Hey Pretty Girl Ive Been Watching You For So Long And Baby What Ya Doin Is Wrong So Wrong On My Heart lyrics

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Kip Moore - Hey pretty girl lyrics

pretty girl, won't you look my way Love's in the air tonight You can bet you make this ol' boy's day Hey pretty girl, won't you look my way Hey ... pretty girl, can I have this dance And the next one after

Mario - What ya name is lyrics

I've been watchin you for a very long time(mmmm) And ... theres no doubt in my mind that your not the one for me cant u see And I dont ... want to seem pushy but listen girl your body sayin something to me girl I may be only 15 but that dont really

Ub 40 lyricsUb 40 - Ive been missing you lyrics

s not because I've just been caught It's not as if I ... planned this I didn't give a single thought One big misunderstanding I see how ... things look from your side I see how you're

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - So long i'll see ya lyrics

s in the kitchen, daddy's on the phone And nobody knows what's going on But I've got them ... so long I'll see you 'Cause my Buick's outside waiting blues

School Of Seven Bells - On my heart lyrics

1] It hurts to know That you don't trust me When you try ... to bust me It only makes me trust you Less to ... know that I don't get respect When I've given you my word And you go with

The Cult lyricsThe Cult - Painted on my heart lyrics

On My Heart I thought you'd be out of my mind And I'd ... found a way to Learn to live without you I thought it was ... time 'Til I had a hundred reasons Not to think about you

Mica Paris - You put a move on my heart lyrics

time, when I'm feeling low Something inside of me, lets me ... know It's alright, love's on my side When the world, seems a ... lonely place I've got a dream

Neil Hannon - So long and thanks for all the fish lyrics

long and thanks for all the fish, So sad that it should come ... to this, We tried to warn you all those years. You may ... Which might explain the disrespect, for all the natural ones that loom around you So long, So long, and thanks, for

Quincy Jones - You put a move on my heart lyrics

Talking:] Baby I just want you to understand Just exactly ... how you make me feel Oooh yeah I ... wanna feel you next to me Ooooh... time ... time, when I'm feelin low Somethin inside of me let's me

Tim Mcgraw - Open season on my heart lyrics

blown apart It's open season on my heart The days go by like ... if I were smart It's open season on my heart I can't blame ... anyone but me This reckless fool I've come to be

Mike Oldfield - On my heart lyrics

my heart The nights are drawing in ... the stars are spiralling And Heaven, Earth are roaming in ... a spin Memories of light and laughter Hope and peace from

All Time Low - So long, and thanks for all the booze lyrics

yourself up off the ground You’re sure as hell to good To ... let them hold you down Waste of chances ... Waste of time (You gotta let me be me) You

Agonoize - For the sick and disturbed lyrics

the hell is wrong with you? [2x] The way you look, ... the way you are You think you are a f**king star The way you smile, the way you talk I ... even hate the way you walk You speak of truth when you lie

James Bourne - Karate on my heart lyrics

ever happened in here I don't know and The catch was ... upside down our lives are broken This was like ... any other ordinary morning And then she came at me without a

Jaravis - Pretty girl lyrics

Ludacris:] Yeah .. Disturbing the peace (Here's ... another one.) Jarvis, ATL, LUDA! (untouchables) and this next one goes out to ... all the pretty girls all over the world. so if you a pretty girl and you know it

2am - Pretty girl lyrics

Pretty Girl Hey Pretty Girl Tenshi no youna kao ... hikari kagayaku egao no ura ni Boku ni wa ... mieru nda sotto hisonde iru Sono Loneliness I know ima

Jon B - Pretty girl lyrics

lips, your smile, your tenderness, ooh baby The ... way you walk, I can't resist your style When I sleep at night ... I dream of you, ooh baby I wake up wet, thinking of you, ooh baby How can a man like

B2k - Hey little lady lyrics

haaaa uh Hmmm mmmm Ya'll gon feel this one... this one fo my ladies, Uh here we go ya'll. ... Hey little Lady please tell me yo ... [J-Boog] Yeah, wassup girl, how u feelin? Oh me, I'm

Boyz Ii Men lyricsBoyz Ii Men - Hey lover lyrics

ve been watching you from afar For as long as I ... can remember You're all a real man could need ... And could ever ask for baby This is more than a crush

Robert Plant - Since ive been loving you lyrics

ve been working from seven to eleven ... really makes life a drag I don't think that's right I've ... really been the best, the best of fools ... But you know I did what I could, yeah 'Cause I love you, baby Oh, I love you, baby

Artist Vs. Poet - Doin' alright lyrics

what's your name, what's your story? I've been watching you all night And I've been ... ashamed, yeah But don't you worry I've been catchin' your ... with mine Let's get away, forget tomorrow And just cast

Kip Moore - What ya got on tonight lyrics

an old guitar Lookin' at me baby like she wants to A southern belle in a red dress ... s got her hair pulled back And I admit that she's lookin' pretty good There's nothin' like you When you wear it like that

Ciara - You can get it lyrics

612, hand me the phone I put it in for you, Oh oh, ... ..By myself slow dancing to this song ... to this song See you watching baby, I'ma put you on Get up ... on me and I might just try ya on Tonight, you might just get

Poe - Hey pretty lyrics

the wicked winding streets of my world I take a wrong turn ... break it but I'm too far gone I've got a siren on my tale ... s not the fine I'm looking for I see a stairway so I

Hall & Oates - I want to know you for a long time lyrics

the past Can I stay close to you? I wanna stay close to you You've got yours and I've got ... mine And what we have is so hard to define Just take a ... look at your lifeline Ooh, you've got a lot to shine And

Chris Mann - Pretty girl lyrics

Girl, what did they do to you? You tried to drink their ... it never felt right. All you could taste was blindness and ... lies. For your heart to survive, you'd hide who you were. You've been so alone on this

Celine Dion lyricsCeline Dion - Nothing broken but my heart lyrics

ve been over you for some time now baby I don't miss your kiss like before now ... anymore now If you asked me how I'm doin' I'm ... I needed was a little time So if you still think that I

Atrocity - Hey little girl lyrics

hey When everything goes wrong Sometimes it makes no sense ... Hey hey There once was a time I should have ... known better then Hey hey Although you may try It won't come your way again Hey

Irene Cara - Thunder in my heart lyrics

here alone with you Wondiring what it is that Im ... supposed to do And there you are with the love light in your eye Standing here alone ... with you Wondiring what it is that Im supposed to do And

Natalia Kills - Watching you lyrics

standing outside on your momma’s lawn And it’s 5 am, ... got your curtains drawn, Been 25 times that I called… But, ... I know that you love me. Now I’m all dressed

Corinne Bailey Rae - Since ive been loving you lyrics

really makes life a drag I don't think that's right I've ... really been the best of fools I did what ... I could 'Cause I love you, baby How I love you, darling How

Rodney Atkins - Watching you lyrics

through town just my boy and me With a Happy Meal in his ... couldn’t have the toy ‘til his nuggets were gone. A green ... turned straight to red I hit my brakes and mumbled under my

Icehouse - Hey little girl lyrics

everything goes wrong Sometimes it makes no sense ... There once was a time I should have ... known better then Although you may try It won't come your ... way again Hey, little girl Where will you hide Who can

Maggie Lindemann - Pretty girl lyrics

can swear, I can joke I say what's on my mind If I drink, if ... I keep up with the guys And you see me holding up my ... to the world F*** your ribbons and your pearls 'cause I'm

Priscilla Renea - Pretty girl lyrics

girl, pretty girl. Why do you cry? When you look into the ... mirror, Tell me what do you see inside? 'cause you're so ... pretty girl, pretty girl. (What are you crying for?) Whoa. Pretty girl, open your eyes. If you

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - On my own lyrics

carter man In a 96 regal contraband On my way to the east ... laundromat Got to wash dat money and get on my ass Flip ... them bricks it be gone so fast I got to do something i

Iyaz - My girl lyrics

m in love and your the reason girl, Forever in my heart I'm ... never leaving girl. It's such a beautiful ... feeling girl, To have you in my life 'cause girl I need your

Brian Mcknight - Been so long lyrics

right out of the blue And i felt got the reasons why ... Funny how u open that door And asked me walks in The only ... think that i know for sure Exactely how long has been [1]- Cause baby has been so long Since i had u here with me Baby is been so long Baby come to

Hall And Oates - I want to know you for a long time lyrics

the past Can I stay close to you I wanna stay close to you ... You’ve got yours and I’ve got mine And what we ... have in so hard to define Just take a

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - Baby what you want me to do lyrics

up, down down up Any way you wanna let it roll Yeah, yeah ... yeah You got me doin' what you want me Oh baby what you ... want me to do You got me peepin' you got me

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Long and wasted years lyrics

s been such a long long time Since we loved each ... other and our hearts were true One time, for one ... brief day, I was the man for you Last night I heard you

Keith Urban lyricsKeith Urban - My heart is open lyrics

thought I was doing all right being alone I ... swore I’d never let somebody get close again I was ... never gonna let my guard down Not for anyone ... But there’s a light in your eyes and it’s got me moving’

Alela Diane - Hey, who really cares lyrics

coming down for a long time Changes coming down on ... seem to carry ‘em all now Been wishing there was someone ... else I could be Hey now, who really cares Hey, won’t somebody listen Let me say

Blutengel - You will be a woman lyrics

can see you in the distance I am watching you for ... as long time I have a feeling of ... purity in my heart I just want to tell you something My little girl, I

Duran Duran lyricsDuran Duran - So long suicide lyrics

you know how to feel? Do you know what it means? Rock-a ... bye baby it's time to break The habit ... that you fed Sweet sorrow while the cherished dead ... Blow in my mouth, every breath I take

Gloria Gaynor - I've been watching you lyrics

the rose slaps your face Says your pain is a ... image bleeds He'll touch your desires but not your needs ... I stand at an open window, I see ... everything there is to see I've been watching you Isn't it true, the fool

Notorious B.i.g. - For the macs and dons lyrics

Uh, Is Going Out To All The Pimps And Macs, Y'all Know The Flavour, ... Brooklyn Style, You Know How We Do, Uh, Yeah, All ... The Macs And The Dons In The House, Playa Playaz,

Poison - Doin as i see on my tv lyrics

the tube I saw sex, violence and death on the news One day I ... saw the Duke kill someone Daddy said don't worry boy, ... they're just acting son All I want is attention

Dan Wilson - Hand on my heart lyrics

heard a song coming down from a ceiling And got a feeling from a long, long time before I hear a voice ... sing, “Smile on your brother” My mother and her

Golden Earring - Baby don't make me nervous lyrics

beat on my heart he I've got a feeling A ... feeling that I never felt before Someday you know and you don't understand Someday you ... never end There are others and you feel it sel It's a

Paramore - My heart lyrics

finding out that maybe I was wrong That I've fallen down and I ... can't do this alone Stay with me, this is what I need, please Sing us a song and we'll sing it back to you We could sing our own but what would it be without you? I

Rilo Kiley - So long lyrics

night sky yeah Now that all you touched Has finally turned ... to gray And roads can't hold us down ... With no need to return To this gray town Want to bet i can

Hutchinson Eric - Watching you watch him lyrics

love you From the bottom of my heart And that's not gonna' ... things look grim When I am watching you watch him I give you ... the best a man can hope to give But I'm not feeling brave

Lostboycrow - My heart is a weapon (feat. jon waltz) lyrics

heart is a weapon I gave it to you, I'm ... defensless Your kiss is a question, Double tape, ... does it taste like deception Is my touch not enough? ... no time, no time, no Unless YOUR LOVE is mine, mine My heart is a weapon, But your eyes

Glenn Medeiros - Long and lasting love lyrics

long and lasting love Not many people ... whole life through Put their heart and soul behind it A long and lasting love A long and ... lasting love Is what I've always dreamed of And

Fit For Rivals - Girl in a coma lyrics

took it off and put it on for them Never satisfied with no ... one no not anything You take it all and throw it back ... at them Everything is wrong unless you have your way

Mike Jones - "what we do is wrong" lyrics

talking] Mike Jones, who (even though what we ... do is wrong) [Mike Jones] I know, what I be doing is wrong But I'm a hustler fo' ... f*** with two strikes Give me that butter or all white, and I'm alright Can't live

Baby Dee - My heart's come home lyrics

come like first warm rain My heart's come home to me To ... mingle like a robin's song with night And make night ... seem as good as day My heart's come home to me That robin

Blue October - You waited too long lyrics

he really get to take you home? I'm surprised that you ... chose him. I'm surprised that i'm not in a halfway ... home I'm not surprised i never saw you alone when

Different Heaven - My heart lyrics

screaming Trying to work you out is killing, Ever since my heart's been missing I ... screaming Trying to work you out is killing, Ever since my heart has been

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