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Hold On Prima Ballerina lyrics

Browse for Hold On Prima Ballerina song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Hold On Prima Ballerina lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Hold On Prima Ballerina.

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Sean Paul - Hold on lyrics

on to the dream, hold on Hold on now, now Hold on and believe Oh, we already won, we still hold on Hold on, hold on now, now We still hold on Hold on, hold on now, now Hold on to the dream It is done I'll see you there I know you're well prep

Britny Fox - Hold on lyrics

on, better hold on, baby Hold on, you make me sweaty Hold on, you drive me crazy Hold on, you look mean, so sexy Hold on, you've got a good grip Hold on, honey, don't slip Hold on, hold on to love Hold on, hold on to love Hold on, hold on, hold on to love Hold on, hold on

Almora - Hold on to your dreams lyrics

you smell the scent of life up your head and see the light can you feel the heat of the sun have a dream is to reach the sky let's make something just for you don't listen what others said hold on to your dreams, hold on to your dreams trust only the f

April Wine - Hold on lyrics

do I speak if no one hears Who can I turn to if you're not there And why do I carry on the way that I do Why do I question myself like this over you 'Cos trouble and sorrow - it's all I can feel There's so much confusion it seems so unreal Hold on - to our own s

Azrael (jap.) - Hold on to the young love lyrics

live your life, trying hard to make your dreams come true Your eyes are burning for desire like a fire She's steadying you as an angel always and forever She's gazing at you in any circumstance You're lost in the dream She's standing in the shadow True love is not eas

Boney M - Hold on i'm coming lyrics

t you ever, feel sad Lean on me, when the times are bad When the day comes And you're down In a bit of trouble And you bite the ground Just hold on, I'm coming Hold on, I'm coming Hold on, I'm coming Hold on, I'm coming I'm on my way, your lover If you get cold, yeah,

Colbie Caillat - Hold on lyrics

m feeling further, feeling further from you every day You're in the stars, in the stars, yeah, you're worlds away I'm moving on, moving on, then I hear you say Hold on, hold on We're losing light, losing light, yeah, we're fading fast We had a fire, need a spark, or we'll never last

Neko Case - Hold on, hold on lyrics

most tender place in my heart is for strangers I know it's unkind but my own blood is much too dangerous Hangin' round the ceiling half the time Hangin' round the ceiling half the time Compared to some I've been around But I really tried so hard That echo chorus lied t

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Hold on lyrics

woke up this morning, this is insane Rich as a motherf***er and ain't much changed Open my eyes, no suprise, I'm with a different bitch Different day, different ass, different tits Strap under my pillow, I don't want the jit I'm not supposed to do this shit, but I

Cherri Bomb - Hold on lyrics

re in a river bleeding doubt And it's up to our heads Trying to swim our way out of it But your friends are all dead We gotta hold, hold on to each other Each other gotta hold, hold on to each other Each other gotta hold, hold on to each other Each other gotta hold,

Dead By April - Hold on lyrics

ve been questioning myself the wrong way My insecurity made me wanna feel pain I'd put a knife to my wrist And part of my story is Used to swallow the pills Tried to ease the pain In fact the truth is I did it again and again Hold on, hold on And let me take the pain a

Don Broco - Hold on lyrics

will provide just what you need Exotic fruits, delicious treats Control your mind, it's mine to keep Now stick your tongue between my teeth I talk so smooth but cut so deep I'm hurting you, bruise like a peach I am the best you've ever seen You don't know

Emily Kinney - Hold on (feat. tom waits) lyrics

hung a sign up in out town "if you live it up, you won't live it down" So, she left Monte Rio, son Just like a bullet leaves a gun With charcoal eyes and Monroe hips She went and took that California trip Well, the moon was gold, he

Evans Blue - Hold on lyrics

fear and flaws exposed Equipped with indefinite highs and let goes Unclear, still in control steady as we fall Thoughts escape the prison skull Freedom clears a path to follow We wait, but will we go And swallow what we're told A future of limits and incapabilities Left to beli

Hall And Oates - Hold on to me lyrics

wanna know what you dream, oh baby Am I one with your fantasy I wanna show you my deepest feelings Ain’t that how love’s supposed to be Give me love hold on to me Give me love hold on to me Give me dreams hold on ...oh baby, give it up

Jonas Brothers lyricsJonas Brothers - Hold on lyrics

don’t have time left to regret (hold on) It will take more than common sense (hold on) So stop your wondering take a stand (hold on) This is more to life than just to live (hold on) 'Cause an empty room can be so loud It's too many tears to drow

Madrugada - Hold on to you lyrics

the forward path Have a big slice of the city Get the upper hand While you're still pretty But you know what we're like No, they will never respect you The way you want them to respect you I think it's very well understood But I'm I'm gonna hold on to you I'm gonn

Olly Murs - Hold on lyrics

of the night when it comes creeping I lay awake when I should be sleeping Like an Agatha Christie mystery during intermission I hold on, I hold on Working everyday living for the weekend I never learned to swim how did I end up in the deep-end? Like a champion

Moguai - Hold on (feat. cheat codes) lyrics

m ashamed by the lies And the worthless games But the wine and the night Make me feel okay No other you, no other me No other us, babe One of a kind, and I won't let it slip away I can see you in my head I can see you in my bed I can see you doing all those things we

Nervo - Hold on lyrics

Starting Beat] [Ref.] Give us, give us a chance I just wanna hold on I just wanna hold on Hold on [Breaking Beat] I just wanna hold on [#1] Waiting for your love Cause I can’t break away No I can’t break this start Fading from your t

New Kids On The Block - Hold on lyrics

on, girl, ooh, girl, hold on. Girl, let's rock around the clock, we can dance and never stop. Come on, girl, just hold on tight, I know you wanna rock tonight. Through the night into the day we could chase our blues away, so grab a hold, don't lose control,

Chris Norman - Hold on lyrics

was a young soldier He thought he could live forever He married a teacher Who took him for worse or better She was true to her man Who was sent to a land full of danger His head in the sand And his life in the hands of a stranger Chorus: Hold on, hold on, hold on

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - Hold on lyrics

on,hold on, There's got to be a future, hold on Hold on,hold on, There's got to be a future, Or the world will end today The sun will melt away, The sky so dark decay And summer,spring and autumn, winter Melt into a single moment Heart into the past,

Wilson Phillips - Hold on lyrics

know this pain Why do lock yourself up in these chains? No one can change your life except for you Don't ever let anyone step all over you Just open your heart and your mind Is it really fair to feel this way inside? Some day somebody's gonna make you want to Turn arou

Silent Force - Hold on lyrics

us into this world so cold The sign of the gods are within your own Are you searching for impossible dreams? Can you believe in what your eyes have been seeing? (Seeing is believing) Here in the now, you'll use what you're told But never give u

Slaughter - Hold on lyrics

that the party's over My head spins round and round I'm gonna get my feet back on the ground I know that you are out there somewhere Thinkin' 'bout what we've done 'Cause I'm wonderin' where your heart is This feelin' can't be wrong Hold on, baby hold on I can't go on - Hold on lyrics

at the top of this hill awaits happiness you can find it if you climb it i'm sure of it meet him at the corner with your sorrow drop it at his feet wake up find joy tomorrow if you're lookin for secur- ity cross the bridge ahead of ya take a right through the

Aiden Grimshaw - Hold on lyrics

stops nothing is moving Lies cross you've been infusing Hold on to your stars before they fade Burning outta control Yearning, see through your soul Hold on to your stars before they fade Before they fade, they fade The dark comes out you say You can

Jon Anderson - Hold on to love lyrics

you have it You see this love regretting There's something wrong again But you had it In the palm of your hand Your heart has started bleeding You gotta get out You're leaving You're on your own forever It's not the space or time or whether You can leave You want, you can't

Ashes Remain - Hold on move on lyrics

screams just like the ocean, And moves just like the tide. Cold stars in the dead devotion, The fire inside. She called back just to leave you stranded. Inside of your own mind. Hold on with your hand and hope boy. Just try to walk the line. Move and try to hold on!

Bo Bice - Hold on to me lyrics

am I to say you’re wrong For feeling what you feel There’s something in the way you talk Like you’ve forgotten what is real You don’t have to prove you’re strong To face it on your own Cause it’ll steal your breath It’ll wear you out It’ll throw you to the ground. Ther

Clubland - Hold on (tighter to love) lyrics

it now, hold it now Hold it now, hold it now Hold it now, hold it now... Whoa, oh, oh... Hold on tighter to love Boy, you been taking me through changes Why, I'm for real When you need me, I'm always there The one you can lean on But,

Deep Purple - Hold on lyrics

re sweeter than the morning When the sun is shining down on me There is nothing you can say That could make me go away you see But you keep saying to me baby Hold on--I feel I'm getting ready Hold on--I feel I'm rockin' steady Hold on--I'm gonna make it wit

Delta Goodrem - Hold on lyrics

Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on) Wrap me in everything that glows Light it up, light it up, light it up I found my skin underneath my clothes Light it up, light it up, light it up When everyone said that I lost my mind You're the one that go

Duke Dumont - Hold on lyrics

lights are on but no-one's home. No-one likes being alone. My insecurities hold me captive, captive deep inside. All that I want to mean, Is a little bit of certainty. My senses become radioactive, active in the night. I can't be your hero, I can't be your savio

Extreme Music - Hold on lyrics

ve been on this road too long Hearing music but it's not your song Wanna scream but your voise is gone Days trapped inside your head Can't look up cause your worls is down Walking miles staring at the ground All alone inside the crowd Letting pocket

Ferry Bryan - Hold on (i'm coming) lyrics

t you ever feel sad Lean on me when the times are bad When the day comes and you're down In a river of trouble and about to drown Hold on, I'm comin' Hold on, I'm comin' I will always be your lover If you get cold I'll be your cover Don't have to worry, don't have to fear

Flame - Hold on lyrics

HOOK] Say - Say - Say Hold on, He's strong Hold on, cause our God is a warrior Hold on, He's strong Hold on, cause our God is a beast Hold on, He's strong Hold on, just look at your neighbor say Hold on, He's strong Hold on, cause our God is a beast [VERSE] This walk it ai

Hot Chip - Hold on lyrics

only weapon was my pen But I traded it for my hand Not a smart move, but my move Does this say I'm a man? My only lesson was in my brains But I traded them for my hand Not a smart move, a repeat move Does this put pay to our plan? Hey, hey You'll never get to heaven if you

Jackal - Hold on lyrics

wasted her time drinking whiskey Uh, she wasted her time smoking joints And sure she noticed, noticed the difference Of being drunk and stoned But that was all she ever learned Oh, she never got old She always dreamt of leaving the streets That she knew

Kristina Debarge - Hold on lyrics

another season Leaves are starting to change Just another reason I can’t live with the blame People talking I’m just walking, trying to find my way Now I’m solo hard to let go, these feelings never change Cause I... [Chorus:] Hold on, hold on to the f

Adam Lambert - Hold on lyrics

m alone, headstrong now, we on a mission Stompin' out all the rules of the game. Ante up, sleeves up, now you got the vision, bulletproof and we're not gonna change. The world's eyes lookin' down cuz we seem different. We got each other and who cares who knows. If ig

Loni Rose - Hold on lyrics

do you go? Where do you hide? Where do you disappear? Where do you go? Where do you hide, a million miles away from here? I can't fight this velocity There's something out here I can't stay down there Just the way i feel When your lips embrace me Hold on Hol

Courtney Love - Hold on to me lyrics

this life is never fair The angels that you need are never there But sometimes he comes to me In the dead of winter, dead of night He's all that I can see Hold on to me Aaahhh Hold on to me Hold on to me Aaahhh Hold on to me We all get our glory Our little

Gary Moore - Hold on the love lyrics

at you, a fool in love. A man too blind to see. You never ask yourself why they all leave you. You try to play so many games. You give yourself away. And then you wonder why no one believes you. You've got to realise That this is goin' nowhere. You've got to understa

Plain White T's - Hold on lyrics

will be the hardest part we may ever know I don't wanna leave, but we both know I have to go So don't you cry when we say goodbye, don't make this hard on me Just close your eyes and kiss me before I leave And just hold on, hold on to me And just hold on, hold on to me Don't l

22-20s - Hold on lyrics

in my back yard selling you beliefs danger in my empire trouble on the streets and I don't want to modernize and I don't want to rearrange I don't want to fix up and I don't want to change hold on to the things that you love hold on to the things that you love hold on dan

Sbtrkt - Hold on (feat. sampha) lyrics

.. How'd you mean What do'you mean you're not coming by I called you later and you were outside It always screams screams inside my head Curtains closed you'd be beside my head You were always down for it Get in this getaway and be running from it Yeah, you were alwa

Shawn Mcdonald - Hold on lyrics

day gone by And again I ask myself why I question my sanity Why I believe what I believe Some might think that I am crazy For believing in something I cannot see So won't you now Hold on to me, hold on Hold on to me, yeah Please don't let me go no, no,

Welshly Arms lyricsWelshly Arms - Hold on i'm coming lyrics

t you ever Be sad Lean on me When the times get bad When our day comes And you are down In a river of trouble And about to drown Well just hold on I'm coming Just hold on I'm coming I'm on my way Your love Oh when you get cold I'll be your cov

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Hold on lyrics

hung a sign up in out town "if you live it up, you won't live it down" So, she left Monte Rio, son Just like a bullet leaves a gun With charcoal eyes and Monroe hips She went and took that California trip Well, the moon was gold, her Hair like wind She

Timbaland lyricsTimbaland - Hold on lyrics

Intro - Timbaland - talking] Oh! You know what? (Wyclef: good good good) I go through a lot, since my baby girl´s not here Life ain´t been the same for me Li Li I miss you very much I want you to hear my pain that I go through (go through ...) [Verse 1 - Timbaland] + (W

Take That lyricsTake That - Hold on lyrics

been here, many times before. Leaving rooms and slamming doors. We´re climbing up the bedroom walls. Sometimes we it so frustrating. I touch your mouth. I touch your lips. The answers are on fingertips. Not giving up or giving in. Why are we so complicated? Oh tell me what

Anouk - Hold on lyrics

s funny how situations change My imagination's playing games I keep letting you back in my head The glitter is gone spread your wings and fly I'll try to keep it civilized Baby all I wanted was you Hold on hold on There's more to come Hold on l

James Arthur lyricsJames Arthur - Hold on lyrics

glances and no romance Conversation only hi You know my ways and how to play me I am just your habit for killing time And I know it’s all wrong but I just don’t feel strong. So I keep holding on, and I ask you, I ask you please to… Hold me before you g

Artist Vs. Poet - Hold on lyrics

re addicted to your own face So you don't see the look on mine I've been trying hard to displace All the things you used to hide Don't wanna hear about your mistakes Don't want you taking up my time But you just leave me with a bad taste And no

Rozzi Crane - Hold on, we're going home lyrics

got my eyes on you, you're everything that I see I want your hot love and emotion endlessly I can't get over you, you left your mark on me I want your high love and emotion endlessly Cause you're a good girl and you know it You act so different around me Cause you're a good gir

Bif Naked - Hold on lyrics

I'm angry. Baby, I'm scared. We're living in a dark time. And nobody cares. Baby, I'm tired. Life isn't fair. You are the only one, who will always be there. Hold on, to me. Say you'll always love me. Tell me anything, you want. Hold on, baby. Say you'll never leave me.

Black Box - Hold on lyrics

on, I think the game is over Hold on, and try again to feel all right Hold on, and put the slow on feeling Hold on, you see they're all just uptight Hold on, you're gonna feel so fine Hold on, don't take it, set you right Hold on, you're got to move to

Black 'n Blue - Hold on to 18 lyrics

got one small thing that's on my mind Am I half dead or am I doin' fine? Well, I know one thing, I won't be forgotten I don't got nothin' and I want a lot If money can't buy it, I don't wanna talk Don't wanna be long forgotten 'Cause I know what I need But I don't know how

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