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Canton Jones - Holy ghost girl lyrics

prettiest thing I've ever seen Was a holy ghost girl And when she hits the scene You'll know what I mean 'Cause she's a holy ghost girl The prettiest Most whittiest The smartest, kind hearted Woman in the world Is a holy ghost girl Who's living i

Low - Holy ghost lyrics

holy ghost Keeps me hanging on Hanging on Some holy ghost Keeps me hanging on Hanging on I feel the hands But I don't see anyone Anyone I feel the hands But I don't see anyone It's there and gone Feeds my passion for transcendence Turns my water into wine Makes

Asap Rocky lyricsAsap Rocky - Holy ghost (feat. joe fox) lyrics

I have a message from the Most High that says "This negra kept his soul from the Devil" It's true, I guess I mean, wait a minute now Is your people really that God damn ign'ant? Really? Really? Church bells and choir sounds, tell 'em, "Q

Rick Ross - "holy ghost" lyrics

Hook: Rick Ross] x2 They say I'm gettin' money Must be illuminati Talking to the Holy Ghost In my Bugatti He knockin' on the do' don't let the devil in He knockin' on the do' don't let the devil in [Verse 1: Rick Ross] Lord knows, that boy

BØrns - Holy ghost lyrics

baby baby I was scared of being lost in love Ooh I crave it on the daily That sugar pill that dopes me up Ooh, it's raining it's pouring I picture you in the morning The hot water and the steam Oh the way you feel between Both my hands, on your hourglas

Leeland - Holy ghost lyrics

said I wouldn’t be lonely and in defeat You wouldn’t leave me as an orphan No matter where I go, I’m caught in the flow Of Your never-ending fountain I feel You everywhere I breathe You in the air Oh God, come and take me over From my head to

John Mark Mcmillan - Holy ghost lyrics

are we sometimes I wonder Mercenaries or lovers On this side of the thunder It can be awful hard to know Sell our love for the paycheck or Spend the night on the freight deck For all the dues that we collect Our hearts can be overdrawn De

Modern Baseball - Holy ghost lyrics

s been haunting my dreams at night I've been bleeding from tripping in the dark Trying to turn on the light Trying to turn on the light He's been haunting my dreams alright I've been hollering at him in the dark Trying to find the right switch Yea

Coin - Holy ghost lyrics

ve been this soft and simple You've barely seen my waves I've been making circles Nearly all my days It's all in magazines It's in the wet concrete Somehow, I saw it coming But now, I'm caught between And I was always running from you Hiding what you held a

009 Sound System - Holy ghost lyrics

could be the holy ghost I could be the one you love Cryin out for one more Overload You could be the soul that tried Flyin on a dream tonight And comin back just wanting A little more Keepin it stronger Oh baby for longer Never so honest Bout be

Opeth - Ghost of perdition lyrics

of Mother Lingering death Ghost on Mother's Bed Black strands on the pillow Contour of her health Twisted face upon the head Ghost of perdition Stuck in her chest A warning no one read Tragic friendship Called inside the fog Pourin

Rebellion - Ghost of freedom lyrics

the sizzling from a serpent's tongue They won't believe you so in vain you come To warn the Romans of an ambush you must Too blind they are me Arminius they trust Segestes Don't you know there's a deed to be done? Fate is sealed, we will fight, not

Letters From The Fire - Holy ghost lyrics


Killing Joke - Ghost of ladbroke grove lyrics

water, burn my money (Danger, danger, stranger, stranger) Guns and bling-bling, blues shabena (First one's free, pay me later) All habits still die hard (Danger, danger, it's getting stranger) Get together, come remember Ghosts of Ladbroke Grove (What's happened to

Iron Fire - Ghost of vengeance lyrics

ve been through hell and back I feel the time attack but I still carry on the dream I fight the mighty beast from deep within released but in the dark I still scream I take control I try to ease the pain but everything is in vain the mirror of my soul is fading o

Danger Danger - Ghost of love lyrics

Held The Gun, You Pulled The Trigger There Are No Saints Here, Only Sinners We Can't Forgive And We Can't Forget So We Pray For Salvation In Our Church Of Regret One More Kiss, One More Lie One More Reason To Say Goodbye Oh We've Got No Alibi

Max Q - Ghost of the year lyrics

m counting on you To count my blessings I'm counting on you To count the fingers on my hands That's the amount of time I've got I'll always feel drowned I'll always feel drowned I'll always feel drowned And now they wanna crown me (for the ghost of the y

Daughtry - Ghost of me lyrics

it was dead and buried Then it woke you up last night You sounded so damn worried You've been tossing, turning, both ends burning I wanna put your mind at ease again (Make everything alright) I know it's getting underneath your skin I've tried to t

Factory Fiction - Ghost of love lyrics

can't believe all the things you say to me I just can't believe all the things you say I'm standing straight,I see no malice in your eyes I'm just standing straight and in time I'll realise Ain't that ghost of love,ain'that ghost of love Ain't that ghost of love,it's you he'

Manic Street Preachers - Ghost of christmas lyrics

day, stuck in the seventies play all day with your Scalectrics oh my god, I got a tomahawk how sweet life can be no X-Box and no computers we just used our imagination a leather football was perfection what more could you want? sleep throug

Imelda May - Ghost of love lyrics

can't survive another night I'm lost again and can't get to the light And the bottle is as empty as my mind And the truth I search is getting hard to find I waste my love for just awhile And now I found my life is on trial There's not much time left

The Rasmus lyricsThe Rasmus - Ghost of love lyrics

am near you You don’t see me Can you feel me? I’m closer than close Does it hurt? Does it burn? Do you know What you’ve lost? Are you scared of the dark? Now that you’re gone All that remains Is the ghost of love Deep in my mind I hear the chains

Ring Of Fire - Ghost of america lyrics

the deserts to the oceanside From the mountains to the plains From two thousand years of peaceful life To only strife and pain Came to move them from ancestral homes Bringing howling winds of war To see the endless sky and earth below Nevermore Death and destructi

Dawn Of Oblivion - Ghost of cain lyrics

legacy of blood in the family Is haunting down from paradise The Garden of Eden and the serpent's bliss The knowledge sets you free Corruption and greed to abuse the future Uphold the laws to our own demise Fragile sins and abomination The death is reaping seeds of hypocr

Lillian Axe - Ghost of winter lyrics

I lie awake All the memories of my life Seem to come and fade Wakes me in the dead of night Am I slipping away? Is my memory leaving me? When it's cold and dark Ghost of winter comes to me Look at me I'm eternal thought It's a sha

The Rasmus lyricsThe Rasmus - Ghost of love lyrics

am near you You don’t see me Can you feel me? I’m closer than close Does it hurt? Does it burn? Do you know What you’ve lost? Are you scared of the dark? Now that you’re gone All that remains Is the ghost of love Deep in my mind I hear the chains Of the g

Alter Bridge - Ghost of days gone by lyrics

misery I know Like a friend that won't let go Is creeping up on me now once again So I sing this song tonight To the ghost that will not die And somehow it seems to haunt til the end Do you feel the same For what was remained Yesterday is gone, we ca

Asia - Ghost of a chance lyrics

on tight, Fight it tooth and nail, You are right, You just cannot fail. Seek to change, Your circumstance, While there's a ghost of a chance. Ride your luck, Opportunity, What you see, That's your destiny. Grasp it now, Take your stance, While there

The Dogma - Ghost of war lyrics

curtain hide the sunlight in the gloomy place Few weak flames from little candles Breath and show the fall L.R.: "Why no one has come to welcome me?" Something's moving in the shadows Coming down from the stairs An old man with a trembling voice and

Selena Gomez lyricsSelena Gomez - Ghost of you lyrics

my back, to the door Feel so much better now Dont even try, anymore Nothing left to lose Theirs a voice thats in the air, saying dont look back no where Theirs a voice thats always there... And I'll never be, quite the same, as I was before

Good Charlotte - Ghost of you lyrics

will wait until the end When the pendulum will swing back to the darker side of our hearts bleeding I will save this empty space next to me like its a grave where I lay a place for us to sleep eternally together I have been Searching for Traces of What we were A ghost

Iamx - Ghost of utopia lyrics

are haunted by the tremor of your light Walking circles crossing lines And if the stirring of your soul, of this fury Jumping hurdles, just to abide You are turning sorrow with opinions and opinions Nobody can hear you Nobody can hear you This is psychosis This i

Lords Of Black - Ghost of you lyrics

blows so cruel this time Silence bites even harder at night All I have feared is the emptiness And even my words just... can't hold on the breeze Used to believe you were my only friend But fool is the soul that pretends to be safe Now is the time always knew it wil

Courtney Lynn - Ghost of you lyrics

my back, to the door Feel so much better now Dont even try, anymore Nothing left to lose Theirs a voice thats in the air, saying dont look back no where (no way?) Theirs a voice thats always there... And I'll never be, quite the same, as I was before this Par

Kenny Rogers - Ghost of another man lyrics

s living in that big old house that he knows was built by me He's playing with the baby that belongs to her and me. At night he loves a woman that was held by these two hands He must be leaving hell to live with a ghost of another man. M

Annisokay - Ghost of me lyrics

time, my time won't run away tonight The ghost of me will disappear without a light Time will not, will not run away tonight The ghost of me will disappear without a light Things get misunderstood In the time of my dying It doesn't feel like flying I am blaming me

Concordia - Ghost of you lyrics

you up Cut you into pieces Try to find Try to find a reason Im a witness to your indecision I will wait for the day that you give in Your eyes are like a window A nightmare A dirty dream So afraid to be alone but scared to get too close to me Are your secrets safe To gi

Iced Earth - Ghost of freedom lyrics

time you think about it It tears you up inside You curse the day your mother told you, your father died Now you're always searching Searching for the reason why I've gone But I will always be here By your side, through the darkest night Here I'l

Blackmore's Night - Ghost of a rose lyrics

valley green was so serene In the middle ran a stream so blue A maiden fair, in despair, once had met her true love there and she told him She would say Promise me , when you see, a white rose you'll think of me I love you so Never let go I will be your ghost of

House Of Lords - Ghost of time lyrics

walk into another day I'm afraid to look you in the eyes I paid the price for hurting you I fail to read between the lines If everything is falling down And burning here away And I can't see the light anymore I'll be strong, now you're gone Cause it's too late to change I'

Iron Mask - Ghost of the tzar lyrics

Spoken in Russian] В ночь с 16 на 17 июля 1918 года в Екатеринбурге была расстреляна царская семья Романовых. Есть легенды о том, что царя удалось спасти Ghost of the Tzar! Ghost of the Tzar! Ghost of the Tzar

Satellites - Ghost of a memory lyrics

numbers match again The morning spotlight shines through the window pane And picks out the knots deep in the wood On the piano where you were stood And the lines and sounds I never did understand But I wish for more One last encore The ghost of a memory called home Plays the pi

Casus Belli - Ghost of the winds lyrics

wanna fly with the sparrows I wanna dive in the sea to glide over the mountains my home is gonna be a tree Nobody's waiting for greetings I lived my life all alone I don't want a ticket to Heaven I don't want a place in Hell When I feel my

Marie Fisker - Ghost of love lyrics

of love bound onto your name Solid beat running through my veins Yesterday I fell out of grace I made you feel bad again I wanted all your reasons explained I guess I wanted too much I guess I wanted too much Gonna stay humble to this rock Sorrily, when I know that I bel

The Misfits - Ghost of frankenstein lyrics

the name of God how could you? Take such matters in your hands Born from the dead As the lightning fed me And now I’ve come to see that When they speak my name It’s only in fear I shall rise up from this sulfur grave And walk this world just to see you die End

Revolution Renaissance - Ghost of fallen grace lyrics

of nowhere land The scars of a lone man A once powerful ship crumbles from the rust Skeletons that wilt to dust Sands shift on the plain As the wind stirs up the memories of mine I hear whispers Searching through decaying ruins Digging for spiritual druids Fragmen

Rush - Ghost of a chance lyrics

a million little doorways All the choices we made All the stages we passed through All the roles we played For so many different directions Our separate paths might have turned With every door that we opened Every bridge that we burned So

I Exist - Ghost of a king lyrics

of the continents presenting himself, the ghost of a king. Trapped somewhere between alive and deceased, left alone to his wailing and crying. Forever chained to a debt, restrained in the way of a spell, for shredding the flesh of a warlock. Was cast into eternal hell, i might be confined

Machine Men - Ghost of the seasons lyrics

seasons change but I stand still -I'm like a figure in the dark Wind from the south is a memory -I watch the dead leaves how they fall from these pale trees to their tomb and give up with me Whole nature turns to lifeless grey waiting for spring days... ALL THE DREAMS I LOVE

Mandragora Scream - Ghost of swan lyrics

quot;Flat line… brain dead… now it's real" Vera walkin' in the sun... Vera, Vera walkin' in the sun... Why do you walk alone? I saw you walkin' forward. Vera, walkin' in the sun... Vera, Vera walkin' in the sun... Why do you wanna love? Why do you wanna love? Afte

Andre Nickatina - Ghost of fillmoe lyrics

like your mind, your body, your soul, your figure Catch ya, hold ya, squeeze you like a trigger Mind full of rap gun powder, it's a habit Shootin' like Elmer Fudd at the screwy rabbit From pennies to nickels, from dimes in the rhyme Get your paint brus

Pig Destroyer - Ghost of a bullet lyrics

on my eyes like ten tiny maps to heaven. Or ten rogue angels torching the house of god. I fell something pressing against my kidneys. Maybe a pair of wings. Maybe the ghost of a bullet

Agathodaimon - Ghost of a soul lyrics

down to heaven your needless resource Is a forecast of cruelty and dismay Cast into mirrors An ambush on its course You are blemish, frailty and decay Will I get at something Will I ever be complete Build by dust - born to slave away Taste a

Beto Vazquez Infinity - Ghost of time lyrics

came with storm and wind and rain my heart beats anxiouly in pain of irremediable passion in this alone vein How could I devine that his exciting way would cross and unify my lonely paths so grey? Venturously enchanting he took my heart and in my bre

High On Fire - Holy flames of the fire spitter lyrics

manner in the army to fight Holy flames that have once come alive We embrace tonight Acrid sword, sharp as my life Divine Light the beacon through the embers of time I've been betrayed, but now cross my line Reborn to thrive Cut 'em down, storming the hive Divine

Katatonia - Ghost of the sun lyrics

thin darkness here Not strong enough to make you appear I once changed my style When they said hello I said goodbye I once played a role I was out there marketing my soul The city of glass that I live in The coldness from my brothers skin I trusted you you li

Kalmah - Holy symphony of war lyrics

of the world today Nothing but the same Violence and disgrace And no-one to blame A murder on a TV-screen The adults playing their game PlayStation controls children's lives As they grow up they'll do the same I sing - you sing - we all sing Holy

Mcrae Tom - Ghost of a shark lyrics

m gonna leave any minute See the skyline disappear Head out of the city Burn my clothes bury my fears Oh you will never know I was here Tell me now is there difference Between a shark and the ghost of a shark 'Cause all I have are secrets and memories

Shadow Gallery - Ghost of a chance lyrics

down some highway midnight North Dakota Somewhere 'round late fall I knew that the time Has come for me I'm willing a million stars above me I tried to catch their fall I tried to catch their fall Inside I felt so empty A stranger to this

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - Ghost of the ocean lyrics

ghost of the ocean Tells of the women of the sea They ran from opression In the forgotten history No innocents No leaders to defend No god, no government And it's hard to believe They were riders on the sea Women of fortune Always to be

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