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Rachael Lampa - Hide me lyrics

beside the water The wind to kiss my face Oh You find me, find me, find me in Your love I feel Your hand upon me Your rescue me again Oh You hide me, hide me, hide me in Your love Oh falling into Heaven Where I am safe and I am free Oh Your find me here Fill me with Your peace

Hedlund Garrett - Hide me babe lyrics

Me Babe After all these years of runnin' round Flyin high and fallin down Well the time has come at last To rest my heart and ease my past I'm gonna leave these blues behind For some other fool to find He won't care and I dont mind Hide me babe, Hide me babe Darlin don't you

Lanie Khuc - Hide me from lies lyrics

found out that they say you watched for me yesterday I hope, it's true because i grew for you I'm tired of all the world take me away and tell one word So I wait in here to be forever your everything.. Ref. You're trying to find me you're trying to feel me you're

Before The Dawn - Hide me lyrics

from core Destruction with no cure To repair as whole Structures of soul grown wrong Descent of sun Reveals the map of stars Hiding my scars Be still Don't even breathe And death won't find you Here I hide you in my dream To keep you with me Ears distor

Seven Gates - Download lyrics

t know what to do - the night seems so long Just wake up from a nap - and turn on my grey box Everything is so easy - can get what you want Interacting by a little pet - my body is fixed on the chair I feel no pain in my eyes I'm faraway with my mind World of reali

Dannii Minogue lyricsDannii Minogue - Hide and seek lyrics

the ride, don't wanna run away Baby don't hide, seek and you'll find When I close my eyes, we're counting the moments So come with me now let's go outside Falling down like rain Falling down like rain Hide and seek Hide and seek Hide and seek Hide and seek Hide

Echo & The Bunnymen - Hide & seek lyrics

and seek, cloak and find All the colours in your mind Tied together, Sunday's clown Traced and feathered, laced and bound It's you now... yeah Everybody's looking for you now... yeah I know you know we know I'm going down Help me get my feet back off the gro

4lyn - Ruin me now lyrics

me now What do you hide there? What do you hide there? What do you hide there in your face? Is it a smile or is it a grin or is it something in between? Do you think I don’t know? Don’t you think I can show respect to those who earn it? Loyalty to those who deserve it

Taio Cruz - Believe in me now lyrics

Verse 1] I saw when you arrived Looking like a super model Your ass from the side looks just like a... I love the way you ride Put that thing on full throttle So get get get up on... I wanna see you move like the movie in Jamaica Pretend that I'm a dinner, she gon' me my salt

89ers - Hold me now lyrics

(x6) But we had one more important sound we wanted you to hear. I need someone to help me, 'cause I am 2 feet from the edge, Don't push me, see through me, make my heart shalala lalala. Show me how to look inside, 'cause there's is no place to hide, I'm trying to dive in th

Blessing A Curse - Hide & secret (feat. shawn christmas) lyrics

remember the last time you told me you were happy baby Just because I was alive and breathing Maybe you forgot the part where I never did anything to get on your bad side And never tried to be anything but a good friend to you I guess that we're through I guess

Billy Corgen - Now (and then) lyrics

colours what’s left of mine I used to find pennies crushed on tracks it’s a long way back to the station now and then I could be a friend I could be a friend now and then now and then to you I could be a friend of use so hide me when you go back amongst

Framing Hanley - Hear me now lyrics

I swear to God we've been down this road before The guilt's no good, and it only shames us more And the truths that we all try to hide, are so much clearer when its not our lives When we don't face the blame Won't you believe (get on you knees) Believe (have faith) In this lie

Teena Marie - Now that i have you lyrics

I dreaming, are you real Can this be heaven that I feel Raindrops falling down Make the sweetest sound... sweetest sound Now that I have you Greet the morning with a smile Feelings within me running wild Gray clouds in the sky My love cannot hide Now

Afi - Now the world (alternate version) lyrics

I painted, a scene, that lit the stars for me, said, "I can erase it for you dear." That summer created, those words, that came to life in three, they were denied by you. Summer I laid down, below, the glitter adorned night, and silently sparkled, my

Driver - Only love can save me now lyrics

my eyes and think of yesterday I remember the words we used to say Trying so hard to make it on my own Always running, always felt alone That's when I realize that you are the one Only love can save me now I'm broken and I’m torn Only love can save me

Rea Garvey - Hold me now lyrics

words shout we use to say how we feel.. we´re both afraid to lose something real.. So just hold me now.. Don´t look for words.. just hold me now.. I´m sure it won´t hurt more than these feelings crashing around me.. more than the thought that you´re gone.. So just hold

Rachel Macwhirter - With me now lyrics

I act, then you won't see the girl behind the smile You can't see the child that's hiding in her eyes You will only see the way she moves, such poise and style It's almost like she's confidence personified It's like she showers her light on everyone for miles It's easy just to s

Public Enemy - Can you hear me now lyrics

VERSE 1] Damn if i be some slave again Got no fake ass friends no timbs or rims Sure nuff dont know no designer names And i never played no video games I aint got no diamond rings No bling, bling, no minks No 2 earrings No pimp glasses mugs Or c

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - Hold me now lyrics

me now. Hold me now. Don't you wait any longer. Hold me now. Hold me now. Don't you wait any longer. Longer. Time to hide myself away. Feel my body shiver. It's the oldest game we play. High above this tension in the air. Took some time to get th

Alice Cooper - How you gonna see me now lyrics

darlin' surprised to hear from me? Bet you're sittin' drinkin' coffee, yawnin' sleepily Just to let you know I'm gonna be home soon I'm kinda awkward and afraid Time has changed your point of view How you gonna see me now Please don't see me ug

Garbage - Fix me now lyrics

don't have to be this way Catch me on a better day Bury me above the clouds All the way from here Take away the things I need Take away my fear Hide me in a hollow sound Happy evermore Everything I had to give Gave out long before Fix me now I wish you wo

Generationals - Tell me now lyrics

go out with nothing to do I try to hide myself until I can remember you Everyone who knows us asks me when you're coming down I drive around with nowhere to go Never thought I'd love the sound of static on the radio If you're ever coming back here, please,

Rough Silk - Don't leave me now lyrics

I had a dream I walked alone in the shadows of mind yesterday our lifes were cream and reasons shown were like seagulls left behind and I'll never say goodbye to sirens don't leave me now - don't leave me now in dark ages we shall raise our hands in the s

Justin Timberlake lyricsJustin Timberlake - (and she said) take me now lyrics

.. Uh... Uh... What you waiting for? I know you're watching me Hey boy, come on and take me now What you waiting for? I know you're watching me Hey boy, come on and take me now Can I talk to you for a minute You've been looking all night for

Gardenian - Do me now lyrics

me done Clear your arm for another shoot Inject me! Feel the tension that chills your bones your step belongs to me So don't face me / so don't face me So don't confront me / Don't confront me So don't face me / so don't face me So don't confront me / try

Silent Hill (hra) - Now we´re free lyrics

have these pages Torn and crumbled on the floor When we were younger I had a heavy heart It doesn't want to start To love you again Now we're free The time, it ticks away The hands, they so say The words we cannot speak Your soul, it's black and white Our shadows dan

A Storybook Ending - Hold me now lyrics

us walk no where just see our facial expressions look at mine can't you see that i'm bleeding 6 months waiting, 6 months praying i bit my lips around my teeth guard, retreating retreating i'm broken and beating, on the inside i'm beaming fractured

Accept lyricsAccept - Free me now lyrics

he thought the world and just the law was just a lie Free me now - free me now - free me now Can't you hear the laughter of the devil in the night Sure there must be soldiers have no fairer place to fight Free me now - free me now - free me

Jason Aldean lyricsJason Aldean - If she could see me now lyrics

t a stone I didn't throw, when I wrecked it My foolish words so cruel and cold, We're disconnected Tell me why, when she cried, all I did was close my eyes If she could see me now If she could see me breaking down Maybe she'd turn around If she could see me now Now the sunshin

Alexis Jordan - How you like me now lyrics

na na naa Na na na na naa (yeah) Naa na na naa Na na na na naa (yeah) Naa na na naa Na na na na naa Yeahh yeahh yeahh Boy, I know you heard around town, That your girl got fine and that hurts ya, yeah Boy, I heard you gained a few pounds, Well I lost some, b

All Ends - Hear me now lyrics

can´t believe you´re gone.. Yesterday there was nothing wrong What the hell happened?! Can somebody tell me I want to cry but I´m too mad There´s nothing left but being scared The pain just makes me blind How could this happen… Hear me now.. I´m crying out.. It isn´t right, I ca

America - Look at me now lyrics

m feelin' alright I'm sleepin' OK I'm getting to work on time But everything else I guess Has really turned out a mess Oohhh What can I do What can I say Nothing will change your mind I'm thinkin' that I should call But baby I'm not that kind Woman look at me now I'm doi

Amos Lee - Behind me now lyrics

my best days are behind me now Photographs tell of my wedding vows. And if you want heroes then I'd sail up to the stars For all I got beneath my skin are tears and scars. I walked in these shoes ten thousand miles, Been through all sorts of blading trials,

Thomas Anders - Nothing's gonna stop me now lyrics

s gonna stop me now Yo! Back in the fact with full respect For one and only original! Giving you what you've been waiting for, in the place to be My man, Big-T, giving you a place to choice, Thomas Anders! Nothing's gonna stop me now The wind's beneath my wi

Bananarama - Don't stop me now lyrics

s a rumour going round About the company you keep Didn't want to believe it But you been talking in your sleep Now I know the reason I heard you call her name Well you made your bed Better lie in it Watch me walk away Don't you try to stop me now D

John Barrowman - Don't stop me now lyrics

I'm gonna have myself a real good time I feel alive and the world turning inside out Yeah! And floating around in ecstasy So don't stop me now don't stop me 'Cause I'm having a good time having a good time I'm a shooting star leaping through the sky Like a tiger defying the laws

Bellefire - Tell me now lyrics

know it's all over, but I think of you and all that we had Thought we were forever, but I'm missing you It makes me feel bad Sometimes in love you know you'll make it Then someone comes along at night and takes it. Was it for real, or did we fake it? I ask myself and I don't know

Blind - Save me now lyrics

time it's on my own I have to burn these bridges down renew the worn out things and now I'm breaking out I drive as far as I can go to see the other side save me now, help me now don't you try to be what I've become as long as you climb up the lad

Blacklite District - With me now lyrics

no time for my game, I put it on the shelf And this money and fame ain't gonna earn itself I'm not wasting my time, you better recognize The flame, the hustle, the pain, the redness in my eyes When the pressure comes down you throw the towel in But for me and my crew, that's whe

B.o.b. - Feet don't fail me now (feat. t.i. & spodee) lyrics

T.I.) Feet don't fail me now I said feet don't fail me now I said feet don't fail me now While these niggas run they mouth Imma run this city so feet don't fail me now I never will stand still I still run this here Feet don't fail me now I said feet don't fail me now

David Byrne - The cowboy mambo (hey lookit me now) lyrics

can’t find my way around this table I can’t find my way around your face I can’t find my way around your body And wasted days turn into wasted nights But Hey lookit me now! Hey lookit me now! The future isn’t quite what you imagined Ev’rything you valued has been so

Casting Crowns - Jesus, hold me now lyrics

on my own, thinking for myself Castles in the sand, temporary wealth Now the walls are falling down Now the storms are closing in And here I am again Jesus, hold me now I need to feel You in this place To know You’re by my side And hear Your voice ton

Christina Marisa - Marisa cristina - forget me now lyrics

they come and they go sometimes without warning so when were little, we all have to lose something you say im not what your problem oh no, stop lying to yourself [you can't contain yourself] [PRE-CHORUS] and learn that its no use to play with me and im startin to

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - Oh look at me now lyrics

not the guy who cared about love, And Im not the guy who cared about fortunes and such, I never care much, Oh look at me now! I never knew the technique of kissing, I never knew the thrill I could get from your touch, I never knew much, Oh loo

Bobby Darin - Oh! look at me now lyrics

m not the guy who cared about love And I'm not the guy Who cared about fortunes and such I never cared much But, look at me now! And I never knew the technique of kissin’ I never knew the thrill I could get from your touch Never knew much Oh, look at me now I'm a new man

Ronnie Drew - The humour is on me now lyrics

I went out one morning it being the month of May A farmer and his daughter I spied upon me way The girl sat down quite calmly to the milking of her cow Saying I will and I must get married for the humour is on me now. Ah be quiet you foolish daughter and hould your foolish tongue,

Fireal - The imperia (call me now) lyrics

Damn) … Unchild Born of the lie The new sunlight Lie of the shine You have no time Now that your light has failed you Faded Born of the embers And flames that Give you the dark You have no eyes Now that my night has found you Alone Hear you call me now (2x) Choke in Th

Golden Earring - Hold me now lyrics

'bout the future and drinkin' on the past Tinkin' 'bout the things that been forgotten Tryin' to remember and tryin' to forget That my life is empty without you Sayonara, close your eyes now little girl 'cause tomorrow is hidin' a whole different world Hold me now, you gotta

Gregorian - Don't leave me now lyrics

t leave me now Leave me out in the pouring rain With my back against the wall Don't leave me now Don't leave me now Leave me out with nowhere to go And the shadows start to fall Don't leave me now Don't leave me now Leave me out on this lonel

Greyson Chance - Take a look at me now lyrics

long to electric fences Not much left for me to run from now Guess I'll turn myself around I'm putting down my defensess These wings are gonna take me off the ground It's freedom sweet as sound And I'll admit that I was wrong (Idk what lyrics

Hall And Oates - Heart don't fail me now lyrics

seems it’s getting harder Yeah, it’s so hard to find o lover Okay the boys are getting better But they still fall down under Close examination, baby Lt used to be essential But that was purely elemental Investigations always led to One way conversations Lt took me a little whil

Head East - Love me now lyrics

Hurry up baby, I gotta catch a plane Hey oh, no no no I see my woman about once a week But I call her every day Each time when she holds me tight There's only one thing I can say You better love me now Because I'll be gone tomorrow You better love me now Be

Dan Hill - Hold me now lyrics

I could make sweet love to you all through the night All the problems of my world would slowly fade away How can I be sure that everything you say Isn't just another line designed to steal my heart away CHORUS Just let me hold you now I wanna feel you i

Diana Ross - Kiss me now lyrics

me now While my lips are burning up for your sweet taste Kiss me now Long to feel the firey aid of your embrace Kiss me now That you're someone very special in my life Kiss me now Love you and I want you by my side Kiss me now Love me now I ain't had no

Karmin - Look at me now lyrics

model chick Yellow bottle sipping Yellow Lamborghini Yellow top missing Yup yup That stuff looks like a toupee I get what you get in 10 years, in two days Ladies love me I'm on my cool J If you get what I get what would you say He wax it on and off, Mr Miyagi And

Karmin Music - Look at me now lyrics

model chick Yellow bottle sipping Yellow Lamborghini Yellow top missing Yup yup That stuff looks like a toupee I get what you get in 10 years, in two days [Nick] Ladies love me I'm on my cool J If you get what I get what would you say He wax it on and off

Toby Keith - How do you like me now lyrics

was always the crazy one I broke into the stadium And I wrote your number on the 50 yard line You were always the perfect one And the valadictorian so Under your number I wrote "call for a good time" I only wanted to catch your atte

Kongos - Come with me now lyrics

with me now I'm gonna take you down Come with me now I'm gonna show you how Come with me now I'm gonna take you down Come with me now I'm gonna show you how Afraid to lose control And caught up in this world I've wasted time, I've wasted breath I think I've thought myse

Krokus - Now lyrics

the moon light Silver shadow Cover me over With your live And ease my sorrow She gave me everything I needed Shelter in the pouring rain Now I do anything to have her back again All through the night I keep fighting the heartache Fighting for you All through the nigh

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