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Chapin Harry - Up on the shelf lyrics

used to play the trumpet once but now I play guitar ... s more mellow. Well I've played a lot of music since but I ... really haven't grown that far Somebody said that you're

Alkaline Trio - Balanced on a shelf lyrics

somewhat inviting, very different of ... To live, without ever looking at yourself. You see life is ... so much simpler when it's balanced on a shelf. That's been

Above & Beyond - On a good day (ft. oceanlab) lyrics

bit lost and... A little bit lonely Little bit ... cold here A little bit feared But I hold on And I ... Feel strong And I Know that I can Getting used to it

Dierks Bentley - Up on the ridge lyrics

city lights Let's just leave it all behind Get up where ... the air is still You can hear the whippoorwill Start a ... fire, pass the 'shine Won't be home till morning time

Seals & Crofts - High on a mountain lyrics

on a mountain, high on a hill. High on a mountain, way ... up on a hill. Well I want to walk, out in the sunshine. And watch it play, through the trees ... And I'll look back on all the good times, that we once shared together. Remember

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - A lot like me lyrics

up on a rocky ledge Holdin' all she's got It ain't much ... except The shattered dream and broken heart He used her ... up Made her old before her time ... She's gonna take that final step And leave her pain

Less Than Jake - Growing up on a couch lyrics

many things that you believe Are straight out of TV and magazines And when comfort comes ... before truth Can you say that you never knew, Sitting in ... front of your TV, Do you believe

George Benson - Never give up on a good thing lyrics

give up on a good thing Remember what makes you happy Never give up on a good thing If love is what ... you got, you've got a lot Money's tight, he's workin' every

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - Get up on a room lyrics

We need to get somewhere private Just you and me, listen ... It's the middle of the night And we're both just sittin' ... out your body The hot shorts and tanks you wear Make me wanna do something freaky to you

Jonas Brothers - Shelf lyrics

s such a flirt I am the lonely heart Give it a chance ... For our love to start You'll never see If you don't give me a shot To show you ... what I got It's too late to pretend. You know me

Catch 22 - Bad party (1927) lyrics

I submit you've failed us twice Once is for ... your brothers One is for your brothers And ... the second's for your sons Isolation, mis-education ... And for very clever there is

Graham Nash - Liars nightmare lyrics

have always been here And I'll always be there I can ... honestly tell you That I really don't care. If all the ... babies are broken And the old folks are blind

Freedom Call - High up lyrics

up, high up We're riding on high Way over yonder to the ... infinite sky High up, high up Were living it up Forever and ever And we never will ... stop We're on the road far away from our home To the place of our friends we'll go

John Hiatt - On with you lyrics

years and we're still on the beat Stretchin' out and ... goin' for it I don't know if these ends will ... meet Thing with love is you can't store it Even when I was

Bonnie Raitt - Love me like a man lyrics

me like a man The men that I've been seeing, baby Got ... their soul up on a shelf you know they could never ... love me When they can't even love themselves

Jeffrey Osborne - On the wings of love lyrics

smile for me And let the day begin You are the sunshine ... That lights my heart within And I'm sure that ... you're An angel in disguise Come take my ... hand and Together we will rise On the wings of love Up and above the clouds The only way

Elizabeth Huett - One hand on the wheel lyrics

gloss on a cigarette Headache and a good sunset Did ... some things I probably should regret But I don’t No, I don’t Makeup ... down my eyes Three steps back again last night Being wrong shouldn’t feel so right,

Hoodie Allen - High again lyrics

I want to do Is sit and wait for you Are you movin' ahead Am I fallin' behind ... F*** it, probably either way, it's probably all in my ... mind You got all that you want I got nothin' but time Honestly all we want is somebody

Diana Krall - Love me like a man lyrics

men that I've been seeing Tthey got ... their soul up on a shelf You know they could never ... love me When they can't even love themselves And I want someone to love me

Folkodia - High up in the sky lyrics

up in the sky I see twin raven fly... Hugin and Munin ... guide me To the Hall of everlasting light! If I in a battle should die I will sit by ... Odin's right side... A fight is a path that leads

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Blame it on a sad song lyrics

I sit all by myself Wonderin' how she could put our ... love on a shelf A crowd of people, they pass me ... by But all I can do is hang my head and cry Blame it

Lock Up - High tide in a sea of blood lyrics

lies Hybrid truths collapse Fallacies and fiction ... The germs of treachery Evolving far to fast ... The pieces that are lost Return to haunt our past And launch our nightmares

Majesty - On a mountain high lyrics

m standing here on a mountain high Defender of the damned My battle cry sounding through the air All over the land I'm waiting here for my time to come

Gordon Lightfoot - High and dry lyrics

ladylike devotion, she sails the bitter ocean, if it wasn't for lovesick sailors, ... d be nothin' left but flotsam. Singin' why, me oh my, ... is there a better man than I? I hope you find your way

K.d. Lang - High time for a detour lyrics

before Tell you when I find a decoy Sittin’ in the water ... With your hopes up high Have you takin’ a nosedive hard, ... yo, told you so They’ll be aimin’ at you You know I

Kate Rusby - High on a hill lyrics

on a hill, There's a sweet bird calling, All come ... together, Are you in or are you out, He sings of a ... time, When the sky was falling, All come together, And be in no doubt. Chorus:

Nick Lowe - High on a hilltop lyrics

I'll never find I might as well face it I'm the losing ... down inside I beleive it is High On A Hilltop way far away High On A Hilltop way far away

Duncan Sheik - On a high lyrics

m on a high, I'm on a high There's nothing more to it. ... We are the sea and the sky And the blue that runs through ... it, yeah. And there are some who say there are so many things I need So I run or

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds lyricsNoel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - If love is the law lyrics

am I I'm high up on a ledge I'm standing on the ... edge I'm hiding alone in some town Where love has ... been and gone I'm waiting for the storm to come back And take me down The

John Denver - High, wide, and handsome lyrics

from the great white north, more than ... enough and then some. Swept her up on his horse, Tumbleweeds, we're ... meant to get stuck up on a fence. Heaven must have

Sinitta - Love on a mountain top lyrics

on a mountain top so high that we won't ever stop Making ... love on a mountain drinking love from a fountain You're loving this poor ... When you know I'll never have a doggone thing But high

The Automatic - High tide on caroline street lyrics

you go out last night and leave the light on again? I don ... t suppose it matters as we're moments from the end. ... The water level rising is permanent ... an event I didn't try too hard to prevent So just sit back and try to enjoy it Don't

Planet Funk - High on a horse lyrics

t no doctor, who can help the way i feel. Once ... she let's you know it's real. Learn to love her, or ... opposite is right. To rise above her, you'll be so high

The Pandoras - High on a cloud lyrics

on a Cloud ......................

Amon Amarth - On a sea of blood lyrics

alone upon the dragon ship Eerily still, no winds ... that tear or whip Silence deafens, the sea is mirror calm ... Blood runs like the water from my palm I'm standing by myself Abiding Just

Excalion - A walk on a broken road lyrics

feels like yesterday When I was told a little tale About a ... broken road A tale of fortune and of fame ... There was a time When a man couldn't find his kind

Get Up Kids - Up on the roof lyrics

these fantasies come true, and now the whole thing misses ... Held down by fishing wire and glue, to be the best we ... couldn't be. Up on the roof with the whole world

Aerosmith lyricsAerosmith - Up on the mountain lyrics

think about those better days I didn't know these evil ways Love and hate and jealousy ... Came and got the best of me Late at night I lie in bed And

Golden Earring - On a night like you lyrics

know the first time I saw the X-Files I was stoned as ... usual Here comes Scully walking in Zappin' through the ... Cartwrights Fox Mulder went and lost his gun He keeps

Nirvana lyricsNirvana - On a plain lyrics

ll start this off without any words I got so high that I ... scratched 'til I bled I love ... myself better than you I know it's wrong so what should I do? The finest day that I ever had Was when I

James Marsters - Up on me lyrics

know you Are tryin' to help me When you ... say the things you say But my head Can't wrap around it That there could be another way Open your eyes

King Of Asgard - Up on the mountain lyrics

on the mountain Up from this dark valley From ... treacherous marshlands To dead barren rock Up on the ... mountain Where fires seen dancing Where boulders seen

Simple Minds - Up on the catwalk lyrics

on the catwalk, a big wheel is spinning And ... Dollars to Deutchmarks, and pennies from heaven And up on the catwalk, there's one ... hundred million With letters from thousands

Radiohead - Up on the ladder lyrics

m stuck in the tardis Trapped in hyperspace One ... minute snake charming The next in another place All the right moves and ... Earn the right percent Watch me dance like a puppet

Neil Diamond - Up on the roof lyrics

this old world Starts a getting me down And people are just too much For me to face I'll climb way up to the ... top of the stairs And all my cares Just drift right

The Drifters - Up on the roof lyrics

this old world starts getting me down And ... people are just too much for me to face I climb way up to the top ... of the stairs And all my cares just drift right into space On the roof, it's peaceful

Jackson 5 - Up on the hausetop lyrics

comes Santa Claus Here comes Santa Claus ... here he comes Here comes Santa Claus Here comes Santa ... Claus Here he comes, here he ... comes Up on the housetop, reindeer pause

Jackson 5 - Up on the housetop lyrics

comes Santa Claus Here comes Santa Claus ... here he comes Here comes Santa Claus Here comes Santa Claus Here he comes, here he ... comes Up on the housetop, reindeer pause

Meat Puppets - Up on the sun lyrics

long time ago I turned to myself And said, "You are my daughter. ... " I saw that image I saw there was well "So you ... are my daughter." Well, then maybe we've got Something to talk about Who told you so? That gold b

Pentatonix lyricsPentatonix - Up on the housetop lyrics

on the housetop Up on the housetop yeah, yeah Up on the housetop Up on the ... click, click, click Up on the housetop reindeer pause ... Out jumps good ol' Santa Claus Down through the chimney

Fabolous - Up on things lyrics

. Yeah.. Walk with me west coast Yeah.. Uh.. It's the coast to coast ''g'' on the check ... in Yeah.. Uh.. Ride.. Ride.. Ride.. ... Uh.. [Verse 1: Fabolous] If you ain't up on

Reba Mcentire - Up on the housetop lyrics

on the housetop reindeer pause Out jumps good ol' Santa ... Claus Down through the chimney ... with lots of toys All for the little ones, ... Christmas joys Ho, ho ho, who wouldn

Blackberry Smoke - Up in a smoke lyrics

town like a freight train running Staring at us ... like deer in the headlights Never thought you had another thing coming Did ... the same damn thing to them last night Everywhere we go,

Carson Lueders - Up on the house top (live) lyrics

on the housetop reindeer pause, Out jumps Good Old Santa ... Clause Down through the chimney ... with lots of toys All for the little ones, ... Christmas joys Ho, ho ho! Who

The Hollies - On a carousel lyrics

along on a carousel Trying to catch up to ... you Riding along on a carousel Will I catch up to you ... Horses chasing 'cause they're racing So near ... yet so far On a carousel, on a carousel Nearer, nearer by

Indigo Girls - Up on the roof lyrics

this old world starts a getting me down and people are just too much for me to face i climb way up to the top ... of the stairs and all my cares just drift right into space on the roof it's peaceful as can be and there the

Almost Kings - On like that lyrics

We dropping beats not bombs to defeat ya'll all Give me the back pack and ... the sneaks and it's on and It's On Like That Yo baby girl and its on like that,

The Beautiful Girls - On a clear day lyrics

a clear day i can see far ahead in front of me, the sky above imagines a god, but on another day i'm... and when i ... fall the hurt won't show up on me i only hope. And if i

Gabriella Cilmi - On a mission lyrics

s tough for me to make a move And I know what I gotta ... do Cause I got everything to prove ... I got a plan I'm sticking to The word ... is that I'm over doubt But I don't

Public Enemy - A letter to the new york post lyrics

York Post right here Come on y'all Get the bost stubost ... stubost Coasta coasta New York Post Yo New York ... Post don't brag or boast Dissin' flavor when he's

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