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Hear'say - Love will never end lyrics

you're down and you're lonely You know that I will be there Even though we've ... been around the world Away from you Just close your eyes Dreams will come true This love is

Michael Bolton - How can we be lovers lyrics

can we be lovers if we can't be friends How can we ... start over when the fighting never ends Baby, how can we make love if we can't make amends Tell ... me how we can be lovers if we can't be Can't be friends Look at us now, look at us baby

Eternal 2 - It will never end lyrics

oh yeah It will never end, no Never, never end You ... and I share a lifetime Laughter, sunshine and rain So ... secure Yet sometimes with life ... change Close my eyes, you'll be there And I know our love will never end Living

Se7en - Money can't buy my love lyrics

never knew a Rider until I got you Prada, And showed you all the finer things I ... took you out that Hooptie, went from Guess to Gucci You even got a ... diamond ring (I gave you everything) But You still

Fear Factory - Never end lyrics

smoke clears and the flames subside (we have been forsaken. ... ..) a thousand eyes were upon me soulless, and without ... (we have been forsaken...) will there never be an end? if

Jennifer Love-hewitt lyricsJennifer Love-hewitt - How do i deal lyrics

day I wake up to another day gone by ... Nothing but the open road and the never-ending why Anything can happen, ... yeah, but nothin ever does I try to

Chris Norman - Love is ... lyrics

must have send you Look what you have done Now two ... hearts are beating Beating just as one Help me, oh I'm ... feeling It's love will never end Made for me in heaven I

Amy Grant - How can we see that far lyrics

said our promises by candlelight You hold my hands, I ... dressed in white We were young How can we see that far? How can we see that far? I ... knew I wanted you like no one else I told my

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - Love is (never gone) lyrics

yeah Once there was a time love was just a myth It just wasn ... didn't exist Til the day you came into my life You forced ... twice I didn't have too much, no I wasn't rich Gave me

Kis-my-ft2 - Never end love lyrics

snow Wander Wander Secret love Missing you like hide and ... seek Kono deai no yuku sue wa Wakare nan datte koto ... Mienai furi wo shi teta Hontou wa

Bonfire - Look of love lyrics

see your wrong in dreams Before the ... hand I know Is hard for you to understand I try to ... and cool when I'm way OooHow long for you smile today?

Dope Stars Inc. - Can you imagine lyrics

of stars surround this world and I always ... where the border Gets to the end. Thousands of questions in ... my head. How many times you have been standing In front

John Frusciante - How can i tell you lyrics

can I tell you that I love you, I love you But I can't ... to say I long to tell you that I'm always thinking of ... you I'm always thinking of you, but my words Just blow away

M People - How can i love more? lyrics

enter the temple of holy love and shout your name to God ... is no game, I only hope you feel the same. They say ... that love's a two way thing and all of

Saga - How do i look lyrics

eyes will barely open And I can't feel my arm I hear the ... And still my eyes won't focus I wonder which one of me I ... ll need to be today Stir it up Mix it up I'll keep you guessing [Chorus] I must admit

Alice Cooper - Love should never feel like this lyrics

told me love's a beautiful thing And when I found it ... all the bells would just ring The sun would shine ... and all the birds would sing Then I met you I

Dj Sammy - Look for love lyrics

moment This is the time You use your body And I use mine ... moment This is the time You use your body And I use mine ... This is the moment To look for love This is the moment

Jay Sean - Can´t fall in love lyrics

just cant fall in love I'm lying in the wrong bed ... You got me thinking with the ... wrong head And i thought that the heart was supposed to be just for her and

Girl's Day - How do i look? lyrics

eottae eottae eotteoni Nineuneul boltttae mada nan molla ... Neoleul bomyeon naemam ... kongdakkongdak ttwineungeol eotteohhae Somsatang ... cheoleom saljak noka deuleowa Dalkomhan nae sarandel

Lil' Keke - Never had nuthin' lyrics

Billy Cook] Watch out, Southside is coming through This ... year, we gon shiiine Watch out, C.M.G. is coming through I ... swear, it's our tiiime [x2] [Hook x2]

Krypteria - (how can something so good) hurt so bad lyrics

we stand, our time is up and the world just seemed to ... stop The end is knocking on the door now ... Tell me why love had to die and tell me, why ... did you decide To leave me shattered

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - How did i fall in love with you lyrics

when we never needed each other The best ... of friends like sister and brother We understood we'd never be alone ... days are gone, and I want you so much The night is long

Sara Bareilles - Love is christmas lyrics

don’t care if the house is packed, Or the strings ... nothing here to open. Love is not a toy, and no paper will conceal it. Love is simply ... s stained; we've got food upon our table. I don’t care

Howie D - How did i fall in love with you lyrics

when, we never needed each other The best ... of friends like Sister and Brother ... We understood, we'd never be, Alone Those days ... are gone, and I want you so much The night is long and I

Take That lyricsTake That - How can it be lyrics

s funny how your life can change Memories of love ... remain Inside your heart for all this time At ... last you find a different road And suddenly you're not alone A

Mary J Blige - The love i never had lyrics

Intro - Spoken] You know sometimes There come a ... time in your life When you love something You have to let it ... go And even though You might feel there's still

Keane - Love is the end lyrics

is the time of our comfort and plenty These ... ve been working for Nothing can touch us and nothing can harm ... Singing a song with your feet on the dashboard A

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - Love knows i love you (never gone) lyrics

make me say it to you 25 times a day You make me ... feel you don't believe the words I say ... is a man to do to prove his love for you? You make me feel ... like I'm just givin' free love away I can send flowers

Daniel Schuhmacher - How can i be sure lyrics

why you're hurting me Oh I can't stand the pain I feel ... inside Love is like an endless rope Like fire and the ... rain It hurts inside Baby am I guilty

Hillsong United - Love knows no end lyrics

lift my eyes to see Your face I know my help is in ... Your Name In everything Held by ... hands Of mercy And I will run and not grow weary I will rise in God my strength My

K-ci & Jojo - How can i trust you? lyrics

Im sitting here thinking about what you did Trying to figure out exactly what love is ... Baby, see I never knew that I'd be a fool And ... let you take control of my heart

Lovestruck - How can i remember to forget lyrics

I guess it's over, there's nothing ... the ring off my finger and just call it a day Thought we ... had forever, but that was yesterday You're ... such a liar, wish I saw it on your face But you did it so

Opus - How can i exist lyrics

was a cloudy day when you told me that it’s over now ... You bang the door and I did ‘nt ... know how I would stand this cloudy day For ... hours I was waiting for your call -Anticipating that was

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - How can i stop lyrics

offer me All your love and sympathy Sweet ... baby It's killing me 'Cause baby baby Can't you see ... How could I stop Once I start baby ... How could I stop once I start How

The Jezabels - Look of love lyrics

got me lit up with a Look of Love I could take you in a pick up truck like I'm choking but ... I'm talking roughly the truth My heart's sinking when I ... eyes and I wonder what it would be like and I think of

Sara Paxton - How can i remember to forget lyrics

I guess it's over, there's ... the ring off my finger, and just call it a day. Though we ... had forever, but that was yesterday. You're ... such a liar, wish I saw it on

Van Morrison - How can a poor boy? lyrics

a shepherd of men Chased the wild goose, chased the pot of ... gold Chased the rainbows end How can a poor boy deliver ... this message to you? How can a poor boy? You don't believe

Britt Nicole - Look like love lyrics

you ever felt, OH. Like you just, just rushin' through ... life Like you don't have time for your friends or the world outside Well, ... gotta slow it down Take a look around When we gonna stop

Paul Simon - How can you live in the northeast lyrics

can you live in the Northeast? How can you live in the South? How can you build on the banks of a ... river When the flood water pours from the mouth? How can

C21 - Love will never die lyrics

words to spell the way you make me feel I want my heart ... to tell No place to run and hide don't you know.... ... That I've been strong enough for loneliness I'm holding

Hooverphonic - How can you sleep lyrics

know I'm always late You know I make mistakes I surround you with chaos When all you need is a break. So we argue a little We fight a bit ... more When the pain gets too much You suddenly close the

Sammy Kershaw - How can i say no lyrics

I love you, do I really care The rest ... of my life, do I want you there Would I hold you tight ... 'Til the morning light How can I say no If you give me your heart, would I do the same Can you count on me for anything

John Mark Mcmillan - Love at the end lyrics

of a gathering strong But I found love at the end of ... the world My rabbit's running On the street hot heels ... of Rome My hour's coming to reconcile with

Alabama - How do you fall in love lyrics

do you fall in love When do you say I do When ... is the perfect time To spend the rest of your life ... it rains and snows And there will be highs and lows So only

Sarah Brightman - How can heaven love me ft. chris thompson lyrics

Listening as the abyss calls our name Descending stars from ... golden clouds Falling to the rage of ... of light from on high Bound to the earth and unable to

Michael Buble lyricsMichael Buble - How can you mend a broken heart lyrics

can think of younger days When living for my ... life Was everything a man could want to do I could never ... see tomorrow But I was never told about the sorrow And how can you mend a broken heart?

Foxygen - How can you really lyrics

the morning when they found us And we woke up in the coconut wind How you took my hand ... the stories of the places you'd been And how you thought ... that I would make it Now you were the one for me, yeah How can you really love someone

Jimi Jamison - Can't look away lyrics

Too weak to ask for just one scrap of food to survive War torn lives, shed ... pavement As we all shake our heads from our ivory towers ... Making righteous remarks as we're wasting the

Morrissey - How can anybody possibly know how i feel? lyrics

told me she loved me Which means she must be ... not, and I do not like it So how can anybody say they know how ... I feel The only one around here who is me, is me

Bonnie Bianco - Love me too much lyrics

Got to thinking what you said Said you want to set ... me free Said you want to let me be Baby, ... baby, what will i do now Round and round ... inside my mind Pictures forming with no sound I can see you over there I can

Count Raven - How can it be lyrics

do you think you're going In your worldly ... and pride? Say, where do you think you're going now It's ... time to turn the tides How can it be that you forgot how to love? How can it be that you

Madness - How can i tell you? lyrics

is a skill you must acquire, it will help you through ... your life, it is essential You have to walk into this world ... with your head held high, be fluid ... don't become crystalline, you're gonna have to swim with

Mr. Big - How can you do what you do lyrics

can knock me out I've been down for the ten ... count before Better give it up Don't have to show me I've ... had enough 1st B-Section: I've ... seen the way you've been Stealin' with those

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - How are ya fixed for love lyrics

are ya fixed for moonlight ? How are ya fixed for stars? How ... are you fixed for kissin' ? While we ... listen to soft guitars? How are ya fixed for someone to

Lauren Daigle - How can it be lyrics

am guilty Ashamed of what I've ... dirty I dare not lift them up to the Holy One You plead ... my cause, you right my wrongs You break my ... chains, you overcome You gave your life, to give me

Deicide - How can you call yourself a god lyrics

of shit, your f***ed belief, take from me, i ... want your head fill my soul with agony, pains me with a ... painful death in your myth i hear your dread, hate

Heart - How can i refuse lyrics

me up with laughter Wrap me in your arms ... This ain't no morning after Never been so warm It didn't take ... so long For us to feel this way Can a good

The Knack - How can love hurt so much lyrics

myself i don't want you but nothing i say can make it true how can love hurt so much ... how can love make you cry when we hunger for love ... s touch why do we even try

Hanna Pakarinen - How can i miss you lyrics

It doesn't mean, I want you gone Takin' it easy, just ... hangin' out Even when I'm happy, seems ... that you're in doubt Well, it's all about ... communication So, I say this for

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - How can you mend a broken heart lyrics

can think of younger days when living for my ... life was ev'rything a man could want to do. I could never see tomorrow, but I was never told about the sorrows.

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