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Hold Me A Little Closer Take Me A Little Deeper lyrics

Browse for Hold Me A Little Closer Take Me A Little Deeper song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Hold Me A Little Closer Take Me A Little Deeper lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Hold Me A Little Closer Take Me A Little Deeper.

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Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - Closer to me lyrics

know that in time, I can handle this a little better But ... what can I do if your heart won't let her go There are ... times I mean everything to you Life can

Loverboy - Take me to the top lyrics

s lookin' at you What do you think the chances are ... we're gonna make it together? Here's callin ... your name 'Cause I have to do the things I have to ... do What's a poor boy to do When he's fallen in love with you Help me

Doobie Brothers - Take me in your arms lyrics

you're leaving Leaving me behind I'm seeing you, darling For the very last time ... Show a little tenderness Mama, before you go Please, let ... me feel Your embrace once more Take me in

Elton John lyricsElton John - Take me back lyrics

you want my loving take me back If you miss my touch little girl take me back When the ... dreams you lean on are beginning to crack Open up ... your heart little girl and take me back If you want my

Anna Graceman - Take me where i want to go lyrics

my hand and show me the way Im holding on, so I cant ... break away, hold me back Take me where I want to go, take ... me where it always snows Take me where its sweet and sour

Rock, Michael Learns To - Take me to your heart lyrics

from the rain and snow Trying to forget but ... I won't let go Looking at a crowded street Listening to ... my own heart beat So many people all around the world

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - Take me back lyrics

said it's over now It's just ... not right You said there's a better place for you to be ... It's not with me Then you turned and walked away I can't believe what I

Random Eyes - Take me away lyrics

and tired from yesterday Innocence fading away you ... see the city lights you can hear the people rage So hard to understand Take me away find a place for you and I

Willie Nelson - Take me in your arms lyrics

me in your arms and hold me Like I've been holding you in ... my heart Take me in your arms and tell me That you've missed me since we've been apart. You ... just don't know how heartsick And lonesome I've been Or how

Vanilla Ice lyricsVanilla Ice - Take me to your heart lyrics

Or only just friends Come tomorrow Will I be lonely again When you see me Is it ... love in your eyes What you feeling Deep down ... inside Do you think about me (think about me) When Im far

Bananarama - Take me to your heart lyrics

me to your heart now, baby Take me to your heart, come on, ... come on I can't stop thinking about you Take me to your heart Take me to ... your heart, come on I must be dreaming And my heart can't fight the

Diana Ross - Take me higher lyrics

me to that place Higher Go, hold on Go ... (Take me higher) (Take me higher) In my mind I see ... the possibilities When it comes to love there are no boundaries Do you think that you and I can work it out That's

Black Cards - Take me down (higher) lyrics

dum hey! don't you know that i am a rager? pull me close ... & we'll catch the vapor, tough damping house elevator, strobe light hold tight, ... elevate her! 99 balloons in the air, drum out,

Cher - Take me home lyrics

me home, take me home Want to feel you close to me Take me home, take me home With ... you is where I wanna be Wrapped in your arms tonight ... Just making love Music and candlelight Stars up above Take me home, take me home Oh can't yo

Rick Astley - Take me to your heart lyrics

Or only just friends Come tomorrow Will I be lonely again When you see me Is it ... love in your eyes What you feeling Deep down ... inside Do you think about me When I'm far away? Do you

Basement Jaxx lyricsBasement Jaxx - Take me back to your house lyrics

s all drunk Everybody's had enough It's getting ugly ... tired, so tired, so tired So take me home. It's getting late ... for me I'll come if you wait for me Let's get out of

Destination Anywhere - Take me away lyrics

m holding a candlelight It's so cold ... tonight And I can't stop to think about Why I ... m not coming out My cage I'm feeling numb I'm ... feeling dumb And I had no one for so long I would

Johnny Gill - Take me (i'm yours) lyrics

can remember all the things that you once said My love was ... so satisfying Now your love is ... slowly dying I know what I've put you through And I ... wanna make it up to you Please forgive me baby Don't let

Chastain - Take me home lyrics

your eyes and surrender The peace is ... there within yourself Realize, you are not alone So ... close and yet so far One day we shall be there again Be ... there again Take me home Look into the haze Feel

De/vision - Take me to heaven lyrics

m. I'm cruising through the dark Stained and on the road ... for far too long I'm going down the ... only road I've ever known And for the first time I'm afraid to go alone I love you

Electric Light Orchestra - Take me on and on lyrics

stars that shine so brightly They call ... to me I dream of how it might be Somewhere far away Oh, take me ... on and on Oh, ooh, until the ... world has gone Take me on and on, on and on The chains

Janet  Jackson lyricsJanet Jackson - Take me away lyrics

upon a time was a dream that sounded crazy baby If fairytales are mine, you would ... be the one that saved me oh baby Any time I visualize you, ... I'm in paradise It's you and me, thought you don't even

Moxy And The Influence - Take me down lyrics

is death Beauty is pain Time heals the wounds Or is it ... what breaks I’m here to live I’m ... to sing until I cry Tell me how it is with you and me

The Prodigy lyricsThe Prodigy - Take me to the hospital lyrics

Me To The . . . Take Me To The . . . Take Me To The ... Hospital Take Me To The Hospital Take Me To ... The Hospital Take Me To The Hospital Take Me To

H-blockx lyricsH-blockx - Take me home lyrics

for them streetcaféslooking for that face, a ... night after a daya day I made love to empty dreamsand ... nothing's like what it seemsnothing's like what ... s kissed by lonelinesssomebody take away that

Adore Delano - Take me there lyrics

Woo-ooh-ooh Woo-ooh-ooh Na-na-na-na Tonight, here I am, there you are This is the ... good life, looking up at the stars You know its our ... time, cause we're here and in love Tomorrow doesn't mean a thing So we're young and we got some dirty minds

Airfare - Take me on lyrics

me on, Take me on Take me on, whoa the bigger they ... come yes the harder they fall you gotta eat my lady, eat ... my lady on the west side the livin ... is rough you gotta eat my lady, eat my lady on a

Mary J Blige - Take me as i am lyrics

Verse 1:] She's been down and out She's been wrote about ... She's been talked about, constantly She's been ... up and down She's been pushed around But they held her down,

Boris Carloff - Take me higher lyrics

my soul; if you want to i can give it back Take my soul; ... if you want to i can give it back You have ... broken my picture frame You are afraid ob being happy

Laura Branigan - Take me lyrics

fancied you for a very long time You finally got around to makin' your move But when you ... picked me up, you looked so fairy I wish we could dispense

Brick & Lace - Take me back lyrics

me back to the place where we were free Didn't ... have a care in the world you see All ... that raely matter was you and me Times were still the world ... was frozen A pretty pictured love was

Emma Bunton - Take me to another town lyrics

I go to Hollywood There are too many people who would ... kill me if they could I go to Shanghai I go to Tokyo There are so ... many people that I'll never get to know

Cheap Trick - Take me i'm yours lyrics

walked in the room First I saw your face, then I saw your ... smile A pretty girl like yourself ... You've got a new approach and the time is right You ... you're so fine, oh so fine And it so excites me Come six

Chase & Status - Take me away lyrics

.. Oh... Let me tell you Let me tell you what you do what you do, what ... you do to me Take me away Take me away Found you ... So happy I found you What you do to me, yeah Come on and take me away Take me away Uh... Sometimes I can

Phil Collins - Take me down lyrics

ve lingered too long in the darkness unlock the door, turn ... the light on and wait. I should know better than ... to rest on a promise but this body before

Fefe Dobson - Take me away lyrics

.was waiting all my life to know you (all about you) And now..I'm staring in your eyes ocean blue ... (I'm all about you) And in our minds, it comes so easily But theres a feeling

Dr. Dog - Take me into town lyrics

I've been waiting for the rain to break but I guess my waiting's through It's been ... dry as a bone since 1982 And I've been trying to protect ... possessions I keep on his walls all my books and my

Helloween lyricsHelloween - Take me home lyrics

I'm here all alone Takin' care of my own Down in no man ... s land Got no friend, got no dime Only plenty of time Where ... s the saving hand? I got that feeling to

Ice Cube lyricsIce Cube - Take me away lyrics

was a good day Know what? Sometimes I just get on my knees ... You know what I mean? And pray to the Man with the master ... plan To swoop on down on that mothership Scoop a nigga up

Diana Ross - Take me higher (bt's unreleased club mix) lyrics

me higher and higher and higher Take me higher ... Take higher (repeated several times along with the drums) ... Oh, Take me higher When it comes to

Mcfly - Take me there lyrics

don't ever wanna spend another day without you ... Without you I don't think that I'd be standin' here if I ... sun is in your eyes The moment has arrived, you see Right

Van Morrison - Take me back lyrics

ve been walking by the river I've been ... walking down by the water I've been walking down by ... I've been feeling so sad and blue I've been thinking, I

Mötley Crüe - Take me to the top lyrics

t you know, know, know It's a violation I still hear you saying Such a perfect, perfect ... night No, no, no fight all temptation Well, in a black hearted alley fight I'm

New Heights - Take me on (feat. clara c) lyrics

Finding things just reminding me that you were Always close ... when I needed someone badly Anywhere, anytime you were ... there for me Oh, oh, oh You never left

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Take me in your lifeboat lyrics

me in your lifeboat, take me in your lifeboat It will stand the ragin' storm Take me ... in your lifeboat, take me in your lifeboat It will bear the spirit home. Come on,

Original Broadway Cast - Take me or leave me lyrics

Every single day I walk down the street I hear ... people say, "Baby so sweet" Ever since ... puberty,Everybody stares at me Boys, girls..I can't help it

Smokie - Take me in lyrics

t want no money, don't want no blues Don't want no ... monea no, all I want is you, Take me in Don't want your ... now (no honey now) Don't want your speed (no speed)

Axxis - Take me far away lyrics

my life is like a storyboard A book of things, somebody else ... controlled with every move I make It’s like a Deja vu or am ... I awake? The burden of my life -

Dan Balan - Take me higher lyrics

take me higher Just take me higher Just take me high ... Just take me high Just make me fly Just take me ha-ha-ha-ha ... ha-high Just take me higher Just take me higher

Alex Band - Take me back lyrics

you ever wished for something like A second chance to ... make things right To stop the ... to where you've been In a world that's spinning out of ... control We spend our days searching our souls For answers

Basic Element - Take me up lyrics

me up, Take me up, cause I´m falling, and I´m falling for you Take me up, I´m ... falling, my everything, my ... I´ve been counting stars, I´ve been staring at the

Michael Bolton - Take me as i am lyrics

you don't understand Oh, I'm just a man Baby, ... that's all I am That's all I have ever been And you, ... you don't understand Oh, I've gotta live You

Chicago - Take me back to chicago lyrics

me back to Chicago Lay my soul to rest Where my ... life was free and easy Remember me at my best. Take me back to Chicago Where music was ... all I had I tried to be good as I could And sometimes that

Coleman Hell - Take me up lyrics

I've got to thank you for Taking me up You're healing me ... with helium And I know I said this long ago But I'm taking you up On that offer to ... fly your air balloon Way up high Where no one can

Coleske - Take me where the sun is shining lyrics

sun is shining Where the air up in the skies are in my ... eyes And I will fly Overcasting ... sight A view that wears the colour of the night Appearing everytime I feel alright No definition too

Dave Gahan lyricsDave Gahan - Take me back home lyrics

first time you gave me freedom For the first time I ... felt free As long as you were right with me here ... There’s nothing else that I would need You take me

Davis Guy - Take me back, babe lyrics

never said I could be The guy you ... once saw in me. I wasn't made to love you Everyone make ... mistakes We are both to blame. We got to face it baby ... The light has faded on us. Leavin' a life that's hopeless Oh ! don't you

28 Days - Take me away lyrics

me back to yesterday 'cause I'm not alright and it's ... not okay, no I know but I won't admit it Someone take me away ... I'm not ok So take me away See I just can't Cannot

Mindy Mccready - Take me apart lyrics

thanks a lot for invading my life Took a sweeter smell in those soulful eyes You ... lost in you, it gets lonely sometimes You really messed me up ... You play with my mind You keep me

Mr. President - Take me to the limit lyrics

1: I hear your steps when you walk, And I love the way you talk, ... Just can't forget your smile, Baby, ... I like your style, Come and stay for the night,

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