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The Damned - Hit or miss lyrics

on the dance floor of the Palais De-Dance Feeling kinda ... lonely thought I'd take a chance I never ... thought it would turn out like this Another case of hit or miss I gave you everything

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - Hit or miss lyrics

was sitting down, all by myself Listening to everybody, everybody He ... ain't be like everybody else Oh you see, ... I gotta be me And there ain't nobody just like this I

Down By Law - Hit or miss lyrics

to become a hero stop the world -- become a hero we just ... can't find one anywhere can't find ... one anywhere so you're thinking you're a victim stop the world cause you're a victim well

Sleeping At Last - Hit or miss lyrics

hurry up and wait is how the waiting game is ... played. a thousand moving parts keep score inside ... the watch we can’t ignore. so let’s hurry, let’s

Jacob Sartorius - Hit or miss lyrics

heard that life gets hard when you're older ... and the fun stuff's just for kids. But what I realize as I grow up, is that is just a hit or miss. So let's no worry 'bout tomorrow nah nah nah,

New Found Glory - Hit or miss lyrics

needle on my record player has been wearing thin ... This record has been playing since the day you've been with him No more long rides ... home No more of your station I didn't like it anyway

Thomas Anders - Hit or a miss lyrics

believe taht we can have fun Both ... You and me a fantasy bliss Love with a stranger, it´s a hit or a miss I´m no ... freak, just full of desire Come with me, cause I am

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - Hit and miss lyrics

you want to know why I miss you so just think back to ... the first time we were in love The night was getting ... late I recognised my fate When you spoke

Au4 - Hit and miss lyrics

fall. Winter, spring. Life’s a song We sing. The ... sun was yours, The moon was mine. We chased each other ... Across the sky. Everything Was hit and miss But loving you Was my eclipse.

Falling In Reverse - Sink or swim lyrics

if the devil was a lie? What if God did not exist? So, with ... due respect Tell me, what is death? If life is just a bitch I see the evil in their ... eyes I hear the lies behind their breath They wander in the dark They do not have a

Pulp - Sink or swim lyrics

if the devil was a lie? What if God did not exist? So, with ... due respect Tell me, what is death If life is just a bitch? I see the evil in their eyes I hear the lies behind

Elina Born - Miss calculation lyrics

I step into spotlight I ain't gonna shine for one night ... don't wanna see a red light as I go along I used to ... get a fever but now I'm so much stronger still all

Quorthon - Hit my head lyrics

m not too big a fan of beer but I need a ... drink If I smoked I could use a zip now I'm on ... the brink I've been all geared up now for ... how long I don't know I need to slow myself down

Athena Cage - All or nothing lyrics

the chance of life, get ready, set, fly high. ... Above the fear of your mind, go for it. It´s hit or miss, too late for you to quit. ... ´em how bad you really want this, so... Live your dreams, it´s not as hard as it may seem

Foster The People - Miss you lyrics

your problems Lay it down, they start up The innocence of what you are is ... what I want I've ran my colors dripped down and drained out ... Tried a million things, but my heart's been shot

Kaiser Chiefs - Never miss a beat lyrics

did you learn today? I learned nothin What did you ... do today? I did nothin What did you learn at ... school? I didn´t go Why didn´t you go to school? I

Miss Li - Hit it lyrics

air is thick and the place is packed I'm going out to get ... a heart attack The light flashes and the mind goes ... numb My head beats like a drum Please hand

Elizabeth Huett - Never know lyrics

guess you never know, do you I guess sometimes the cards fool you You ... can bet all day long But I guess you never know, you never ... know Ohh, ohh I guess I wanted to believe That love

Rainbow - Miss mistreated lyrics

know you been runnin' around I know what you been sayin' I ... treat you wrong, keep lettin' you down I'm not giving ... what I'm taking So hurt...Deep inside you

Danny Fernandes - Hit me up (feat. josh ramsay of marianas tren.. lyrics

m burning up up inside You left me out here all ... alone Now I know it's way to hard for us to just ... hold on This is a sign we should let it go Girl ... I try my best to put up with your silly games But

Elvis Costello - Miss macbeth lyrics

the children testified that Miss Macbeth wore a fishbone slide in her cobweb tresses Her ... eyes were black like first foot coal, clutched as white as chalk-dust Her fingers

Chelsea Grin - Never, forever lyrics

was nothing I could do to make you stay I ... just wish all this pain would go away I guess I never knew what happiness really ... was If i did, I'd choke it down, I'd take it like a

Camila Cabello lyricsCamila Cabello - Never be the same lyrics

must've gone wrong in my brain Got your chemicals all in ... my veins Feeling all the highs, feeling all the pain Let ... the purest upon the lane Now I'm seeing red, not thinking

Camila Cabello lyricsCamila Cabello - Never be the same lyrics

must've gone wrong in my brain Got your chemicals all in ... my veins Feeling all the highs, feeling all the pain Let ... go of the ways, I used to fall in lane Now I’m

Sia lyricsSia - Never give up lyrics

but she abandoned me But I won't never give up, no, never give up, no, no No, I won't never give up, no, never give up, ... no, no And I won't let you get me down I

Oak Ridge Boys - I guess it never hurts to hurt sometimes lyrics

I feel a wave Of a past break in my mind And I know it's gone ... for good And it makes me want to cry Is this ... to keep As the years go rollin' by Just a memory For all

Beck Ost - Hit in the america lyrics

ve never dreamed before I'm gonna knock the door Into ... the world of perfect free (You ain ... lonely!) You're gonna say I'm lying I'm gonna get the

Mxpx - Never learn lyrics

am I in love with a girl who treats me oh so badly? ... Why am I in love with a girl who made me feel so sadly? ... I can't get over you. Don't ... know what I should do. You leave me feelin' down, then you come back

Flo Rida - Never lyrics

give up Never hold you head down Never ... fear no man Never trust anybody Never say you ... cant Never, never never No Never give up Never ... hold you head down Never fear no man Never trust

Cake - Never there lyrics

need your arms around me, I need to feel your touch, I ... need your understanding, I need your love, So much, ... me that you care, But when I need you, (BABY) Baby, (You

Sleigh Bells - Never say die lyrics

gonna gonna Below the low tide We never say die I’d like ... to try to Sit down beside you But when I say dark I ... don’t mean the shade Well I’m prepared to Fight and

Keyshia Cole - Never lyrics

Verse 1] You're telling me were cool but that just ... ain't enough 'Cause everything that you do makes me want ... you more Feeling that I have for you cant be replace

The Slits - Or what it is? lyrics

never ever comes if you expect it Love even dies if you respect it When ... you're in a hectic exit hetic exit hetic But waiting, ... but waiting, but waiting ,but waiting But wait! I can't accept it Today I

Illy - Guess i could lyrics

I'mma let these other dudes ... about how they're the best I'm just gonna get right into it and prove it Phazes you ... ready? Then let's go! I'd say I'm back but I never

Insane Clown Posse - The joker's wild lyrics

quot;Welcome to another exciting episode of Del Ray's number ... one game show, The Joker's Wild! Shaggy, tell us something ... about tonight's contestants."

Angel Haze - Hot like fire lyrics

don’t write love songs But I'll write a maze for you I ... got a lot to say, when shit pertains to you A different ... settin', stepped out of hell into heaven And your mind is a

Janet  Jackson lyricsJanet Jackson - Do it 2 me lyrics

you can bounce with me, wit me, wit me Can you, can you ... lean wit it, rock wit it Can you, can you, can you, ... do it, do it, do it wit me Can you, can you, can

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Wasted lyrics

star lifestyle might not make it, President got him in the White House naked, Looked at the ... clock and it said right now, Get a pound break it ... down, blow it like trial, Pelle tele dutche, wine in my tall glass, Young Money

Fifth Harmony lyricsFifth Harmony - Deliver lyrics

know I keep it ready on the regular So I ... don't have to get ready, ain't no setting up When I give ... it, I make sure I give more than enough, yeah He knows,

Hot Chelle Rae - Let down lyrics

let down Let down by love I'm always falling for the same ... things Let down, let down by ... love Let down by love It's a constant hit or miss thing It always happens on a

Eminem lyricsEminem - Miss you (remix of the song "difficult") lyrics

1 They ask me am I ok they ask me if I'm happy ... are they asking me that because of the shit ... thats been thrown at me or am I just a little snappy ... and they genuinely care Doody, most of my life its just been me and you

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - Miss you (feat. jadakiss) lyrics

Jermaine likes it... and I like it (Uh, uh huh yeah, uh ... (Uh huh yeah, yeah) You know I'm really missing you baby uh ... huh yeah (MC) You know I'm really missing you baby uh

Jamie Foxx - Hit it like this lyrics

uh, yeah, come on, yeah [Chorus] Girl I'ma hit it like ... that, can't miss her Girl I'ma hit it like that, can't miss her Girl I'ma hit it like ... that, can't miss her Girl I'ma hit it like that, can't miss her Girl I'ma Shorty on

Rufus Rex - Miss me to death lyrics

hollow Darkened halls sit empty No footsteps on the ... floorboards Now that I’m a memory I tried to change ... our fate But still the great beyond awaits Is

The Saturdays - If this is love lyrics

me baby in the night do you think of me? (When you open up ... your eyes am I there?) Are You standing by ... my window when I'm asleep (Why you quiet when ... you know that I'm near?) You know I love

Outline In Color - Happy endings lyrics

s so much pressure on me. This is what i asked for. I'm ... to feel free. Why don't you find another finger to point, If i created what i disappoint? ... I was raised better than this, This is farthest thing

Grace Vanderwaal - Miss you lyrics

there's something that I think you should know Something ... that's really important to me You know we used ... to hang out whether it was sun, rain or snow Talking to you used to be a breeze

Madonna lyricsMadonna - Back in business lyrics

that good guys don't always win I'm gonna show you the brighter side of living in sin ... So when you're six feet under, you won't wonder ... Don't mean that you can fly If you thought it was over, you

Joe Purdy - Miss me lyrics

movie star told you this ain't where it's at. So you ... packed your bags and one night you headed out. Said, ... small town blues got you going insane gone into the city,

Nate Dogg lyricsNate Dogg - Never leave me alone lyrics

Leave me alone (never leave me alone) Leave me ... alone (never leave me alone) never leave me alone (Never leave ... me aloooone) leave me alone (Never leave me alone) Never leave

Azealia Banks - Miss camaraderie lyrics

s the sound, the hip and hip and now When I hip you, hip ... you hound Get down or get tied up and twound Let me twist ... you, twist you pal... Ya shyer, shitshy how can I get you, get

Keyshia Cole - Guess what lyrics

Chorus] I am tired of the bullshit competin with these other chicks You don ... t know what to do with this you act like Guess What nigga I am leaving you and guess

Gloria Estefan - Miss little havana lyrics

up your eyes Abre los ojos Miss Little Havana 17 with a ... body just like a model I heard that she was in that ... superstar cabana Dancin' as if she just hit the lotto But

2pac lyrics2pac - Hit 'em up lyrics

ain't got no motherf***ing friends That's why I f***ed your ... bitch You're fat motherf***er ... {Take Money} West Side Bad Boy Killers {Take ... Money} You know who the realist is niggas we bring it to

Set It Off - Miss mysterious lyrics

mysterious, who are you? Who's the girl behind those eyes? Just a ... stranger in disguise Miss mysterious, who could you ... the ghost of what we had? Did you erase it from your past?

Chamillionaire - Hero lyrics

m ready to get it started You betta tell em ... hate on me then you retarded I'm a get mine reguardless I'm ... seein the rap the games needin me to come back to the mixtapes And relieve them Fans

Fall Of Troy, The - Dirty pillow talk lyrics

You're gonna hurt yourself, child Would things shatter like ... Names don't matter, not important You don't matter to me, ... You're not anybody, anyway I'm intentionally intoxicated

Meek Mill lyricsMeek Mill - Miss me lyrics

Meek Millz:] Aye, Aye, I said tell mee (k) what's really ... goin' on, Philly back up in this bitch I'm ready, I'm in my ... bag, Sound like I turned and hit dem bitches fast, I wake up

Justin Bieber lyricsJustin Bieber - Hit the ground lyrics

close my eyes, I take it slow Lay on down and let me ... rest my soul I've been so high, I've been so low I'm just ... tryna find my way back home Can't ... help but roam My signal's gone Guess this

Casey Abrams - Hit the road jack lyrics

hear you wanna say something to me You know what I ... gonna say I don’t know what she tell me right now Hit the road, Jack ... and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more

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