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Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - I'm only a lonely child lyrics

s no way to say goodbye Or these tears will ... never dry This world is like a burning fire Baby, can't we ... it ends there is no end Baby, can't you see my deep

Christina Perri lyricsChristina Perri - Lonely child lyrics

as fast as you came Just as fast the sun set You pushed me away, you pushed me down Down, ... down, down, where my dreams lay And just as quick as you

David Gray - Only the lonely lyrics

m raising up my voice To the walls and to the sky It seeks ... no explanation It waits for no reply Really it is ... nothing Just a cry to the wilds I'm

Loving Annabelle - Lonely child lyrics

feel like an only child Cause I am just a lonely child ... See I wander the nights alone Cause I don't want to ... ever go home alone Where do you go when

Natalie Duncan - Lonely child lyrics

is angry, For lives they did not ... decide. I was a lone... lonely child. Better believe I'm ... gonna make it. I'm gonna let myself break down and cry

Annihilator - Only be lonely (bonus track ) lyrics

ve been apart a long time, it feels like years The memories bring tears ... Good times, I think of all the good times To keep my ... sanity 'til I get home And I know it's not how we planned it It's crazy world out

Roy Orbison - Only the lonely lyrics

dum-dum-dumdy-doo-wah Ooh-yay-yay-yay-yeah Oh-oh-oh-oh ... wah Only the lonely Only the lonely Only the lonely (dum-dum-dum-dumdy-doo-wah)

Chris Isaak - Only the lonely lyrics

the lonely, know the way I feel tonight. Only the lonely, know this feeling ain't ... right. There goes my baby, there goes my heart, they ... re gone forever, they're so far apart. But only the lonely,

Marvin Gaye - Only a lonely man would know lyrics

once I thought that Love was a toy for girls and boys I ... never gave my heart I just played the part right from the start Then there was you, ... sweet you With a love that I knew, I knew was true But

Ia (vocaloid) - Lonely child lyrics

mo asonde ita oningyou ni hanashikakeru henji ga nai no Makkakka e no gu oekaki utainagara Kaettekonai PAPA to MAMA ... owaranai orusuban Yume no naka no sekai kowareta garakutatachi Sabishikute yobikakeru

Iggy  Pop lyricsIggy Pop - Only the lonely lyrics

The Lonely by Iggy Pop Each place I go only the lonely ... go Some little small cafe The songs I know only the lonely know Each melody recalls a ... love that used to be The dreams I

Danielle Peck - Only the lonely talkin' lyrics

baby blues Looking at me tonight In a brand new ... light What a surprise Was a time when I would have given anything For you to look at me ... this way But as your friend I've got to say

Colony House - Lonely lyrics

I feel a little lonely (lonely) Sometimes I feel like this ... whole world has got me wrong Baby, ... sometimes I feel like I'm the only (only) One who ever

Kiss - Lonely is the hunter lyrics

eggs in one basket, but she threw me a bone ... She was dealt a full deck, but she likes to ... live alone Ain't just talkin' to myself, need a reason to stop (oh yeah) With a

Delta Goodrem - Child of the universe lyrics

there's something else Look at all the satellites Get ... lighter in the sky We meet and we divide The patterns made by human life Look at all ... the stars tonight They're brighter

10cc - Only child lyrics

never had a little sister No brother to ... to My nights were oh so sad and lonely Until the day that ... I met you Some people say it isn't healthy To be the only one around That's why I get a little edgy Don't want to

Jimmy Cliff - Lonely street lyrics

walk the lonely streets I walk the lonely streets I walk ... the lonely streets I walk the lonely streets There ... was no love, no, no love to be ... found There was no love, no, no love to be

Ragenheart - Child of rage lyrics

across the land With his eyes standing low ... Only pain in his life So much you cannot know All time in fever ... He is seeking back again his wasted life he screams really for a light in his

Lafee - Lonely tears lyrics

s reached the top And she won't stop Yes, she made it Finally made it The ... world's her stage It's what she wants Number one Rock and roll heaven Twenty - four

Anita Baker - Lonely lyrics

don't know what i been thru Its been rough I ... m telling you All night long toss and turn ... left to burn I tell you a story about a lonely girl Had ... wide world You know she was lonely, lonely Didn't want to feel

Cocorosie - Child bride lyrics

s hard to tell This is my wedding ... night I'm dressed and ready, despite my innocence It's ... hard to tell whose little girl am I The man with the black hat Will take me home tonight

220 Volt - Child of the night lyrics

the night You're looking so lonely Why did you ever leave home ... Cruising around Looking so restless ... Trying to settle down *Child of the night Don't try to

Elen Levon - Wild child lyrics

in the sand Waves are high And I ain't got no care in the ... world that's right Take a dive into the other side I ... don't know what's waiting there But I'll be alright One only lives if

Human Fortress - Child of war lyrics

nothing I can hear No one I can see Nothing that I can feel ... That’s the way I’d like to be There were ... many things to bear Shed tons of tears Too

Feeder - Child in you lyrics

about it, you dream about it You feel that there's ... no place left to glow Operatics, break the habits You ... feel that there's no place left to grow You gotta reach inside yourself and let it

Bruno Mars lyricsBruno Mars - Only when you're lonely lyrics

I am again Doing things I said that I wouldn't do It's 3 AM and I'm rushing out the door ... (see you, see you, see you) Waiting (waiting) All day (all

Bruno  Mars lyricsBruno Mars - Only when you're lonely lyrics

I am again Doing things I said that I wouldn't do It's 3 AM and I'm rushing out the door ... (see you, see you, see you) Waiting (waiting) All day (all

Ray Charles - Lonely avenue lyrics

my room has got two windows But the ... comes through You know it's always dark and dreary Since I ... broke off, baby with you I live on a lonely avenue My little girl wouldn

Sammy Hagar - Child to man lyrics

I feel like a man With the whole world in the ... palm of my hand But sometimes I know a man ... wouldn't understand And that's when I need you right ... there by my side To keep me satisfied I see myself, I've

Gotthard - Lonely people lyrics

is life without a friend It's a highway with ... no end What's a child without a smile Come and ... listen for a while What is faith without believe Or ... a maple with no leaves A treasure island you can't find A

The Ordinary Boys - Lonely at the top lyrics

Is A Song For All Of My Close Friends anonymous Neighbours With ... Stories To Tell i Didn't Realise I Had So Many Close ... Friends Nameless And Shameless With History To Sell.

The Kelly Family - Lonely lyrics

you don´t have to be lonely you don´t have to be lonely ... no, it seems ugly only in this world of pain Sadness you don´t have to feel ... sadness you don´t have to feel sadness no, it

S.h.e - Only lonely lyrics

La La La, Shuo De Rong Yi Cai De Rong Yi Da La La La, ... Shui Shuo Rong Yi Wo Cai Rong Yi LET ME SEE IT, LET ... ME SEE IT Dou Guai Wo Hua Bu Tai Huo Shuo Bu Neng Dou

Badfinger - Lonely you lyrics

I look into your tearful eyes I don't know what ... to do And though you say that I don't realize I sympathize with you Lonely you, only you Yes I do Lonely you, only you Lonely you When I ask

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - Only lonely lyrics

Lonely Another long and sleepless night You need ... don't know wrong from right Another long and senseless ... Fight was all you knew they're all the same There's no one left to take the blame What's behind

Leatherwolf - Lonely road lyrics

feel the need To keep you satisfied And hold you close ... to me Girl can't you see Lonely is the ... night There's only one more night till I go ... (Till I go) On that lonely road (Lonely road) I tell

Magic Kingdom - Child of the nile lyrics

was a time of fear and hate King's power was so cruel ... It was so far, in the land of death Only the strong ... of this holy light, ooh Child, Child of the nile Child, Child of the nile This legend will

Donovan - Only the blues lyrics

you wake up in the morning And can't seem to raise your head You sit staring in the teacup At the egg upon your bread And the life that you are ... Doesn't seem to be quite real You have only what the lonely call the blues When you're

Darius - Only you lyrics

will never feel the same Mesmerized And I can't ... escape I just can't breathe When you're not with me ... The things I've seen But I can't control the way it goes And I pray one day you'll know

Divinyls - Only lonely lyrics


Lee Aaron - Lonely for your love lyrics

ve been thinkin' how I'd get along If it wasn't for you I ... ve been wonderin', if I'd be as strong For what yer puttin' ... me through I always try an' tell myself got nothin' ta

Hyorin - Lonely lyrics

georeume hwicheongimyeo i bameul hemaetjyo bamsae geomge ... beonjin nunmure chwihaeseo hancham tto ureotjyo Oh dari ... cham chaneyo gidael gotdo eomneunde mallaganeun eokkaereul gamssa jul sarangeul chajayo Lonely you lonely you geudaeneun nae mam alkkayo Lonely heart lonely heart

Myka Relocate - Only steps away lyrics

ll take it from the start You know I'll give it all ... I've got, I'll give it all I've got Till I show that ... you can trust in me, just trust in ... me Don't have to be afraid You can stop all the leaves from fallin' away I

Brainstorm (prāta Vētra) - Lonely feeling (to be lonely) lyrics

ships without anchors Wide is the ocean, no ... islands, no shores All is well, only This is such ... a lonely feeling to be lonely Fame is illusion Bright are the lights and you - you are left in confusion All is

Carcass - Child's play lyrics

in a nursery of crumbling brick ... Rusted iron, cracked stone and steel Nurtured in a barren ... concrete crib In a playground of grey, your fate is ... sealed Against a back drop of drab, cold

Funker Vogt - Child soldier lyrics

parent passed away, and then i came to fight His ... parents died shot in the head killed by his unit alone at ... night they took the kid and gave him drugs they gave him

Nikolas Metaxas - Lonely lyrics

I'm Im solely alone I try to show you but ... I know you You’re never changing and you’re always raging ... You’re selfish only since you’ve known me You

Paddy And The Rats - Lonely hearts' boulevard lyrics

start your life on this parade take a deep breath and ... stop this old masquerade And we’re singing out Loud and ... proud all the pain While we’re marching On

Alle Farben - Lonely land (feat. sway clarke ii) lyrics

re roamin' around on this wasteland Dust in the sky, dust ... on our minds Broken fools on a road to nowhere Feels like ... there there's no way back home Welcome to lonely land Only one more night to stay You can leave now or take

Ginuwine - Only when ur lonely lyrics

put pressure on me Anyway you wanted me I was there ... for you Undeniably Time over and time again ... You shut me out I thought I was your man I kept it real

Hootie & The Blowfish - Only lonely lyrics

again Your words they make me smile As I drift away In ... my little room upstairs Oh I spend my nights Imagining your face your touch ... Then I realize How I don't even know

Maxwell - Lonely's the only company (i & ii) lyrics

1]- Lonely's the only other company Less you're the ... love no other love can be [Repeat 1] [Repeat 1] ... Since you went away my heart It's ripped into shreds

Metaxas Nikolas - Lonely lyrics

//lyricstranslate.com Lonely I am, Im solely alone I ... I know you. You’re never changing and you’re always raging you’re selfish only ... known me. You know someday how much I wanted you to be

Molly Nilsson - The lonely lyrics

my fear Carry me far away from here Get me running ... in the street like rain Not even saints will complain And you're so pretty to ... look at But I don't understand Oh my god look at And won

Rory Gallagher - Lonely mile lyrics

'o'clock in the morning, Ain't got a dime. Standing ... under your window, That ain't no crime. Keeping out ... of the weather, Up for the dawn. Yeah I'm stealing stealing, When I should be gone.

Shaggy - Lonely lover lyrics

girl gimmi little loving baby come come Girl gimmi ... little loving I want you to to be by my side ... girl gimmi little loving baby come come Girl gimmi ... little loving cant see myself alone tonight I don't mind

Asrai - Child lyrics

a long day in life Never so strong is ... the cruelty They built so carefully for all those years ... the cruelty They built so carefully for all those years

The Chordettes - Lonely lips lyrics

ve got lonely lips On account of a broken heart On account of a dream that fell apart On account of I tried to ... play it smart I've got lonely lips On account of my flirty

Slipknot lyricsSlipknot - Child of burning time lyrics

of Burning Time Child of burning time The child of ... burning time My only consolation is all lies The apex of ... dying here tonight Winter has returned and it always looks

Crystal Eyes - Child of rock lyrics

little child has changed our world A light in the ... dark, a miracle Forevermore her spirit ... will illuminate our lives With open arms ... and open minds we make her one of our kind In

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