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How Worthless Could I Be Without Your Love Worship Song lyrics

Browse for How Worthless Could I Be Without Your Love Worship Song song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed How Worthless Could I Be Without Your Love Worship Song lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to How Worthless Could I Be Without Your Love Worship Song.

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Koda Kumi - Without your love lyrics

tsuku sono ude hodoki furikaeri sono ki ni sorry yo ga ... akeru aizu to tomoni utsuromu hitoban no magic ... sorezutsu no hitomi no oku wa nani wo katatte iru

Atc - Without your love lyrics

was so lonely until I met you babe You were the ... reason and I wanted you to stay Now it ... so long and you're back again You were my first love ... you'll always be the one You light my

Corey Hart - Without your love lyrics

your love there's too much time here Too much time to fill ... up time Without your love there are no seasons From the ... very first secret of our hearts You ... were an island calling for me I don't want to live without your love We can't waste a single

Chris Norman - Without your love lyrics

not the man you think I am I’m not the way that I began ... Not the same as yesterday I’m just an ordinary guy And ... you oughta know that I Could give it all away And it’s

April Wine - Without your love lyrics

related, it's complicated It's understood now, it's up to ... me now Everybody knows that it's over, you Everybody ... knows that it's gonna break my heart in

Toto lyricsToto - Without your love lyrics

s late at night, nothin's feelin' right Since you've gone ... away I think I know why you left this time, ... But it's still hard to say I nearly lost it, when he came

Alyson Avenue - Without your love lyrics

night I see your face It's flashing in my head If ... Only I could have you near You told me ... you couldn't stay And when I woke up you where far away ... Now I'm tossin' and turnin' in my sleep You took me far

Nostradameus - Without your love lyrics

is great but yet painfully Making scars I never ... would believe You might know what I'm thinking of ... I cry my tears eternally Read ... this lines and understand I will never be free Free from

Ellie Goulding lyricsEllie Goulding - Without your love lyrics

or later I’ll be heading home Sooner or later I’ll ... be on my own Tune into center, I’ll wear out my ... shoes Tune into someone got nothing to ... lose Without your love I’m getting somewhere Without your love I’m getting

Enuff Z' Nuff - Without your love lyrics

s four in the morning And I ain't been to sleep. My heart's ... beating restless, My thoughts are ... running deep. I've been trying to call you, Cried to your

Joe Cocker lyricsJoe Cocker - Without your love lyrics

don't know what it is you got But it's plain ... enough to see Whatever it is sure Means alot to me, oh ... yeah I try to turn and walk away ... But it does no good, I've gotta stay This feelin'

Defyance - Without your love lyrics

now that you've went away I promise you forever if you ... would only stay I'm thinkin' back to a time when love ... was on our side Now that the rose is wilted the thorns begin to bite

Chris Stapleton lyricsChris Stapleton - Without your love lyrics

hand of heartaches that I'll play What we said and ... what we meant Two different things, just some ... words and rings And time keeps raising the stakes

Magnum - Without your love lyrics

d pay any price Just to keep you here with ... me I won't hold you down You can ... feel that you're free But it's all no good Without your love, without your love Without your love, without your love Without your love, without your love I can't make it on my

Joey Mcintyre - Without your love lyrics

Verse] It happens all the time. All you girls are the ... same. I put my heart out on the line ... Any you just walk away. [Bridge] What am I to do If I

Shedaisy - Without your love lyrics

if my heart had walked right past you What if my eyes ... you To come and take the chains That kept me weighted down ... And if you never saved me Oh I ... know I'd still be Walkin' in sinkin' sand Flyin' with no

Neil Sedaka - Without your love lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Newsboys - Your love is better than life lyrics

dunno nothing that I haven't been taught, I dunno why I was ... born into the family I've got, I dunno if I ever ... had an original thought, maybe not, maybe so, maybe later, I

Kalwich - Kalwich - jake miller - day without your love lyrics

took my heart when I was 15 I love everything about you ... And now I honestly can't see Going a single day without you You ... are the air I breathe You are my everything Baby come and follow me Till the end of the world I won

Jake Miller - Day without your love lyrics

took my heart when I was 15 I love everything about you ... And now I honestly can't see Going a single day without you You ... are the air I breathe You are my everything Baby come and follow me Till the end of the world I won

April Wine - Wouldn't want your love lyrics

in the sunshine, I feel like gettin' high And taking a ... sip of cool wine, reflection in your eyes A face I know as ... someone, who smiles and make me say That I

Chicago - I don't wanna live without your love lyrics

it wouldn't matter if we didn't stay together, and if it was over, maybe it was for ... the better. I was thinking I'd be alright, 'til I ... thought it all through. Now I know that I ain't really living if I have to live without

Enuff Z' Nuff - I could never be without you lyrics

hope you see it will be all right make love to me but make ... it all night to touch your touch, to feel your feel your body next to mine to hear ... you'll always stay with me until the end of time

Roger Daltrey - Without your life lyrics

can show me the way Give me a sunny day But what ... does it mean Without your love And if I could travel far ... If I could touch the stars Where would I be Without your love

Aaron Lines - I can't live without your love lyrics

how'd we wind up this far apart Using words as ... weapons like daggers to our hearts This ... standoff of indifference isn't solving anything But ... baby, I've been thinking 'bout what I stand to lose

Nashville Cast - I ain't leavin without your love ft. sam pall.. lyrics

m old enough to know that I'm too young to know a thing ... But Ive seen what Ive seen And if you ask me ... everything I'll ever need Ive met alot of faces and I

Lily Allen - Miserable without your love lyrics

m a beautiful (beautiful) Powerful (powerful) ... Fashionable (best dressed) Animal But I'm ... miserable without your love Miserable without your love I'm

Renegade Five - Lost without your love lyrics

never thought I´d feel so much Never gonna ... break the chains Thats holding me back within my heart ... you started to pray for me I had to lay my eyes on you

Dusty Springfield - Living without your love lyrics

you look the other way Afraid that we would meet Could it ... be that it's down to tears? After all ... the love we knew It was so hard losing you Now I feel it coming on That emptiness again 'Cause I've been

Daichi Miura - Your love feat kreva lyrics

kurikaesu hibi Sono enchou senjyou samui hi ... ni Doko ni demo arifureta Kimi to no deaikata Nani ka ... ga itsumo to wa chigau kedo Demo kitto sore wa ... omoi sugoshi? Koudou ga (Ha ha) Hayaku

Loudness - Lost without your love lyrics

from the night, blind love's burnin' Through your eyes, ... my empty world is turning Without you now, tell me how to ... just let you go I'm a victim of your touch, your fire

Amy Pearson - Lost without your love z filmu tajemství prst.. lyrics

hangs heavy on my heart, I know it has to be this way, ... has told me what to do, You give me strength to carry on, ... (chorus) You know that I'm lost without you, Stumbling in the dark, You know that

Nick Kamen - I can't live without your love lyrics

please believe my heart would never lie I know it's tough to see the ... truth sometimes Unpack your bags bring back the ... atmosphere This place is just a cell without you I

Mary J Blige - Be without you lyrics

wanna be with you, gotta be with you, need to be with you ... (Oh, oh, oh, oh) I wanna be with you, gotta be with you, ... need to be with you (Oh, oh, oh, oh) Oooo

Booty Luv - Be without you lyrics

Well, let me see you put your hands up Hands up! Well, ... let me see you put your hands up Hands up! Well, ... let me see you put your hands up Hands up! Chemistry was crazy from the get-go

Sergey Lazarev - Lost without your love lyrics

you’re next to me I can do most anything And ... everything’s ok it’s alright When you’re close it ... the world has stopped turning And everything’s ok feels

Ricky Nelson - Can't live without your love and affection lyrics

she comes, just like an angel Seems like ... forever that she?s been on my mind But nothing has ... changed She thinks I?m a waste if her time There ... she don?t know what she?s missing Can?t she see I?ll

Billy Ray Cyrus - I cant live without your love lyrics

walk around like a nervous wreck I'm a fool ... but what the heck I'm standing here up to my neck in desire I wanna call, want you to ... know What I'm feeling in my soul Girl, I tried, but I can't control this fire It

Laura Branigan - Your love lyrics

when I'm standing all alone I think of things that I have ... done And start to wonder if there's one thing That ... means more than others I have known And suddenly it

Smokie - Your love is so good for me lyrics

lonely castle on an island A string of diamonds ... on a ring of gold All the fortune ... that surrounds them Couldn't take the place of you now. ... You made a palace grow in my minds eye Making the

Demi Lovato lyricsDemi Lovato - Without the love lyrics

pull my strings, and push my soul You ... fool my heart with every note You drop the beat and kiss my face You make ... to let me go Yeah you put me in the spotlight, just to steal

Matt Redman - Where would we be lyrics

came to search and rescue In love, the Father sent You Broke ... through the darkest night You came to seek and save ... us You came to liberate us Jesus, You heard our

Angela Aki - Your love song lyrics

your eyes, wake up my love This is the calm I am speaking of ... Empty and cold I am torn apart You enter the beats back in my heart I ... have arrived much too soon I’m waiting for you to enter my

Foreigner - I dont want to live without you lyrics

find myself in a strange situation And I don't know how ... What seemed to be an infatuation Is so different now ... (Aaaah) I can't get by if we're not together (Eeeeh)

Kirk Franklin - Could've been lyrics

could've been me With no clothes no shoes and no ... eat Yeah (Yeah) Yeah (Yeah) It could've been me Without your love Lord tell me where would ... I be Yeah (Yeah) Yeah (Yeah) It could've been [Verse One:]

Opus - How can i exist lyrics

day when you told me that it’s over now You bang the ... door and I did ‘nt know how I would stand this cloudy day ... For hours I was waiting for your call -Anticipating that was

Shakin' Stevens - How could it be like that? lyrics

back, when the times we're good We grew up ... together in our neighbourhood Being friends and ... our love was strong But then came the ... gone, Yeah gone, yeah gone How could it be like that? How could it be like that? Be like

Kimberley Locke - Without you lyrics

even thought to cry When I heard you say goodbye Never ... said where you were going There's no laughter in ... the air Only silence everywhere And so much

Mario - How do i breathe lyrics

do I breathe, yeah? How do I breathe, yeah? [Verse:] It feels so different being ... here, I was so used to being next to you, Life for me is not the same, There's no

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - Your loving flame lyrics

can I hope to reach your love Help me to discover What it ... is you're thinking of 'Cos when we kiss, ... nothing feels the same I could spend eternity Inside your

Trick Daddy - Could it be lyrics

it be, you and me? Could it be? (heh heh) Could it be that I'm lost, Gettin' soft and ... just fallin' in love(fallin' in love heh heh) Could it be, ... and me? (for my thugs y'all, nigga) Trick Daddy: Very

Davis Paul - Love or let me be lonely lyrics

NEVIL, ROBERT S. / GERRARD, MATTHEW Oh ... love or let me be lonely Part time love I could find any day So don't defy ... Mother Nature's ways Make it the love, the love That's

Peter Aristone - Without your kiss lyrics

day that passes by, Before surrendering to the night ... Is another day I wasn’t alive Every night I lie awake ... Wondering how much more that I can take Is another night I

Naturally 7 - How could it be lyrics

could it be? You would turn your back on me After all the love we've shared. How can I say ... (How should I say) It seems like love just sailed ... has got me scared. When will I know? If you will stay

The Rapture - How deep is your love? lyrics

the love that you're giving me It helps me see what's ... right All my life now you've given me A ... chance to see your light All the feeling I have ... for you Let it come on through When I cry

Agnes - Love me senseless lyrics

floating higher bring the atmosphere, oohh ... You’re everything but us just disappears, ... yeah Never plain like coming down from here I wanna ... melt into your arms into the stars Into the night

Elevation Worship - How great your love lyrics

the cross of Christ Where love came for us You pursued our ... hearts, You pursued us In the Son of God The perfect ... sacrifice There’s rescue for our

Michael W. Smith - Love one another lyrics

had a dream that I was speaking With a prophet from the ... land of wise In a crowd of people from the ... land of troubled hearts I said "We've come here for

Dub Fx - Love me or not lyrics

could love me or not But either way I’ve got to Wake up ... another day tomorrow morning You could love me or not ... But either way I’ve got the sunrise looking in my eyes And I know I could love you or not, But either

Enuff Z' Nuff - How am i supposed to write a love song lyrics

re all out of time. This will never do. Love's been so ... unkind. Look what I go through. How am I ... to Come on to you every night, When you don't even

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