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Honor Christian Mothers lyrics

Browse for Honor Christian Mothers song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Honor Christian Mothers lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Honor Christian Mothers.

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Green Day lyricsGreen Day - Christian´s inferno lyrics

got under the grip between the modern hell I got the rejection letter in the mail and it was already ripped to shreds seasons in a ruin and this bitter pill is chased with blood there's fire in my vein and it's pouring out like a flood Whoa, Christian's inferno

Axe Murder Boyz (amb) - Honor lyrics

Wake up in a mad rage and I can't see Cold sweat from the broken images of my dreams I've seen worlds of peace with no pain But then I woke up to reality, we all should be ashamed You wife beatin' piece of shit, they're mad deep Turning children to zombies who think they c

Gordon Lightfoot - Christian island lyrics

m sailin' down the summer wind, I got whiskers on my chin, and I like the mood I'm in, as I while away the time of day, in the lee of Christian Island. Tall and strong, she dips and reels, I call her Silver Heels, and she tells me how she feels. She's a good old boat and sh

Necrophobic - Christian slaughter lyrics

are the darkened souls By nightfall we arise The gates are open wide The holy blood shall flow Demonic desires to sacrifice We burn the Christian ground Crushing all thatŞ_Ts sacred Jesus Christ dethroned Peeling the skin off the priests Burn the holy b

Not Literally - Honor district twelwe lyrics

Hello, I’m the stylist you’ll work with. I’m here to help you out. KATNISS Are you here to make me look pretty? CINNA I’m here so you’ll stand out. PREP TEAM We’ll have you washed and dried Waxed and polished ‘til you glow with pride. Trust our recipe for Capitol style. Y

Drawn And Quartered - Christian extinction lyrics

crumbling to the ground Devastation Holy land awash in blood Desecration Praying Christians ripped in half Evisceration Butchered like your bastard son Final cleansing has begun Annihilate The Christian faith Millions murdered in its name Relig

Korpiklaani - Honor lyrics

use going to the underworld, Alone toward the evening, No use fearing for your life, When life is drawing to a close. No use going to the underworld, In order to escape your time, You shouldn't take what belongs to you, There's no need to die in disgrace. No use going to t

Coheed And Cambria - Mothers of men lyrics

In this space where nothing will seem too right, Our voice unheard in this quiet fight, This march we lead will breed our song, To them we're nothing, to them...

Daughter - Mothers lyrics

will grow all you need to grow inside my spine And then take what you need to take, what's yours is mine And then just give all you want of it to some new thing I'll stay here, the provider of that constant sting they call love They call love You will

Neil Diamond - Mothers and daughters, fathers and sons lyrics

so they came with perfect schemes And precious dreams that made them one One by one Oh, and there they stood lost in the haze With spirits blazing like the sun Mothers and daughters, Fathers and sons They held the light Yes they did And it shined all night Oh, all night

Hatebreed - Honor never dies lyrics

standing for what you believe Means standing alone Sometimes standing for what you believe Means standing alone When the limelight grows dim And our heroes fade away Some men still fight silent battles until their final days Some will be forgot

Exodus - Honor killings lyrics

of honor, culture of shame Imprisoned by the burqa Her innocence to blame Sharia law and the almighty Allah Rule with the whip in hand Devine decree alliance against women Throughout the holy land Buried alive, burned, mutilated Dragged through the streets Decapit

Bat For Lashes - Christian henson - sea horses (feat. natasha .. lyrics

Henson - Sea Horses (feat. Natasha Khan) (Electronic music) (Natasha Khan's vocal

Christian Linke - Christian linke - nevermind lyrics

never meant to be a know-it-all Oh, I know I am wrong Wanted to be heard and be the one who's there when he's gone Pushing the line with pointing out you're better off all alone Even if I call you every night, don't answer the phone Never mind, I'

Elliott Smith - Christian brothers lyrics

bad dream f***er's gonna boss me around Christian brothers gonna take him down It can't help me get over Don't be cross, its sick I want I've seen the boss blink on and off Fake concern says what's the matter, man And you think I ought to shake your motherf

Dorsal Atlântica - Mothers of tomorrow lyrics

whore, night and day. Kiss, lips, spite, holy scum. Earth mother is the redemption for filthiness and decay. Affection and rejection. The greatest Babylon whores shall be the mothers of tomorrow. What's the future to the ones who live in sorrow? A

Anti-nowhere League - Mothers c lyrics

used to knock around at school But now you're fat and now you're bald You see me working for the fist As you spend your time just getting pissed Oh oh oh that's arseholes to the front We're the boys that's always on the hunt Oh oh oh that's aseholes to the front

Texas lyricsTexas - Mothers heaven lyrics

can you heal me Child I know you heal me Embrace the wind Hang your head no more I feel like I'm falling Like never before Now open the sky And let me in Cause I want to feel Feel the rain on my my skin I want a heaven A heaven of our own All I

Daniel Licht - Honor for all lyrics

well Honor for all Of the big and the small Well the taller they stand Well the harder they fall We live for today But we die for the next With blood in our veins And the air in our chest So we step into war With our hearts on the line Dirt on our boots It shakes fr

Atreyu - Honor lyrics

a stance of defiance Always teetering on the brink Nothing can hold you back when When you're not holding back a thing Open arms (we) embrace tomorrow Closed fists, tarnishing today We're not afraid to open our mouths and scream We believe in what we say Like a whisper to

Earth, Wind & Fire - Honor the magic lyrics

on to your spirit Always feel your soul Honor the magic In your heart Aa family we're part of Everlasting hope Bringing the magic Giving that tender love Through ups and downs You've got to Hold on to your spirit Always feel that love and Music's everlasting Giving of yo

Being As An Ocean - Mothers lyrics

nine-year drought Brought torrents in May You had chosen what to call me But were given a new name Always the strong one You carried on in faith Broken mother, broken father It was your example that made Grace fully tangible Looking at your mistakes showed me what r

George Michael lyricsGeorge Michael - Mothers pride lyrics

she knows she takes his hand and prays the child will understand at the door they watch the men go by in the clothes that daddy wore mother's pride baby boy his fathers eyes he's a soldier waiting for war time will come he'll hold a gun his father's son and as he grows

Nuclear Assault - Mothers' day lyrics

s Day Mother's Day Mother's Day Mother's Day -The rest is unknown- . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Carpathian Forest - Christian incoherent drivel lyrics

the decades and centuries rolled by Most of the christians no longer thought That the second coming of Christ Would take place in their own lifetime They firmly believed The awaited return of Jesus Christ To Earth in order to judge The living and

Ceremony - Mothers and fathers lyrics

life is spent standing close to the edge they stay afraid the ceiling is caving in we stay in harms

Enuff Z' Nuff - Mothers eyes lyrics

t it wrong and isn't is strange that a man goes by the color of his face? And isn't it time we've drawn the line And decided to become a human race, yeah? Behind that mother's eyes, What makes a man so tough, That he don't care if anybody lives or dies? Giv

Loaded - Mothers day lyrics

I saw you smile And then Tuesday We talked awhile By Wednesday something's wrong By weekend, you were gone Thursday, I heard she strayed And by Friday When she got paid She smoked it all away Left ashes, for Saturday We all dig our own way We might fi

Old Man's Child - Christian death lyrics

as the autumn evening Flowing on its last days A wanderer of long-past wisdom Facing his last conflict Met the time of withering Destiny, towards a clearer star More bright than ever seen before What's my will? Well on his quest In search for magnificense He wea

Sahg - Mothers revenge lyrics

threaten from the sky Flood is coming Turn the the tide Rolling thunder, lightning strikes Earth is shaking Ocean starts to rise Mother's watching Upon her children's vice An age of devastation she's survived Anger wakens Her patience has run out Children of t

U2 lyricsU2 - Mothers of the disappeared lyrics

our sons and daughters Were cut down and taken from us Hear their heartbeat We hear their heartbeat In the wind we hear their laughter In the rain we see their tears Hear their heartbeat We hear their heartbeat Night hangs like a prisoner Stretched over black and blue Hear t

Dream Theater - Honor thy father lyrics

taught unconditional love That blood is thicker than water That a parent’s world would revolve Always around their son or their daughter You pretend I was your own And even believed that you loved me But were always threatened by some Invisible bl

Gun Dog - Honor lyrics

light and moon light Light me and show me Is my heart already broken down? Last time you saw me Last time you lit me Anger and sorrow the memories I loved you Do I still remember it in my heart? I don´t know where to go I don´t know where you are I don´t even know where

Kroda - Гнів (honor cover) [wrath] lyrics

spojrzeniem oglądasz ten świat Wielbiąc tradycje oparte na łzach Biblie fałszywe,grozniejsze od krat Naiwne jak wszystko co znasz Jaką kulturą odmierzasz swój czas Gdy światłem nazwałeś ciemnotę i strach Jakim sposobem ukryłes do dziś Przeszłość religii skąpanej we krwi Gn

Christian Death - Cervix couch lyrics

by one One by one All together, all alone Places can not claim us home Creed of love bars not our way Singing shapeless as our day Fishwives leave the gutters Mothers leave their sons While the curious men With their curious smiles Leave rejected in pairs One by one

Nick Lowe - Failed christian lyrics

m a Failed Christian I don't go to church I smoke and I drink and I lie and I curse it never got to me your sermon and all you talked and talked about nothing at all I'm a Failed Christian Failed Christian I've got two recollections taking the collections and

Deicide - Kill the christian lyrics

are the one we despise Day in day out your words compromise lives I will love watching you die Soon it will be and by your own demise Buried in hypocrisy Lacerate your faith in god Morally diseased On the cross of Calvary your body bashed, defeated, stabbed B

Coven ( Usa ) - Boneless christian lyrics

Christians prefer to serve their ministries I like to serve Jesus hot off the rotisserie It doesn't really matter that my soul is headed south Cause Christ is on the fire with an apple in his mouth! Maybe I'm satanic, as satanic as hell But don't it

Prince - Annie christian lyrics

Christian wanted to be number one But her kingdom never comes, thy will be done She couldn't stand the glory, she would be second to none The way Annie tells the story, she's his only son Annie Christian wanted to be a big star So she moved to Atlanta and she bought a bl

Coven 6669 - Boneless christian lyrics

Christians prefer to serve their ministries I like to serve Jesus hot off the rotisserie It doesn't really matter that my soul is headed south Cause Christ is on the fire with an apple in his mouth! Maybe I'm satanic, as satanic as hell But don't it make your mouth water, that roa

Plan B - Pity the plight (feat. john cooper clark) lyrics

the fates of young fellows Too long in bed with no sleep With their complex romantic attachments All look on their sorrows and weep They don't get a moment's reflection There's always a crowd in their eye Pity the plight of young fellows Regar

Letter 7 - Onward christian soldiers lyrics

C S The call to arms is upon us now The battle must be won Powered by the Holy Ghost The Father and the Son Sword of truth, shield of faith Helmet of salvation Protect us now, we’ll stand our ground Resisting all temptation We serve the

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - Every christian lion hearted man will show yo.. lyrics

solo Dominique Oh solo Dominique Oh solo Dominique Oh solo Dominique Take this in hand Said he who stands Behind the chair A broken table there Every Christian lion hearted man will show you Every Christian lion hearted man will show you Oh

The Byrds - The christian life lyrics

buddies tell me that I should've waited They say I'm missing a whole world of fun But I still love them and I sing with pride I like the Christian life I won't lose a friend by heeding God's call For what is a friend who'd want you to fall Others find pleasure in things I despis

Christian Beadles - Yes i can lyrics

Mars) World Premiere! Exclusive! Christian Beadles! We 'bout to start this movement! (Christian) (Yes I can) Download the introduction We bout to change some lives and when the whole world's repeating this then we've arrived This for my generat

Magnum - Crazy old mothers lyrics

walk in the shadows, you gave in too soon An endless procession that follows the moon You wake up each morning, the same every day Your life feels so empty, don’t throw it away You may work, you may be rich Like a king just passing by All these things won’t make you better

Cody Christian - Fragile lyrics

Kenny Kynoch] You said you'd never ever break... down But here I am sweeping... pieces off of the ground You said you'd never, ever play... to crowds But I've seen you hoping to play songs to them now I've spent all night long scared of tomorrow I br

Kris Kristofferson - Good christian soldier lyrics

so long ago, in Oklahoma The son of an Okie preacher, knelt to pray He said Lord I wanna be a Christian soldier, just like you And fight to build a new, and better day Now many years and miles, from Oklahoma That same young Okie boy still kneels to pray But he d

Mortem - End of the christian era lyrics

Prophet vile, with the powers of Hell Secretly in blasphemy, our bargain will prevail Satan, sire, our ally, in this war of Ages Victory, our destiny, we'll burn the christian pages As the night summits the light we hail our sworn emperor Angels flee announcing us the end of

Rebecca St. James - When the stars burn down (blessing and honor) lyrics

the stars burn down and the earth wears out and we stand before the throme With the witnesses who have gone before We will rise and all applaud Singing blessing and honor, glory and power Forever to our God Singing blessing and honor, glory and power Forever to

Deadlock - Code of honor lyrics

you remember all the innocent once were sacred Do you remember the time we once all were heaven sent These darkened clouds have lead us here Oh how I wish that I could die You faggot you ruined the code of honor You ruined the code of honor and now we have to live amongst

Carola - Good christian men, rejoice lyrics

Christian men rejoice With heart and soul and voice! Give ye heed to what we say News! News! Jesus Christ is born today! Ox and ass before Him bow And He is in the manger now Christ is born today! Christ is born today! Good Christian men, rejoice With heart an

Cassandra Complex - Kill the christian swine lyrics

Christian we kill gives us new life Every one we kill gives us one more chance One more chance for a place in heaven One more way to be divine Kill the Christian swine Oh, God send me more lives, so I can touch you So I can feel you, so I can be with you Kill the Christian

Night Ranger - Sister christian lyrics

Christian Oh the time has come And you know that you're the only one To say O.K. Where you going What you looking for You know those boys Don't want to play no more with you It's true You're motoring What's your price for flight In finding mister r

Elevation Worship - For the honor lyrics

the honor of the Father Who reaches out to us That we might live inside His love He gave His only Son For the honor of The Savior Let the cross be lifted high The great exchange of love and grace Came down to give us life For the honor of The Spirit Whose power lives

Flow Of Voices - Glory and honor lyrics

Im there with You in heaven What a wondrous joy will be Gathered with the angel chorus Standing by the glassy sea Such a thought is hard to fathom In the presence of my King And with countless ones forgiven Gathered round the throne to sing Glory a

Pharaoh - Red honor lyrics

beckons them Dares them to say They see like none have before Afraid to enter the fray, they cower Craven but craving Cunning and cruel Committing their charges to war Fooling their fellows to bring them power Red honor, promise of fame Eternal calling R

Donna Summer lyricsDonna Summer - On my honor lyrics

I am on my own again The days rush by The nights all seems so slow Guess I've let you down In my way, some how If you take me back I know we'll make it We'll make a promise And then break it On my honor I will try Always do the best I can Th

Evident - Bóg, honor, ojczyzna lyrics

ręce wysoko i osłaniaj głowę Nie pozwól by ktoś wlazł na Twoją połowę Broń swego prawa, broń swoich myśli Broń swoich marzeń, tego co się przyśni Tysiąc lat walki za szczęście Twoje Tysiąc lat walki, bitwy i boje Idź dziś dumny przez świat, z herbem Ojczyzny Bo stworzyły

Dokken - In your honor lyrics

lit a candle in your honor today Prayed for forgiveness for the things that I said And now I wake up and see I was wrong All those years wasted / now come and gone How many years have I been this way The lines grow deeper / time fades away Now etched in stone don't have the

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