas lyrics

Four deep in a cut dog, with a big ole pistol ... -five will kill fo' niggas F*** yo niggas, my niggas cut ... And I wan know who gon ride for that south side I bleed pain

Vanessa Carlton - I'll wait for you lyrics

ll wait for you Till you come back Till you come back ... to me I'll wait for you and only you And love you ... constantly And when you pray I'll hear you And I'll

David Cook - The last song i´ll write for you lyrics

something's not the same Cause we're both losing at the ... We're hanging from words Your tongue is a fire And I can ... t keep putting out the flames There was a

Love - I'll pray for you lyrics

ll pray for you Even if you don't have faith I'll give ... to you And even if you don't believe I'll try for ... you Die for you I'll be with you I think

P9 - I'll wait for you lyrics

t rush it Just take your time I know that soon you ... Yes it's alright We'll just settle down Not tonight, but please stay around When the ... I'll be standing here When you open up your heart I'll be

Gerry & The Pacemakers - I'll wait for you lyrics

ll wait for you through rain or shine I'll wait for you 'cause I know you're mine ... And though you're far away, you know I'll ... always say I'll wait for you 'cause I know you're mine

Ankor - I'll fight for you lyrics

to be the shadow on your feet, I know, just one step ... behind your own steps Yeah, you showed ... now a different way you want to take Don't waste your dreams, here's my hand,

Rosanne Cash - I'll change for you lyrics

ll change for you. I'll change for you. I'll ... change for you. I'll turn night into day. An' I'll ... change for you. (I don't care what the books ... say.) I'll change for you. (I don't care what my

Decyfer Down - I'll breathe for you lyrics

thousand miles from home, And ... still I know that you're right here with me, They ... say, I must deny the truth, if I want to live But I ... won't turn from you Until I live my final day, I

Kelly Groucutt - I'll cry for you tonight (2001 cd reissue bon.. lyrics

babe, what can I do About this feeling for you Oh ... I know that it's wrong But right now the feeling's so ... strong Oh girl, if you were near I'd make love to

Her Bright Skies - I'll be for you lyrics

take a breath and close your eyes Hang on tight and don ... t look down. Underneath it all, we're just ... the same, you and I, So don't go telling ... me your fine. I'll be the flowers

Seals & Crofts - I'll play for you lyrics

ll play for you I'll play for you I'll play for you ... microphone is on I'll play for you So many will be the ... the time I'll stay with you But I'll play for you I love you

Laura Branigan - I'll wait for you lyrics

key, the key to the heart Just a face in the crowd Is all ... that it takes for the memory Of that pale cool ... night, with you by my side When all that I

Moriah Peters - I'll wait for you lyrics

I met you when I was five years old ... On the seashore at a playground In an ice cream store ... Were we ever introduced Did momma make me talk to ... you Hey there, hello, hello,

Edguy - I'll cry for you lyrics

never dreamed that I could fall But something's come ... starin' at the wall Afraid for my sanity, yeah The sound ... of your voice The touch of your skin Is hauntin' me I'm

Egyptian - I´ll wait for you lyrics

middle of the night And you´re always in my head These ... to say we´ve changed But hold on Whilst the storm ... is upon We´ve got to keep on ... It´s in the path that got us here And our names are

Haddaway - I'll wait for you lyrics

end of the day When I need your smile and I long for your ... voice You're like a song in the air It ... s a tune I will always be singing I ... I´dream I can never let go You are so far away But you're

Tyler Hilton - You'll ask for me lyrics

was that about the ballroom dancing class I ... asked about It's all I thought about cause you were ... dancing Maybe dance might turn to dates and dates to aging

Kyla La Grange - I'll call for you lyrics

heart is hardly hurt by her lack And I'm on my ... way to save the world by our chance And I'm falling when ... the water moves right through And I'll Call For You when

Lamb Of God - For your malice lyrics

home to my reality. So you taste yourself every time? ... This must be your pleasure This your swan song I'll ... sing for you. I'll cut the words from your mouth

Riddletm - For jo lyrics

and no one had heard of you But one decade later there's queues at the door People placing ... their order and shouting for more How far you have come ... How far you have come Enchanted the

Semisonic - I'll feel for you lyrics

you're afraid to cry Though you could use it once in ... awhile Nothing will cloud your eyes You've been through ... nothing's real or getting through And it seems like you've forgotten how to feel Call me I

Smashing Pumpkins lyricsSmashing Pumpkins - For god and country lyrics

want to live for God and country I want to give for God ... and country It's too late for song, it's too late for what ... you've done I can't help what I ... divide in you For God and country, i'll fight For God and country, i'll die For God and country, my soul is

Lady Gaga lyricsLady Gaga - I'll wait for you (dialogue) lyrics

Jackson Maine:] Why did you come back here? Your ... friend brought me back here. I'm glad he ... did. Can I buy you a drink? Oh I-I-I got to ... in my hair and- I'll wait for you Um, yeah, okay, sure

Europe - I´ll cry for you lyrics

never dreamed that I could fall But something's come ... At the wall Afraid for my sanity The sound of your voice The touch of your ... skin It's hauntin' me I'm still tryin' to

Rainbow (korea) - I'll wait for you lyrics

tto bwado jakku bogo sipgo ni ape seomyeon ... jakku nan bulgeojyeo amureochi anheun cheok tto utneun ... (chakgakhage hajima) jakku seollego naman bogosipgo

Four Year Strong - For our fathers lyrics

TV is on and I look around And nobody is watching ... lives I sit down on the couch and I Finally start to ... t even cross my mind I used to live sometimes [x2]

Flowing Tears - For my enemies lyrics

take all my pain Save me for the world won't stop Scars ... to remain, cursed be thy name Your tears ... violent No sleep all night, run from the fight Take another

Outlawz - Life is what you make it lyrics

is what you make it nigga Get up off your ass and get some Always ... hollering about you want something nigga Verse ... 1: Young Noble Yo, I've been abducted by the block But I had

Snoop Dogg lyricsSnoop Dogg - Ride 4 me lyrics

Hey Wassup Little Homie, Yo Big Homie whats goin' ... down, Get in nigga, Ride, this motha f***a fresh, Ya ride with me, I need ya to hit a ... do this, Yeah nigga i know you like dis nigga, I gonna said

Rich Homie Quan - Rich gang lifestyle ft. young thug,rich homie.. lyrics

On Da Track bitch Rich Homie, Thugga Thugga in this mothaf***a' Rich Homie, Thugga Thugga in this mothaf***a' Rich ... Gang, Thugga Thugga baby Got like 4 ounces

Kid Ink - Ride out (with tyga, wale, yg and rich homie .. lyrics

in at first had bad luck Got a whole lot, remember ... smashin' Keep ready cause you know we bout to be a problem ... Hope you ready cause you know it bout to be a problem

Rich Gang - Lifestyle ft. young thug, rich homie quan lyrics

On Da Track bitch Rich Homie, Thugga Thugga in this mothaf***a' Rich Homie, Thugga Thugga in this mothaf***a' Rich ... Gang Thugga Thugga baby I've done did a

Lil' Flip - Bitch you know i get it crunk (t.i. diss) lyrics

Hook] Oh you know I got them things-bitch ... you know I get it crunk Oh you know I got them things-bitch ... you know I get it crunk Oh you know I got them things-bitch

Omarion - Face off lyrics

: Im sayin, I finally found the right girl for me Im ... sayin you...you my nigga dog So you aint ... gotta worry bout Lil' Mama comin between we dude We still homies at the end

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