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Dead By April - Holding on lyrics

try again For one more day Seems to be no ... other way I hold on to the past we had Wishing ... you be here one day All this days All this time I

Chelsea Grin - Skin deep lyrics

pray for me now I'll bleed my god damn eyes And fill my ... save me The dawn of hate, all light erased Complete me ... despise living lies, so I ask myself Why I even try? Why God

Jamie Grace - Holding on lyrics

the signs of life they’re all around me with every ... peace and madness If only I can fight just a little longer I know It’s gonna make me ... stronger I just keep holding on to what I believe Oh, I

Parlor Mob, The - Holding on lyrics

s only cost me everything I had to ... give It's only cost me everything I love ... up And I walk through my days like this And I take ... it as it comes Through my days like this But I'm holding on I give my hope, I gave

Ignite - Holding on lyrics

They don't stick around I can only ... count my ture friends on one hand I'm tired I'm tired ... of holding on I'm tired I'm tired of holding on... to nothing My

Circle Ii Circle - Holding on lyrics

cold despair (That you really couldn't bear) Then you ... scream to find there's no one there Look into the face ... you? Can you see the scars upon you? Still you face the

Terence Trent D'arby - Holding on to you lyrics

beauty a girl who burned my thoughts like kisses she was down by ... decree she swore she'd pull my best years out of me fat ... painted lips on a life wire beaut a

Korn - Holding all these lies lyrics

you really want to see? I don't think I can take this ... and so much more Holding all the lies I told you Feeling ... truth and pain Do you really want to see the Torment

Darren Styles - Holding on lyrics

and tired Of hearing all the same excuses Words mean ... now I ain't got time for all this bullshit I don't care ... try You'll never get under my skin 'Cause that's the mood

Procol Harum - Holding on lyrics

Kingdoms write their names On these burning sands Kingdoms ... show their hands In these killing fields Soldiers show ... crying out to keep the peace Holding on... Holding on One day we

Defyance - My nightmares lyrics

Not seeing what I see It's all the same As it was the day ... Fighting back the tears And holding on to wishful thoughts I ... Pictures flash before my eyes But are the really

David Gray - Holding on lyrics

now don’t look back Don’t let those feelings start Don’t let the line go slack, when ... you’re Pulling it all apart How to describe the ... a beating heart Baby we’re holding on Here we are holding on

Black Stone Cherry - Holding on to letting go lyrics

Black eyes, suicide, I dug my grave and walked away Rain, ... I pray Cause I've been alone As I've walked, the darkest ... roads I'm holding on, to letting go Of everything

Alex Band - Holding on lyrics

m awake No longer sleeping I made my ... just scream out loud Hey, no one can stand in my way I ... believe I'm holding onto a dream And staying strong ... Can't you see I'm holding on? Holding on, holding onto a

Machine Gun Kelly - All we have (feat. anna yvette) lyrics

we have is right now All we have is right now Uh, ... but I'm scared Scared that all this time I've been gone I'll ... open up the door and my little daughter will be grown

Ferry Corsten - Holding on lyrics

grows darker every day And moonlight fading as you walk away ... And all the roads that lead me to ... your heart... ... have gone astray My hands are tied

Mgk - All we have lyrics

we have is right now All we have is right now Uh, ... but I'm scared Scared that all this time I've been gone I'll ... open up the door and my little daughter will be grown

Orden Ogan - All these dark years lyrics

lost my heart on the eastern shore To a ... whisper on the wind And all that I knew was no more Did ... I reach my journey's end? All alone here fire's dying

Secret Company - Holding on lyrics

can never plan these kinda moments When ... everything all erupts at once A rising tide floods ... through your body And takes control of your emotion I'm holding on I'm holding on to you On

Jay Sean - Holding on lyrics

far What was going through my mind Why'd you seem to have ... it all Yet you're not mine Started ... we always step the line Coz falling for you was so easy Ohh..

Ellie Goulding lyricsEllie Goulding - Holding on for life lyrics

Because you find yourself alone Chilling you right to the bone No, should've known better ... the fight Waiting to ignite Holding on for life Holding on for

Beth Hart - Skin lyrics

door And kneels to pray It don't matter That she's alone ... Beast or dragon She's going home [Chorus: ... If I lay me down Bow me head onto the ground Would you heal my skin And these blisters

Jeff Scott Soto - Holding on lyrics

could let u go U came into my life so unexpectedly & ... Now I'm gonna let u know I'm gonna ... give u all I've got 2 give Cuz baby ... u, I can't live Now I'm holding on 4ever (holding on, holding

Broken Bells - Holding on for life lyrics

take a seat Rest your weary bones Your secret's safe In my ... Oh, ain't nobody calling Ain't nobody home What a ... lovely day to be lonely You're holding on for

Disclosure - Holding on ft. gregory porter lyrics

of love on my shoulders I thought that it ... be easier than this I found my heart had grown colder But ... I can't dismiss Though my past has left me bruised I

Firehouse - Holding on lyrics

on but she wants to wonder Holding on but she wants to fly Holding on but she wants her freedom ... Holding on cuz' she just can't say ... left to her own d? Indecision, mess your mind She's

Pillar - Holding on lyrics

m gonna keep on holding on Times are changing, ... rearranging All the raging over little things ... has got me all confused And I don't why, but it ... 'til I find out what it's all about, and somehow Grab a

Julio Bashmore - Holding on ft. sam dew lyrics

lost my mind, my heart's been stolen But don ... The deep end arrives, it's all frozen It's all frozen, it's ... trying, I'm tryna warn ya I don't know why, why I adore ya

Ross Copperman - Holding on and letting go lyrics

listening? Does anybody really know if its the end of the ... The quiet rush of one breath Is all we're ... waiting for Sometimes the one we’re taking Changes every

Lovers & Liars - Holding on to nothing lyrics

s been so long since you've shown me a sign ... and goes, but it's here tonight This time the hurt isn't ... putting up the fight I wish my head could tell my heart how

M People - Holding on lyrics

look around and I wonder How much pain does it ... I just need to be free I don't mean to hurt you but It's ... But I'm not about to lie Holding on to you Is as mad as it

Nickelback lyricsNickelback - Holding on to heaven lyrics

never comes then I I’ll hold on and hold on I keep ... listening to my chest For a beat but there’s ... it Cause I’m dying inside alone And everyday we gotta be

Heather Small - Holding on lyrics

look around and I wonder How much pain does it ... I just need to be free I don't mean to hurt you but It's ... But I'm not about to lie Holding on to you Is as mad as it

Alex Clare - Holding on lyrics

stole my heart The first time that I ... us growing older From the confusion in my head It was the ... thing I've said I keep holding on Holding on Holding on

Beverly Craven - Holding on lyrics

losing control of my emotions You’ve got this hold on my ... Say that you’ll always keep Holding on Keep holding on ’cos ... your love’s got a hold on me Holding on Keep holding on Yeah...

Billy Ray Cyrus - Holding on to a dream lyrics

it feels like the sky is falling down Against the odds, ... wishes in the lost and found One little thing can turn it all ... around Holding on to a dream Trying to keep

Elvis Costello - All these things lyrics

fire inside you When you're holding me close Your love so warm ... thrill is so divine It is all these things that make you ... bad But that's alright As long as you're with me every

Andy Grammer - Holding out lyrics

I met you, love, I hadn't done the dirty yet (Seriously?) ... Called me a unicorn, said that I ... didn't exist Truth is my card was torn, the V had a ... of rips But I was still holding on to the edge with my finger

Impellitteri - Holding on lyrics

never a doubt or fear Now I wonder inside if you're living a ... at signs that are plaguing my mind When are you gonna see? ... I'm climbing the walls, I give you my all You mean

Jonezetta - Holding on to you lyrics

the different reasons why you sleep alone I ... down i'm leaving town everyone is catching on they all ... know... i'm barely hangin on love is holding on to you

Miranda Lambert - Holding on to you lyrics

I've seen the Rolling Stones Got real high on Rock n ... ain't no moment like when I'm holding onto you Ain't no moment ... like when I'm holding onto you Baby you're above

Mushroomhead lyricsMushroomhead - These filthy hands lyrics

Tumbling Hard Fall Right Down, Laugh Out Loud All In The Scheme Of Things, We ... re All Looking Up Growing Tall It's Like Pulling One Hair ... To Me With Wet Fingers In My Eyes You're A Star Petroleum

Save Ferris - Holding on lyrics

601 you're tryin' to get it done But Mr. Man keeps calling ... He won't let you have no fun The ... telephone keeps ringing Yeah it's ... ringing all the time And he won't stop until you drop

Cenacle - Holding on lyrics

to be like you But now I wonder why I opened my heart, ... thou art You wanted to dim my light To make yours look ... bright But I'm holding on To what I know is true And

Dead Calm - Holding on lyrics

Remember the warmth now gone away Emotions rising you ... harder just to let it go Holding on Never falling back again ... Holding on Crossing over to the other

Liberty X - Holding on for you lyrics

fades to gray The second I'm away Minutes turn to ... you Time keeps marching on Now summers been and gone ... And I'm still here alone Still waiting. I'm on my

Lisa Mitchell - All i know lyrics

t let go of the day just yet These thoughts in my head Keep me ... from my bed And these walls are glarin' Down at me All ... alone In the dim My tears They shed Yeah

Rob Mills - Holding on lyrics

things that I can frown upon And I don't, like to feel ... that way You say don't walk before you crawl Don ... t trust in anyone at all And I don't, like to feel

Simple Plan - Holding on lyrics

again I'm falling to my knees (I try to escape cause ... the night there's a fire in my eyes And this paradise has ... make it better It takes it all away Oh Woaah It keeps me

Twenty One Pilots lyricsTwenty One Pilots - Holding on to you lyrics

m taking over my body, back in control, no ... it seems a lot like flesh is all I got, Not anymore, flesh ... unfolds, You should take my life, you should take my soul

David Crosby - Holding on to nothing lyrics

holding on to nothing for awhile I ... time slows down every day All those hours with nothing to ... do Holding nothing again today Sunny ... pain Memories come back on their own Birds fly south

Dragonforce - Holding on lyrics

inside In frozen illusion High is the mountain we ... climb Reach out for rebellion Rise up to the open sky ... One chance at the price of glory ... in a thousand blazing skies One lifetime ascending Strong

Mercenary - Holding on to serenity lyrics

holes in our existence All the same, all the same Give ... it up, we are all the same All the same Just give it up ... Losing your rights Falling from innocence Trying to

Scary Kids Scaring Kids - Holding on lyrics

you’ve come to find you’re alone It's getting dark and ... way I haven’t let you go as long as you know that.. I’m ... losing what’s left of my dignity But I'll fight till

Blu Cantrell - Holding on to love lyrics

love and the way that I live my life Like springtime now ... as it was before [B-SECTION:] I feel so safe, here in ... no place I'd rather be Keep my heart right here safe from

Dani Shay - Holding on lyrics

page like, Razor blades falling from my cheeks, And I can ... in the ocean of utter devotion And I can only hope you'll ... slowly, And as I lose control I know I'll never stop holding on, on. Call it a blessing

Hawk Nelson - Done holding on lyrics

1, here's my story Probably not the one ... you wanna hear My world was spinning round and ... round Until my hopes they hit the ground ... I kept it hidden in my secrets My lies became a

J. Moss - Holding on lyrics

I feel being a Christian and all (it's not suppose to be this ... But who said that it was gonna be easy (nobody) Do I have ... [CHORUS:] How do I feel like holding on How do I feel How do I

Satyricon - My skin is cold lyrics

and the birds fly free Over my head, where winter grows A ... heathens call, stand up or fall This world is yours, for you ... force In the naked flesh My skin is cold - your skin is cold

Bardot - Holding on lyrics

yeah I'm sitting here by myself But I don't want to ... thought that I could do my thing But I didn't know ... [Chorus] Since you came along Baby I've been holding on

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