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30h!3 - Hit it again lyrics

make her say ooh Ooh I make her say ooooooooh I got the dirty old hands of a drummer ... in a band but I never really hit the sticks I got the sun ... burned tan of every working man who's spent a minute in a ditch And I ain't gonna try to

Eskimo Joe - From the sea lyrics

I'm so spaced out today, Ohh I could of slept for ... days, It's like a radar and it calls to you, From the sea, ... from the sea, from the sea Ohh she's just so under pain, Ohh I'm so spaced out today My head's the light way and

Merary Naraideth - From the bottom of my broken heart lyrics

look back," we said How was I to know I'd miss ... you so? Loneliness up ahead, emptiness behind Where do ... I go? And you didn't hear all my joy through my tears All my hopes through my fears

Britney Spears lyricsBritney Spears - From the bottom of my broken heart lyrics

look back, we said How was I to know I'd miss you so? ... Loneliness up ahead, emptiness behind Where do ... I go? And you didn't hear all my joy through my tears All my hopes through my fears

Hot Chocolate - It started with a kiss lyrics

started with a kiss in the back row of a classroom. How ... could I resist the aroma of your perfume. You and I ... were inseparable it was love at first sight. You made me

Mobb Depp - Hit it from the back lyrics

yeah How we hit it? Check it out Shorty don't front, ... you better act like you're widdit Frontin ... like you never did it, bitch admit it Matter fact, shut the

Lil Kim - The beehive lyrics

scratched* F***in', f***in' ... F***in', f***in' F***in' with the Teflon bitch from the ... [Verse'' 1 Lil' Kim] Ms. White, that bitch with a thousand ... looks Come through with a thousand crooks I just know

Ray J - Girl from the bronx lyrics

from the Bronx! Yea I still love you baby... Yo, ... yo, yo the story gets crazy but in the beginning the shit was all gravy my girlfriend ... she straight up from Brooklyn type of chick jus to

Azealia Banks - The big big beat lyrics

who up in this bitch? Catch you duckin' this clip ... Dick, who want it? My nigga it's nothin' Them boys young ... drummers, y'all niggas keep gunnin' But y'all niggas ain't gutter like me Look at this bitch, magazine covered

Juicy J - Hit it from da back (remix) lyrics

I ain't trying to be to,.. the absence is yours I just heard stories about that glorious ... inventory wondered to see what you have in store I could ... be a freak if I need to be, I'm saying

Snak The Ripper - From the dirt lyrics

Hook: Snak) Crawlin' out the forest with these stains on ... my shirt I been out here in the bushes, in the rain, doing ... work Even thinkin' bout the city makes my brain f***in' hurt

Andre Nickatina - The baddest bitch on the planet lyrics

you be the baddest bitch up in the world? Money aint ... a thing whip cream with a swirl Baby you could ball or ... gloss, floss up your mouth Can I get the keys to your house

Chamillionaire - From the south" (feat. z-ro, lil' flip) lyrics

Hook - 4x] From the South I got the diamonds in ... my mouth [Z-Ro] Hold up a minute, I'm the King of the ... Ghetto Holding the rap game, like wood grain can't let

Ras Kass - The evil that men do lyrics

Psssshh, I guess niggaz don't realize a good thing ... til it's gone You know what I'm sayin man? Runnin around in these streets trickin ... shit's hard man You know? But sometimes man

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - Hit it mornin lyrics

feat. Twista, Do Or Die) Ladies, it's ya boyfriend, I ... hope ya'll like to do it, like I like to do it ... [refrén] Til' the sun comes up, yo can I hit it

Lord Of The Lost - Bitch lyrics

Bitch! Bitch! You'll learn to lose me Bitch! And you ... ll love me when it's over Bitch! I know that Lennon died ... and Morrisson is dead I saw cobain losing his head Life

Lil' B - Bitch of the city lyrics

Intro:] If you want that real thuggin' shit, that gutta shit, that otha shit That thuggin ... that 50, ya feel me? I'm talkin' bout, that shit that them bitches ride to And they

Ice Cube - Once upon a time in the projects lyrics

upon a time in the projects, yo I damn near had ... to wreck a ho I knocked on the door - "Who is it?" ... It's Ice Cube, come to pay a little visit to ya And what

Jurassic 5 - The game lyrics

right, everybody shut up I said shut up! Now are you ready ... to play the game? NO! Are you ready to play the game? ... YEAH! The Game Playing to survive Aiming to win

Rick Ross - "hit u from the back" lyrics

See Sugar I Been Yernin To Hold You ... Now I'ma Be Strate Up And Down Witcha Cuz Dats The ... Only Way I Know How To Be Now Baby ... Ima Ask U One Thing Can I Hold Ya Cock Cock Ya

Rick Ross - Hit you from the back lyrics

See Sugar I Been Yernin To Hold You ... Now I'ma Be Strate Up And Down Witcha Cuz Dats The ... Only Way I Know How To Be Now Baby Ima Ask U One Thing Can I Hold Ya

Insane,twisted - The beginning of the end lyrics

am the one that effects your brain I am the ... one that effects your brain I am the one that effects ... your brain I am the one that effects your brain [Verse

Cardi B lyricsCardi B - With that lyrics

band, hundred band I'm 'bout my bread I got ... to get this shmoney man They f*** with my shmoney I'm ... sending them shots I watch them do the running man I'm with

American Authors - Hit it lyrics

say if you don’t go then you won't know how to let go ... when you gotta let it swerve Some say if you don’t ... try then you won’t know how to get by ... now you said it wouldn’t hurt - oh no! If

Breathe Carolina - Hit and run lyrics

red lights, down to ride all night, oh Tell me that you ... re ready cause I don't wanna hit and run Excuse me can I ... lift you up and take you there I set the mood right when

Andre Nickatina - Hit it from the back (lips 2) lyrics

Andre talking) Hehehe, wussup, ooh, that's nice what you got on, I ... like that Verse 1 Girl it's after 12 oclock and we over ... You lookin good enough to eat just like a slice of pie And

Run Dmc - Hit it run lyrics

D.M.C.] Born to rock around the clock You can't say I'm not ... And in case you forgot I'm the ... of ROCK!! I'm the devestating mic controller D.M.C. And can't nobody mess around with me I'm the king of rock, rap, and a rhyme I deal what I

Deorro - Hit it lyrics

instrumental song...

Dominus - From the cradle goes the bell lyrics

the dolls switching mourning To a corner of ... life, who are hiding One life is hiding as it cries As the other hails ... the dolls like human lives A shapeless god in a room of

Body Count - Bitch in the pit lyrics

your flesh, full contact Risk your life in a blink ... of an eye! Man on men, mortal combat Don't fall, you ... could lose it all! The more brutal the better, The harder to rest, Body clash and... to stay I've seen it all, every show One thing

Jamie Foxx - Hit it like this lyrics

on, yeah, uh, yeah, come on, yeah [Chorus] ... Girl I'ma hit it like that, can't miss her Girl I'ma hit it ... like that, can't miss her Girl I'ma hit it

Girlschool - From the other side lyrics

ll meet you on the other side I'll meet you no matter how hard I'll meet you ... on the other side yeah Gonna hit the ground running Just ... to get on through Hit the ground running Just to get

Ray J - Ray j - i hit it first ft. bobby brackins lyrics

Hook: Ray J] She might move on to rappers and ballplayers But we all know I hit it first I hop ... in the club and boppers show love, and I ... don't even put in work I hit it, I hit it, I hit it, I hit it

Boondox - It ain't a thang lyrics

1:] Now tell me this What u f***ing with the lames for ... girl? Scoop u up out the night and take u to my world ... Shotgun shells, Beer cans, and straw In the heavy chevy

Mobile - Hit the floor #7 lyrics

soul fever's all you've got, You know when ... you can make it stop, A soul fever's all you've got, ... You know it when your heart beat stops, I reach down

Royce Da 5'9" - The warriors (feat. slaughterhouse) lyrics

the scene, pappas Slaughterhouse, still standin There was a murder last night and the shit didn't really sit ... right with me So I had to tell a story Ohhhhhhhhh

Dark Lunacy - From the don to the sea lyrics

me, I want your heart, I want to redeem you The smell of ... death from Mafia's sweat Has drenched your empty dance ... Feel me, I feel your pulse The spark’s alive in you The

Miss Li - Hit it lyrics

air is thick and the place is packed I'm going out to ... get a heart attack The light flashes and the mind ... goes numb My head beats like a drum Please hand another

Adam Sandler - The adventures of the cow lyrics

by Adam Sandler, Frank, and Randi Transcribed by a fan ... "And now a cow at bat in the bottom of the 6th ... inning of a little league game getting hit by a pitch&quot

Broken Bells - The high road lyrics

re bound to wait all night She's bound to run amok Invested enough in it anyhow, To each his own The ... Garden is sorting out She ... curls her lips on a bow I don't know if you're

Pj Harvey - The piano (from the basement, 2008) lyrics

her with a hammer Teeth smashed in Red tongue twitching ... Where I feel your fingers have been Ghostly fingers ... you Oh God I miss you Daddy's in the corner Rattling

Allegaeon - From the stars death came lyrics

presents itself Forcing us to revisit the past Once again we face ... extinction The end of days is drawing near Reaching ... near and far for solutions Apocalyptic Solar system ballistics Projected to hit the

Jaya The Cat - Late night sonic insurrection lyrics

rise cause this dance is in session Raise your ... glass to the rhythm section Late night sonic insurrection From the stage to the bar in every ... Sunrise is knocking at the door But we ain't moving we ain't going nowhere no So if

Peaches - Hit it hard lyrics

get u home wanna make me moan wanna get u in my pleasure ... dome wanna make it hot get your pistol cocked ... gonna get ya if your ready or not wanna chew the fat wanna hit your back what

The Script - It's not right for you lyrics

head, my head is full of things that I ... should've done My heart, my heart is heavy, here it ... sinks like a stone She said, is this the life you've ... been dreaming of spinning half through the way from the

Get Up Kids - The one you want lyrics

poison and thrills a handful of pills waiting around ... nails cut to the quick yeah you Broke what you fixed ... you're so underground what you waiting for? What you waiting for? It's said and done

Nofx - Hit it lyrics

tell me you don't like the taste Drugs and alcohol are ... such a waste You got better things to ... do Like hang around, Be straight and screw Enjoy your day, What to say Hell of a

Broken Social Scene - Late nineties bedroom rock for the missionari.. lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available (instrumental

Iron Maiden lyricsIron Maiden - The empire of the clouds lyrics

ride the storm, to an empire of the clouds To ... ride the storm, they climbed aboard their silver ghost To ... ride the storm, to a kingdom that will come To

Meden Agan - From the ashes of sin lyrics

feel the cold air hit my face Take the fear away I feel ... the fire burn my skin As I approach My death is certain ... still I don't regret my dreams I faced the tyrants who want The whole world on their

Fit For A King - The roots within (remastered) lyrics

roots have dug themselves deep. Grounded down by ... the weight of my coated flesh. What is this that I ... ve become? What have I become? A broken man with ... no regard for this life I sit here and rot behind these

Eddy Grant - It's all in you lyrics

by little you show to me One more ... side of your personality I always knew that somewhere in ... your heart You're hoping we were torn ... apart But of late I've been hearing something

Late Nite Reading - From the start lyrics

had me From the start And I couldn't shake it I had ... to know Who you are If this is a chance I'll take it Swallow my pride ... Divide words inside Please don't hold back Say what

Lucy Hale - From the backseat lyrics

were burning in a '94 Corolla, 3 hours deep in the South Dakota I was workin' on a luke ... warm Coca-Cola In the dog days of July And my dad was a ... Superman stick shift driver, Stay at

Savage Circus - From the ashes lyrics

Unholy firelight Grimly staring down Gleaming in the ... night Hellforged Hammer of Doom Star of Death Eating worlds in scorching breath Riding on a tail of fire

Death Angel - The devil incarnate lyrics

of disguise move unseen Shadow on the night silent hunter ... Appetite arroused by the smell of your fear Driven by ... desire instinct and hunger And I will survive while you

Scanner - From the dust of ages lyrics

re surrounded, there's no escape Landed on a world, attacked by gods who sent a storm ... Now the waters rise so unbelievably And ... vulcans spit a holy fire and destroy Spit it and

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - From the window of my room lyrics

B-Real] Now lately I've been findin myself, ... lettin my nuts out in the walls of sleep, I can't keep it ... all in the hall clear While others keep it inside for the

Bowling For Soup - From the rooftops lyrics

hates my friends, my friends hate her Takes all my time, makes me late for work She's ... got another guy sneaked out too on her ass My mom ... and dad say we're moving too fast. She doesn't like my band,

Hunter Valentine - The stalker lyrics

a little bit and just stay a while, I'll be your best ... friend until you give in And I saw you last night, I saw your pretty awkwardness, I ... saw you in my favourite dress as you danced in the light. And I know I'm not your average

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