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Lucky Dube - Hold on lyrics

knew exactly What you were going through It's ... just that I didn't have the right To discuss your ... problems I saw you struggling For our education I saw you struggling to

The Monkees - Hold on girl lyrics

know about the guy who treated you so bad He took your ... love and then just walked away I know that you have got a ... reason to be sad But help is on its way Hold on girl, be a

John Legend lyricsJohn Legend - Hold on longer lyrics

hearts rain on our angelic flies But I won't run, ... I'm with you, that's enough Kiss me now so you ... won't run Out of breath underwater Girl you can hold on longer Girl you can hold on longer Girl you can hold on longer Long as you want Oh, oh,

Madrugada - Hold on to you lyrics

the forward path Have a big slice of the city Get ... the upper hand While you're still pretty But ... you know what we're like No, they will ... never respect you The way you want them to respect you

Conception - Hold on lyrics

t try to seize the time we shared For all I ever do I do ... for you Just close your eyes and say you care For all we ... knew I know it's true And I will teach you how to laugh and cry The world succumb

Carola - Hold on lyrics

chains have been broken The old ones have spoken Old young friend of ... ours It won't be long until we can touch the stars ... Like a quicksilver flash, your liquid light Flows

Rednex lyricsRednex - Hold me for a while lyrics

hold me for a while I know this won't last ... forever So hold, hold me tonight Before the morning takes ... you away Hold, hold me for a while I know this won't last

Oleta Adams - Hold me for a while lyrics

quot;Listless days of feeling insecure Makes ... it even harder to endure There's a way ... that you can make me smile Only if you'll hold me for a while Lots of speeches leave us

Chris Norman - Hold on lyrics

was a young soldier He thought he ... could live forever He married a teacher Who took him ... for worse or better She was true to her man Who was ... sent to a land full of danger His head in the sand And his life in the hands of a

Flame - Hold on lyrics

HOOK] Say - Say - Say Hold on, He's strong Hold on, cause ... our God is a warrior Hold on, He's strong Hold on, cause ... our God is a beast Hold on, He's strong Hold on, just

Cascada - Hold on lyrics

the city sleeps You're waking up and you're feeling strong, It wont take long, and once you're gone, Where and ... why as you're moving on, When you laugh, when you

Dave Gahan lyricsDave Gahan - Hold on lyrics

keep sending me all these things I'm learning ... to smile You keep sending me all these things I think I'll ... stay a while Tried to talk to you in my dream You

Hot Chip - Hold on lyrics

only weapon was my pen But I traded it for ... my hand Not a smart move, but my move Does ... this say I'm a man? My only lesson was in my brains ... But I traded them for my hand Not a smart move, a repeat

Kristina Debarge - Hold on lyrics

another season Leaves are starting to change Just another ... reason I can’t live with the blame ... People talking I’m just walking, trying to find my way

Bad Company lyricsBad Company - Hold on my heart lyrics

recall in '82, there was only me to talk to I was in my ... lonely world, and then I found someone to walk to I remember every second of every day, but there was

Forever The Day - Hold on lyrics

it be heard that a worl is crashing around around us now ... what will we see that we cant breathe and there's no way ... of this, out of this) the days of the new ticking sadly away how much will it take is

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Hold on lyrics

up this morning, this is insane Rich as a motherf***er and ... ain't much changed Open my eyes, no suprise ... I'm with a different bitch Different day, different ass, different

Greyson Chance - Hold on til the night lyrics

the minute hand Frozen solid not moving ... Still we believe we can But we're afraid of losing ... Watching from over here It's hardly worth competing I'm almost out of here While breaking a heart that's beating

Sampha - Hold on (feat. sbtrkt) lyrics

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh How you mean What you mean You're not ... coming back I call you later, and you're outside You always criz-criticize my hair ... Go as close, you peep inside my head You're always down for it

Richard Marx - Hold on to the nights lyrics

I believed, I couldn't ever want for more This ever changing world, pushes me through ... another door I saw you smile And my mind ... could not erase, the beauty of your face Just for a while Won't you let me shelter

Trick Daddy - Hold on lyrics

cue that shit that the verse mixed up (See ... what I'm sayin) Gotsta hold on I been trapped for so long Gotsta hold on I been trapped for so long Gotsta hold on I been trapped for so long

James Harries - Hold on lyrics

made the stars mine You gave me sunshine Now I don’t ... see you all that much Oh, my college crush ... Living in the Mission playing for old notes way uptown

Salt´n Pepa - Hold on lyrics

Kirk Franklin:] Let's have a little church up in here How ... ya doin', this is Kirk Franklin Sharin' with my sisters ... Cheryl, Sandi, and De De With Sounds of Blackness Everybody talkin' about keeping it real, huh

Emily Kinney - Hold on (feat. tom waits) lyrics

hung a sign up in out town "if ... you live it up, you won't live it down" So, ... she left Monte Rio, son Just like a bullet leaves a ... gun With charcoal eyes and Monroe hips She went and took that California trip Well, the

Magica - Hold on tight lyrics

is getting closer now I can feel it burning harder She ... is breathing fire I'm giving all I ... can but still it's not enough ... Her wings cover the sky and feels like thunder Is crashing through me A nightmare spawned from hell Is at

Azure Ray - Hold on love lyrics

on love Even when I cry all night Even when I say I don't love you Just hold on love ... So my head gets a little cloudy and the drinks get straight to my heart The words

Deep Purple - Hold on lyrics

re sweeter than the morning When the sun ... is shining down on me There is nothing you can ... say That could make me go away you see But you keep saying to me baby Hold on--I

Duke Dumont - Hold on lyrics

lights are on but no-one's home. No-one likes being alone. My insecurities hold me ... captive, captive deep inside. All that ... I want to mean, Is a little bit of certainty. My senses

The Hollies - Hold on lyrics

on a corner Nothing on my mind When walked past a ... woman She looked my kind I said a hey there woman What you ... got to do She took one look at me and said baby I'd like

Jake Miller - Hold on lyrics

Jake Miller] Yeah now I'm rocking with the ... best Pass me the mic and turn me up Bound to blow any moment now I'm bound to ... self destruct Man I'm just a normal dude With far from

Courtney Love - Hold on to me lyrics

this life is never fair The angels that you need are never ... he comes to me In the dead of winter, dead of night He ... s all that I can see Hold on to me Aaahhh Hold on to me

Peterson Griffin - Hold on to you lyrics

cool air running through my hair Nights like these, doesn’t ... seem fair For you and I to be so far away The ... stars all shimmer like a melody Like they’re playing

Saxon - Hold on lyrics

lived at home a perfect little home She had everything a ... girl could ever dream of Only one thing wrong she had a ... restless heart She was looking for some love and

Richard Smallwood - Hold on don't let go lyrics

1: Heartaches may come, teardrops may fall Seems like no one's there for you Friends are all gone, you feel alone Be strong God has a plan for you ... Verse 2: Hold on, hold on to Him Let Him lead you Your

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Hold on lyrics

hung a sign up in out town "if ... you live it up, you won't live it down" So, ... she left Monte Rio, son Just like a bullet leaves a ... gun With charcoal eyes and Monroe hips She went and took that California trip Well, the

Whitney Houston lyricsWhitney Houston - Hold on, help is on the way lyrics

you're down and in despair Don't be uneasy because He'll be ... there Say don't you worry, no, don't you ... fret The Lord has never, never failed you yet ... So hold on, help is on the way Hold on, God is on

Mercyme lyricsMercyme - Hold on christmas lyrics

it gets outside The more it warms my soul Christmas is on ... my mind I just gotta make it home It won't be long ... ‘till I am singing To the rhythm of ... the Salvation Army bell ringing But this road keeps going for miles and

The Darling Buds - Hold on to what you belive lyrics

hand on the small of her back Cause she stands with this ... love in her eyes She makes me feel like I’m special ... I hope to God that I’m special Or does she do this to all

Naâman - Hold on steady lyrics

on steady, nah let it dreaded than dread afi get ready ... fi make it greater than great I wish i could sing my songs till the rest of my days ... till I can't stop from make it blaze let go me doubt man a leg go away me troubles

Oar - Hold on true lyrics

in the day... oh, it wasn't that far. not a day goes by that ... won't be in the back tomorrow. take today as a sample to you. it looks cloudy ... outside, what are you gonna do well, we could get up or

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - On a little street in singapore lyrics

a little street in Singapore, We'd meet beside a ... lotus-covered door, A veil of moonlight on her lonely face, How pale the hands ... that held me in embrace. My sails tonight are filled with

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - On a little street in singapore lyrics

a little street in Singapore We'd meet beside a lotus ... covered door A veil of moonlight on her lonely face How ... pale the hands that held me in embrace My sails tonight are filled with

The Knack - Hold on tight and don't let go lyrics

a me feel right you gotta rock me give me shivers tonight you gotta hold on tight and don't let go treat a me real nice you gotta kiss me when ... turn out the lights you gotta hold on tight and don't let

Alkemyst - Hold on to your dreams lyrics

whispers The shadows belong to my mind They shattered ... my dreams Now boy, the time has come, Worry about your fate ... Wtch out I’m here Answers aren’t to be found In this

Eminem lyricsEminem - On fire lyrics

.. Ya Know?... Critics Man Critics Never Got Nothin ... Nice To Say man You know the one thing I notice about critics ... man? Is... critics never ask me how my day went Well

Sean Paul - Hold on lyrics

on to the dream, hold on Hold on now, now Hold on and ... believe Oh, we already won, we still hold on Hold on, hold on now, now We still hold on ... Hold on, hold on now, now Hold on to the dream It is done

Britny Fox - Hold on lyrics

on, better hold on, baby Hold on, you make me sweaty Hold on, you drive me crazy Hold on, ... you look mean, so sexy Hold on, you've got a good grip Hold on, honey, don't slip Hold on, hold on to love Hold on, hold on to love Hold on, hold on, h

Almora - Hold on to your dreams lyrics

the scent of life up your head and see the light can you ... feel the heat of the sun have a dream is to reach the sky ... let's make something just for you don

Anouk - Hold on lyrics

s funny how situations change My imagination's playing ... games I keep letting you back in my head The glitter ... is gone spread your wings and fly I'll try to keep it

April Wine - Hold on lyrics

do I speak if no one hears Who can I turn to if you ... re not there And why do I carry on the way that I do Why ... do I question myself like this over you

Artist Vs. Poet - Hold on lyrics

re addicted to your own face So you don't see the look on mine I've been trying hard ... to displace All the things you used to hide ... Don't wanna hear about your mistakes Don't want

Azrael (jap.) - Hold on to the young love lyrics

live your life, trying hard to make your dreams come ... true Your eyes are burning for desire like a ... fire She's steadying you as an angel always and forever

Bif Naked - Hold on lyrics

I'm angry. Baby, I'm scared. We're living in a dark ... time. And nobody cares. Baby, I'm tired. Life isn't fair. You are the only one, ... who will always be there. Hold on, to me. Say you'll always

Black Box - Hold on lyrics

on, I think the game is over Hold on, and try again to feel all right Hold on, and put the slow on feeling ... Hold on, you see they're all just uptight Hold on,

Black 'n Blue - Hold on to 18 lyrics

got one small thing that's on my mind Am I half dead or am ... I doin' fine? Well, I know one thing, I won't be forgotten ... I don't got nothin' and I want a lot If money can't buy

Boney M - Hold on i'm coming lyrics

t you ever, feel sad Lean on me, when the times are bad ... When the day comes And you're down In a bit of ... trouble And you bite the ground Just hold on, I'm coming Hold on, I'm

Michael Buble lyricsMichael Buble - Hold on lyrics

t they always say, we were the lucky ones? I ... guess that we were once Babe we were once But luck ... will leave you cause it is a faithless friend and, in the

Colbie Caillat - Hold on lyrics

further from you every day You're in the stars, in the ... stars, yeah, you're worlds away I'm moving on, moving on, ... then I hear you say Hold on, hold on We're losing

Neko Case - Hold on, hold on lyrics

most tender place in my heart is for strangers I know it ... but my own blood is much too dangerous Hangin' round the ... ceiling half the time Hangin' round the ceiling half

Cherri Bomb - Hold on lyrics

re in a river bleeding doubt And it ... s up to our heads Trying to swim our way ... out of it But your friends are all dead We gotta hold, ... hold on to each other Each other gotta hold, hold on

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