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I'll Pay The Price lyrics

Browse for I'll Pay The Price song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed I'll Pay The Price lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to I'll Pay The Price.

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Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - Pay the price lyrics

late, thought we could rule the Earth Can't get away of all ... promises Moving through the holy land we're lost in the ... get out of this Shots in the dark ringing in my head Fear

Dark Illusion - Pay the price lyrics


Roxette lyricsRoxette - Pay the price lyrics

A rollercoaster within Pay the price of love When he ... calls for you You've got to Pay the price of love When he ... my big black book And call the numbers I know Something is

Sick Of It All - Pay the price lyrics

When will you learn Face of the old mistakes you thought ... You didn't realize That the time would come For you to ... for your actions You were the one who acted so wise You

Bullet - Pay the price lyrics

with empty hands Try to fool the one who always stands For ... long You've been aiming for the first price Made a move but ... you slipped on the rolling dice Now trouble

Hades - Pay the price lyrics

You told your lie and now you pay the price Greed and lust are ... our motivators Never trust the profit makers Now you pay

Buffalo Springfield - Pay the price lyrics

I heard the story once before And I ... know what the tears are for That's a lie ... don't try And I see another man in your eyes Yes, and ... t have two tastes of advice Pay the price And if on another time or place Another day,

Mortal Sin - The price of peace lyrics

of the past, destiny is falling ... History ignored again as the war machine is calling ... Armageddon final warning by the sword to live and die The

Atomic Rooster - The price lyrics

no I don't) If I had known the truth before, I never would ... your eyes and seen beyond the grave. I never would have ... buy a harp for me. But now the bargain has been made and

Periphery - The price is wrong lyrics

on my head Or throw me on the tracks Where the steel can ... kill me quick The sound of emergency Is ... stapling a fright upon their ears I'm feeling ... surrounded. I'm feeling the slap of a thousand Shit

Iron Fire - The price of blood lyrics

in the darkness Waiting for your ... soul Time to pay the price The price of blood Don't try to ... hide away cause the only place to stay is deep ... down in the dirt That's the price of blood It's growing

Sick Of It All - Clobberin' time / pay the price lyrics

s Clobberin' Time (!) Pay The PriceYeah When will you ... learn Face of the old mistakes you thought ... You didn't realize That the time would come For you to

Comeback Kid - The concept stays lyrics

them, bowing out. Throw me the flag, Ill take the ... opportunity. Stuck in the moment, I’d pay the price if there’s a possibility. I’ve ... been caught in the standard. I dragged it

Se7en (Čb) - The joker lyrics

me see your hollow sight In the game Let me play with your ... If you're thirsty through the night That's the game [I ... I can bet you'll stay Let the hunger tear you down Never

Sabaton lyricsSabaton - The price of a mile lyrics

a machinegun Hear it echo in the night Mortars firing rains the scene Scars the fields that ... green It's a stalemate at the frontline Where the soldiers

Melissa Etheridge - The universe listened lyrics

As time goes marching by But there's something wrong We don't ... ] Oh yeah, yeah, yeah And the universe listened Well, I ... made a deal Hearts to steal They will know my name I'll pay the price Any price Just give

Keel - The devil may care (but i don't) lyrics

kind of cause to defend Another means to an end And some ... what I choose Win or lose The Devil May Care The Devil May ... Care The Devil May Care - but I don't

David Byrne - The other side of this life lyrics

amp; analysts take me inside The other side of this life ... people are we Bright as the sunlight at noon ev'ry day The people in nightclubs they all

Carlene Carter - The lucky ones lyrics

are the lucky ones, we know the truth Our daughters and sons ... us watch over from above They filled us with faith and they showered us with love My ... We're lucky that we have their love 'Cause some can only

Royal Jester - The king has fallen lyrics

All around me I see How the royal heads roll They took ... for granted that they were to reign But from thia ... day the people will rule Under my ... up again No one here to be the fool But then I can hear

Real Sisters - The king has fallen lyrics

All around me I see How the royal heads roll They took ... for granted that they were to reign But from thia ... day the people will rule Under my ... up again No one here to be the fool But then I can hear

Metalium - Pay the fee lyrics

WILL PAY THE FEE... There is no masterplan All our ... dreams are messed We called these ghosts... we can't get ... heroes Now lets look in the mirror We screwed this world

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - Price of fame lyrics

aware I was excited about the way that things could have ... Someone called out my name They thought of taking pictures, ... autographs, then they grab My joy had turned to

Jane's Addiction - The price i pay lyrics

always do the wrong thing But for a very ... me now And forgive me later I'll pay you back I always do the ... one day! What I lost off the line I bring back all in my

Clawfinger - The price we pay lyrics

s killing us to settle with the cards we get When we know there's much more at stake But ... giving in to pressure is the safest bet And it's also our ... biggest mistake That's the price we pay That's the price we pay That's the price we pay

Heaven's Basement - The price we pay lyrics

been I've been thinking of The life that we are living now ... I've been waitning for The sign to go away I've been ... holding back The moment that I've leave this

Mr. Big - The price you gotta pay lyrics

I get possession with half of the truth. Then change my ... direction when the bill comes due, yeah. Then ... I turn around, the man is standing at the door.

Emmylou Harris - The price you pay lyrics

make up your mind, you choose the chance you take You ride to ... where the highway ends and the desert breaks Out on through ... an open road you ride until the day You learn to sleep at

Out Came The Wolves - Queen mary lyrics

30 the muddy water fills the air Walking slowly a women ... standing in the dark Why did you come did ... Just leave nobody gets what they need You'll pay the price

Demons And Wizards - The whistler lyrics

mother There is no guilt In what I ... To turn it back Slowly they move One by one Food for ... kingdom will come Slowly they're marching one by one

Savatage - The price you pay lyrics

And I hear your cries From the world that lies Beyond these ... You've got dreams inside They cut I know Cut so deep but ... you never show That's the price you pay That's the price you

Emmylou Harris - The price i pay lyrics

tell me I’m the talk of the town I’ve been staying home ... old freight train moving down the line I’m counting each day ... your away I’ve never been the stay at home kind But for

Blood On The Dance Floor - 3x3 (feat. shawn brandon) lyrics

ll be damned eternally By the power of 3x3 You will burn ... when you're done with me By the power of 3x3 You will burn, ... re gonna get burned You'll pay the price For the lesson you

Accept lyricsAccept - The curse lyrics

are the world’s biggest sinners ... Always saints when they’re gone? It’s all about ... and who is wrong Who’s the thief, who’s the traitor? ... Who’s the one to save the day? And who will be in the

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - The price is wrong lyrics

We got along She got away The price is wrong But she gotta ... pay We used to be the coolest couple back in high ... ye ye ye ye ye We used to be the nastiest couple on the school

Molly Hatchet - The price you pay lyrics

Georgia you all know, Where the sun's so hot and the daylight ... don't show. Where the moccasin she rests on a soft ... bed of sand, You can hear the hound dog howling out the

A Day To Remember - The price we pay lyrics

loud Days rolled on We know the price we pay Days rolled on ... loud Days rolled on We know the price we pay Days rolled on ... loud Days rolled on We know the price we pay Days rolled on

Jakszyk, Fripp And Collins (a King Crimson Projekct) - The price we pay lyrics

still remain Always stay the same Is grief the price we pay The price we pay You know ... how it works And amidst the fading rain-washed border

Ferry Bryan - The price of love lyrics

face in every crowd That's the price of love, the price of ... love A debt you pay with tears and pain The price of love, the price of love ... Kiss one girl, kiss another Kiss them all but you won't

Smokey Robinson - The agony and the ecstasy lyrics

thought for fun One night together might be nice Oh, but fun ... love for both of us So now we pay forbidden lover's price Oh, ... ours is never, ever free You pay some agony for the ecstasy Oh

Lenny Kravitz lyricsLenny Kravitz - Pay to play lyrics

said I want the money I know you want it ... for your dreams to fly in Then she smiled and said to me ... believe in you You've got to pay the price If you want to

Nightcore - The world calling (there for tomorrow) lyrics

wanna be your tenth caller on the radio So don't bother ... We let our words speak for themselves Don't take it all so ... To wake up knowing you've got the day To take on without

G.b.h. - Pass the axe lyrics

up the dust clouds here we go, out ... to the Wild West. Ride the ferry as the sun goes down, ... carrying on the quest. But on the way back ... all's not well, there's an incident on deck. Big

Conception - The promiser lyrics

he knows how to collect the voices he needs so bad ... Hear him praising the lord whom he's always ... hand in hand with those who pay the price promise you'll

Jag Panzer - King at a price lyrics

Tis now the hour to seize the throne I've not the will to ... life's blood I do invest The mirror knows a face no one ... else can know Points to the path that I must go The

Procol Harum - The piper´s tune lyrics

mess; you have caused your mother great distress They're ... bound to even up the score you'll get no sweeties ... anymore They'll give your friends a ... talking to persuade them not to play with you. They

Shok Paris - The american dream lyrics

Monday you make up the roar of a different kind Ya ... stand up to shake off the sleep Gotta put your life ... d do anything just to live The American Dream Finally,

Katana - The gambit lyrics

You're ready to raise up the stakes And leave all behind? ... and returned I can show you the way Give you a map that ... has cost men their lives What do you say?

Chamillionaire - On the grind lyrics

tired (sick of tired) Of all the fakers walkin in my life (in ... my life) I told ya once and then I told ya twice (told ya ... twice) You got to go, I'll make a sacrifice, a sacrifice

Epica - Price of freedom lyrics

quot;They have begged for civil rights ... They have begged the white man for civil rights. They have begged the white man ... "And anytime you beg another man to set you free, you'll

The Rasmus lyricsThe Rasmus - Delirium lyrics

know it's closer and for now There's something I can't live ... And take me to my reckoning I'll do the time I'll pay the price I'll pay the price All I

Refused - The deadly rhythm lyrics

Stuck by deadly rhythm of the production line Stuck by ... deadly rhythm of the production line This power ... Stuck by deadly rhythm of the production line Stuck by

Shakra - The journey lyrics

Open up your eyes and realize there's skies Strive on, though the world gets you wrong Cease ... your own lies, it's worth to pay the price grab your wings

Alestorm - Walk the plank lyrics

display For treachery upon the seas has taken place this day ... and pointy teeth Walk the Plank! With your life, ... you‘ll pay the price Walk the Plank! Boots of lead, your

Messenger - Feel the fire lyrics

can see the signs on the fields, I know their meaning ... time we're hiding deep in the night Tomorrow we are ... what must be done To kill the aliens Their race is takin'

A Call To Sincerity - The price you'll pay lyrics

fell away from me I stood on the edge of this cliff, gazing ... for a sign But there was nothing. I waited for the rain to wash me from the ... place when I was sleeping The worst get worse when you breathe There's nothing left for

Olympos Mons - The price lyrics

a music never ending among them walks a man with a heavy ... what he´s been told it´s the game he has to play nothing ... lives from day to day it´s the price we pay for every

Charlie Daniels - The last fallen hero lyrics

and chaos in our streets In the middle of this fiery hell ... brave heroes fell In the skies of Pennsylvania on a ... bound for destruction With the devil and his angels at the

Gorefest - The new gods lyrics

to the age of paranoia Say hello to ... the lies and propaganda The realm of corporate ... misinformaton The new gods of your generation ... Welcome to the age of make believe F*** the

Lucid Dreaming - The price lyrics

all begins Here never comes the sun, neither should you have ... travelled on our quest For the cauldron robbing dead men of ... us find it, will you speak the truth Or must we seek even

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