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Impaled Nazarene - Humble f*** of death lyrics

killed their god [Cho:] Humble f*** of death - Brings forth ... damnation Humble f*** of death - True power of Satan If ... yet to come Not one swine of god will walk on this planet

Gorefest - Of death and chaos lyrics

you want a hint of your future? Do you want to ... dead? Do you want a glimpse of tomorrow? Rest assured, no ... feel it present Every break of dawn Holy mother of

Satanic Warmaster - ... of the night lyrics

an arcade of woods in a sombre forest I ... To my black destiny to grow humble As the funeral breeze ... I know who I am: A dweller of a palace encircled in the

Darkness (ger) - Death squad lyrics

of death they hide in bars Assuring ... dues they had to pay Death, terror and crime They ... Their mission fulfilled Death squad Death squad Death

Blessed Death - Death in the sky lyrics

escaping, boosters breaking Death only seconds away Humans are ... is shattered Now you have death in the sky Earth's in ... human flesh, bloodied bone Death in the sky Massive metal,

Impiety - Death squad (darkness cover) lyrics

of death they hide in bars Assuring ... dues they had to pay Death, terror and crime They ... Their mission fulfilled Death squad Death squad Death

Chinchilla - Death is a grand leveller lyrics

isn't something right And death is cruising through the ... made rich booty Like they've often done before They are ... licence They're the kiss of death And they will take our soul

Dia De Los Muertos - Death's embrace lyrics

Our fate is a flash of unforgiving Feats of despair ... repair Spawned form an act of aggression Freed by a will of contempt Look with an eye to ... begin again Taste the knife of death’s embrace An ecstasy

Entrails - Death league lyrics

Formed an army, a militia of blood To bring humanity back ... anger we fight One thousand deaths on this unholy night Death league Thirsty for blood In

Exhumed - Death walks behind you lyrics

Strike my name from the book of life Inscribed forever in ... the book of death Destroyer, life-taker, the ... end and the omega Death walks behind you, waiting to

Norther - Death unlimited lyrics

perkele Welcome to my world of death and pain Oh it drives ... from the past Because I'm death and I'm everlast I'm the ... can hurt you anymore Anyhow death is so much more You can

Tragically Hip, The lyricsTragically Hip, The - Inevitability of death lyrics

don't go to hell the memories of us do I get a sense of ... don't go to hell the memories of us do And if you go to hell ... But I thought you beat the death of inevitability to death

Accept lyricsAccept - Shades of death lyrics

beyond Beyond the shades of death (shades of death) The ... darkest shades of death (shades of death) Beyond the ... near... out on the streets of fear Eyes shine in the

Angel Witch - Angel of death lyrics

of death A faceless evil spirit that ... soul that he must take Steed of white he rides through the ... realms of unknown He is only a ... him from the grave Angel of death Angel of death Angel of death Angel of death

Sabbat - The dwelling - the melody of death mask lyrics

blood..." The birth of unseen the evil By ... to blood, Marked a sign of the beast on my soul, A soul ... The fire bleeds crying of the beast... ... Oh ...

Cannibal Corpse lyricsCannibal Corpse - Death walking terror lyrics

I am the black thoughts of the night Deep in the ... darkness of your mind Shrouded in ... mental torture In the realm of death walking terror ... to the edge Imposition of depravity Sanity holding by

Judas Priest - Death lyrics

Every soul apart Messenger of Death Wields the scythe of ... Man's damnation Messenger of Death Holds his blade for ... To my ritual Messenger of Death Wields the scythe of Man's

Oomph! - Song of death lyrics

breathe Sing me this song of death Sing me this song of death Sing me this song Oh my ... in Hell Sing me this song of death Sing me this song of death Sing me this song (sing

Sodom - Victims of death lyrics

victims of death are the victims of satan, ... execution, in the fire of inferno, Its a revenge, a ... revenge of evil, the revenge is high ... are the victims, the victims of death The victims, the

Agathocles - Smelling the odours of death lyrics

the odours of death, walking next to a macho ... on animals, tortured to death, Smelling the odours of death, on a high-society-bitch her ... on animals, tortured to death, Who the f*** wants to

Dokken - Kiss of death lyrics

me to an end With the kiss of death The kiss of death ... paradise With the kiss of death I tried to stop As she ... me to an end With the kiss of death The kiss of death

Entombed - Masters of death lyrics

Guests Vocals: Killjoy of Necrophagia] Mannequin ... They're all the same Deathstrike said so Hallowed be ... name Morbid Angel Napalm Death Filthy Christians Hold your

Eradicator - At the brink of death lyrics

it you, is it me, or an act of tyranny? Spill the haze, ... suffer to death The poison fills my lung ... We wish a slow and painful death At the brink of death

Exhumed - (so passes) the glory of death lyrics

as one - keeping time with death's drum The rotting now ... must help it die And let our death knell now decry: Sic ... mortem So passes the glory of death Sic transit gloria

Hirax - Death militia lyrics

Prepare for their mission of death. Corruption has lead to ... unrest Violent, death militia Death militia, ... trained to kill. Death militia, blood will

Legion Of The Damned - Death is my master lyrics

spectre of the thug Eternally roams ... here, The inner demon death Makes the coward shake in ... has arrived, The shade of death is near Merciless Kali -

Legion Of The Damned - Death's head march lyrics

order of the silver skull and bones - ... Knighthood of a nordic denomination ... chaos - Feeding the delusions of a crumbled nation ... Messianic prophecies of a pagan rebirth - Unleashing

Marilyn Manson lyricsMarilyn Manson - In the shadow of the valley of death lyrics

know that I am not alone Death is policeman Death is a ... priest Death is a stereo Death is T.V. Death is the devil ... Death is an angel Death is our God, killing us all

Mortal Sin - Psychology of death lyrics

to teerrify Psychology of death Victim of your pain ... Psychology of death Chemically imbalanced brain ... Psychology of death Victim of your pain Psychology of death Chemically imbalanced brain

Mortem - Death rules supreme lyrics

figure known as the reaper Death Rules Supreme The ancient ... feed the conqueror worm Death Rules Supreme (Those) Who ... their tombs, on the wings of death they ride Heaven’s angels

Tim Ripper Owens - Death race lyrics

speeds They call this a death race whoa whoa whoa Foot to ... speeds they call this a death race Down the stretch there ... this will be his last race of death yeah of death You got to

Pegazus - Death or glory lyrics

the sky Spill the blood of men Victory for the king ... endless days Sickening smell of death is floating through the ... Revenge is in our eyes (Death or Glory) Arrows black the

Pertness - Cold wind of death lyrics

it's too late Cold wind of death Symphony of frozen flames ... Cold wind of death I'm frozen - nailed to the ... all over the world A cloud of death Devastating power No

The Prodigy lyricsThe Prodigy - Wall of death lyrics

me to the wall of death You're not ready to ... Follow me to the wall of death Welcome to the wall of death ... Follow me to the wall of death Welcome to the wall of death

Abscess - Death runs red lyrics

Life Like Skin from a Mask of Agony Meat Flayed Open ... Soaks into the Sheets On Death Bed once with turned to ... Cut from Pin and Misery Death Runs Red Death Runs Red

Death By Stereo - Death conspiracy lyrics

sound, of revolution the soul, my ... a conspiracy yeah its inside of me life, its all distorted ... we can record it the sound, of revolution the soul, my

Limbonic Art - Funeral of death lyrics

tripping. In twilight sleep death is reaping. Blood stained, ... solitude as night grows old. Death salvation, life capitulation, ... in the frozen soul. Desire death and you'll sink into silence.

Etherna - Death lyrics

mercy on me. You’re the lady of death. Death, I love you, ... save my soul. Death, forever, you’ll be in my ... I see your eyes in the dark of [the] night. I brought you

Grave Digger - Death smiles at all of us lyrics

the spell into the gates of hell Sacrificed for mercy ... children following the tunes of death Laughing eyes will ... to kill revenge is near Death smiles at all of us killing

Helloween lyricsHelloween - Phantoms of death lyrics

don't give a damn on any kind of life Phantoms bring evil, ... destruction and death Night after night the same ... attack Chorus: Phantoms of death, Phantoms of death

Infernal Majesty - Death of heaven lyrics

conscince reality Reality of life conscience of death In ... the fangs of the panther the coming ... departure Accepting death without fear Gracefully rout ... the herding of the wear Highly evolved

Jorn Lande & Trond Holter - Swing of death lyrics

Please step inside this crib of mine. We'll have a ballroom ... a kid. The next card's out of my sleeve. Now everybody ... welcome to the... ...Dance of fools. The swing of death,

Manilla Road - Totentanz (the dance of death) lyrics

his quest to be free Tribes of this brave world stand firm ... unto his defeat Defenders of the faith Voyager's quest ... for the king The dance of death The dance of death

Nervosa - Time of death lyrics

hope We can only wait for death Threatening reaction ... Cause an extremely keen sense of vengeance Time of death ... Time of death Real life, real situation

Silent Force - Kiss of death lyrics

cold as ice Like the kiss of death Cold as ice, don’t ... be dangerous like the kiss of death No sense for justice Your ... great pretender, you’re one of that kind You don’t need

Slayer - Angel of death lyrics

the meaning of pain The way that I want you ... to die Slow death, immense decay Showers that ... cleanse you of your life Forced in Like ... cattle you run Stripped of Your life's worth Human

Aura Noir - Shadows of death lyrics

fumes Fallen under the gods of steel, see that death cast ... hope for rebirth Shadows of death Take your last breath ... Shadows of death See the vultures soaring

Axxis - Angel of death lyrics

baby, cry baby The final day of my life will come soon, my ... arise Send me an angel of death - Deus deus - angelus ... mortifer Send me an angel of death - Deus deus - angelus

Bejelit - Death row lyrics

can see so close my end Jail of thoughts Rotting days, can I ... live in this death domain Draining life, day ... my name, know my face, God of Light erases my plans I

Bejelit - Son of death lyrics

my rage But I'm the son of death And the bad luck is on my ... way I'm the sin of death And the bad luck is on my ... my rage But I'm the son of death And the bad luck is on my

Blood Red Throne - A dream of death lyrics

Dream of Death! The sound of shovelled earth A Dream of Death! Distant voices can still be ... Six feet under A last gasp of breath Life fade away I

Deadnight - Messenger of death lyrics

night of your life Time to say ... blood runs cold I am your death, now behold I have no mercy, ... Your life, final judgement of the dark one Tonight, death

Depressed Mode - Death multiplies lyrics

my mind to this endless way of death and pain to deal with ... the endless day Death multiples Again... Again... ... This huge amount of the dead bodies on these

Elvenstorm - Sirens of death lyrics

power, the end of mankind Death at the touch of a button ... explode All fear holocaust of fire Fire, Death, War, ... heading to chaos Sirens of death are calling, doomsday has

Folkodia - The fierce kiss of death lyrics

fierce kiss of death Is felt through mine eyes: ... have to see – And then in death you’ll know Comrade what I ... do! The pain is white as Death, He is your only friend –

Hackneyed - Symphony of death lyrics

- peels my flesh Chews it off my bones It is his brand - ... Specific for the Symphony of Death Protects from dearth ... Symphony of Death Enjoy bloodbath Now it's

Helstar - Angel of death lyrics

hails only one It's the dead of the damned Her moan whales, ... is after you In the black of the night Her mist roles in ... The children of sin are to die The blood of

Lord Belial - Scythe of death lyrics

the horizons without reach of human eyes Never seen by man ... unfolds, in the mist only death awaits Strange sounds in the ... unfolds, in the mist only death awaits Strange sounds in the

Pantera - Death rattle lyrics

Depleted from years of abuse Death rattle shaking ... rigor mortis Induce, grasp of poison hands Death rattle ... shaking From years of compulsive mistaking Death rattle shakes Disease of

Panychida - Black wings of death (running wild cover) lyrics

Wings of Death The churchbell of doom is ... tolling The angel of death is near The ghost with cowl ... doom The damned's foreboding of death He's taking your

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