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Green Adam - Her father and her lyrics

owned the dating bar, so mother ran the store We all lived there together with the army at ... the door No one to do my laundry, or to tell me that they ... re sure But there really is no me, and there's no army at the door I hustle my way to your bedside I ride on

Fm Static - Her father's song lyrics

saw the rain fall down today, Watch lightning crash ... through skies of grey, Why can't life just be polite, and wait... I saw the lights ... nothin' else, The scene of a silent cry for help How are we supposed to do this? If

Koffin Kats - Her name was rock and roll lyrics

would travel the world and live my life through you. ... I would beat my body 'till it's black and ... you. I would lose everything and never look back for you. And when I close my eyes the

Old Gray - Her tongue was tattooed on the back of her te.. lyrics

interference between my mind and the tip of my tongue, I am ... over my words, over insanity, racking my every thought ... this conviction behind an apathetic mask. A numberless cigarette lit twixt my fingers,

Marina & The Diamonds - Daddy was a sailor lyrics

was a minor And he gave me my black art Glittered ... rivers of black coal dust Tore our country apart ... Covered in coal dust Waking up too early in the

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Sailor's lament lyrics

up early feelin' light, (Shame, it's a shame.) Somebody ... got to me last night, (Shame, it's a shame.) Sat down ... for a friendly duel, (Shame, it's a shame.) With one

Francis Magalona - Old man lyrics

father was a wise man in life, and, he always taught me how to weigh Life in ... the right way, father was a fine man, spic'n'span He wore ... slick suits, shoes, boots, a pair of baggy pants Father was a

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Daddy was a sailor lyrics

was a sailor, join the Navy, see the world Daddy was a ... sailor, boy, he liked the pretty ... girls. Taught me how to dance, taught me that jitter bug ... groove Taught me how to make romance, my daddy taught me

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - Gypsy lyrics

was only seventeen I fell in ... love with a gypsy queen She told me: ... "Hold on" Her father was the leading man Said: ... You're not welcome on our land" And then as a foe,

Amy Grant - Father's eyes lyrics

may not be every mother's dream for her little girl, And my ... face may not grace the mind of everyone in the ... world. But that's all right, as long as I can have one wish

Lauren Christy - Vanessa's father lyrics

s father, he liked to be alone Creating works of art, ... which he'd paint in a cottage made of stone One day I ... crept inside, and I was unaware of what I was gong to find

Method Man - Father's day lyrics

Intro: Method Man (Redman)] I wanna deal, with a ... bigger asshole The streets, it's ... coming down hard We got to get our shit ... together We always had music, eating off the game

Level 42 - Her big day lyrics

bad about the weather but something even badder's ... gonna spoil her big day he stands by the mirror feelin' he ... s gone fifteen rounds with Cassius Clay He hears a

Level 42 - My father's shoes lyrics

now I see him walking home at sundown he's whistling rock ... of ages with his lunchbox at his side I still recall the ... smell of smoke and ashes on his jacket and that factory dust was on his shoes

Paul Gross - Man on a bicykle lyrics

I did see a man on a bicycle Riding through heavy ... snow His wife said, hey kids what the heck is ... he doing, Everyone laughed till they cried Fait ... vos jeux madam (and) Hey monsieur, place your

Harry Belafonte - Man smart (woman smarter) lyrics

say let us put man and a woman together To find out which ... one is smarter Some say man but I say no The woman got ... the man de day should know And not me but the people they

Rag 'n' Bone Man lyricsRag 'n' Bone Man - Rag'n'bone man - rising sun ft. stig of the d.. lyrics

is a house in New Orleans They call the Rising Sun ... it's been the ruin of many a poor boy And God I know ... I'm one My mother was a tailor She sewed my new bluejeans My father was a gamblin' man Down in New Orleans the

Ancient - Her northern majesty lyrics

majesty is crying tears of ice cold rain. I see ... my brazen brothers come to claim their hill and plane, They ... take my hand and guide me to the walls of

Crystal Viper - Her crimson tears lyrics

was so innocent, And full of trust Her skin was like ivory, Eyes were like ... stars She had so many dreams, to love and to be loved ... Trust and love were her only sins, don't touch, let her go! Leave her alive!

George Jones - Mama was a preacher man lyrics

remember when daddy died, he said the Lord was by his side ... With his last breath, he said I'm goin' to the promised land That's when mama told us all that she had heard the call

Rag 'n' Bone Man lyricsRag 'n' Bone Man - Rising sun (ft. stig of the dump) lyrics

is a house in New Orleans They call the Rising Sun ... it's been the ruin of many a poor boy And God I know ... I'm one My mother was a tailor She sewed my new bluejeans My father was a gamblin' man Down in New Orleans the

Mellow Mood - Man a express lyrics

a express, man affi deal with the sweetest caress and do di thing seh Father God ... bless man a no build fi no fuss and no ... stress And we nah have time fi waste, need fi

Siebenbürgen - Her shadows adored lyrics

creation was mine, obliterated form her embracing dreams ... Poisoned, intoxicated she gained the pleasures of night ... I stole her sanity, my blood was hers to

Paul Simon - Was a sunny day lyrics

a sunny day Not a cloud was in the sky Not a negative ... word was heard From the people passing by ... 'twas a sunny day All the birdies in the trees And the radio's singing song All the favorite melodies He

Anti-flag - Your daddy was a rich man, your daddy's f***i.. lyrics

you ever do is brag about your dad Well what the ... motherf***ing hell did he ever do? ... He had some money, I guess he was ... f***ing rich Yeah, well if you ask me I think

Tracy Lawrence - When daddy was a strong man lyrics

man Rad at the store would leave a note on the door it said ... ran to the house, be back in a few leave your money on the ... counter it was twenty six cents for the

Nena - Was dann lyrics

man nicht schlafen kann weil man traurig ist Und mitten in ... der Nacht denn, den man liebt, vermißt Dann stehst ... du auf, die Wohnung ist so endlos ... lehr Die Wände grau und still, im Fernsehen

Babybird - Man's tight vest lyrics

s tight vest, I can't get in, can't make a nest ... for myself, yeah. Mmmm yeah. Mmmm yeah. I feel like a ... woman, yet I was born a man. Wished I'd been christened

Chipmunk - Man dem (ft.tinchy stryder) lyrics

Maniac Chipmunk Check it See i ... can't take these man dem Start promoting beef but getting ... no peice man dem Ain't even got a mix CD,but got ... the cheak to send for me man dem You're not G's man dem

Fler - Was ich will lyrics

Yeah, hehehe genau so wa?) Hook: Erst war ich ... bin ich dein Feind. Ich hab dich so enttäuscht, oh tut ... Leid. Doch du musst akzeptier'n, ich tu das was ich

Herbert Grönemeyer lyricsHerbert Grönemeyer - Was soll das lyrics

Pyjama liegt in meinem Bett Sein Kamm in meiner Bürste steckt Was soll das? Seine Schuhe ... stehn in Reih und Glied Ein Anblick den man gerne sieht Was soll das? Sein Aftershave

Herbert Grönemeyer lyricsHerbert Grönemeyer - Was soll das - remix lyrics

Pyjama liegt in meinem Bett Sein Kamm in meiner Bürste steckt Was soll das? Seine Schuhe ... stehn in Reih und Glied Ein Anblick den man gerne sieht Was soll das? Sein Aftershave

Van Morrison - Who was that masked man lyrics

When you're livin' with a gun Well you can't slow down ... and you can't turn 'round And you can't trust anyone ... You just sit there like a butterfly And you're all encased in glass You're so fragile you just may break And

Lloyd - Under her apron lyrics

Her Apron A pretty young girl all in the month of May, She's ... gathering rushes just at the break of day, But before ... she come home she had bore a little son, And she rolled

Midge Ure - If i was lyrics

I was a better man Would fellow men take me to ... their hearts If I was a stronger man Carrying the ... weight of popular demand Tell me would that alarm her I'd never harm her at all

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - As i sat sadly by her side lyrics

I sat sadly by her side At the window, through the glass She stroked a kitten in her lap And we watched the world ... as it fell past Softly she spoke these

Chris De Burgh - Sailor lyrics

silver moon, the ship is like a ghost, She's been out there ... for a week, just waiting for the wind to blow, ... But now she's off and running, and there's

Birdeatsbaby - The sailor's wife lyrics

Sailor’s Wife, alone one night In slumber as ... she bathes She dreams of ships her sailor’s lip Against the ocean waves The sailor’s wife was pale and white Beauty near divine ‘Oh how the

Sailor - Cool breeze lyrics

took a trip down to the shores of Tahiti I met a girl walking along the sand I never thought ... for a guy like me Love would come ... so easy I said to her that I want to be your man But

Sneaker Pimps - Sailor lyrics

our cell you ask me do I wanna be a sailor In our cell you ask me do I wanna be a sailor ... I think dirt a suicide jump to run a self ... like the younger or the braindead? Three way, freeway,

Iamx - Sailor lyrics

our cell, you ask me do I wanna be a sailor? In our cell, ... you ask me do I wanna be a sailor? I think dirt A ... suicide jump to run a self check My girl, do you

Meat Loaf - Sailor to a siren lyrics

distance callin' In the middle of a rainy night So much static, hardly knew your voice An' you ... ve been cryin' Want me to love you like I did ... I've got no choice You put a storm inside me I wanna head

Counting Crows - Sailor song lyrics

out Amanda, our fortunes are clear These are the last ... of our days Left San Francisco with time on my hands And I got back with you on my ... brain So bring me a second or bring me an hour

Paddy And The Rats - Sailor sally lyrics

Sally was her name Workin’ for the Pub-Marine ... Fish and chips and gasoline smelled on her ginger ... hair On high heels, so ... stumblin’ Crooned a song of a submarine Took a cigarette,

Baccara - Ay ay sailor lyrics

thought I loved a tailor man, Until I saw the sailor man ... About twice the size of me, and also strong He put my heart in such a mess Until I heard myself say yes When he asked me if I will sail along

Mary J Blige - Father in you lyrics

I talk to you, baby When I was a little girl I didn't have a father And that's why I'm leaning on you.. When I was a baby I didn't get a hug from daddy That's why I need a hug

Molly Hatchet - Sailor lyrics

an old man on the street, A dirty hat laying at his feet, ... I looked and saw adventure in his eyes, Singing ... them songs from yesterday, From over the hills and far away, Lord that old man had

Baccara - Ay,ay,sailor lyrics

thought, I loved a tailor-man Until I saw this sailor-man ... 'Bout twice the size of me and oh so strong He put my heart in such a mess Until I heared myself say: Yes When he asked me, if I would sail along

Prozak - American princess lyrics

around me are familiar faces Worn out places, worn out ... faces Bright and early for the daily races Going ... nowhere, going nowhere Their tears are filling

Anachronaeon - The essence of my becoming lyrics

woke up in the midst of a dream only to find I was still ... dreaming In cold sweat I was reminded of the deeds my father had me do to my brother ... My father was a hard man, righteous and strong His

John Prine - Down by the side of the road lyrics

Father was a failure Her Mother was a comfort To a doctor and lawyer and Indian Chief. ... The shirt ran out of buttons He lost all ... his marbles at a baseball game And they went on Relief.

Sailor - Coconut lyrics

day, down by the water, a girl leaves her bamboo hut ... Climbing up a ladder to a palm tree for a coconut Oh- ... Oh--coconut So I went a little bit closer, looking up

Kate Rusby - The sleepless sailor lyrics

once was a sailor, a young man and brave Da da dum, da da ... were once sleepless, My peace I would crave Carry me ... home to the sea Da da dum day, da da dum dee Drift away sailor boys on the deep sea

Head East - Sailor lyrics

say it takes a worried man to sing a worried song For ... when that man starts singing you'd be surprised ... How many people sing along, sing along, yeah, sing along Don't worry sailor,

Sailor - Sailor lyrics

on the ground, Get your leave, get your money, get your ass into town (Lonely town, ... needs you around) Sailor, won't you stay for awhile, There's a town full of

Saigon - What the lovers do (feat. devin the dude) lyrics

Talking:] [Saigon:] Yo shorty, let me get ... me touch it. [Girl:] No [Saigon:] Why you acting like that shorty? You been f***ing around for a while You know what I'm saying Let me stick the

Godley And Creme - Sailor lyrics

you But you only love the sea Sailor, what's happening to me Like a ship in a bottle You ache for ... the sea Sailor, ache a little for me I'll haunt ... every harbour Till the sea decides If our loves goes in

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - Stupid man lyrics

man, hitch-hiking out of a good life in Saskatchewan And he thinks he's got big-big ... planes gonna build a house upon some land Oh Casey, don't it make you crazy

Defeater - Dear father lyrics

He put their father into the ground. Watching his ... mother cry over the man that provided for the three of ... them cut into him. Made him into the working man he

Gordon Lightfoot - The patriot's dream lyrics

songs of the wars are as old as the hills They cling like ... the rust on the cold steel that kills They tell of the boys ... who went down to the tracks In a patriotic manner

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