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The Dubliners - Alabama '58 lyrics

Alabama 1958 The cost of human life is very low A man that`s black is trampled down Just like men were a thousand years ago But these are more enlightened days No room for all these savage ways, leave them, let them go Now every man may walk

Humble Pie - Alabama 69 lyrics

from Alabama and I work a ten pound hammer And my womans picking cotton for the bossman on the hill They work us till they break our back And beat us cos our skin is black I guess I'll have to slave till the whip is in the grave When will we be free I

Omnium Gatherum - Spiritual lyrics

and foes Gather for the show On the road Snake way appears Hides to teach Leach Breach Ache All to nothing And keep on following Bros and lows Gather around the road A.D Spiritual being Needs to be Free in deed In bleeding light Spiritual being Needs t

Grateful Dead - Alabama getaway lyrics

teeth in a jawbone, alabama trying for none, Before I have to hit him, I hope he's got the sense to run. Reason the poor girls love him, promise them everything, Why they all believe him? he wears a big diamond ring. Alabama getaway, getaway. alabama getaway, getaway, Only way to

Alabama - Alabama sky lyrics

ve seen him plow a field of corn all day. That's reality. His overalls are black with dirt, but his face is still full of dignity. He talks about the waether, and he can tell you when it's gonna rain. Told me 'bout the flood of twenty-nine that washed the crops away. Underneath t

Donald Lawrence - Spiritual lyrics

Choir] You're not a natural being Having a spiritual experience But you're a spiritual being Living this natural experience You're not a natural being Having a spiritual experience But you're a spiritual being Living this natural experience Ev

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Alabama song lyrics

show me the way to the next whisky bar oh don't ask why, oh don't ask why For we must find the next whisky bar or if we don't find the next whisky bar I tell you we must die I tell you we must die I tell you I tell you I tell you we must die

Marianne Faithfull - Alabama song lyrics

show me the way to the next whisky bar, Oh, don’t ask why, oh, don’t ask why! For we must find the next whisky bar For if we don’t find the whisky bar I tell you we must die I tell you we must die I tell you I tell you I tell you we must die! Oh, moon of ala

Kmfdm - Spiritual house lyrics

shape your body against the brain In a spiritual house tune in today Dance after dark In a spiritual house Death by sweetheart In a spiritual house We only have a silent voice In a spiritual house Emotions and no reasons In a spiritual house Are you gonna hate y

Jerry Reed - Alabama wild man lyrics

watch out Now my daddy was hard shelled Alabama preacher My momma was a dedicated Sunday school teacher My brother went to college and got a PhD Daddy said the only dud in the family was me He said, "Boy, you ain't never going to amount to a thing

Destruction - Spiritual genocide lyrics

mind is a weapon of incredible power We are biased till the last day We are not aware good guy! Prejudiced & tampered - under the influence Silent manipulation of our mental well hell! Soul destroying mass media Most deceptive encyclopedia Fooled by

Garth Brooks lyricsGarth Brooks - Alabama clay lyrics

time he saw the ground get busted He was ten and it was 1952 His daddy worked hard from sunup to sundown And the goin' got tough behind them ol' grey mules The farm grew to be a moneymaker And the house he lived in grew up room by room The boy worked hard but soon

Ancient Wisdom - Spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly real.. lyrics

down are the twelve holy gates Shattered angels, their blood stains the golden streets Demonhordes, blaspheme the image of god Seven spirits dead, never to be seen again The spiritual strenght of Hell smashed the chain The Great Dragon, free to reign supreme The sky is darken

Rage - Spiritual awakening lyrics

you, mother. Thank you for my life. Forgive me, father. For I was running blind. Time to prove the evolution First to feel it, last to get. Spiritual Awakening Rushing through these years of madness, Next time leave no opinions out. Spiritual Awakening Tell me, ans

S Club 7 - Spiritual love lyrics

let me start this, if home is where the heart is With her I feel at home even when we're apart it's Strange but I can feel her presence beside me So in a sense one could say that she guides me Now I'm remembering the first time I saw her Feeling this vibe,

Eric Benet - Spiritual thang lyrics

girl, lover friend From the day we first began Felt a connection to you Somehow can't explain No one's made me feel the same way You do Your heart and mine are one Somethin' deep is goin' on It's like we've been here before Seems like God above Had a reason to bring you

The Doors lyricsThe Doors - Alabama song lyrics

show me the way To the next whiskey bar Oh, don't ask why Oh, don't ask why Show me the way To the next whiskey bar Oh, don't ask why Oh, don't ask why For if we don't find The next whiskey bar I tell you we must die I tell you we must die I tell you,

Khali - Spiritual distortions lyrics

listen to the silence Or the whisper of the wind Watch the sun rise again And seasons passing us by Never coming back I watch the moon falling down Into oceans of time And never rise again Is nature to surrender To the evil that men do? Should I fight against

Stevie Wonder lyricsStevie Wonder - Spiritual walkers lyrics

knock on your door You laugh in their face They tell you it's time to pray They give you a book And tell you to read And point to the Judgment Day People say they live dangerously Walking places they should not be But they will walk their lives With a never ending light

Hate Eternal - Spiritual holocaust lyrics

aware Yet destined not to be To an entity of pain you serve Taken from the light Nourishment through spite Depleting human decree Chronic infliction through a sickened will The many that stain this earth It doesn't matter who must suffer When your sickness claims rebirth Upheav

Jim Croce - Alabama rain lyrics

days in mid-July Country Sunday mornin's Dusty haze on summer highways Sweet magnolia callin' But now and then I find myself Thinkin' of the days That (when) we were walking in The Alabama rain Drive-in movies, Friday nights Drinkin' beer and l

The Doors lyricsThe Doors - Alabama song live lyrics

show me the way To the next whiskey bar Oh, don't ask why Oh, don't ask why Show me the way To the next whiskey bar Oh, don't ask why Oh, don't ask why For if we don't find The next whiskey bar I Tell ya we must die Tell ya we must

Toto lyricsToto - Spiritual man lyrics

heard about a man, walkin' on the water He had hope in his eyes He didn't wear a crown or have any money He didn't have any lies He had holes in his pockets He had holes in his hands He looked like an outlaw talkin' to his lover He was a spiritual man I wanna be a prince, n

Antony And The Johnsons (anohni) - Free at last lyrics

North American Slaves Spiritual Chant Gospel) Julia Yasuda : Way down yonder in the graveyard walk I thank God I'm free at last Me and my Jesus going to meet and talk I thank God I'm free at last On my knees when the light pass'd by I thank God I'm free

Godsend - Spiritual loneliness lyrics

see them everywhere Around me Talking and laughing Around me Ignoring me like I was nothing Like I was of pure air They do not sense My spiritual loneliness I see them looking Around me Not seeing loneliness Around me Treating me like I

The Knack - Spiritual pursuit lyrics

ve been tryin' for so many years To find a meaning in this vale of tears Sometimes it's lonely sometimes it's tough Sometimes I wonder if I'm strong enough But I'll keep on holding on Gonna squeeze this life 'til the juice is gone Gonna find the ans

Overkill - Spiritual void lyrics

me with that special pain That makes a man feel right as rain My soul-a-fire, feelin' so alive in your own way If you need a reason To get some healin' If your spirit's bleedin' Then get some healin' I need a new religion Laughin' like a true believer

Katy Perry lyricsKaty Perry - Spiritual lyrics

me down at your altar, baby I'm a slave to this love Your electric lips have got me speaking in tongues I have prayed for a power like you To see deep down in my soul Oh, you make me bloom like a flower, a desert rose Magical one, a mystery All of your charms have w

Katy Perry lyricsKaty Perry - Spiritual (acoustic) lyrics

me down at your altar, baby I'm a slave to this love Your electric lips have gotten me speaking in tongues I have prayed for a power like you To see deep down in my soul Oh, you make me bloom like a flower, a desert rose Magical one or mystery

Slayer - Spiritual law lyrics

Casey Royer/Fred Traccone/Rikk Agnew/Alfonso Agnew/John Calabro/John Wilson Knight) [by D.I.] It's time to be born again Don't talk about sex that's a sin Confess yor evils to the man He'll do everything he can Don't go mass you'll go to hell We'll all be th

Sodom - Spiritual demise lyrics

sons of the night The god of the light Escorted by a rolling thunder There is no grace There is no guilt Enflamed by a human wonder Looking through my eyes And see the wisdom from above Execution of my mind And spiteful symbols all around Born to be a man Who h

Allos - Spiritual battle lyrics

are just guardians of time´s memories , only a vapor that fades. Time calls us. Our hearts know the purpose by which we were chosen. Soldiers of the Almighty Lord, we´ll see the sunrise and the glory of God. Do the best under the Lord's command that´

Persefone - Spiritual migration lyrics

like I'm losing my home My entire life is changing Foundations of my known soul crumbles All the experience, all my world, destroyed Something is growing inside A new life, a new force, a new me... I'm now connected With a mystical force The perception is being deeper My fa

Adorned Brood - Spiritual weaponry lyrics

light that I see deep inside, songs from Walhalla they come Spiritual weaponry I'm tired, the end is close, one more night and my live is done Spiritual weaponry The sun creeps under the shadows in grey, coldness is my torment This is the beginning o

Eric Clapton lyricsEric Clapton - Alabama woman blues lyrics

you ever go down On the Mobile and K C line Did you ever go down On the Mobile and K C line I just want to ask you Did you ever see that gal of mine I rode the Central And I hustled the L and N I rode the Central And I hustled the L an

Depresy - Spiritual obscure mysteries lyrics

the times of ancient prophecies When the taught found its tangibility The eternal tale, beautiful in darkness, Born in the dusk begun On the wings of storm, in the dark clear night The land is trembling, bird of prey yells Neigh of horses savaged by abhorrence Beyond the

Clan Of Xymox - Spiritual high lyrics


Death - Spiritual healing lyrics

locking the doors to your mind Escaping the reality that surrounds you Using faith as an excuse to kill A sick way of life is now revealed All the prayers in the world can't help you now A killer, a taker of life is what you are Speak no more lies I

Jerry Reed - Free born man lyrics

I was born in the Southland yes I was Some twenty odd years ago I ran away from home for the first time When I was four years old I'm a freeborn man get my home here on my back yes I have And I know every inch of highway Every foot of backroad every mi

Besatt - Spiritual explosion lyrics

Satan overfill my soul I'm feeling the transforming I'm changing I'm feeling spiritual explosion I feel the hell behind the wall What should I tell people I'm so close Still hearing nothing Open the wisdom's gates To understand who I'm I want t

Christian Death - Spiritual cramp lyrics

disease on the day of rest I go walking on water in a sea of incest I've got the image of Jesus embedded in my chest I can't leave home without my bulletproof vest Killing myself for the perfect honeymoon Fighting with scorpions, tied round my neck I hear the pitter pa

Gamma Ray - Spiritual dictator lyrics

of delusion he`s sowing seeds of hate Burning sermons, evil thoughts, he`s bound to seal our fate Human minds infected by hypnotizing words Foretelling lies, catastrophes, it`s time for our rebirth [Pre-chorus] You`re suffering from pain to clean up your karma F

Dark Millenium - Spiritual lyrics

sin, you know my bent Responsible for all That colours the paths I have gone A tragedy was torn From innocence and sorrow To a region I belong Where days of trust grown Inside life Have not existed for one stand Not even Day Has come. I may obey. Path into black.

Mean Messiah - Spiritual resolution lyrics

man, mind wreck One cross for a dying spirit Love child never born No grave for a sleeping soul One decision, now or never Some will laugh and one will suffer But no one sees the desperation Slowly rising deep inside of soul One way of no return Souls burn

Nightrage - Spiritual impulse lyrics

is no way I can escape. Barbwires around my wrist feet and neck. Electric wires connected, Within a caged inbreed Penetrable for all and everything On chemical ground I stand On my dead wings I fly the sick earth, The ground is piercing me when I walk it,

Sahg - Spiritual void lyrics

along, come face the darkness Shiver from the cold you breathe Ramble through the fog regardless Look for what the eye can't see Gone before the morning rises Song of bliss is all you hear Sink into your toxic solace Go before the smok

Sinister - Spiritual immolation lyrics

by darkness the unholy house deceit keeper of the pylons with dimensions to sinister worlds malicious labyrinth harbour of the unholy altar beholder of the ritual keeper of my spiritual destiny Tribulation - desecration immolation my salvation

10 Years - Alabama lyrics

I know your kind. You would kill your kin for the right price. Oil and water are thicker than blood. Oh I know your type. Use us to get what you wanted. You can't finish what you started. Find it kind of funny how you try to rectify the damage. Your

Ancient - Spiritual supremacy lyrics

of the Talisman of miraculous, virtues and powers Greedy alchemist with inhuman knowledge endowed Chosen initiate guardian of the unknown grialic plants Prepare the elixir for immortality and rebirth Open the portal to the astral gates of science Mental illumination

Antestor - Spiritual disease lyrics

just playing the game Lust for power lies within Killing is no longer a sin Striving for a mental illness And slowly leaving reality Lost without control Left within you soul Subconsciousness no turning back Absorbed by their own needs They cannot see where it leads Left in

Dwele - Spiritual lyrics

ohhhh yea yea ohhhh Sometimes we must go We must look at our situations lady And how could u make me chose Between you and my first life There's so many others Wishing that they can raise their families All first at the same And playing and traveling

Scelerata - Spiritual path lyrics

your awareness of the signs Look for the messages that comes to you every day Your consciousness in shape That you can take Advantage of the windows of Grace and joy, as they open No matter how subtle or quiet they may be Find this place where most of us cloud Fall

Seventh One - Spiritual awakening lyrics

by the castle on the hill Anticipating where the ruler of the shadows dwell Sometimes I behold my soul from within Not even I manage to grab hold The bearer of the mark shall find a second son And then in the morning he will be

Abramelin - Spiritual justice lyrics

to die, waiting to die The lonely horror of this concrete hell Eating my last supper I recall the lives I've swallowed Priests and guards now at my room Cold and heartless stares My throat is dry, my heart pounds Struck with terror cold sweat r

Bishop Of Hexen - Spiritual soul sunset lyrics

sall be my tower of light, in an endless night ? What remedy shall appease my blight ? (And) who shall come to my aid, and who shall stay to fight ? For the fight that lies on sight Is won within, within the heart... No legions, no masses Nor mob,

Blake Bliss - Spiritual shift lyrics

often wonder into your eyes And notice all the pain you see I see lights with empty people Empty homes staring back at me Shadows shade the sun Life without Shadows shade the sun Reaching out (x2) And I wonder if my demons still watch me slee

Cales - Spiritual bond lyrics

left so early I feel bad about all the dirt Hatred and disregard But it cannot be redressed So young and determined I remember your talent and individuality I looked up to you without you knowing that You loved hemp so much Your stuff was the best We

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - Spiritual lyrics

I don't wanna die alone Jesus oh Jesus I don't wanna die alone My love wasn't true Now all I have is you Jesus oh Jesus I don't wanna die alone Jesus If you hear my last breath Don't leave me here Left to die a lonely death I know I have sinned but

Core Device - Spiritual lyrics

my heart For it is more than hurt Find a part that I lost When I lost you Save this sorry sad excuse For a useless human being Walking as a shell Living with no meaning (Chorus) Fade away When your mind is gone And all your thoughts laid to rest In the

Dominus - Spiritual mountain lyrics

in dark and oldest grave Oh mighty father, I never really saw your dead What you left behind to me Is standing on the darkside Of your gravestone (there stands) Find the old man in the mountain I'm now sending my voice To the world's four corners To the ground, to the air To

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