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Holy Fire Burn Upon My Altar lyrics

Browse for Holy Fire Burn Upon My Altar song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Holy Fire Burn Upon My Altar lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Holy Fire Burn Upon My Altar.

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Lake Of Tears - Burn fire burn lyrics

beacon fires, blow horns of doom ... soon We shall take the fire everywhere And all our ... enemies shall burn, yeah In the fire they all ... we shall reign Reign in fire, reign in flames We bring

Dark Tranquillity - My faeryland forgotten lyrics

robed in ice A throne in fire dies... Pulsating through ... quot; in cries Enthroned in fire dies... A kingdom's last ... life and death won't end my journey morrowless (I won't

Edenbridge - Holy fire lyrics

And rise up with the light Holy fire glimmering eve Follow ... The turning point right on my way Let the torchlight ... And rise up with the light Holy fire glimmering eve Follow

Scelerata - Holy fire lyrics

Praise God The rain of fire will purify the land Holy Fire pray for your

Dynasty - Holy fire lyrics

God gave us Our reality The Holy Fire You must read the holy bible Do you know what Jesus

Ecliptica - Fire! burn! lyrics

What am I longing for is this my destiny Tom apart there's no ... on baby let's break away Fire! Burn! Come on enlighten me ... wanna face this night alone Fire! Burn! Come on and save me

The Silver Shine - Fire burns in my he… lyrics

reached the sky The pier burnt up and everybody cried ... and I won't forget The fire burns in my head Four ... a straightjacket but it still burns inside I always think about

Right Said Fred - Upon my heart lyrics

resist But the devil was in my heart And the future was on ... lips She's so fresh in my head Her eyes haunt me ... girls dress to kill With my hand upon my heart A

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - Upon my arrival lyrics

fall silent with the wind upon my arrival. Let the ... of grief trickle - through my veins pulsating life, ... us Gigantic and trifling - upon my arrival. Two kinds of

Mad Max - Upon my soul lyrics

shine down on me Paralyze my sight I tumble and sway, oh ... on a mission I fall down on my knees Lord, I made my ... fighter for peace Chorus Upon my soul man, I'd never lie to

Mercy Drive - Burn in my light lyrics

what's mine While you're burning inside my light I gave ... to hold me under, I held my breath Alone and now you ... shine (shine), you're gonna burn in my light Hey, nothing you

Brad - Upon my shoulders lyrics

your head upon my shoulder somehow i feel

Armored Saint - Upon my departure lyrics

forever An empty pit inside my chest Was more than a small ... you went away I lost part of my cure And now I'm searching

Anata - Slain upon his altar lyrics

his frailty had to be shared My true belief was to be ... declared The holy man opened his heart And he ... Sanguinary Blood-thirst in my nature Puppets of Christ in

Omen - Holy martyr lyrics

Do we believe in the Holy martyr What is the secret ... Must offerings be made upon the altar Hallowed be thy ... lies Do we believe in the Holy martyr What is the secret

Riot ( Usa ) - Altar of the king lyrics

the night, Through the fire and the light. I hold my ... for the light, Fight for my life. A mystery 'till we ... fountain of the king. To the altar of the king. To the altar of

Black Lungs - Fire and brimstone lyrics

pushes you away. What lies upon the altar? Statues and ... Beat your kids. Pray to the holy ghost. All is forgiven

Anorexia Nervosa - The altar of holocausts lyrics

be my own decision This body must ... burn upon the Altar of Holocausts Murder her ... hell ever When I raise my fist slowly, so-called king ... And when my words become your one and

Evocation - Blessed upon the altar lyrics

ancient throne blood on altar virgin bones Sharpened ... steel so bright Blessed upon the altar Spiritual leader ... upon the throne blood upon the altar cut virgin bones

Rend Collective - Burn like a star lyrics

to chase Your dreams Come my Lord, awaken holy fire We ... are praying once again Come my Lord, awaken holy fire We ... Hearts are open wide Burn like a star Light a fire in

Rivers Of Nihil - A fertile altar lyrics

that blood must spill. Upon my altar, the flesh is mass ... youth. Pray to the terror of my name. For I am God in the ... your flesh unto me. My copious offspring: Salvation

Dark Funeral - My dark desires lyrics

I call your name upon the furious winds I'm ... of hell In the chamber of my dark heart a black flame burns Satan I summon the horned ... Grant me the darkened unholy power To please my evil

Jmsn - Fire lyrics

around. I feel the flames upon my back. Is that the devil ... on my track. Planning her attack. ... Whoa, I'll show you to the fire. I'll show you to the fire.

Jesus Culture - My everything lyrics

are my light My breath of life I trust in ... You You fill my heart Set me apart I'm ... found in You You are my one desire You are the holy fire that burns in me The Lover

Rusted Brain - Burn 'em lyrics

of control Like puppets in my hands I want to see them burn Cleansing by fire Upon ... the heap Your life expires Burn'em! You see the glow You

Demencia Mortalis - Fire lyrics

with me just as he passed my house I was leaning out ... front door Fire burn me Fire burn me Fire burn me Fire ... burn me Fire burn my soul Fire burn my blackened heart Fire

Insania (swe) - Fire lyrics

with me, Through the holy fire. Burn with me, Feel its ... re extending our minds. This fire of strength, will lengthen

Cimorelli - My god is here lyrics

God is beautiful, My God is pure. My God is holy, ... His spirit comes upon me, When I am sick and weak. ... His face is all I see. My God is gracious, My God is

Kelly, Paddy (michael Patrick Kelly) - Holy is his name lyrics

soul magnifies the Lord, my spirit rejoices in God - my ... Savior. He's looked upon the humiliation of His ... things for me Mhmmm.... Holy, holy, holy is his name Holy, holy, holy is his name

Sammy Hagar - This planet's on fire (burn in hell) lyrics

Ooh, this planet's on fire Oh, Satan's desire We've ... He's here to see us all Burn in hell Time ticks away, ... sold Ooh, this planet's on fire Oh, Satan's desire We've

Martin Smith - Fire never sleeps lyrics

heat rising the flames of my horrizon, are at my door I'm ... on the floor This fire never sleeps His fire never ... me from the ashes, ignite my soul Please, burn away the

Nicki Minaj lyricsNicki Minaj - Fire ball (feat. willow smith) lyrics

Money [Hook] I’m the fireball of the park I’m the fire ... I’m the fireball of the park I’m the fire ... I’m the fireball of the park I’m the fire

Crescent Shield - Burn with life lyrics

to day Blood red star The fire lost inside Hot lungs will ... pride Open wide Breathe fire, light your eyes Ingest the ... that cold dreams will soon burn bright One with fire, burn

Graveland - Fire chariot of destruction lyrics

the darkness the fire came And took our souls away ... of hatred Let's start the fire of annihilation When war ... chariots Will cover with holy fire And glide across the

Jesus Culture - Fire never sleeps lyrics

flames on the horizon are at my door I'm staring at the ... scattered on the floor This Fire never sleeps, His Fire never ... pull me from the ashes ignite my soul Please burn away the

Naty Megmer - Fire lyrics (feat. ms. dynamite) lyrics

me say come, wanna play with fire, fire So me play with fire, fire, an me take dem higher, ... me say come, wanna play with fire, fire So me play with fire, fire, so me take dem higher,

Abney Park - Burn lyrics

don't hate me overmuch Burn, go on and burn Burn, I ... feel the fire I share a burning desire, temptations ... ve learned to thrive in this fire And so I stay above ground

Isis - Holy tears lyrics

sky Slow change might bring Holy tears Upon his battered ... skull Holy tears Holy tears Her form transformed

Jessica Mauboy - Burn lyrics

my make up and my hair The way you like, like, ... 'cause this is startin' to burn Try to fix it now, the ... is over so baby just let it burn When we're at the club

Motorjesus - Fire 99 lyrics

hallowed thy name Crown myself king, feel the ... again - rising again Fire - burn from below - because ... we are not immortal Fire - burn from below - this time it is

Oar - Fire lyrics

passing minutes that I got in my hands Counting down the ... seconds till my heart it can rest Then ... something started burning in the back of my chest ... it to me Must have started a fire, burning for you Fire,

Rihanna lyricsRihanna - Fire bomb lyrics

Whoa Gunfire left a hole In the tank ... Losing gasoline Fire is on my trail And he's ... get where Im going Take off my mask to breathe You ... Where I'm going I dont need my breaks Cant wait to see your

Megadeth - Burn! lyrics

ve got a sickening feeling My life is standing still It's ... to lose, I'll die to win Burn, baby burn... 'cause it feels ... so good I'm getting on my own nerves And I get no

The Game - Burn ny lyrics

Nigga Usher said Let it Burn, So I'ma let this shit Burn, Burn, Burn, Burn. Nigga Haze said ... Let it Burn, So I'ma let the streets Burn ... Burn, Burn, Burn. Funk Flex said Let it Burn,

3rd Strike - City's on fire lyrics

my cit's on fire burn modern day tragedy crim on ... the rise police brutality my reality's B-A-D cuz the F-A ... sadder check it no unity in my community everyone for

Lorenguard - Upon the burning isles lyrics

of old, tested and wanting Upon the Burning Isles Fire has ... Praise to the dark master Burning beyond The chosen one ... of old, tested and wanting Upon the Burning isles Fire has

Lost Horizon - Again will the fire burn lyrics

survive Again will the fire burn Strain in the air... Like ... is there! I brought my flame back from the shadows ... survive Again will the fire burn [Solo: Trascendental

My Chemical Romance lyricsMy Chemical Romance - Burn bright lyrics

Did you make it? We lit the fire and it’s burning bright. Did ... Can you fake it? I lost my way in your city lights. ... Count your men, We stole the fire, and it’s burning bright.

Rage Of Romance - Holy serenade lyrics

to life Every whisper in my heart I can not understand ... away when I'm singing to you My holy serenade Twisted soul ... Afraid to run away Scenes of fire in your mind You never tried

Megadeth - Holy wars... the punishment due lyrics

Surely will not stand My past erased, no more disgrace ... might be your homelands Holy wars Upon my podium, as ... Know it all scholar Down in my seat of judgement Gavel's

The Pointer Sisters - Fire lyrics

'Cause when we kiss, ooh, fire Late at night, you're takin' ... 'Cause when we kiss, ooh, fire BRIDGE You had a hold on me ... I couldn't tear it apart My nerves all jumpin', actin'

Punk Goes... - Holy wars...the punishment due by rx bandits .. lyrics

Surely will not stand My past erased, no more disgrace ... might be your homelands Holy wars Upon my podium, as ... Know it all scholar Down in my seat of judgement Gavel's

Ravenface - Burn - ravenface lyrics

Conflicting constantly The fire inside I'll burn it out of ... me Heavy heart in my hand [Chorus:] Her dreams ... back With all our bridges burned I only Blame myself I

Fast Food Orchestra - Fire lyrics

the street-downtown I've seen fire burn little flames inside ... find you 'cause you stay in my head I still remember da fire ... da fire in your eyes...Many days have

Keel - Tears of fire lyrics

in vain Hopelessness filled my eyes with pain Tears Of Fire - from a heart so cold Tears ... Of Fire - feel my passion flow Tears Of Fire - ... burn into my soul I could never let you

Miss May I - My inferno lyrics

in a cage again, starting fires in my head. No gasoline in ... match starts a flame meant to burn. Burning stories that we will ... along the way, through the fire I escape. Where's the flame

Echo & The Bunnymen - Burn for me lyrics

m water… swim to me Be my fireburn with me One day, you ... I'm air… breathe with me Be my prayer… believe in me One ... your sea Will melt into my ocean I'm water… swim to

Skeletonwitch - Gorge upon my soul lyrics

kind I welcome them to take my life, this night Come demons ... feed upon my soul Summon the darkness ... now inside Suduced by the fire, for veil is my....Rock

Grave Miasma - This tomb is my altar lyrics

entrance into an eternal mystery Proclaiming &quot ... loom, revealing forms Unholy initiation can begin Black

Jessie J lyricsJessie J - Fire lyrics

flame He draws me in That burns within It's a picture sweet ... get away, oh, oh From the fire, fire, fire I never wanna ... put it out Burning, burning, burning Fire, fire, fire I never

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