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Malignant Tumour - Herpes labialis lyrics

Affection often lips Burst of blister Inception of ulceration with crusta Environs of ulceration Inflammatory metamorphoses...

Key Of Awesome - Adele someone like you lyrics

Did I mention He has herpes (and warts) I'll never ... songs is untrue I caught herpes and dick warts from you

Eminem lyricsEminem - I'm shady lyrics

public So f*** it, I've got herpes while we're on the subject ... (yup) And I don't have herpes, my dick's just itching It's

Aesop Rock - Homemade mummy lyrics

[[X2] Fading halos, feeding herpes Take the brain out, eager

Lily Allen - Knock 'em out lyrics

house is on fire, I've got herpes, err no I've got

Atmosphere - Scapegoat lyrics

winter , the weather It's herpes, and it's forever It's the

Nerf Herder - Come back down lyrics

your GHB Baby nobody ever got herpes from me I see it on the news

Lil' B - I got aids lyrics

bet On top of that, I got herpes when she gave me AIDS My

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - Scum lyrics

smelled suspicious His and herpes bath towel type If you know

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Flight 187 lyrics

him in the mouth and gave him herpes That just makes him one of

Dizzee Rascal - Jezebel lyrics

a kinda STD Gonorrhea, Herpes, no VD Left bitter, left

Fedez - Ipocondria lyrics

fuoriuscita sangue, herpes, genitale prurito, macchie

Ice Cube lyricsIce Cube - Look whos burnin lyrics

No, all we test for is VD, herpes, syphillis and gonorrhea [1]

Immortal Technique - Industrial revolution lyrics

my metaphors are dirty like herpes but harder to catch like an

Jonathan Coulton - Flickr lyrics

you're not gay A case of herpes As it turns out the eyepatch

Key Of Awesome - Jersey shore lyrics

They must but crawling with herpes, gonorrhea and warts JWOWW

Lil Eazy E - Get crackin' lyrics

Like this mutha f***a got herpes or sumthin So don't trip for

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Green ranger (ft. j.cole) lyrics

t let this little broad have herpes My nigga says she fast like

Nas lyricsNas - Remember the time lyrics

them STDs, syphilis, VD and herpes Daffy Duck-lookin' bitch

New Boyz - Way 2 many chickz lyrics

did I know that the chick had herpes Tried to kiss me in my sleep

Nofx - Six years on dope lyrics

Patch Wino Casual sex and herpes complex Now I'm on

The Pharcyde - Soul flower (remix) lyrics

he got aids, f*** it--I got herpes Ah shit. Ns, ns Sounds

Andrew Jackson Jihad - We shall all die alone someday lyrics

Cancer and murder and herpes and AIDS. We'll all die

Bart Baker - Rihanna - "pour it up" parody lyrics

by f***ing Ray J Now I have herpes goes to show that being a

Beck - Blah, blah, blah, blah lyrics

Hey baby, what's new? I got herpes just like you! A drive-by

Blur - Mr. robinson's quango lyrics

got a hairpiece Ooh, he got herpes His private life is very

504 Boyz - War lyrics

rid of Flames, nickname is herpes I'm a man, you a man, won't

D12 - F*** battlin lyrics

Stick you for a lifetime like herpes Challenge Evil Canivel _

Denace - I don't care lyrics

she can suck a dick Till herpes eats at her upper-lip I left

Denace - Nothing lyrics

I'm sicker than a dick with herpes Slurpees, anyone thirsty? J

Deuce - Walk the walk lyrics

but homie that's not it, Got herpes too on purpose dude, I knew

Devlin - End of days lyrics

animosity spread like herpes I visualise allien crafts

Devotchkas - Damaged goods lyrics

s damaged goods She's got herpes She's got aids She's got it

Die Toten Hosen lyricsDie Toten Hosen - Amanita phalloides lyrics

chronischer Parästhesie. Bei Herpes und Furunkulose,

Die Toten Hosen lyricsDie Toten Hosen - Der mord an vicky morgan lyrics

als ihr teuerster Freier an Herpes starb, wurde Vicky um ihr

Einstürzende Neubauten - 12 städte lyrics

Lippen hängend Ja trauriger Herpes gleich, Poren in dessen

Eminem lyricsEminem - Cum on everybody lyrics

in sickness and gave a girl herpes in exchange for syphilis Put

Green Adam - I wanna die lyrics

lied. she was a man with herpes, floating in a yellow stream

Hopsin - Ill mind of hopsin 5 lyrics

You're nasty and probably got herpes Sometimes the secret to find

Vybz Kartel - Faggot correction lyrics

disease Nobody cah cure your herpes So when real badman are roll

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - The original wrapper lyrics

a world in distress Herpes, AIDS, the Middle East at

Stephen Lynch - Love song lyrics

your face And also I have herpes..

Malignant Tumour - Diseases of oral cavities lyrics

Stomatitis aphthosa - ulcers Herpes labialis - blisters

Megadeth - Liar lyrics

band Your girlfriend's got herpes to go with your hep and AIDS

Monty Python - Medical love song lyrics

soon My penile warts your herpes, my syphilitic sores Your

N.o.r.e. - Nahmeanuheard lyrics

gon usually pop It's like herpes, it won't go away, it stay

Skinless - Cuntaminated lyrics

for the yeast, Gonorrhea or herpes If he makes in out alive

Skinless - Cuntaminated (demo '95) lyrics

for the yeast, gonorrhea or herpes If he makes in out alive

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