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Hold Me You Are Killing Me Now lyrics

Browse for Hold Me You Are Killing Me Now song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Hold Me You Are Killing Me Now lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Hold Me You Are Killing Me Now.

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Kari Jobe - You are for me lyrics

so true. So powerful in all You do. You fill me. You see me. ... You know my every move and You love for me to sing to You. ... I know that You are for me. I know that You are for me.

Iwan Rheon - You are in me lyrics

where she'd been If someone whispered in her ear You ... are, you are, you are in me Don't go away Our time is ... crystal cut outs on a string You are, you are, you are in me

Disciple - You are here lyrics

are to me (you are to me), a light to see You came to ... me, and set me free You see me now, not how I was I’m ... and clean, under the blood You sit down On your throne in

Paola & Chiara - You are for me lyrics

know what soothes me, I know what moves me I feel it when ... you're near Any suggestion you care to mention Shows me our ... still growing, yeah Tell me you miss me, just want to

Gateway Worship - You are for me lyrics

so true So powerful in all You do You fill me You see me You know my every move You love ... for me to sing to You CHORUS I know that You are for me I know that You are

Golden Earring - You are receiving me lyrics

circles could be spirals And your idols weren't machines If you could pick up all the signals ... And flash on where you've been Maybe you don't ... feel it at all It's your own fault, crawl boy crawl You could quit the miming Try some different timing You could

Reveille - Killing me lyrics

by one by one- one at a time Out of time, can't even ... One intent, Because it's now and forever- Better hold your peace Increase, decrease, ... decease, release your mind I'm staring right back

Lloyd - Killing me lyrics

room I can feel her watchin me But I'm playing cool, me and ... my drink And she's showing me her tongue ring Dying to get ... many she corrupts Run up, try your luck She might steal ya

Modest Mouse - The good times are killing me lyrics

good times are killing me, here we go Got dirt, got ... air, got water and I know you can carry on Shrug off ... shortsighted false excitement And oh what can I say?

Cauterize - Killing me lyrics

wonder where you are. Please don't come around ... cause I can't stand to see you and I don't want to fight. ... Gimme one more drink and I swear I ... I'll be ready to make the same mistakes again with you. I

Skindred - Killing me lyrics

quot;Boy you know, me ah fe go leave dat town yo you know! Ca' it too hot you know ... to the top I see these mental cases And it's just ... It's not easy to say who's your friend or who's your foe Some people look so dodgy, don't

Jerk - Killing me killing you lyrics

should I try? You'll make me just like you And I will ... deny The things you say are true Alive when I'm high ... This time I'll break on through I'll

Crossfade - Killing me inside lyrics

s a dream that comes to me And it whispers all night ... wrong Even sleep is choking me Am I feeling weak or strong ... I could not be But it's killing me inside It's killing me

Aloe  Blacc lyricsAloe Blacc - Loving you is killing me lyrics

you, is killing me When you know it should be thrilling me ... Loving you, is choking me slowly When I'm with you i ... feel real lowly Loving you, is busting me You don't

Rufus - Chaka Khan - Whoever's thrilling you (is killing me) lyrics

don't want see you tomorrow If I can't see you ... today You've been puttin' me off for so long I got the ... feelin' something's wrong Whoever is ... thrilling you is killing me I haven't seen you in so

Harem Scarem - Killing me lyrics

world Nobody's gonna show you around I put up my defenses ... To only have you knock 'em down So the only ... one I trusted Chewed me up and spit me out Was it

Aloe Blacc lyricsAloe Blacc - Loving you is killing me lyrics

you, is killing me When you know it should be thrilling me ... Loving you, is choking me slowly When I'm with you i ... feel real lowly Loving you, is busting me You don't

Atb - Killing me inside lyrics

know, I tried to find a way, A means to keep it high Forced to ... yield to blinded sentiment And you know, I tried to ... I’m falling I’m losing And you’re killing me inside. I’m

Biohazard - Killing me lyrics


Maria Haukaas - Killing me tenderly lyrics

Cloak and dagger man You’re just like a toxic drug to me Your tantalizing eye Start ... a fire in my blood, you see And hey, I know I ought ... to break away You’re killing me tenderly Every time you

Btob - Killing me lyrics

su eopseoseo chameul su eopseosseo ijeul su ... eonjejjeum sarajilkka neoui pumeul hyanghan jidokhan hyangsu ... apeunde neon nal wae You’re killing me oh haruharu

Sim (silence Iz Mine) - Killing me lyrics

I'm not the only one Plug me in, I'm tired of dreaming ... Light « something », it makes me fine ... When I'm down, your kisses makes me feel alive

The Kooks - Killing me lyrics

s killing me Yeah, the things that you ... That no one else can do to me at all Am I wasting my time? As I feel that I'll go out ... And find someone that's out of luck too

De/vision - You are the one lyrics

very moment I saw you All my yearning took shape You're all I ever wanted Like a ... We'll be perfect forever Me and my good time girl we we ... For a perfect world I am barely hanging on Don't let go You are the one Some are born to

Jay Sean - You dont know me lyrics

(jay sean) you dont know me no you dont know me you dont ... know me yeah aha straight out of uk ... came a little british asain ... brother by the name of jay never kick down what you say so many companys wants me

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - You are not alone / i just can't stop loving .. lyrics

all alone how could this be you're not here with me you ... never said goodbye someone tell me why did you have ... how did love slip away something whispers in my ear and

The Knack - Tell me you are mine lyrics

you go giving me the palpitation face it you ... re fine now you know i don't need the complication ... tell me you're mine no i don't fear it ... when you're near me sends a shiver running up my

Andain - You once told me lyrics

once told me I wouldn't know it enough Oh let me tell you ... something Yeah I do You once told me I won't feel it ... enough Well let me tell you that Baby I do Sometimes

Live - You are the world lyrics

you've ever known love, If you've ever known peace, If you ... ve ever known joy, Make sure that you are ... on time. If you've ever known war, If you've ever known

Lara Fabian - You are my heart lyrics

get to here Why do I need you Why do I have to cry these ... I was standing on my own Now I don't know what to do Was ... them here again But I'll remember how we were The rest of

Aaron Gillespie - You are everything lyrics

this whole world has brought me down There is one thing I know When my life is screamin’ ... up towards the clouds and Your grace lets me know You

A-ha lyricsA-ha - You are the one lyrics

are the one who has done me in Guess you knew from the ... but there's no one in Don't know where, with whom you've been ... But I do Love you Anyway you want me too You are the

Air Supply - You are the reason lyrics

deceit Brings honour to shame But the voice I used to know (Where are you now?) Is ... the one I can't let go You are the reason My faith in ... The one I must follow You are the first, You are the last

Harmony - You are lyrics

wrong I try to walk the path you Want me to Please watch my ... steps please, Guide me through See me See how I ... try In tears and in shame Hear me Hear me when I cry

Jeremy Camp - I will follow (you are with me) lyrics

the desert be before me And there's no relief in ... All the lies into my mind You will always carry me Until ... my dying day What you have for me is worth it

Pillar - You are not the end lyrics

time and a place Another slap in ... the face And I don't know what it takes To be loved by ... Another shot in the dark And now it's falling apart But I won

Anita Baker - You can reach me lyrics

can reach me by rail way You can reach me by trail way You ... can reach me on an airplane You can reach me with your mind You can reach me by caravan Cross

Bi Rain - To me you are (i to you) lyrics

sang cheo pad deun pam ool meok ee neun mok soh ri roh nal ... pool reo for the second time ee jeh neun teul ryeo moh ... Yellow Yo~ from the first time Yo~ to ma second time ee

Byron Cage - That's what you are to me lyrics

I love to call You Holy Holy is what You are to me Lord I love to call You holy ... Holy is what You are Yes holy is what You are Yes ... holy is what You are to me (REPEAT) Lord I love to call

Acid Drinkers - You better shoot me lyrics

set on standing in my way I know that you are after me I feel ... shadow That's how clearly, you persue me Don't you think it ... s gone long Can't you leave me in peace? It's the damn

Artension - You are my heart lyrics

leaves I've fallen for you, Season of change Dear to me ... Sunlight in my eyes, reminds me you are my heart Forever yours November winds. Winter ... so deep, season of sleep You are so dear to me Sunlight in

Babyface - You are so beautiful lyrics

are so beautiful, yes You are to me You are so beautiful You are to me Can't you see? Can ... t you see? You are everything I hoped for And you are everything I need And you are so beautiful to me You

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - You are there lyrics

Everywhere sounds of love are everywhere And my heart ... sings along Thanks to you I finally got a song, ... Refrain ’cause you are there, You are there You are there somewhere Each time my

Kimberley Walsh - You first loved me lyrics

world has taken me from you Learn me away with the ... dream But I am standing here now to search no more Because you first loved me You showed me love can be patient And

My Dying Bride - You are not the one who loves me lyrics

are not the one who loves me I take you from your bathing ... thee I am this rope Around your feet... And it's summer ... Oh, and the moon Played in your eyes Wishes drop through

Secret Garden - The things you are to me lyrics

Every grain of sand Since time first began to be Still, I ... could never count Measure the amount Of all the ... things you are to me If I could paint the sky

Morrissey - To me you are a work of art lyrics

I see the world, it makes me puke But then I look at you ... And know that somewhere There's a someone who ... can soothe me To me you are a work of art And I would

Elvis Costello - You belong to me lyrics

are you girls gonna tell your mother? I don't want to ... hear another word about young lovers or hiding your ... s been to see the doctor, so you hope that she recovers. You

Lords Of Acid - You belong to me lyrics

belong to me Can't you see you're part of me We are one, you are mine Baby till the end ... of time Did you lie when you said That you never would ... I went insane When I heard you call her name If you'd go

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - You must love me lyrics

to be We had it all, you believed in me I believed in ... that I'm longing to say Scared to confess, what I'm feeling ... Frightened you'll slip away You must love me, you must love me Why are you at my side?

Karmin - You can tell me lyrics

verbal warning that shrinks you in your shoes? Is it the ... lines that eat your lunch break as the hour's ... have all gone dry? Trust me I've been there No one

The Hollies - You must believe me lyrics

must believe me No matter what the people ... might say You must believe me Darling it just didn't ... didn't happen that way You come home With something on your mind Tell me darling Why are you crying I said be serious

Jon Bon Jovi - You really got me now lyrics

2, 3, 4 Well you're dancing with the shadow You been talking in your sleep ... Well you can walk on water But don't ... want to wet your feet You really got me, you really got

Anita Baker - You belong to me lyrics

don't have to prove to me You're beautiful to strangers I ... eyes of my own, of my own You belong to me Why'd you tell me this? Were you looking for my ... reaction? What do you need to know? Don't you know

Ray Davies - You're asking me lyrics

re asking me, "what's it leading to? ... fair?" No point asking me because I haven't got a clue ... You're asking me, "will it be alright?

Ricky Martin lyricsRicky Martin - You stay with me lyrics

was over much too soon We shared a kiss till day light came ... night goodbye When the sun came up that day We smiled and ... i can't leave the thought of you behind CHORUS: Oh, you

Air Supply - You belong to me lyrics

belong to me From the moment I saw your face This is ... I can't replace I belong to you And every day is the ... And even more when I hear you say You belong to me

Elvis Costello - You turned to me lyrics

turned to me And all at once I knew I ... was betrayed My eyes met yours just down the darkened path ... strayed Nothing good can come out of this I know it may

Roxette lyricsRoxette - Me & you & terry & julie lyrics

& You & Terry & Julie ... Earth Well, how about you? Do you want a love that ... lasts forever How about you? Or do you want to spend the

Carla Bruni lyricsCarla Bruni - You belong to me lyrics

Belong To Me See the Pyramids Along the ... On a tropic isle Just remember darling All the while ... You belong to me See the market place In ... old Algiers Send me photographs And souvenirs

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